Are Metal Detectors Allowed on Airplanes?

Everyone has a hobby. Many are the times that the hobbies translate to our daily activities or our careers. Since it something you enjoy, you will often find yourself networking and being innovative every passing day. The networks go far beyond the borders of your country and with time you have to travel and explore greater horizons. For treasure hunters, and more so those who have established themselves in coins collections alongside other metallic items, it becomes necessary to carry a metal detector while traveling to enhance your adventure on the other side.

Are metal detectors allowed on the airplane?

With the growing need to travel across the border in search of treasures and valuable objects, the devices are becoming acceptable in the various airlines. Officers at the airport have been sensitized on their use and that they don’t pose any threat to other travelers. However, this doesn’t guarantee careless handling of the device. Since it is an expensive possession, the owner is in a position to guard it whichever way possible.

Travelling with your metal detector?

As you plan to travel from country to country, just before you struggle to maneuver your way to the plane with your metal detector; make sure that the country you intend to travel allows possession of metal detectors, and whichever other treasure or fun activity you plan to undertake. It’s much advisable to talk with some people in the country; you intend to travel to learn more about the regulations in the country.

Read the statutory regulations of different states before deciding which precious treasure zone you want to visit. This will minimize the risk of finding yourself in the wrong arm of the law in a foreign country. The information is readily available on the internet.

Have all the information regarding the equipment you have in your possession in case you need to answer a few questions in the airport or have to prove ownership of the device. It also eliminates any risks that may come with mishandling of the instrument.

How to safely transport your metal detector

  • In as far as it’s permissible on the plane, you have to store it properly and rid any damages that may come with mishandling of the equipment. It’s safe to transport it in a hard traveling case, it can be securely locked, and hence not exposing your device to the public or anyone not intended to see. Alternatively, you could use the ordinary suitcase, fill it with clothes, and then tuck it in the middle of the case. Makes sure it is free from any accidents that can occur, it is not susceptible to hits or bumps. You could securely wrap it to avoid any movements that may pose a threat to it.
  • Make sure you have the metal detector in your possession all the time. Check it in with your luggage, which way you can protect it and you are confident it’s in your possession. Alternatively, you could carry only the essential devices you require and purchase other equipment on landing. Some activities require a different kind of equipment, instead of carrying your whole collection, why not consider buying others at your destination.
  • There are treasures one values, on their loss, one is taken a big step behind. You need not carry your most valued metal detector along. However, if you cannot avoid it, makes sure you have it all along. It’s safer too not to expose it to the public for its safety as well.
  • Carry all the relevant documents, pertaining the metal detector; a receipt can be used to prove ownership, while a manual can be useful to explaining to the officer at the airport what exactly you are carrying and enhance fast checking into the plane.

We all ought to respect each other, both personalities and hobbies, yet still care for each other. If your device may prove a threat to others, why carry it? You might also be caught in the crossfire and hurt in the process. On the other hand, you need not take advantage of the situation to carry along illegal equipment. You also ought to be careful on those you communicate to about your trip. Keep the details to yourself don’t tell every stranger that passes along.

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