Best Monitor Stand Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

The best monitor stand is an important investment for your home or office.

If you want to make the most out of your tech investment, then your monitor stand will ensure that you can view the screen easily, avoid any problems with ergonomics, and even reduce desk clutter. For the right combination of aesthetic appeal and comfort, you’ll need something that can hold your display just in the right position.

Of course, with so many different monitor setups to consider these days, finding the right monitor stands can be a little tricky. That’s why we’ve created this list of the best monitor mounts to set you on the right track.

Best Monitor Stand Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. BONTEC Dual Ergonomic (Editor’s Choice)

BONTEC Dual ErgonomicA convenient dual monitor mount for your workspace, the BONTEC ergonomic stand system makes it easy to align two PC monitor screens side by side on your desk. If you need to watch two monitors at the same time, this device will hold up to 10kg of weight on each, and it fits all flat-screen monitors and various VESA sizes too. 


Suitable for a variety of computer monitors, the BONTEC Dual Ergonomic desk mount will give you a better view of your screen when you’re working with two monitors at the same time. The metal stand will hold your screens aloft, so you have more space for documents and other items on your desktop. There are also swivel, tilt, and rotation features for extra comfort.

Available either with a desk clamp installation or as a wall-mounted solution, this device even comes with a concealed wiring design to keep your desk real estate as clean as possible. One slight issue is that the arms are quite stiff, making them difficult to adjust. It may also be difficult to achieve the right height.

  • Dual metal system for two monitors
  • Desk clamp or wall mount options are available
  • Suitable for monitors up to 27 inches or 10kg per arm
  • Cable management system clears the space underneath the monitor
  • Swivel and turn option for customisation
  • May be difficult to adjust your workstation initially
  • Can be hard to get the height right

2. Invision Dual Arm (Luxury Choice)

Invision Dual ArmThe Invision Dual Arm is another excellent choice for those in search of the best dual monitor stand. This flexible dual monitor mount doesn’t require time-consuming unscrewing to adjust your position. There’s a gas strut that counterbalances the screen weight instead, allowing for a more comfortable working experience.


Ready to showcase your monitors in portrait mode or landscape position, this device will let you get the most out of two monitors. In addition, it will also ensure you are able to maximise the storage space on your desk. There’s a full 360 degrees of rotation available, and plenty of adjustable features to give you the most comfortable working experience.

Built to last, with excellent support at any angle, this dual arm monitor riser and stand comes with a 3-year warranty for peace of mind. Just make sure that you’re ready for the installation, which can take a lot of time. There’s also very little cable management available.

  • Can rotate a full 360 degrees for portrait or landscape mode
  • Unique arm desk mount uses gas technology to balance weight
  • Helps you to make the most out of your workstation with extra space
  • Lots of customisation and tilting options to choose from
  • Attractive solution for any screen size
  • Installing the monitor arm can be a problem at first
  • Cable management may not be enough for some customers

3. BONTEC Wood Riser (Best Value)

BONTEC Wood RiserIf you just want a single monitor stand or desk mount for one screen, this BONTEC Wood Riser could be the perfect option for you. Ideal if you want to improve the position of your desktop, this monitor mount allows you to adjust the height of your screen in minutes. In addition, the high-grade eco-friendly design will make sure you get the most out of your office real estate.


With no need to worry about any desk clamps or wall mounting features, this convenient monitor riser simply lifts your monitor away from the table, giving you more space for your other devices. It includes non-slip pads where you can keep your devices stable, and a cable management system for better organisation too.

This riser also promises to be simple to assemble and clean. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of adjustment options for this device, and you might find that the width is too small for some keyboards and monitors.

  • Simple design that’s easy to set up and use
  • Great monitor riser for a single screen
  • Allows access to more desk real estate
  • No need for any desk clamp or wall-mounting tools
  • Non-slip pads to keep stable
  • May be too narrow for some monitors and keyboards
  • May not have as many adjustment options available

4. BONTEC 2-Tier Riser (Best with Shelf)

BONTEC 2-Tier RiserThis simple single monitor stand is great if you just have one monitor to work with. You can adjust the height of your monitor in one step, and make sure that you’re not straining to see your screen. The eco-friendly design means you can feel good about the way you manage your storage space too.


Boasting excellent build quality and a massive capacity of up to 30kg, this monitor riser is great for anyone who wants to improve their workstation setup. This product comes with a built-in shelf with plenty of space for your extra documents. Plus, there are non-slip pads included to keep stable and a slot for smartphones.

Easy to set up and use, it only takes five steps to put this stand together, but there aren’t a lot of ways to adjust things like the heights and angles. Another possible problem is that it’s difficult to use USB ports with this device for games consoles and other devices.

  • Suitable for a wide range of screen size choices
  • Easy to use solution for improving monitor height
  • Built-in shelf suitable for storing extra equipment
  • Holds up to 30kg of weight with ease
  • Convenient cleaning process
  • Might not have as many options to account for angle requirements
  • Can be difficult to use with USB ports

5. Invision Gas-Powered (Best Arm)

Invision Gas-PoweredMore than just a monitor stand, a computer monitor arm allows you to adjust the position of a monitor however you choose. You can choose from different height adjustment options or tilt the device for better viewing angles. This Invision PC monitor arm is a great way to increase storage space on your desk as well.


Allowing you to adjust the position or height of a single monitor at any point, the Invision PC arm allows you to make the most out of your desk storage space. The arm can swivel in any direction; you can bring your monitor closer to you, and even use frictionless motor control to switch to portrait mode.

The Invision arm allows you to transform your working space with up to 50-degree incline adjustments and can hold up to 6.5kg of weight. The extra secure and durable system also works with any screen size up to 27 inches. Unfortunately, pushing the monitor forward and backwards is quite difficult because of the stiffness. The cable management options aren’t ideal for everyone with this device either.

  • Suitable for screen sizes up to 27-inches
  • Convenient mount with tilt and angle adjustments
  • Suitable for using a monitor in portrait position
  • One of the best monitor arm options for durability
  • Holds up to 6.5kg of weight
  • May not be easy to push the monitor forward and backwards for all users
  • Cable management may not be ideal for some types of wires

6. HUANUO Fully Adjustable (Best with Laptop Tray)

HUANUO Fully AdjustableIdeal for those who want something more than a desk-mounted stand, HUANUO monitor arms with included laptop tray are an innovative solution to desk management. Each monitor arm comes with a monitor mount for height adjustment and a laptop stand in one setup that is great for music creators and designers.


If you want to use your laptop and computer screen next to each other, the HUANUO monitor stand with a laptop tray is an excellent choice. This stand system will hold all screen size options up to 10kg in weight. There’s also enough space for laptops up to 15.6 inches in size. You can also remove the keyboard tray and attach two monitors.

Not just for height adjustment, the HANUO monitor stand is customisable in all directions, making it one of the best monitor arm and stand options around. You can even connect computers. A C-clamp for your table and a wall mount gives you multiple options on how to use your stands too. Unfortunately, you cannot use this device with all desks, as glass and MDF aren’t suitable. You might have trouble setting these stands up the way you like initially too.

  • Excellent way to align your desktop and laptop screens
  • Adjustable in all directions to suit your needs
  • Suits a wide selection of screen size options
  • Keyboard platform included
  • C-clamp and wall mounting available
  • May not be suitable for all table types (glass and MDF)
  • Can be tricky to set up initially

7. BONTEC Single Ergonomic (Best Durable)

BONTEC Single ErgonomicIf you need the best desk mount stand with a swivel rotation system built-in, this could be the product for you. The strong steel of the BONTEC monitor arm makes it a reliable option if you just have one monitor to work with. With an excellent build quality, you don’t have to double-check the strength of your monitor stand every day.


If you want a single monitor desk mount with a durable construction, the BONTEC monitor arm will transform your desk or you. There are 2 installation options available, including a desk mount clamp, and a wall mounting option for VESA installation. Check the size of your stands before you start mounting.

This device comes with a tilting option and a rotation function to give you better views than most other stands. The concealed wiring design links all of your cables together too. Unfortunately, initially setting up the device can be tricky, and you may find that you need more screws for mounting.

  • Strong steel arm for extra durability
  • Concealed wiring design links your cables together
  • Suitable for 2 kinds of installation
  • Tilt, swivel, and rotation flexibility
  • Excellent build quality
  • Set up can be tricky for some people initially
  • May not come with all screws required for mounting

8. HUANUO Twin Mount (Best Dual)

HUANUO Twin MountWith 2 installation options to choose from for your stands, these dual monitor arm products from HUANUO are a flexible choice for many people. You can either use a heavy-duty clamp with the stands for your desk or use the grommet mounting.


This universal dual monitor solution allows you to display two monitors over your desk without taking up too much desk space. The system works with a range of screen size options and comes with adjustable height options in all directions. Great for helping to improve the ergonomic design of your monitor and desk space, this dual monitor solution can rotate up to 360 degrees.

Easy to install, these monitor stand options also come with a cable management system that links your wires to keep them out of the way of the stands more important elements. It can be quite difficult to achieve stability with this product when used on a desk for some people. Additionally, the clips for organising cables may not work well for all wires.

  • A menu of adjustment features to choose from for each mount
  • Customise the height of your screen according to your needs
  • Excellent monitor stand for PCs and game consoles
  • Dual monitor stand supports two monitors at once
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Monitor stands may be difficult to use on a desk for some people
  • Included clips for organising your cables may not work well for all wires

9. Amazon Basics Height Adjustable (Best Flexible)

Amazon Basics Height AdjustableReady for any kind of monitor size, this height-adjustable dual-monitor stand system is a great universal monitor solution. Suitable for monitors with a screen size that fall between 13 and 27 inches, this monitor stand can hold up to 9.97kg per arm, and it works well for two monitors at once.


This monitor stand and arm system fits with most screens and can handle a lot of weight from each monitor too. The 360-degree rotation function means that you can get the perfect position for your monitors, without having to take up excess space on your desk. What’s more, this device comes with support for a desk.

Whether you need to lift your monitor off your desk with a stand, or you’re looking for a wall mount that can handle more complicated adjustments, this could be the tool for you. Unfortunately, these monitor stands do require some brute force for installation. Adjusting the stand components for your monitor can be quite complicated.

  • Suitable for any monitor size up to 9.97kg
  • Flexible monitor stands suitable for numerous positions
  • VESA mount option available
  • Holds more than one monitor at a time
  • Durable steel build quality
  • The monitor stand can be difficult to install on your own
  • Adjusting the mount to your needs may be difficult for one person

10. HUANUO Rotatable (Best Ergonomic Design)

HUANUO RotatableLike many of the best monitor stands on the market today, this monitor mount system from HUANUO is all about ergonomics and flexibility. The HUANUO monitor stand can hold a range of monitors up to 27 inches in size, and they come with support for VESA mounting option. This stand also comes with a gas pressure spring.


Thanks to the gas pressure stand design, these unique stands are easy to adjust according to your needs. You can change the position of your mount in more than one way, with incline adjustments and angle positions available. Great for giving you better ergonomics from your monitors, these universal monitor stands can also lift your monitor up to 39.6cm vertically.

With two monitor stand mounting options to choose from, you’re sure to find a solution that meets your office design needs. Unfortunately, this device doesn’t give you the choice to swivel your monitor into portrait mode. You might also find that the stand is a little difficult to mount and set up at first without assistance.

  • Great monitor stand for durability and build quality
  • Suitable for various monitor stand mounting options
  • Can raise your monitor up to 39.6cm in height
  • Great for tilting your monitor
  • May not be the best stand for portrait mode swivelling
  • May be difficult to set this monitor stand up without help

Choosing the Right Monitor Stand

screen mounted on office deskFinding the right monitor stand or mount for your workstation can be a tough process. There are a lot of different products out there, and each comes with its own pros and cons to consider. While a standard monitor VIVO mount arm might give you the freedom to adjust the position of your monitor to vertical and horizontal positions, a basic stand might just improve the height of your device.

There are also mounting options available for just one monitor, dual products, and even tools that come with cable solutions built-in. Some stands also feature shelves for storing external hard drives, power banks, and other devices to keep your desktop tidy. When looking for your ideal purchase, remember to consider:


Your monitor stand needs to be large enough to handle the size of your monitor. At the same time, you don’t want it to take up too much space on your desk or wall. Measure your requirements carefully before you start shopping and ensure that your monitor stand is suitable for the computer that you’re going to be using.

Mounting Choices

You can use a monitor stand to mount monitors on your desk or your wall. There’s no single solution that works well for everyone, but it’s best to know your preferences in advance. A stand is likely to be a better solution for desk mount fans, while an arm with VIVO and VESA mounting patterns that match your requirements is better for the wall.

Check the options that come with your monitor stand before you make an investment and think about whether you’ll need any extra equipment. Think about how the stand will help you to organise your cables with clips and added features too.

Adjustment Options

dual arm mountYour monitor stand or mount needs to come with the right options to make the most of your desk space. Ideally, you want a stand that is going to improve the height of your monitor for ergonomics. Additionally, the right mount should also allow you to adjust the tilt for better viewing angles. The right monitor stand for your needs may even come with a swivel function.

If you want monitor arms that support vertical orientation, then you should check that your stand offers this feature in advance. It’s also worth thinking about how many monitors you can mount on the same stand at the same time. Some people will need a dual monitor stand or mount for multiple devices.

Finding Your Monitor Stand

Choosing the best monitor stand can be tough, but it’s worth the effort. A monitor stand or mount can be a valuable investment in your home or office space. With the right stand for your monitors, you can improve ergonomics, and enjoy greater comfort at your desk without having to stand up and constantly adjust your monitors yourself.

Our favourite monitor stand from this list is the BONTEC Dual Ergonomic stand which can hold two monitors at the same time. This BONTEC stand comes with desk and wall mounting options, and you can swivel or rotate the stand to your needs. There’s even the option for the stand to hold up to 10kg of weight on each arm.

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