Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus Review 2021 – Can It Tackle the Toughest Dirt?

Last Updated On December 28th, 2020

Quite often, you may find yourself in need of a pressure washer especially if don’t have the time to clean. Let’s admit it, cleaning can be a hectic and time-consuming task if you’re doing it without powerful mechanical aid. This is why a pressure washer can help save time and remove tough stains. The new Kärcher K5 Full Control Plus is a pressure washer that might come in handy if you are cleaning the patio, garden furniture, and even your car.

Like other Karcher pressure washers, this new model has its own fascinating attributes as well as a downside. It’s worth taking the time to consider both to reach a well-informed decision. With this in mind, let’s jump right into this Karcher K5 pressure washer review.

Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus Review

karcher k5 pressure washerIn 2016, Kärcher upgraded this pressure washer with a new design and additional features. Although it was redesigned to be sleeker, it still maintained the stylish yellow and black colour. The casing also underwent some changes to be able to offer extra storage for the washer’s tools.

Through that, you can store your Kärcher Premium Full Control device as a single unit instead of having different accessories lying around. It might not be one of the lightest Karcher pressure washers out there. However, the sturdy wheels, upright design, and telescopic handle will help you move around when working.

Since the cleaning power differs from one point to another, this pressure washer comes with various tools and features to counter that. One of the most beneficial features is the LCD display found on the trigger gun. It is used to show the pressure power in case you need to adjust it. Besides the LCD display, this washer also comes with a home cleaning kit, the T350 surface cleaner, detergent, an 8-metre pressure hose with hose reel, telescopic handle, water-cooled motor, integrated water filter, adapter garden hose A3/4″, and a high-pressure trigger gun among others.

The features that we will look closely on this K5 model are:

  • Accessories
  • Onboard Storage
  • Cleaning Performance
  • Warranty

Features & Benefits

Before you get started with your new Kärcher K5 pressure washer, you have to assemble it first. The user manual will ease up the process because each step is thoroughly explained. Also, the different parts are not that hard to assemble because there is minimal usage of screws. However, connecting the gun to the pressure washer may be a little challenging, but this is not necessary for every instance.

As for the diagrams on the user manual, they give you a deeper understanding of the kit. Various descriptions have also been noted down to show you how the device is supposed to be used during cleaning.

1. Accessories

a. K5 Full Control Plus Handgun and 3-in-1 Multi Lance

washing pavement with karcher k5Through the LCD display located on the trigger gun, you can easily check the intensity of pressure you are working with. If you want to either increase or decrease the pressure, the handgun has buttons for that purpose. The new Kärcher K5 Full Control power washer comes with a 3-in-1 Multi Jet lance which has three different outputs that you can select from. This helps you to choose the ideal pressure depending on the task. For instance, you don’t want to use too much pressure on a small stain.

The first output is the dirt blaster which is mainly used for hard-to-scrub stains. If you are cleaning the grouting on your patio, the dirt blaster is the most preferred option. It will help you to get rid of stubborn algae and muck faster. Note that it produces a rotating jet that’s powerful in cleaning particularly stubborn grime. Detergent application is done at low pressure so that the chemical can be evenly applied on the surface.

The variable spray allows you to change the intensity of pressure. You will be able to switch between tasks very smoothly. For instance, if you are washing your car, there are those specific parts that require a medium pressure just to avoid ruining the car’s paintwork. On the other hand, tires require more pressure to get rid of all the accumulated ground-in dirt.

b. High-Pressure Hose with a Hose Reel

The Karcher K5 Full Control Home has a durable pressure hose that’s 8 metres long. It’s usually stored neatly on the hose reel attached at the back of the washer to increase stability. If you are about to start cleaning, there’s a hose guide that will help you recoil it easily, to avoid kinking. You have to screw it first to the main unit before you start your job.

Once you’re through with that, you can move around easily while washing without moving the main unit – thanks to its 8-metre pressure hose. This gives you the freedom to work in a larger area especially if you cleaning a car. Hard-to-reach dirt under your vehicle and on the roof will be easily accessible.

c. T350 Patio Cleaner

a man cleaning a wall using T350 surface cleanerStonework, patio, and driveways after a period of unbothered time will have moss, dirt, and grime. A combination of those will make these look old and worn out, but the patio cleaner might be helpful in getting rid of all that. It is a splash-free attachment that’s effective in cleaning fast because it’s closer to the surface.

Even though the new Kärcher Premium Full Control washer does an impressive job in cleaning the patio, you have to be on the lookout too. During the cleaning process, muck can spray out of those cracks and mess you up. Just clean in a strategic manner to avoid that. Nonetheless, the patio cleaner can also be used on vertical surfaces such as the garage door.

d. Detergent System & 1L Stone Detergent

There are always those tough stains that require more effort during cleaning. To deal with that, this Kärcher Premium Full Control Plus pressure washer comes with a detergent that claims to have a three-in-one formula suitable for facades, patio, and walls. The detergent is stored on a 1-litre bottle which is easy to plug in the main unit. If it gets depleted then you can refill the bottle with another detergent of your choice.

Well, Kärcher’s detergent is quite handy when cleaning the patio. Application of the detergent is quite easy because you just have to switch the Vario lance to the detergent application mode. It will be sprayed at low pressure and you’ll be able to clean.

2. Onboard Storage

karcher k5 compartmentAs mentioned earlier, the Kärcher Premium Full Control Plus pressure washer has ample space to pack your tools altogether. There is a storage for the trigger gun, lance, and the 8m hose. It’s easier to put it away and bring it out that way. We noticed that once all the accessories are packed altogether the washer achieves stability.

You can then use the telescopic handle which extends to a convenient height – to easily transport the washer to the garage. There’s no heavy lifting necessary during transportation. After storage, the handle can be retracted to save on space.

3. Cleaning Performance

In this Karcher K5 pressure washer review, we’ll also take a look at the performance of the product. The 145 bar pressure has enough power to tackle most outdoor tasks. It’s more than adequate to clean your car and to get rid of ground-in dirt on your brickwork, driveway, and patio. Additionally, the Kärcher Premium Full Control Plus washer has a water flow rate that’s 500 litres per hour, this makes it quite efficient in finishing tasks faster.

4. Warranty

The Kärcher K5 Full Control Plus offers a 5-year warranty. That’s more than what the competitors offer. In case your product develops any problem, there are a handful of K5 distributors who can help you out. Moreover, free delivery is offered for customers within the UK.

What Should You Be Keen On?

First, you have to get used to using your Kärcher K5 Full Control washer. You don’t want to choose the wrong pressure setting that is not suited for the task. Remember, cleaning patio can be tricky if not done meticulously. If you clean without looking closely on the patio, the dirty water may obscure you from seeing what’s going on. You may give one place a deeper clean than the other. Just do it strategically from one brickwork to the other, and do it in a straight line so that you won’t get lost.

The Kärcher K5 Premium Full Control power washer can also be noisy but you could do your cleaning at a specific time to avoid disturbance. Although the main plug, the suction and the main hoses help you during cleaning, they can be higgledy-piggledy all over the surface if you are not careful. They can get all tangled up and look untidy.

Final Thoughts

With all the necessary equipment you would need to clean your car, garden furniture, and brickwork, the new Kärcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus is quite a striking all-around device among the Karcher pressure washers range. With its 3-in-1 Vario lance and 145 bar pressure, you won’t need too many tools to make your driveway look immaculate. Furthermore, it has enough power to deal with stubborn dirt either in the garden or your driveway. We also found out in this Karcher K5 review that the LCD monitor is very helpful in checking the pressure that you are cleaning with.

The option of having a variable pressure and buttons to control the pressure is also impressive. When we tested the surface cleaner on the patio, the results were quite good. It is a pressure washer to consider if you have various outdoor tasks to attend to, please click here to know more about the product.

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