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Almost everyone uses a pillow at night, and lately memory foam pillows have gained in popularity in the UK and around the world. Their firm contouring nature makes them a great alternative to traditional down pillows. Memory foam pillows come in many shapes and brands, so finding the right one can be confusing.

With so many options out there to choose from, we decided to find out what the best memory foam pillow is on the market today. But first, let’s go into a little more detail on memory foam pillows to help you understand why they may or may not be right for you. In a hurry? Jump to our memory foam pillow reviews.

Memory Foam Pillows Comparison

ProductSizeWeightCoverOur RatingPrice

Eve Matress UK

42 x 66 cm1.7 kg100% Polyester


The Emma Pillow

50 x 75cm1.5 kg98% Polyester
2% Elastane



74cm x 50cm1.8 kg100% soft cotton cover


Panda Bamboo

60cm x 40cm1.5 kg100% Bamboo Fibre



62cm x 42cm1.6 kg100% Polyester



52cm x 33cm1.5 kgHypoallergenic



70cm x 50cm1.7 kg60% Polyester
40% Coolmax cotton



61cm x 36cm1.5 kgPurotex® technology



52cm x 33cm800gBamboo fibre and cotton


Martian Dreams

75cm x 48cm1.8 kg100% Bamboo Fibre


Top 10 Best Memory Foam Pillow Reviews

Now we’re going to look at the best pillows out there and arm you with the information you need about each one.

1. Eve UK Memory Foam Pillow

Eve pillowThis is an ideal pillow for side and back sleepers, offering support to the head and neck to relieve pressure points with comfort and ease. The Eve pillow has a medium firm feel for optimal comfort.

This pillow is breathable to allow air to cool you and the pillow as you sleep, thus creating a more ideal sleep temperature than many other pillows on the market today. It is made from 100% polyurethane and includes a removable polyester cover for easy cleaning.

The cover has received an OEKO-TEX Class 1 safety rating to give you peace of mind that you aren’t laying your head directly on a product that is full of potentially harmful chemicals.

  • OEKO-Tex Class 1 safety rating
  • Holes in pillow core increase breathability
  • Designed and built in the UK
  • 3-year guarantee and 30-day free trial
  • Antimicrobial Ultra Fresh shield
  • Slight chemical smell initially
  • Comes only in standard size, no king option
  • Less than ideal for stomach sleeping

2. Emma Pillow by Emma Mattress Co.

emma pillowThe Emma pillow comes with a 100-night trial to ensure your satisfaction. If you aren’t satisfied, you can return it without charge, so you know this company stands behind their products. This pillow is built in three layers to support any sleeping position and ensure the ultimate comfort throughout the night.

This pillow comes with an airgocell foam layer on top to allow your head to sink in for comfort, then a supportive cold foam layer in the centre to ensure you have the right amount of pressure to alleviate neck and back pain. Finally, the visco-elastic bottom layer optimally distributes pressure. Together, the layers create the ultimate sleeping experience for any sleeping position, even stomach sleepers.

The cover of the pillow is made from breathable fibres to regulate heat as you sleep. This cover is made from polyester and elastane and is removable and washable to help you keep your Emma pillow cleaner longer.

  • Removable layers for comfort in every sleep position
  • Breathable cover to increase airflow
  • 100-night in-home trail
  • Very little off-gassing
  • Comes in standard and king sizes
  • Standard size Emma may be too large to fit in a standard pillowcase
  • To adjust firmness, you must adjust layer inside the pillow, not ideal for those who sleep in multiple positions

3. TEMPUR Traditional Pillow

Tempur Traditional PillowTEMPUR is known as the company that really brought memory foam mattresses popularity to where it is today. This is a trusted brand, so we know that their pillows are sure to be just as high quality and trustworthy as their mattresses.

The traditional pillow by TEMPUR is a firm, traditionally shaped memory foam pillow. It comes complete with a 100% cotton cover that is both removable and washable for your convenience. The pillow comes with a three-year guarantee to give you ultimate peace of mind.

The Traditional Pillow is made from shredded TEMPUR foam for added pliability. Because of the shredded foam used in the pillow, the company recommends daily fluffing to keep it at an ideal firmness and make it last.

The materials used in this pillow are allergen and dust mite resistant, so you can find comfort in knowing you won’t have to deal with extreme allergy suffering while you sleep.

  • Trusted company
  • Washable cover
  • Ideal for side sleepers
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Dust mite and allergen resistant
  • Retains heat
  • Shredded foam requires additional work to keep up quality
  • Not ideal for back or stomach sleepers

4. Panda Luxury Bamboo Pillow

Panda LuxuryThe Panda pillow comes with the best guarantee we have seen thus far at 10 years. Plus, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with this pillow at any time, you can return it for a full refund or free replacement. The manufacturer is confident that you will love this pillow, and we can see why.

The Panda pillow features temperature regulating technology to keep you cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. The hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and antibacterial bamboo cover aids in temperature control because it allows the pillow to breathe and maintains optimal airflow.

This pillow is made from three layers of viscoelastic memory foam, which uses the newest technologies to guarantee ideal support as recommended by doctors. This pillow is recommended for side and stomach sleepers as it helps to support the head and keep the neck aligned with the spine.

For back sleepers, the panda pillow can also work, but it can also be too high for some. If you consistently find that firmer pillows aren’t quite firm enough as a back sleeper, then you may find that the panda pillow is the one for you.

  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • Breathable temperature control
  • Three-layer design prevents denting and provides optimal support
  • Great for side and stomach sleepers
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Off-gassing/chemical smell
  • Same support throughout pillow, not adjustable to individual needs

5. Simba Luxury

Simba LuxuryIf you are looking for a straightforward memory foam pillow by a brand committed to using the latest technology to give you the best night’s sleep possible, the Simba pillow might be the one for you.

This pillow is ideal for back and side-sleepers due to its firmness. It is made from 100% hypoallergenic materials to give sensitive sleepers security in knowing that allergens will not disturb their slumber. Even the polyester cover is hypoallergenic and machine washable, so cleanliness should never be an issue with the Simba.

This pillow falls into the firm category and is built to support the neck while cradling the head during back sleep and fill the space between the head and shoulder during side sleep. The pillows are made from viscoelastic polyurethane, which is the latest and greatest in memory foam technology on the market.

Unlike many memory foam pillows, the inner part of the pillow can actually be sponge cleaned while you wash the outer cover. This is encouraging for the ultra germ conscious among us.

  • Anti-allergy
  • Newest technology for support and comfort
  • Firm support for back and side sleepers
  • Washable inside and out
  • No mention of guarantee or trial period
  • One size fits all mentality, no way to adjust comfort

6. Supportiback® Comfort Therapy

Supportiback® Comfort TherapyThis pillow is promoted as the best in the business for reducing upper back and disc pain, and to help encourage your comfort after back or soldier surgeries. The pillow comes with two different sides to allow you to choose the comfort level that is right for you, even if that changes night by night.

Many memory foam pillows get a bad reputation because they keep you too warm at night, but that is not the case with the Supportiback Comfort Therapy Pillow. It comes with a cooling gel on one side, so on warm summer nights, you can turn your pillow to this side to get the best cooling and moisture wicking technology.

If you’re too chilly on a winter evening, turn the pillow over to the plush side. You’ll sink right in and remain snuggly warm all night long. In addition to the cooling technologies, this pillow comes with pressure sensitive memory foam that contours to your head and neck as you move throughout the night.

The Comfort Therapy pillow comes with a 30-day trial to ensure your satisfaction, as well as a free eBook to learn all about back health and help you to achieve optimal health.

  • Cooling technology
  • Adjustable to your needs
  • Ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Non-toxic; lead and BPA free
  • Designed by doctors for optimal orthopaedic health
  • It has a chemical smell right out of the box
  • Lack of breathability
  • Smaller than a standard pillow

7. TAMPOR Orthopaedic

TAMPOR Neck PillowThis pillow comes in three different sizes, but the one we are reviewing today is the standard height adjustable version. This pillow is truly designed for you. The design allows you to unzip the inner casing to easily remove excess foam from the pillow to increase your comfort even if you sleep in different positions each night.

The pillow cover is made from polyester and cotton, so it is washable to maintain cleanliness. It is also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant to help sensitive sleepers to get the best rest possible. In addition, the pillow has received an OEKO-TEX certification, so you know it won’t give off toxic chemicals.

The TAMPOR Orthopaedic pillow comes with a 30-day trial to ensure your satisfaction. It is made with shredded memory foam inside, and a gel infused memory foam lining to increase breathability and help to keep you cool as you sleep, even on a warm summer day.

  • Ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Adjustable height and density
  • OEKO-TEX certified for safety
  • Machine washable cover
  • Breathable for cooling
  • The foam strips inside can fuse together under pressure and heat
  • Even without inner foam strips, the outer layer can be too high for stomach and back sleepers

8. Snug Single Contour

Snug Single ContourThis pillow has hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant material inside and out to alleviate troubles of sensitive sleepers. It features airflow channels to encourage breathability, so you won’t get too hot in the night. The cover is machine washable with Purotex technology to keep it fresh and comfortable for years to come.

This is another product that is made in the UK and tested to be safe and low in off-gassing. A computer adds ventilation by cutting the visco-elastic memory foam in this pillow to increase airflow. It comes with a one-year guarantee; one of the shortest guarantees we have seen thus far.

This pillow is contoured, unlike the other pillows we have reviewed so far. As we explained earlier, contouring means that this pillow could work for all sleep styles and positions. By simply flipping the pillow around, you should be able to get just the right support where you need it the most.

  • Contoured for personalized comfort
  • Ventilated for temperature control
  • Safe and allergy resistant
  • Holds shape well
  • Made in the UK
  • Very high, may be unsuitable for some
  • Ultra-dense and heavy, not good for stomach sleeping
  • Off gasses and smells of chemicals for a week or so

9. Formtastic Contour Pillow with Bamboo Fibre and Cotton Cover

Formtastic ContourAnother contoured pillow to add to the list, this pillow by Formtastic is well designed and versatile for many sleeping positions. The wave contour of this pillow adapts to your head and neck and is usable in multiple positions to give you ideal support no matter your ideal sleeping position.

The cover is eco-friendly and machine washable. The pillow itself is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and dust mite resistant, so it’s the ultimate pillow for those with allergies or sensitive sleepers.

The memory foam in this pillow is made with hevea milk, also known as rubber tree sap, to give you the support and feel of traditional bamboo fibre memory foam, but without the chemicals associated with it. In addition, the antimicrobial properties will help this pillow to last longer than your standard options.

This manufacturer makes no mention of a trial period or a guarantee like many others on this list.

  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and dust mite resistant
  • Contoured for back and side sleepers
  • Made with breathable bamboo fibres
  • Washable cover
  • No guarantee or trial to be found
  • Not ideal for stomach sleepers
  • Lifespan shorter than most memory foam pillows

10. Luxury Shredded Martian Dreams Pillow by Martian Made

Martian MadeThis pillow is made with customisation in mind. You can add or remove the shredded viscoelastic memory foam as you please to get just the right density for your sleeping needs. This personalisation allows this pillow to be an ideal fit for any sleeping style, including hard-to-please stomach sleepers.

The bamboo cover offers breathability and comfort because of its moisture wicking abilities along with its natural cooling effects. The pillow is able to fit in a standard size pillowcase for your convenience.

The Martian Dreams pillow comes with a five-year warranty, so you can feel the support of the brand behind you as you use it over the years. Because you can add or remove foam, the foam may last longer than in other pillows, so you are looking at a lofty lifespan with this pillow.

  • Fully adjustable
  • Naturally cooling
  • Ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Bamboo cover
  • Cover not washable
  • Higher than most standard pillows to start
  • Not easy to adjust mid-night

What Makes Memory Foam Pillows Better than Traditional Pillows?

Just like their mattress counterparts, memory foam pillows continuously mould to the shape of your body to help support you and reduce pressure points. These pillows come in multiple shapes, but the most popular is the S-shape.

The S-shape versions of these pillows give back sleepers added neck support when the pillow is facing one direction, while also giving side sleepers additional height to keep them supported when the pillow is facing the opposite way.

Researchers have conflicting views on memory foam pillows, but many believe they are beneficial to back sleepers because they allow your head to sink into them overnight, thus alleviating excess spine and joint stiffness in the morning.

Are Memory Foam Pillows Better for Side and Stomach Sleepers too?

The real answer to this question lies in the firmness and density of the pillow. Side and stomach sleepers need different pillow heights and different densities than back sleepers because of the pressure they are putting on different body parts.

Side sleepers can certainly still benefit from memory foam pillows, especially denser options or the contoured versions because they allow side sleepers to have their heads higher than a normal pillow throughout the night to support spinal alignment.

Stomach sleepers are difficult to find pillows for because really, stomach sleeping isn’t a healthy option and many doctors warn against it. However, if you do choose to sleep on your stomach, you could go without a pillow under your head, and instead, opt for one under your stomach to reduce pressure on your low back.

For those of us who sleep in multiple positions each night, memory foam is a great option. If you choose a pillow with the S-shape as discussed earlier, you can change the direction of the pillow to fit the way you are laying at any given time, or go under your stomach to support your low back during stomach sleep.

What to Look For in a Memory Foam Pillow

woman sleepingThere are many considerations to take into account before purchasing a pillow of any kind, but particularly when choosing a memory foam pillow. Let’s take a deeper dive into some aspects you’ll want to keep in mind during your search.

Type of Memory Foam

Although they are often looked at as one collective universe, there are a few different types of memory foam to choose from, and different ways the foam is formed into pillow form.

Traditionally, memory foam was created from polyurethane and was formed into its shape as a whole “brick” so to speak. However, these days memory foam can come shredded in your pillow, and it can be made from different materials, including plant-based or organic, gel, and infused options.

The main reason for moving away from traditional memory foam was because customers told manufacturers that they appreciated the contouring technology of memory foam, but did not appreciate the retention of heat. Today, gel infusions and open cell technology help to alleviate this problem.

Another common complaint about traditional memory foam was the off-gassing of chemicals that created an unpleasant smell and worried health-conscious consumers. The answer to these issues was the introduction of plant-based and organic memory foams, which give off far fewer potentially harmful chemicals.

Pillow Shape and Sleep Position

We’ve gone over this a bit already, so we will keep this short and sweet. It is important to understand your typical sleep position, or if you sleep in multiple positions, in order to choose the right pillow. This is true whether or not you go with a memory foam pillow in the end because pillows are important for spinal health.

If you are a side sleeper, pick a thick, firm pillow that will not easily collapse under the weight of your head. In the world of memory foam, heavier tends to mean denser, so use that information to help you pick the right pillow.

If you are a stomach sleeper, or if you sleep in multiple positions, an s-shaped memory foam pillow, likely with less density, is best for you.

You can use the dipped section or just put the pillow under your stomach during stomach sleep, or use the outer edges when sleeping in other positions. The versatility is a fantastic detail.

Overall Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Pillows

Like anything, memory foam pillows have good and bad qualities. To give you the best idea of what you’re getting and giving up when using this type of pillow, let’s take a peek at some pros and cons.

  • Contour to the shape of your head and neck
  • Higher density than down or down alternative
  • Reduce pressure points for side and back sleepers
  • Last longer than traditional pillows
  • Tend to retain heat regardless of gel infusions
  • No moisture wicking properties
  • Traditionally made from chemicals that can off-gas during use


There are plenty of fantastic pillows on this list, but at the end of the day, our choice for best memory foam pillow in the UK goes to Eve. This pillow is fantastic for all sleeping positions and ideal for sensitive sleepers.

This pillow certainly checks all of the boxes as discussed above. It can work for every sleeping position, is certified in safety and health standards, and is hypoallergenic and very breathable. In addition to all of this, it comes with a washable cover to add an extra layer of hygiene.

The Eve pillow also has a nice guarantee of 3 years with a 100% satisfaction. The manufacturer stands behind their product because it is high-quality and great for almost everyone.

Looking for reviews of other great products? Check here for the full list.

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