Are Metal Detectors Allowed in National Parks?

Metal detecting has in the recent past attracted a lot of interest in the eyes of many people. This is more so due to the fun activities involved in the entire practice and the discovery of treasures. It’s also rewarding, to those who know the way well and can maneuver through all obstacles. With passion and determination, you will be able to overcome the challenges you may face and have fun in treasure hunting with a metal detector. People are joining in completions and fun activities making it fun to coin shoot or beach comb. However, you need to be careful, while treasure hunting. You can freely do it at your home, or at your property, but on extending to another person’s land, you need to seek permission to undertake the activity as it may be seen as trespassing on other people’s property and may warrant legal penalties.

Can you Carry a Metal Detector in a National Park?

Treasure hunting has grown to be a widely acceptable hobby that many are having fun undertaking. However, not all places are hunting zones. One requires permission to treasure hunt on any land, and also to carry a metal detector. On visiting a national park, that’s a federal land and prospecting for treasures isn’t allowed. Metal detectors are not allowed in the parks unless it has been dismantled, such that you will not use it in the park. Penalties are imposed on those that treasure hunt in prohibited grounds. To some extent, jail terms are imposed and the treasures acquired, alongside your metal detectors equipment, are confiscated by the law enforcers. In addition to metal detecting being illegal in the national parks, it also serves as a safety ensure to you. This is because, a lot of risks is involved and accidents such as attacks by wild animals occur that may risk your adventure, making it hard to treasure hunt any longer or in severe cases death.

Where to treasure hunt?

A lot of places are free for you to use metal detectors and explore your hobby or career; for those that have to prospect as their source of livelihood. Most beaches are open for beach combing, as well as other landscape that is considered treasure rich. This makes it possible for you to prospect with friends and even have fun while doing it.
In federal lands, however, enquire on the permissiveness of prospecting before indulging in the activity only to find out its illegal. However, acquit yourself with the places that are free to metal detect, so you be on the safer side. It doesn’t cost much to abide by the law. Some people may require a little push but the benefits of abiding go far beyond hence consider being a law abiding citizen.

Safety measures while treasure hunting

  • While prospecting in remote places, make sure to have companions, this will enhance your safety and get you back to your family safely. No hobby or job is worth risking your life. Take caution and travel in groups for easy defense in times of trouble.
  • Carry enough equipment for your venture; different equipment is required for any activity. Be sure you have them all and spare parts, for items that may not make it through the whole venture period, for instance, carry enough batteries for the metal detector.
  • Know the places you are prospecting, this includes the danger zones, and exactly where to replenish. The job is quite involving, and when not beach combing, you could be in a forest or a remote place, be sure to have enough stock for the period, as your health comes first before those treasures you so seek.
  • Carry a first aid kit. We may not predict accidents occurring, but we all know their outcomes. Be prepared for your sake or the sake of a friend in need. Knowing the risks of the areas in advance is also necessary to ensure you are well prepared for any outcome, rather than being caught by surprise.

We all ought to embrace our hobbies, for prospectors, however; please know the bounds you ought not to cross. Risk taking is allowed in any endeavor, but weigh the options available before signing up for something you might not like its outcome.

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