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Best Jewellery Box in the UK 2020

Luxury Choice

Songmics JBC138

Songmics JBc138

Editor's choice

Songmics JBC121W

Songmics JBC121W

Best Value

Gifort 2-Drawer Organiser

Gifort 2-Drawer Organiser

Don’t waste your precious getting-ready time searching for missing earrings or untangling necklaces. With the best jewellery box, you’ll have a neatly organised collection.

Not only does a jewellery box make it easy to select the perfect piece of jewellery for your outfit, but you’ll also keep your valuables protected and in prime condition.

Here’s our guide on how to choose the jewellery box that is right for you, complete with our top-rated jewellery box reviews.

Best Jewellery Box Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Keep your jewellery organised and tangle-free in style with the Songmics JBC121W jewellery box, which should not be overlooked when searching for the best jewellery box on the market. With its elegant, feminine design, this model features a highly practical internal layout to store, organise and protect your jewellery.


Open the lid to reveal the upper tier that has plenty of dividers, including a dedicated ring organiser and compartments for earrings and other small items. Below, you’ll find two drawers with robust miniature handles, and plenty more storage to house your bracelets, watches and bangles. Open the press studs on the sides and you have two side panels with hooks and bottom pouches for keeping your necklaces tangle-free. The internal mirror allows you to easily put on your jewellery, while the inner lining throughout is made from a soft velvet fabric to protect your items.

Aside from its excellent organisational capacities, this model also comes with an extremely handy mini travel box. It slips into your handbag protecting your jewellery when you’re out and about without taking up too much space.

Covered with a luxurious white faux leather fabric, this stylish jewellery box can be a little fragile. Hence, do take care when handling it, especially as the internal separators can be a little flimsy. While there is a lock, it does not work that well and is more for keeping your items safe from young children.

This stunning jewellery box by Songmics is one of the best jewellery boxes on the market and provides a winning combination of practicality and style that you’ll most definitely appreciate.


  • Elegant, lockable jewellery box
  • Soft, protective velvet lining
  • Elegant design
  • Multiple compartments for all jewellery types
  • Includes a mini travel jewellery box


  • Lock does not work that well
  • Quite delicate
  • Flimsy internal separators
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With its elegant, minimalist looks and generous six-tier design, the Songmics JBC138 jewellery organiser is our top luxury jewellery box choice.


Its white synthetic leather exterior exudes class and complements all styles of decor, while the velvet-lined interior keeps your jewellery secure and protected. Also, use the large mirror in the lid to put on your earrings and to check your look. The five drawers provide easy access to your entire collection, with enough space to store watches and bangles, as well as bracelets, rings and earrings.

For better organisation and to prevent your pieces from becoming tangled, the drawers offer various different sized compartments. The lidded upper tier has dedicated ring slots and a removable earring organiser.

On the downside, the lid has a tendency to close over and the handles are fairly fragile, so take care when opening and closing the drawers.


  • Six-tier jewellery organiser
  • Five drawers for easy access
  • Elegant white synthetic leather design
  • Protective velvet interior
  • Large mirror


  • Lid tends to close over
  • Fragile handles
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The Gifort jewellery box is a classically designed, elegant model. Its three-tier structure features two drawers for larger items as well as a top level with smaller compartments and a ring organiser.


The built-in mirror helps you to put on your jewellery and check how it looks, while the lock will make sure no one borrows your items without getting your say so. The top carry handle is secure and makes transporting your jewellery extra easy. Thanks to its high-density metal bracket, this box will stay open when in use, plus conveniently closes and re-opens semi-automatically.

If you’re tempted by this stylish jewellery box, be sure to double-check the dimensions before ordering, as at 17.5 x 13.5 x 12cm, it is fairly small. However, it is very practical and doesn’t take up much space. Because of its small size, it is, of course, less suitable for bulky items such as bangles. Also, the lower draw compartments are narrow.

With its multiple sections, soft velvet lining and classic good looks, it is one of the very best compact options on the market.


  • Three-tier structure with two drawers
  • Semi-automatic opening and closing
  • Soft velvet interior with multiple compartments
  • Top carry handle
  • Built-in mirror and lock


  • Small size
  • Less suitable for bangles
  • Lower drawer compartments are fairly narrow
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If you need a new jewellery box to house your extensive collection, then our best large pick – the Songmics JBC10W will be just what you need. With a total of 10 removable drawers, this model has all the space you need to house all your jewellery in one box.


Thanks to its stable MDF construction, it can take the weight of even large jewellery collections, while the velvet-lined interior will keep your most fragile pieces protected. It’s also easy to keep this model clean as the synthetic leather outer can be simply wiped down.

It is complete with a ring drawer, a drawer with 15 compartments for earrings and another with eight for bracelets. The rest of the seven drawers are open, allowing you to store watches, necklaces or any other small items and accessories. Just bear in mind that there are no carry handles with these products, so it is less suitable for moving around.

While its construction is generally very good, the drawers could line up a little better and there is no mirror to help you to put the finishing touches to your look. However, as your main jewellery box for storing and organising your entire collection, it is a good quality model that has great capacity and a clean, modern look.


  • 10 removable drawers
  • Ring drawer and two drawers with compartments
  • Protective velvet interior
  • Stable MDF construction
  • Wipe clean pale synthetic leather outer


  • No carry handle
  • No mirror
  • Drawers could line up better
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Available in pink, black or white, this pretty jewellery box by Vlando would make a great gift either to yourself or a loved one.


Chic and stylish, its compact design opens out to reveal multiple compartments, ideal for storing plenty of small jewellery items. Even the sides open out to reveal storage areas with hooks and pouches. 

The large mirror in the lid is a nice touch, making it easier to put on your earrings or to fasten clasps. While the pull-down ring groove is a great space-saving idea. Be careful if you have any very fine rings as the groove holders are not very tight, making them better suited for holding bulkier rings in place.

This cute jewellery box is one of the best storages for smaller items. However, it has a limited capacity for collections with a lot of necklaces or bigger pieces such as large bangles. Although the side panels can be a little difficult to secure, the rest of the box is very easy to open and close. The three small drawers glide open effortlessly. And, when closed, the whole unit is secure and easy to carry via the top handle.

On the whole, this jewellery box is a highly popular choice, thanks to its great looks and practical design featuring multiple compartments. 


  • Medium size with multiple compartments
  • Practical design with large mirror in the lid
  • Pull down ring groove roll
  • Side opening storage areas with hooks and pouches
  • Available in pink, black or white


  • Difficult to close side panels
  • Not the best box for storing a lot of necklaces
  • Ring holder could be tighter
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Looking for a modern jewellery box to simultaneously organise and show off your collection? Be sure to take a look at the Acrylic Jewellery Organiser by Beautify. Its transparent construction is not only extremely stylish, it is also highly practical, allowing you to see at a glance just where your favourite jewellery items are located.


With its six drawers and two armoire style, full-height side compartments, this model is perfect for storing small items, as well as long necklaces. The side panels feature nine hanging necklace hooks, allowing you to hang your necklaces and bracelets so they remain untangled and in excellent condition. Use the easy-glide drawers for your earrings, rings and other small items.

While this jewellery box is made from high-grade, durable plastic, unfortunately, it is not scratch-resistant, so some care will be needed when handling it. You may also find that the side doors do not stay closed very well.

However, if you are looking for a modern jewellery box that is both good looking and highly practical, then this is one of the best products around.


  • Modern transparent design
  • Six drawers and two full-height side compartments
  • Lots of necklace hooks
  • Easy-glide drawers
  • Made from high-grade, durable moulded plastic


  • Side compartments don’t stay closed very well
  • Not scratch-resistant
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Ideal for storing and organising small jewellery collections, this elegant 3-level jewellery box by Songmics is easily transportable, thanks to its secure carry handle. It also comes complete with a mini travel jewellery case, ideal for taking part of your collection away with you.


The lower chest is a good size for bangles or watches – thanks to its generous depth. Plus, the upper drawer can easily accommodate your necklaces and bracelets. The upper level will keep your smaller items, such as rings and earrings, neatly organised.

The metal hinge keeps the lid securely open so you can admire your collection and select your items at your leisure. The large mirror makes fastening your jewellery easy, while the lock will keep your precious items safe from small inquisitive hands.

It’s worth noting though that this jewellery box is a little fragile so take care not to let it fall or become scratched. Additionally, the fastening is not the most durable as it can come open when you’re carrying it. When new, the interior can smell a little strong and may require airing.

However, if you are looking for a compact jewellery box that can still house your watches, rings and other small items, this model makes a great choice.


  • Two spacious drawers and top sectioned tier
  • Ideal for storing bulkier pieces
  • Secure carry handle and lock
  • Metal hinge keeps the lid securely open
  • Classic design complete with a mini travel case


  • A little fragile
  • Can smell when new
  • Fastening is not very durable
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If you are looking for compact jewellery box with a timeless, minimalist design, then make sure you have a look at this transparent model by HerFav. Featuring an acrylic outer and fully lined, protective interior, this highly functional box keeps your favourite small jewellery items on display.


Thanks to its three drawers, you can store a variety of accessories, using the see-through top drawer. There is a dedicated ring divider section as well as various small compartments to keep your earrings and other small items safe and easy to find. 

The second drawer has a further five compartments of various sizes, while the bottom one is open to allow you to store larger items. Just bear in mind that this model is not suitable for bulky pieces given its lower drawer height of around two centimetres. 

Durable and easy to wipe clean, you may find that this particular jewellery box gives off a chemical smell when new. However, this should go after a few days. Also, the drawers can be a little stiff when used for the first few times. 

In spite of this, this small jewellery box adds a nice touch to any dressing or bedside table and is sure to add an extra element of style to your bedroom.


  • Transparent acrylic outer and fully lined interior
  • Timeless, minimalist design with 3 drawers
  • Dedicated ring divider section
  • Compact and elegant design
  • Durable and easy to wipe clean


  • Drawers can be a little stiff
  • Smells a little when new
  • Not suitable for bulky jewellery
  • Not the best option for travel
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With its elegant design featuring six tiers, complete with five drawers, this jewellery box by Seelux is a highly practical choice if you have a large jewellery collection to organise. The two lower drawers have no compartments, so you can use them to store larger pieces. Plus, the top three drawers feature either small, medium or large sections for greater organisation of various sized items.


The top tier has handy ring rolls and earring section, both with plenty of capacity. However, the earring dividers are a little close together which can make getting your studs in and out on the bottom row a little tricky.

There’s a wide mirror in the lid so you can easily fasten and put on your jewellery with ease. Thanks to its water-resistant PU leather exterior, this smart jewellery box can be simply wiped clean for easy maintenance.

On the downside, bear in mind that the drawers cannot be removed and there is no carry handle either. However, given its high capacity and well-thought-out design, this versatile jewellery box makes an excellent choice for storing all your precious items.


  • Five-drawer, six-tier jewellery box
  • Water-resistant PU leather exterior
  • Wide mirror
  • Multiple compartments
  • Large top layer ring groove and earring section


  • No carry handle
  • Earring dividers a little too close together
  • Cannot remove the drawers
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The Rowling jewellery box has a huge capacity and is more than capable of storing and organising large jewellery collections.


Unlock the top and it opens to reveal five removable drawers, complete with numerous compartments, two full-height side panels with 10 hooks, ideal for your necklaces and bracelets. There’s also a top section consisting of a dedicated ring organiser, plus two removable earring holders for storing up to 30 earrings. There is even a removable mini travel case to take a selection away with you in your handbag.

Made with a luxuriant faux leather outer, the interior velvet lining keeps your items protected, while the large mirror in the lid allows you to check the positioning of your earrings. The lock is a nice extra, however, there is only one key provided. In addition, this jewellery box is easy to open and the drawers slide out smoothly, making it simple to access your collection as needed. However, the side door sections can be a little tricky to get closed back up.

With its generous dimensions and a huge number of compartments, you’ll have space for just about every jewellery item you own in this high capacity jewellery box. The only item you may struggle would be with watches, as they tend to be a little too bulky to fit several inside at the same time.

On the whole, this robust large jewellery box is an excellent model for anyone with plenty of jewellery looking to better organise their collection.


  • High-capacity lockable jewellery box
  • Five slide-out drawers
  • Two side panels with 10 hooks
  • Multiple compartments
  • Includes removable travel jewellery box


  • Not enough space for watches
  • No spare key
  • Side doors are a little difficult to close
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Jewellery Box Buying Guide

Different Types of Jewellery Boxes

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of jewellery box to help you to find out which style is best for your collection.

Hinged Jewellery Box

hinged storage with compartments

If you say jewellery box, most people will think of a classic hinged design. This type can vary considerably from one model to another and may contain drawers, full-height sections and even travel boxes.

Most commonly, hinged jewellery boxes feature an interior mirror inside their lid with an open top level composed of several dividers for small items such as earrings and rings. Lower levels tend to be composed of slide-out drawers complete with dividers.

Hinged jewellery boxes often feature a locking clasp with a key, as well as a top carry handle for easy transportation. They can be stored away in a wardrobe cupboard or under your bed and removed when needed or placed on your dressing table on display.

Jewellery Organiser with Drawers

Jewellery organisers with drawers are essentially mini chests of drawers that are designed to be stored on your dressing or bedside table.

They may feature a transparent top so you can permanently display your favourite pieces. Sizes can vary considerably and, unlike hinged models, they do not tend to lock, making them less suitable for family homes with small children.

For small jewellery collections, compact three-drawer jewellery boxes will more than suffice. However, for large amounts of jewellery, there are high-capacity 10-drawer storages available that can house your entire collection. Drawers usually feature different numbers of compartments throughout, so you can fit both large and small items comfortably.

Jewellery Armoire

If you have a lot of chain necklaces, then you will need a jewellery armoire, or at the very least, a box for jewellery with a full-height storage panel.

Jewellery armoires are essentially miniature wardrobes designed specifically to hang your necklaces in, keeping them tangle-free. Look for models with upper hooks and lower elasticated pouch sections for holding the lower part of any extra-long necklaces.

Travel Case

A travel jewellery storage case is very useful for nights out and weekends away, as well as going on holiday. 

If you are planning on going out after a day trip, chances are you’ll want to securely store your jewellery in your handbag, without risking it becoming tangled-up or damaged. Most have an internal mirror to help you to get ready on-the-go. 

How to Choose the Best Jewellery Box for You

When choosing a new jewellery organiser, it’s important to take the following factors into account to ensure you find the best jewellery box for your needs.


If you have a specific location in mind for your jewellery box, it’s important to take its dimensions into account. If you’re looking to place one into cube shelving or on your dressing table, you’ll need to double-check that it will actually fit before you make a purchase.


ladies accessories

The overall dimensions will give you a good idea of your jewellery box’s capacity. However, be sure to check the internal dimensions whenever possible, especially the sizes of any drawers if you have a lot of bulky items to store. If you tend to wear more rings or earrings, then you may want to look for models with more dedicated space for these items.


Make sure that the compartments provided inside your jewellery box will be suitable for your items. Some products have removable separators that allow you to customise your layout. Take a good look at any illustrative pictures to get an idea of what can go where prior to purchase.

Carry Handle

For hinged jewellery boxes, a carry handle is more useful than you would think. Particularly if you want to take your jewellery to a friend to try out outfits, it’s a handy feature that helps to make transporting a little bit easier. 

Removable Drawers

Removable drawers allow you to get a better look at your items, and helps to carefully put them away. Remove a drawer and keep your narrowed down selection to hand, making it easier to swap between accessories.


Locks on your jewellery case aren’t going to keep determined thieves out. They will, however, stop your kids or siblings taking or “borrowing” your items.


Faux leather is a popular exterior fabric choice as it can be wiped clean and will protect your jewellery from external moisture. Look for jewellery boxes with velvet-lined interiors to ensure that your collection stays protected. For large jewellery boxes, you will want a model with a relatively strong structure. MDF makes a good choice for lightweight strength.

accessories storage with a lock


With so many excellent models to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which is the best jewellery box to go for. If you can’t quite make up your mind, then we recommend our Editor’s Choice – the Songmics JCB121W

With its elegant styling, this lockable jewellery box, complete with a large internal mirror, makes a highly popular choice. The dedicated ring organiser, multiple compartments and two drawers provide plenty of space for all your small jewellery items, while the opening side panels will keep your necklaces effortlessly tangle-free. 

Encased in luxurious white synthetic leather with a soft velvet interior, this model even comes complete with a travel mini storage case.

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