Do Induction Hob Converters Work?

Last Updated On December 4th, 2018

There are many rooms which make a home, but none is treasured like the kitchen. It is where all the magic happens and the only place which brings happiness to the table. It gives credence to the saying ‘love goes through the stomach’ and yes, we really can’t do without it. That is why many people strive to ensure that their kitchens are home to some of the best cookware and also the latest recipes. That way, they will be in a position to make sure their visitors and family members are satisfied and happy when it comes to matters concerning food. In so doing, many people have come across technological cooking equipment which helps them to take their cooking a notch higher such as induction stoves.

What are Induction Stoves?

If you have never come across such and you are wondering what kind of Greek is that, then don’t worry, we got you. Induction cooking involves the use of magnetic currents to heat the cooking vessel instead of the regular thermal conduction which is what we are used to. However, you ought to use a particular kind of pot materials such as iron or stainless steel to do so successfully. Most copper pots are usually not compatible and cannot work unless you use the regular kind of thermal heating. In other cases, they may be attuned but do not fit in the induction cooker’s diameter. That is where induction hob converters come in.

What are Induction Hob Converters?

These are accessories which mostly come in a disc shape, and they allow any pan or pot to make a connection with an induction heat source irrelevant of the material. Therefore, if you like using the latest cooking technology in your kitchen but most of your cookware’s are made of an incompatible material, then you don’t have to throw them away. The induction hob converters may come in handy. Nevertheless, there have been myriads of theories regarding these accessories, and most people claim that they do not work. So the only question remaining is, do induction hob converters work? Find out below.

How Induction Hob Converters Operate and their Effectiveness on Different Materials

Like shown above, induction hob converters work by establishing a magnetic current into the cooking pans which you place on top of the stove itself. So they do work well with stainless steel and iron because it is much easier for these materials to connect to the current. However, when it comes to copper and aluminum, the current encounters resistance due to the thick metal layer. That, in turn, causes the hobs to produce less heat and hence, you end up taking forever to finish cooking a single meal. In other materials such as carbon steel, they do not work at all. Instead, they get too hot and may even damage your induction stove.


Induction hob converters work with the right materials such as cast iron or stainless steel which contain magnetic gauges. However, it is advisable that anyone planning on using such magnetic stoves purchases the compatible cooking pots and pans or portable butane stove if they must. Reason being, the hob converters cause a lot of heat loss before they can successfully establish the necessary connection. Also, they are much slower, and you definitely don’t want to make your people hungry.

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  1. Thank you for your article about induction hob converters. I have a lovely stainless steel heavy bottomed mokta espresso coffee pot that wont work on my hob. However, I’m not convinced that a converter is what I want to use. But you gave me a brilliant idea – to use our camping single plate gas burner, but I think the coffee pot may be a bit small for that, so it gave me another idea. I’ll purchase a single burner electric plate for making our espresso coffees. There are many on the market, no doubt for consumers who have cookware unsuitable for induction hobs.

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