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Best Laptop Stand in the UK 2020

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Rain Design Mstand360

Rain Design Mstand360

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Nulaxy Ergonomic

Nulaxy Ergonomic

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Kensington Portable Easy Rider

Kensington Portable Easy Rider

Are you looking for the best laptop stand UK companies can offer to help you feel more productive at work? Many of us spend hours staring at our laptop screens every day. Unfortunately, when these screens aren’t in the right position, or they’re sitting on our actual laps, this can lead to problems with neck and eye strain.

The right laptop stand isn’t just a way to make your home office look more professional, it’s also an opportunity to get more out of your screen time. With the right product, you can make it easier to work on your laptop for hours at a time without having any productivity issues. Purchasing a laptop stand also means that you’re giving the computer more room to breathe. It’s difficult for your laptop fans to work correctly when they’re blocked by your lap.

The trouble is, with so many different kinds of laptop stands available to choose from today, it’s difficult to know which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide full of advice to save you some significant time and effort.

Best Laptop Stand Reviews – Top 10 Picks

If you’re looking for an Ergonomic laptop stand to make you feel more comfortable while you work, Nulaxy has just the solution for you. This convenient foldable laptop stand comes with everything you need to raise your computer screen to eye level, so you don’t have to crane your neck. This is the ultimate way to get more out of your desk and improve your posture as you work.


Professional and durable, this UK laptop stand for desk use from Nulaxy is one of the best products on the market. The solid construction with durable aluminium ensures that you can rely on your stand to keep your computer safe while you use it. The surface also acts as a useful heat sink to ensure that your device doesn’t overheat.

The Z-type design gives you extra comfort while you’re typing on your laptop keyboard, and there are rubber pads on the front lip to hold your device in place as you work. Thanks to a convenient style and size, the Nulaxy portable laptop stand works with a wide range of products ranging from 11-inch MacBook to 17-inch Chromebooks and beyond. This product even comes with a 2-year warranty.

One unfortunate issue with this product is that larger laptops might struggle to fit conveniently on the device without shifting. The stand can also be quite difficult to adjust.


  • Excellent Z-type design for extra comfort
  • Front lip to hold your device in place
  • Suitable for use with various sizes of laptop
  • Foldable and portable design
  • Works to reduce the amount of heat focused on your laptop


  • May be a little difficult to adjust
  • Could not be ideal for some larger laptops
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Available in a range of colours to suit your style, this attractive adjustable laptop stand is excellent for getting the most out of your desk. The laptop riser moves your screen to eye level, so you can enjoy looking at your work without having to strain. This is one of the 10 best laptop stand options we’ve seen for home office use, video games, and so much more. There’s even a swivel base so you can share your screen with other people.


This delightful laptop stand is one of the more attractive on the market. The Mstand360 benefits from a swivel stand and adjustable design, so you can create the experience that works best for you. The tilt option will bring your screen closer, while the cable organizer ensures that you don’t have to worry about various categories of wire.

There’s a keyboard stash area to clean up your desk when it’s not in use, and the aluminium panel on the top of the stand supports your cooling fans in keeping your laptop from overheating. This stylish stand is perfect for heat dissipation and ergonomics, plus it’s compatible with a wide range of products.

The biggest issue customers have with this Rain design laptop stand might be that it’s quite large and heavy, which makes it harder to take with you on the move. The surface of the aluminium stand is also quite prone to damage and scratches.


  • Great for working from home with a laptop computer
  • Attractive stand with cable management
  • Foldable portable design to keep your laptop at eye level
  • Customisable height and angle options
  • Great for laptop cooling


  • Could be prone to scratches and damage from your electronics​
  • May be quite heavy, compared to some other laptop stands
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Before you start adding products to your cart, you need to gather as much information as possible about the kind of laptop stand that’s right for you. The Kensington Portable Easy Rider laptop stand is a convenient height-adjustable stand that makes it easier to work comfortably.


A portable laptop desk stand with excellent materials throughout, the Kensington Easy Rider comes with a SmartFit system that lets you adjust your screen, keyboard and mouse level to suit you. According to reviews, you can adjust your ideal height and angle setting within a matter of seconds.

The pioneering technology in the Kensington laptop stands make it quick and easy to transform your workspace into something more ergonomic. You can use this laptop stand with a wide variety of laptop models and sizes. The rubber feet will stop your computer from slipping, while the surface of the stand can raise your laptop to allow for better cooling.

Part of the ergonomic wellbeing and health range from Kensington, the Easy Rider is a handy portable solution that you can easily fold down and take with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, there aren’t any rubber components on the bottom of the stand to stop it from slipping. Additionally, you may need to use a separate mouse and keyboard for your machine.


  • Good laptop cooling stand
  • Height adjustable with angle adjustments
  • Padded inserts to help stop your machine from moving
  • Excellent for frequent travellers, thanks to the foldable design
  • Convenient and easy to use


  • There may not be something to stop the bottom of the stand from slipping​
  • May need a separate mouse and keyboard
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Another product from Nulaxy that promises to support the best laptops at leading qualities. The Nulaxy Aluminium removable ventilated laptop stand is convenient and easy to use. Compatible with a wide range of laptop sizes, this Nulaxy stand is convenient to use in the office, or just sitting on the edge of your bed.


As portable and lightweight as your laptop bag, this laptop stand from Nulaxy gives you more of an ergonomic experience when you’re struggling with different sizes of desks. The Nulaxy stands feature adjustable legs that can move your screen up or down by around 6 inches, to ensure better posture and reduced neck pain.

Sure to appeal to anyone in search of quality, this laptop stand features 5mm aluminium alloy and can support as much as 4kg of weight from your machine too. The system will sit stable and secure on your desk, with rubber pads to keep your computer in place. This Nulaxy stand is also easy enough for anyone to disassemble into various parts for storage.

The aluminium alloy on this device will keep your laptop cool at any tilt angle too, so you can make the most of your computer. One slight issue is that it’s really only suitable for smaller laptops if you want to keep your device safe. Additionally, some people say that the angle adjustment isn’t steep enough.


  • Portable and easy to fold down for storage
  • Suitable for use on a desk, bed, or table
  • Supports up to 4kg of weight
  • Adjust the height and the tilt angle
  • Great materials throughout, including aluminium for cooling


  • May not be suitable for most larger laptops
  • Might not have enough tilt for some people
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One of the top-rated products on the market and around the web today, the BoYata multi-angle riser is among the leading recommendations for ergonomics with a laptop table, desk, or surface. If you’re looking for the best laptop stands, this product comes with a host of customization options to suit your needs, as well as a professional and lightweight design.


As one of the best laptop stands UK companies can offer, the BoYata Multi-angle riser is excellent for working from home and handling various tasks with ease.

Suitable for use all around the home, this laptop stand comes with flexible positioning from 0 to 90 degrees depending on your needs. The stand elevates your computer, so you have more space on your desk for other electronics and devices. There are even protective hooks to stop the laptop from sliding towards you.

Great for improving posture, the design will give you the height you need while allowing you to type on any USB powered keyboard or integrated keyboard with ease. There’s also high-quality aluminium throughout for long-term durability. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to change the position on your stand if you decide to move quickly.


  • Range of colour options available
  • Excellent ergonomic performance
  • Engineered for durability and stability
  • Keeps your laptop cool with aluminium to absorb heat
  • Good for portability


  • Adjusting the stand laptop table may not be easy
  • Might be hard to get another colour than silver
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The AmazonBasics Laptop Stand is a cost-effective way to improve your laptop’s performance while enabling you to better adjust the angle of your screen for improved video conferencing, as well as general computer use. As with most items in the range, it is a highly functional product with minimalist styling that is sure to look the part in your home office.


Made from durable metal, this laptop stand is flat-folding for easy storage when not in use. It also benefits from a six-slot cord organiser to help keep your desk neatly organised and save time untangling a multitude of cables.

To make viewing your laptop screen more comfortable, either at your desk or on your sofa, you can adjust the angle from 12-35 degrees – ideal for angling your camera so you don’t have to look up at an angle.

The main advantage of this laptop stand is that its metal mesh platform absorbs heat from your device and also improves air circulation. This helps to prevent your laptop from overheating, especially when used on your lap. Not only does this improve user comfort levels, it will also help to keep your laptop functioning correctly and prevent any degradation in performance levels due to overheating.

On the downside, this product may have some sharp edges, so carefully inspect it before use. What’s more, it is not the most comfortable to use on your knees, so you may need to add a cushion. The raised angles that prevent your laptop slipping forward may inhibit typing but they are easily covered with a piece of rubber trim.

All in all, a great laptop stand that makes working from home on your laptop much easier.


  • Durable metal construction
  • Flat-folding for storage
  • Six-slot cord organiser
  • Adjusts from 12-35 degrees
  • Metal mesh platform promotes airflow


  • Some edges could be sharp
  • High-raised angles may inhibit typing
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One of the more compact laptop stands we’ve seen, and therefore a great portable laptop stand, the Jumkeet ventilated is great for life on the move. If you’re looking for an ergonomic product that will check a variety of boxes for disability enablement, adjustability, and transport, then this could be the product for you to bring home.


Ideal for home and office use, this laptop stand adjustable table works well with machines of various sizes. You can even pull the adjustable studs on the brackets up and down to determine what angle and height suits you best. This helps professionals to reduce negative impact on the neck and eyes.

There’s a durable design with a mesh metal vented area to help improve airflow when your laptop and other devices are running. You also get non-slip feet that make the bracket more durable and sturdy at any height.

This could be particularly useful for people who need lightweight products for muscle and joint support. However, you might want to get some advice from a professional. It’s also worth noting that this laptop is a little too small for larger categories of the computer.


  • Excellent UK laptop stands with great materials throughout
  • Suitable as a portable laptop stand
  • Among the 10 best laptop stands for ergonomics
  • Durable non-slip stand adjustable to your needs
  • Works with smaller PC sizes


  • May not be suitable for larger PC devices and laptops
  • Adjustable sides could be very sensitive
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If you’re still on the hunt for the best laptop stand in the UK, then we could have just the thing for you. The Boyata laptop stand comes with a sturdy aluminium design perfect for home and office use. Like other Boyata products, this item comes with plenty of options to adjust the angle of your laptops however you choose.


The aluminium construction of this UK laptop stand means you can rest assured that your laptops and electronics are fully protected while you work. You can adjust the angle and height of your laptop screen to improve your posture according to the guide that’s right for you. What’s more, the aluminium acts as a heat sink for your PC too.

Designed with you in mind, the Z-type structure helps you to get the most out of a range of laptop models, by improving the way you sit and type. There’s also a protective hook on each arm – a feature which stops your computer from slipping while you work. According to reviews, most users found that this product is great for reducing muscle and joint discomfort.

There’s a “contact us” section on the website if you have any questions or need advice. Unfortunately, adjusting the height and angle of this device can be more difficult than you’d expect.


  • Great for home and office use with a range of electronics
  • Improves posture and reduces muscle pain according to reviews
  • One of the most lightweight laptop stands available
  • Product matches the photo in terms of professional appearance
  • Works with a wide list of laptop sizes


  • You might need some extra help or advice to adjust the stand
  • It may wobbles
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A UK cooling pad and laptop stand in one, this is one of the best accessories you can buy for your PC. The TeckNet AE cooling stand comes with a metal mesh surface for the best wear-resisting experience at home and in the office. There’s no need to worry about overheating, and you can easily carry this laptop stand with you wherever you go if you’re operating on the move; just store it alongside your laptops.


The TeckNet Cooling pad and stand works well with various categories of PC and laptop, offering a convenient way to get the most out of your everyday work and gaming experiences. According to the information provided by the company, this laptop stand is actually powered with a USB connection, with fans that can cool your device as you work.

The reviews for this laptop stand highlight the excellent cooling function, and how ultra-portable the device is. If you want to make sure your investment is working, there’s an LED indicator to show you that the cooling mechanism is active. The company’s site also indicates that the fans are quite enough to leverage anywhere.

This is one of the more advanced laptop stand products in our guide, but also one of the 10 best on the market. Unfortunately, some reviews say that the fans aren’t particularly strong. There’s also nothing at the front of the pad to hold your laptop in place.


  • Laptop stand and cooling pad performance
  • Excellent for keeping your PC cool
  • Quiet fans that won’t distract workers
  • Fits easily on most desks
  • Works with a list of devices


  • Might not have a pad to hold the laptop in place
  • May not be the strongest fans on Amazon
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If the other options on our list haven’t tickled your fancy, then you may be interested in this ergonomic laptop stand by AWAVO. Designed to fit a variety of laptop models, you will surely be able to adjust this stand to suit your preferred working conditions.


The handy Z-shaped design means that it can be adjusted to a variety of heights and angels depending on where you want to work. It features a heat dissipation design to prevent your computer from overheating, the holes near the top will ensure adequate airflow to its fans.

A non-slip, silicone pad makes for a secure work station by protecting your laptop from slipping as well as from scratches or marks.

While the specifications do boast of foldable design, some consumers have said that it doesn’t fold as small as they would have liked, due to its sturdy frame. Additionally, it may not be as sturdy on the highest level.


  • Suitable for laptops up to 10kg and 15.6 inches in size
  • Z-shaped design for maximum adjustability
  • Silicone mat
  • Holes to optimise airflow
  • Pro5


  • May not be as sturdy on the highest setting
  • Folds may be quite bulky
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How to Choose the Best Laptop Stand

The best laptop stand UK companies can offer will differ depending on what you need from a computer accessory. If you’re just looking for something convenient to use around the home, then you’ll need a very different product to someone in search of a product that will match their disability enablement requirements.

If you have any specific needs, then it might be worth talking to a tech professional for more information and advice on the kind of stand that will work well for your laptop. If you’re just looking for something simple, remember to think about:


A laptop can range anywhere between 11 inches to 17 inches. The bigger your laptop is, the more space you’re going to need on your laptop stand.

Although some smaller devices say that they can hold larger products, it’s best to go for something that is going to make your computer feel stable and well-supported when you use it. Most listings will tell you how large of a laptop your device can hold.


As you browse through links and reviews looking for the perfect laptop stand with the right menu of features, remember to think about the style that works best for you. There’s more to style than brand names like the Nexstand K2 laptop stand.

A Z-style laptop stand is a common choice for a lot of people who want an ergonomic experience. However, some of these laptops aren’t as suitable for portability. You might even decide that you don’t want a full laptop stand, but a cooling pad instead.

a man working in the cafe


a note book and some pens

The best way to check the durability of your laptop stand before you buy something is to check out the reviews on Amazon and similar website. But you can also look at the product description menu for more information on the materials used. Aluminium is one of the stronger and more reliable materials for most laptop stands, and it works well at distributing heat.

Remember that the right UK company makes a difference too. Before you pick a brand, make sure you learn what kind of service they offer. Some companies will also offer a guarantee or warranty if you agree with their terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other information.

Choosing your Laptop Stand

Finding the best laptop stand UK companies can offer isn’t always easy. There are a lot of different brands available, and many products that can put a tick in almost every box, so it’s important to do your research before making your selection.

We hope our advice in this guide has given you a helpful direction to start with. For us, the Nulaxy Ergonomic stand is the best option for today’s laptop users, with plenty of space for all kinds of PC, and excellent, comfortable design. You can even fold the product down to take it with you wherever you go.

Good luck finding the right laptop stand.

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