Are Metal Detectors Worth It?

Metal detectors have had periods of popularity where everyone just had to have one. In parts of the eighties, people everywhere were buying them and scouring the local parks and beaches hoping to find treasures. Although the hobby is not quite as popular as it once was, there are still a few devoted individuals that are on the hunt daily.

Not everyone will get rich from owning a metal detector, but many of the devoted enthusiasts do find objects such as jewelry that are worth a pretty penny. In some rare cases that were highly publicized, some people even found gold and silver coins that were from shipwrecks hundreds of years ago. This type of find is extremely rare however.

If you are planning on trying to make money from owning a metal detector, you had better plan to spend plenty of time and energy looking. It is not beyond the realm of possibility but it takes dedications, hard work, and lots of luck to actually be able to make a substantial profit.

If however, you want to invest in a metal detector then these would be good reasons:

  • You want to get outside more often.
  • You want an exciting hobby.
  • You have friends that do it and you want to join them.
  • You want to help people recover lost items.

If you plan on getting rich, you better think again. Finding treasures is spotty at best and should be considered scarce. You might find some quality pieces that fetch a great price but don’t bet on it or try to make a career unless you are already experienced and know what you are doing.

Before Buying a Metal Detector…

Before you go out spending big money on an expensive metal detector you might want to check out some reviews on major retail sites. You can probably find a good metal detector for a cheaper price if you do a bit of shopping around. Make sure and read the reviews to see how other customers have rated the potential purchase. This will help you to know if there are any common issues that you may not otherwise know about.

Go with a mid-priced detector to start out. You don’t want to invest a large amount of money on a detector if you are not sure how serious you are about the hobby. If later on, you find that you are still quite enthusiastic about discovering treasures with a detector then you should go ahead and spend the extra money on a top notch unit.


Before you get started looking for hidden objects you should familiarize yourself with the owner’s manual so that you are using the unit correctly. If you have friends that know how to use one then you should try to consult them for helpful hints and tips. It always helps to have a person that you know to show you the ropes and give you good advice to get you started.

Keep in mind that you will not always find items worth keeping. Patience is the key with metal detectors. If you wait and look patiently you just might make the big find that you have been dreaming of.

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