Are Metal Detectors Legal in the UK?

There are many reasons why you would consider getting yourself or someone else a detector. It could either be for peace of mind, protection or even preventing something from being lost. You will therefore need help on how to get the right and the best metal detector that will make you feel safe all the time. You may also be worried whether the government allows metal detectors in the UK and if you can get into serious trouble when you purchase it. The government understands how important it is for you as a citizen to feel safe therefore, there will be no problems when you decide to purchase any detector.

Where to Use Metal Detectors

You can have metal detectors anywhere for security purposes. In case you have a business, it is important to be sure that your clients and employees are protected from anyone that means to cause them harm. This will be the best way to provide a sense of security for all your customers and workers during working hours. There are also allowed at schools so your children and the teachers will always feel safe. You can also rest assured that your kids are in a safe environment throughout the day. Hospitals also need to be secure by providing the guards with the metal detectors so anyone that walks in is properly checked. This will keep away anyone that has bad intentions or causes any patient harm. There are however some areas in the United Kingdom where you are not allowed to use metal detectors such as;

  • In some of the local authorities, they do allow anyone to use metal detectors on their lands
  • In case you do not have a written statement by the secretary of the State, you will be illegal or you to use any metal detector on any scheduled site

There are many companies all over the UK that deal with metal detectors distribution. You can therefore visit these stores and get yourself the best metal detector where you can get some advice from the seller. There are different types of metal detectors available for you to choose from;

  • Walk through metal detector which are found in courts, railways, airports and many more
  • Random search selector which provides your company with security from thieves
  • The hand held body scanner is also given to guards which they use to scan anyone going in the company
  • Ground search metal detector is used to search and investigate crimes scenes during investigations


It is important for you to ensure you get the best metal detector for your company or business. You can get these services from the different stores located in UK and ensure you have secured either your home or your business with the best detector. It is very important for you to get a permit from the authorities before you can detect any land. There are places where the UK government prohibits the use of metal detectors and you could get into serious trouble when found there. Get your metal detector at a store where they have a permit from the UK State just to be sure they are working legally and are also permitted to sell the detectors.

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