Best Moss Killer for Lawns Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On March 4th, 2022

Moss can be a troublesome infestation in your garden. It grows rapidly and can destroy lawns and reduce the overall look and beauty of your grass. If you have a moss problem, the best moss killer for lawns will help.

A moss killer product is specifically designed to kill moss quickly without damaging the surrounding grass. Many moss killers also have a dual purpose and work as lawn conditioners too; they can improve the quality of your grass and boost its colour.

If you want to improve the quality of your lawn, we have found 10 of the best moss killer products. This list includes powder, seed, and liquid options, and a variety of products for different seasons.

Best Moss Killer Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Miracle-Gro Fast Green (Editor’s Choice)

Miracle-Gro Fast Green

The Miracle-Gro Fast Green Lawn Food is the best pet-friendly moss killer. If you want a fast-acting moss killer to produce the best results for your lawn, this is a great choice.


The Miracle-Gro Fast Green Lawn food is a great option for households that have children or pets as you will not need to worry about keeping them off the lawn once it has been treated due to its safe formula.

The standard 2.8kg tub should cover a lawn area of 80sqm. The tub is relatively easy to operate as it has two large handles so you can tilt it comfortably. Also, it has a serving tool at the top for even distribution.

It has a dual-action formula that boosts the vitality and colour of your lawn but also reduces moss. You should see results within three days, and the effects should last for up to six weeks.

This powder-form moss killer is our top choice, but it may not be perfect. For example, some may find the instructions difficult to understand. Also, some customers have received damaged or unusable lawn tonic due to damaged packaging.

  • Available in a carton, spreader, or bag
  • Provides a deeper greening in three days
  • The 2.8kg spreader should cover 80sqm of garden
  • Child and pet friendly moss killer formula
  • Also improves grass growth due to strengthening of roots
  • You may find the instructions for usage unclear
  • Some customers have received unusable moss killing solution

2. EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 (Multi-Purpose Option)

EverGreen Complete 4-in-1

The EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care covers a large area and is one of the best moss killer for lawns and large gardens. It offers seasonal usage between April and September.


This moss killer helps reduce those infested patches of your lawns but also improves plant quality. The overall health of your garden should improve and your lawn should also thicken.

The WaterSmart formula enables improved water and nutrient absorption. The moss solution comes in a simple sealed bag and you should not need to use a watering can for distribution.

This item is suitable for use between the months of April to September, and you should keep children and pets away from the area after usage.

As one of the best moss killer products, this EverGreen item could still present a few small problems. Firstly, as with most moss killer for lawns, care must be taken to not oversaturate otherwise it could burn your grass. Also, this lawn moss killer may not be children and pet friendly.

  • Reduces growth of moss but also works as a lawn conditioner
  • WaterSmart formula helps improve grass absorption of nutrients
  • Should cover 400m2 of your garden
  • You should start to see results within one week of application
  • Also helps kill weeds and other rogue plants
  • Care must be taken not to over-saturate your garden
  • May not be pet and children friendly

3. Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete (Best Value)

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete

If you want a great value moss killer and lawn tonic the Miracle-Gro EverGreen 4-in-1 7kg item is a good choice. It is available in several pack sizes so you can effectively treat any size of the lawn.


This Miracle-Gro EverGreen solution can reduce moss, but also help remove weeds and boost the quality of your soil and turf. It is contained in a simple bag and the instructions are clearly printed on the reverse.

You can also buy this solution in different sized packs ranging from 80m2 up to 500m2 depending on the size of your turf patch. The different sizes mean it is useful for various sizes of garden.

This lawn moss killer is a great product but you could experience a few minor issues. Firstly, it is a bag product and has no applicator. Also, once the lawn tonic is spread, you may still need to rake the grass to remove dead moss which could be time-consuming.

  • Available in various pack sizes for different garden sizes
  • Great for killing moss and weeds
  • Should see results within one week
  • Also improves general lawn health
  • Encourages grass to grow for a thicker lawn
  • May not come with an applicator to disperse the lawn fertiliser
  • May require additional work to rake the lawn afterwards

4. Miracle-Gro EverGreen Autumn Spreader (Best Winter Preparation)

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Autumn Spreader

The Miracle-Gro EverGreen Autumn Lawn Care Spreader is one of the best moss killers specifically for winter. It has a range of ingredients that help strengthen grass against the colder winter temperatures and conditions.


The best way to use this item is during the Autumn so you can protect your turf during the winter. It will strengthen roots, toughen the turf, but also help it withstand cold conditions whilst also removing moss.

This should be used as the last treatment you apply during the year and it will protect your turf throughout the winter, ready for fresh treatments during spring and summer.

This Miracle-Gro product is a top moss killer and lawn tonic, but it is not infallible. Firstly, make sure you keep pets and children away during usage as it can be harmful. Also, once moss growth is stopped, you may still need additional work to rake the dead moss away which could be time-consuming.

  • Strengthens grass to help survive harsh winter conditions
  • Should get rid of moss within 7 days
  • Has seaweed extract to help establish grassroots
  • Includes an accessory for easy application
  • Contains an array of essential nutrients to promote healthy plant growth
  • May not be pet and children friendly
  • After the application of moss killer, you may need to rake the dead moss

5. Maxicrop 86600259 (Best Fast Acting)

Maxicrop 86600259

The Maxicrop 86600259 Moss Killer & Lawn Tonic is the best liquid moss killer for grass. It is also fast-acting and you could see blackened moss ready for removal within a few hours.


The Maxicrop moss killer is one of the best options available for lawn care and it also works incredibly fast. Once you have applied the solution with a watering can you can expect any moss to turn black after a few hours.

As the best liquid moss killer for lawns, this item contains various minerals and nutrients including ferrous sulphate, nitrogen, and seaweed. This combines together to eliminate moss, but also encourage grass growing and a rapid green colouration. To avoid a potential problem, only use this either three days before or after mowing.

This Maxicrop moss killer is a great product but could have a few minor problems. For example, it has no applicator and you may need to use a watering can. Also, make sure you take care during application as it could stain clothes.

  • Fast action to prevent moss growth
  • Includes an organic seaweed extract
  • The product also encourages grass regrowth
  • Should also improve grass colour year-round
  • Should see results within a few hours of application
  • Only has a screw lid and no applicator so may be difficult to disperse
  • The mixture could stain if it splashes on your clothes

6. Greenforce Fertilizer (Best for Spring)

Greenforce Fertilizer

The Greenforce Fertilizer Weed Moss Killer is a simple but effective product that excels at getting rid of moss without causing damage to your soil and grass.


This product should be used during early spring, i.e. the month of April. It will then prepare your turf for spring and summer, and help boost its growth and vibrancy.

It contains various ingredients including phosphorus, ferrous sulphate, and weedkillers. This means it will reduce moss, but will also help improve the quality and longevity of your turf. Once applied, you should start to see an improvement and reduction in moss after 7 days.

This Greenforce moss killer for lawns is a good product, but the product reviews show you could have a few small issues. Firstly, for best results, you must take care as this product could leave stains on the patio and path tiles. Also, it is primarily a moss killer and may only have limited weed-removal capabilities.

  • Can deal with a moss infestation and lawn weeds
  • This product should treat an area of 150m2
  • Also helps improve the quality and colour of grass
  • Should clear your garden within a couple of weeks for moss control
  • Includes important nutrients like premium iron sulphate
  • Use this product carefully as it could leave stains on paths and patios
  • You may find the weed-killing power limited

7. Tradefarmni Premium Soluble (Best 3-in-1 Solution)

Tradefarmni Premium Soluble

For large lawns or properties with multiple gardens, the Tradefarmni Iron Sulphate Premium Soluble Fertiliser Moss Killer is a great option. This large 5k product can cover vast areas of grass once diluted.


This premium iron sulphate fertiliser has a large volume and can cover up to 5,000sq meter of a lawn. For usage, it requires diluting in water.

It also has a 3-in-1 formula that is used to eliminate moss but also helps improve the quality of your soil and grass. After dispersion on your lawn, it should take action within two hours.

This iron sulphate product also has properties that harden your grass and prevent lawn disease. It is a great multi-purpose solution and relatively easy to use.

This Tradefarmni lawn fertiliser may not be perfect, however. For example, you may need to dilute the product with a large volume of water before usage. Also, some customers have reported receiving damaged tubs on delivery.

  • Has a powerful 3-in-1 formula
  • The 5kg tub could cover up to 5,000sqm
  • Works to control moss but also as a lawn conditioner
  • Should also improve colouration of your lawn
  • Has turf-hardening qualities to help grass durability
  • May require diluting before usage
  • Some customers have reported receiving damaged goods
No products found.

8. Miracle-Gro EverGreen Premium Plus (Low Maintenance Choice)

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Premium Plus

The Miracle-Gro EverGreen Premium Plus No Rake Moss Remover is suitable for those who don’t want to spend hours raking and treating their grass.


This Miracle-Gro lawn food requires minimal effort compared to other moss killing items. This is because it contains naturally occurring bacteria that eats the dying moss and therefore requires no raking.

It also contains an organo-mineral formula that helps nourish the roots and shoots of grass and boost the health of your lawn. Also, it contains magnesium which is known to boost grass colour.

For safety, children and pets can walk on the grass again only once the treated area has been watered. Overall, you should expect to see results within 7 days of the application.

These moss killer products are great, but you could have a few small problems. For example, some customers have received bags that are split which could reduce the overall amount of moss killer you get. Also, although this is a no-rake product, you may still need to give additional care to your garden.

  • Combination of moss control and lawn food
  • This product requires no raking of the dying moss
  • Contains magnesium which helps improve grass colour
  • Should also enrich grass roots with vital nutrients
  • An organic product that should not leave stains
  • Some customers may have received split bags
  • You may still need additional treatment for your garden

9. MOOWY 2-in-1 (Luxury Choice)

MOOWY 2-in-1

The MOOWY 2-in-1 Moss Killer & Lawn Feed is a great dual action product that helps kill moss but also provides nourishment to your grass to strengthen it and improve its colouration.


This MOOWY moss killer can address issues like poor drainage and ensure that your grass is nourished. It also should remove moss within 7 days of application. Once the moss is dead, you must then rake your grass.

This item is suitable for cold weather conditions as it has a specially designed formula to cope with the unpredictable UK weather. The granules are also high-quality and should be easy to apply.

It does not need to be mixed and can be applied straight to your lawn. There is also a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer.

Although this is a great product, you may experience a few issues. Firstly, if you over-apply this moss killer you could end up burning your lawn. Also, this product is a simple bag and does not include an applicator.

  • Available in several different bag sizes
  • Should see moss killing results in 7 days
  • Can be used year-round regardless of the weather
  • No need to mix the product with water
  • Should also strengthen the grass roots
  • Could burn areas of your garden from over-application
  • May not include an applicator to apply moss killer

10. GUARD-EN FORCE (Best for Greening)


The GUARD-EN FORCE Moss Killer is one of our top moss killers that also toughens grass and prevents lawn diseases. Easy to use and trusted by experts, this 3-in-1 moss killer is bound to have the effects you are looking for.


1kg of this 25kg supply of GUARD-EN FORCE moss killer is enough to tackle a 40m2 patch of lawn, therefore, you will have enough to last several applications before you need to buy again.

Containing iron sulphate, which is an effective lawn greener and conditioner, you can also use this as a tonic for certain plants in your garden to improve growth and prevent certain diseases.

Easy to apply, you can distribute it dry or dissolve in water for a more even coverage. This formula will not only kill moss but will also leave your grass looking greener and will harden it, too, for prevention against lawn disease.

Although a great, versatile product, it still comes with its faults. You have to be careful to use the correct concentration as higher doses can blacken moss and leave your lawn looking unsightly, meaning you will also have to rake afterwards. Customers have also complained that it comes in a large 25kg sack and not the advertised plastic tub.

  • 1kg can cover 40m2 of lawn
  • Comes in large 25kg bag for multiple applications
  • Can be dissolved in water or applied dry
  • Protection against diseases
  • Formula makes grass greener while also killing moss
  • Higher doses may blacken moss
  • May come in a large sack rather than a plastic tub

How to Choose the Best Moss Killer for Lawns?

As you can see, there is a large selection of moss killers available. But how can you choose the right one for your lawn? To help, we have created a simple buying guide below:

Basic Tips for Using Moss Killer Effectively

man spraying pesticide on grass

There is no denying that using even the best moss killer can be tricky. It requires forethought and careful application. If you are not careful, you could damage your lawn.

The first tip is to check the best time to use the moss killer. Some moss killers are seasonal and should only be used between certain months. Others are safe to use all year.

Next, you must always read the instructions and be liberal with your application. Moss killers are safe to use and will not kill grass, but if you saturate your lawn, you could end up burning your grass.

Finally, always check if you need to treat your grass afterwards. Most moss killers kill moss but do not remove it. You may need to rake the grass afterwards to remove the dead moss.

What to Look for When Choosing Moss Killer?

To choose the best moss killer you must consider several factors.


Firstly, is it a seasonal product or can you use it at any time? Some items can only be used during specific months, and you may only be able to use them once or twice per year for best results.


child and pet playing on the grass

Next, you should look at the safety of the lawn fertiliser. Some products are children and pet safe, whereas others can be harmful. As a result, you should assess your situation and consider which would be the most practical to use.


Also, you should consider aftercare. Most moss killers simply kill the moss but do not degrade or remove it. As a result, you may have to rake the grass afterwards to remove the dead moss. Consider if you don’t mind doing this, or if you have any physical ailments that may prevent you from raking.

Action Time

Finally, you should look at the action time of the killer. Some moss killers work within a few hours, whereas others may take a few weeks to work fully. Also, moss killer and weed killer combinations may take longer for the best results. This depends on how much time you have, what season you use the killer during, and how quickly you want to remove the moss.


If you want to keep your garden looking fantastic, and protect your grass, using the best moss killer for lawns is a great idea. Any one of these best moss killers listed above should yield great results.

However, our choice for best lawn feed and moss killer is the Miracle-Gro Fast Green Lawn Food. This is a great fast-acting product that is safe to use and should yield results in three days. It has an easy applicator, and is one of the best moss killers that also strengthens your grass, and improves its colour.

Which moss killer is best for your lawn? Good luck in your search.

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