Can A Juicer Be Used As A Blender?

Last Updated On March 24th, 2020

When considering buying kitchen appliances, many people want versatility and products that can perform a variety of tasks quite easily. Fewer products mean that you are not only saving space but saving money as well. In the case of a juicer, you may be wondering if you can use it to blend your food as well. By blending with your juicer you could skip purchasing a blender and save space as well. The answer to that question depends on what type of functions that you use a blender for normally.


If you are going to use a blender you have a range of settings normally that give you control over the texture and size of the food that you will be blending. A blender can chop, puree, pulse, and can give you a great deal of control over the outcome of the food that you put into it. On the other hand, a juicer has limited settings as far as control over the texture. The juicer can really break down food but it either can do it roughly or make a puree for a drink. You would have a very difficult time trying to simply chop or blend with a juicer. The blades spin fast and are designed to extract the juices out of a food item rather than blend, chop, or mix.


Most juicers are considerably smaller than a blender. You will get only about half of the capacity that you would get from a blender. It is also not possible to put meats in a juicer because it was not designed to break down that type of food. The results would be less than desirable. If you use a juicer as a blender you will only be able to handle small batches and expect the food to be broken down finely or pureed.


The blender will have a variety of blades included that perform different functions. Each blade handles the food inside of the blender differently. There are blades for ice, meat, and bread type items. Some fo the blades are for rough chopping large food pieces while others are for fine blending or puree. The juicer will have special blades that are designed specifically to extract juice and extraction is their only purpose. You can expect any food that you put inside to be finely broken down or pulverised.

In conclusion, yes, you can use a juicer as a blender in a very limited capacity. If you choose to do so, keep in mind that you will have limited control over the results and you can only put certain foods inside. There will be a limited capacity and the speed at which you process the food will be the only real control that you have over the blending process. If you are in a dire situation and the juicer is all that you have then you can try to use it. Just don’t expect the same results that you would get with a blender. You may even be better off cutting the food manually with a kitchen knife if you are trying to get a rough chop. If you need a product for everyday cooking. Don’t try to use a juicer as an all in one solution to save money or space. You will end up being disappointed and you will have to go ahead and purchase a blender anyway. Use a juicer for juicing, and use a blender for blending.

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