Best Laminator Reviews UK 2021 – Top 9 Comparison

Last Updated On August 12th, 2021

Are you looking for the best laminator UK customers can find?

Whether you’re a teacher with flashcards to make or a restaurant owner working on a menu project, a laminator can be a handy tool to have. Today’s leading laminators come with a range of features to explore.

Some of the best devices can handle various paper sizes, while others come with a corner rounder feature, a fast warm function, and even auto shut off for safety. You can even find easy-to-use laminating machines designed for both office and home use.

Here’s your guide to some of the best laminators available right now.

Best Laminator Reviews – Top 9 Picks

1. Crenova A4 GS816 (Editor’s Choice)

Crenova A4 GS816The Crenova A4 laminator is a versatile option for people who don’t have a lot of space for their A4 laminating equipment at home or in the office. Unlike some other pouch laminators on the market, this product is designed to fit into any space and accepts A4 and smaller sizes of paper. The thermal laminator comes with 20 laminating pouches, a corner rounder, and a trimmer.


Equipped with everything you need to get started, this Crenova A4 laminating set comes with laminate pouches, cutting equipment, and a corner rounder. Despite its compact size, it can still be ready to use surprisingly quickly, and deliver an extra fast lamination time, covering up to 50 A4 sheets per hour. There’s also a jam release function to prevent problems.

The jam protection lever will help you to get any pouches and papers that have gotten stuck in the device out as quickly as possible. There are 2 rollers included for smoother lamination, and this machine is wonderfully easy to use. Unfortunately, this product can take a while longer to warm. Additionally, the LED light may stop working after a while.

  • Compact design fits in offices of smaller sizes
  • Excellent for laminating photos, cards, and A4 sheet-sized documents
  • Comes with a paper cutter and corner rounder as well as pouches
  • 1-year warranty included
  • Jam protection system included
  • LED light can be problematic for some
  • Might take a while longer to heat up

2. Blusmart 7-in-1 (Best Multi-Function)

Blusmart 7-in-1The 7-in-1 laminating equipment from Blusmart is a great choice if you want to combine numerous pieces of office equipment into a single investment. This high-performance lamination system comes with a laminator, corner rounder, a hole punch, and a paper trimmer. It includes 20 laminating pouches, photo frames, and a selection of book rings too.


Designed to give you everything you need for your laminating projects, the Blusmart 7-in-1 offers an excellent multi-functional design that supports a wide range of film thickness options, pouch sizes, and paper options. There’s even a handy paper trimmer included so you can create the perfect flashcards and business cards at home.

Whether you’re protecting the images for your photo frames or you’re upgrading the home office, this Blusmart laminator has it all. Plus, the device works with hot and cold laminating options too. Unfortunately, the blade is a little dull, which might make it hard to cut through some paper and documents. Additionally, it can be tricky to cut in a straight line.

  • Laminating machine set with a corner rounder and paper trimmer
  • Includes laminating pouch and film options
  • Easy to use functionality to make sure you get great results
  • Fast warm-up and smooth laminating with anti-jam functionality
  • Great for creating cards
  • Can be difficult to cut through paper with the trimmer
  • Might be tough to cut in a straight line
No products found.

3. Toyuugo Hot and Cold (Best Two-Roller)

Toyuugo Hot and ColdReady to use with both hot and cold documents, the Toyuugo laminator has it all, from a thermal to cold lamination mode, to a 3 minute warm-up time so you can get to work as soon as possible. The cold lamination mode is particularly good for any teacher or home user who wants to keep pictures safe during the lamination process.


Sure to appeal to any customer in search of multifunctional laminators, this laminating machine from Toyuugo will help you to tackle a range of projects in no time. The two-roller design means that you can enjoy a smooth finish on any document, and there’s also an anti-jam button included to protect documents that might get stuck during the process.

Although you don’t get any cutters or accessories with this laminator, you will have access to a selection of lamination pouches to get you started, including options for cards and A5 paper, too. The Toyuugo team even promise a whisper-quiet performance. Notably, this product can get stuck at times, though it’s easy to un-jam. Additionally, the instructions are quite tough to follow.

  • Great for laminating a variety of items
  • Compact design fits in a range of office and home environments
  • Laminator comes with pouches to get you started
  • 1-year warranty included
  • Hot and cold system functionality
  • The instructions can be difficult to follow
  • Can get stuck quite easily
No products found.

4. Rexel A4 Home and Office (Best Value)

Rexel A4 Home and OfficeAn easy-to-use machine that will get you up and running fast, the Rexel A4 laminator is great for a wide list of lamination projects. You can use a variety of film options up to 125 microns thick and choose from a selection of pouch size options to get the ideal lamination from this machine. What’s more, you can also use cold seal pouches too.


This Rexel home and office laminating machine is an easy-to-use accessory that’s sure to make a difference in your life. Suitable for A4 size lamination options and smaller, this product can handle everything from photo lamination to temporary signs and menu notices. However, there’s no edge cutting or rounding accessories included.

If you have a variety of A4 size laminator products to tackle, this could be the product for you, with its cold seal functionality to protect your more sensitive item choices. This item also comes with a release lever for removing and re-aligning the thing you want to laminate. There’s a 1-year warranty too, but the indicator light can break over time. Additionally, this laminator can be slow compared to other options.

  • Thermal laminator and cold performance in one
  • Suitable for a range of lamination item requirements
  • A4 size paper supported for plenty of common projects
  • Suitable for laminating pouches up to 125 micrometres in thickness
  • Release lever if your laminating pouch gets stuck
  • May not be one of the fastest laminators around
  • The red and green light indicators may sometimes break

5. Bonsaii L407-A (Heavy-Duty Option)

Bonsaii L407-AIntended to give you a quick and convenient way to laminate documents, the Bonsaii L407-A laminator is one of the leading options on the market. If you’re looking for the best A4 laminator that can do both hot and cold lamination, the Bonsaii got you covered. This product also comes with an ABS safety switch to protect against jams.


One of the best laminators for A4-sized papers, this machine is suitable for anything up to 125 microns in thickness. You can choose from a variety of pouches and films to suit your paper or photos. Equipped with two rollers, the laminating speed can reach up to 250mm per minute.

Also ready to start laminating in three minutes, this quick and convenient laminator has earned a positive verdict from our review team, and it comes with a one-year warranty for peace of mind. Unfortunately, you may need to put some items through twice for a better join. There’s also no trimmer to cut the edge of your paper.

  • Quick heat-up performance to get going quickly
  • Suitable for A4 document sizes
  • Works with a range of pouches up to 125 microns thick
  • 1-year warranty included
  • Release lever prevents jams
  • May not include a trimmer for edge cutting
  • May need to put some documents through at least twice for a better join

6. TOPELEK A4 5-in-1 (Best with Accessories)

TOPELEK A4 5-in-1The TOPELEK 5-in-1 A4 laminator promises to help you handle all of your office lamination needs. This convenient tool comes with a paper trimmer, so you can easily snip your laminated sheets to size according to your needs. There’s also a fantastic 90 second heat-up time, so you won’t be left waiting forever for your laminator to set up.


The TOPELEK laminator is quick and easy to use, with a speedy heating process. You can get an A4 sheet finished in around 45 seconds. The one-button jam release function means if anything gets stuck in your laminator, you can easily pull it out of the machine with minimal frustration. There’s also a useful paper trimmer at the bottom of the device so you can get your documents ready in no time.

One of the best features of this TOPELEK laminator is it features both a hot and cold lamination system. The hot system uses thermostatic technology to heat pouches with minimal bubbles and wrinkles. The cold system is perfect for products that might be sensitive to heat, like photos. Aside from lamination, the device also comes with a paper trimmer, corner rounder, 10 photo frames, and 30 multi-size lamination pouches.

  • Trimmer and corner rounder included
  • Comes with photo frames, lamination pouches and more
  • One button jam release to avoid any system problems
  • Quick heat up and lamination performance
  • Cold and hot lamination support
  • May not be suitable for larger laminations
  • May not be the best cutting option
No products found.

7. Rexel A3 Style (Best for Large Documents)

Rexel A3 StyleThis convenient Rexel A3 style laminator is an elegant and compact machine ideal for when you don’t have much space in your home and office. The device can heat up within 4 minutes and it’s slim enough that you can store it in a closet or drawer when it’s not in use. Ideal for all lamination needs, including the creation of signs and menus, you’ll get used to this device in no time.


The Rexel A3 lamination machine can laminate sheets all the way up to A3 size – perfect if you’ve got bigger documents to deal with. The slimline device doesn’t take up much space and is easy to store. You can also adjust the sizing of your pouches to laminate A4 documents, too.

Available in black or white, the Rexel laminator is sleek, stylish and convenient, with a cold setting to protect any documents that might respond negatively to heat. The cold setting is ideal for self-adhesive cold seal pouches. There’s a one-year warranty included, and a convenient quick-release lever just in case anything gets jammed.

  • The sleek and streamlined design is easy to store
  • Excellent for laminating A3 and A4 sheets
  • Heats up quickly with convenient ready light
  • Easy quick-release lever for potential jams
  • Cold seal option included
  • Feeding tray may be a little complicated for some to use
  • May take a while to see results with A3 documents

8. Fellowes Saturn 3i 125 (Luxury Choice)

Fellowes Saturn 3i 125One of the more advanced options for people in search of the best laminators, the Fellows Saturn 3i 125 comes with a rapid warm-up of only 60 seconds, thanks to InstaHeat technology.


Suitable for both home and office use, this handy machine can accommodate a variety of document sizes with its 12.5-inch entry width. With a maximum laminating speed of one foot per minute, it is capable of hot and cold lamination.

Plus, there’s an auto shut-off function to save energy and reduce the risk of the machine overheating as well as a jam release lever for adjusting or removing your pouches. One slight issue is that this product can occasionally reject sheets for no reason. It also takes a while to cool down.

  • Works with a range of pouch thickness options
  • InstaHeat technology means warm-up takes no time
  • Auto-off function reduces the risk of overheating
  • Hot and cold lamination
  • Great laminating speed
  • Can take a long time to cool down
  • May sometimes reject pieces of paper for no reason

9. Texet LMA4-V (Best for Home Use)

Texet LMA4-VReady to handle a long list of lamination projects, the Texet LMA4-V helps you to protect your photos, film, and important documents in no time. This high-quality A4 laminator is energy efficient and easy to use, with a quick lamination speed so you don’t have to spend too much time waiting.


One of the best value laminator machine options on the market for home pictures and other everyday projects, this Texet laminator can handle a maximum lamination film of 160 microns, and up to A4 paper sizes. The device is suitable for a variety of pouch sizes and thickness options, so you can find the combination that suits you.

Taking between 3 and 5 minutes to heat up for your initial lamination setting, this device should be an easy entry point to the world of protecting documents for beginners. It also comes with a 1-year warranty. Unfortunately, jams can be a problem with this product, and it does take a little while for the machine to cool down.

  • Quick and easy functionality for beginners
  • Supports lamination films up to 160 microns in thickness
  • Suitable for A4 paper and photos
  • High-quality lamination for pictures
  • 1-year warranty included
  • May occasionally suffer from jams
  • Can take a while to cool down

Choosing the Best Laminators for Your Needs

Choosing the ideal laminator can be a complicated process. The best laminators will depend on your unique needs, including what kind of items you want to laminate, and what sort of features are suitable for your requirements. When choosing your laminator, think about:


machine used to laminate documentsJust like you would choose a compact printer, label maker, projector screen, or a paper shredder for a small home office, the size of a laminating machine may be important to you if you have some limitations in space. However, the most important decision for most people will be the size of the laminating pouches and papers that the device can accept.

If you’re going to be using your laminators for a larger sized document, then you need a machine that can handle that. A4 laminators are the most common, but there are plenty of A3 laminator reviews out there if you’re looking for something a little bigger. Make sure you know the thickness of the kind of pouches you can use too.


Speed is usually a common concern when picking from a range of laminators. You want to ensure that your machine can deliver the size of paper or product that you want, at a pace that’s suitable for you. When assessing laminating speed, think about how long it takes for the machine to warm up too. Usually, 5 minutes or less is a good starting point.

Once you know how quickly the product heats up, you can make your verdict about speed by examining how much paper the product can go through at once.

Laminating Features

Aside from lamination, some of the latest laminators on the market come with extra features too. You might get pouches included with your purchase so that you can start straight away. There’s also the potential for a hole punch, rounding cutters, and other devices to be included as part of the kit.

When choosing the right item, remember to think about your heating needs too. If you’re laminating an item that’s particularly sensitive, you might need a machine that can handle cold lamination. This is a helpful way to protect certain things, but you may need to use a strategy to finish securing all the items.

Extra Options

roll of adhesive-coated filmBeyond all the things we covered above, there are still various laminators that may be able to offer a lot more. For instance, you might want to look for laminators that come with a cutting machine to help you create cards and other items with precision. Alternatively, you might be looking for laminators that have various safety features for peace of mind.

There are tons of extra options out there that go beyond a device that comes with its own film or laminating pouches. Don’t be afraid to shop around.

Choosing Your Laminator

Choosing the best laminator UK customers can buy is tough. Laminators come in a selection of shapes and sizes to suit every need. There’s no one-size-fits-all, so you’ll need to consider your options carefully. The right product is the item that’s most suited to your preferences.

We’d recommend the amazing Crenova A4 GS816 if you’re looking for a laminator that can handle paper in a variety of sizes. It also comes with 20 laminate pouches, cutting equipment, and corner rounders. With 3-5 minutes heat-up time and 250mm per minute laminating speed, it can finish up to 50 A4 sheets per hour.

Compact and absolutely lightweight, you can bring this thermal laminator anywhere. With its complete set and user-friendly controls, you can start preserving your documents and photos in no time.

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