Do I Need a Double Buggy for a Toddler and Newborn?

Last Updated On November 20th, 2018

By now, you officially have activities such as going to the store or park perfected. You know exactly what to take and everything to bring “just in case.” Now, just as you have everything figured out, you are adding another baby to the routine. Of course this means double the cuddles, smiles, laughs, and kisses. However, this also means double the bottles, toys, and diapers. Where will all of these things go while you are out with the family? How will you store everything you need in that single buggy? Also, let’s not forget your toddler is now mobile (or soon to be mobile). So you now have double the children and double the accessories. It only makes sense to have a double buggy! With your double buggy you will have plenty of space for diaper bags, toys, and extra sippy cups.

Most double strollers provide different seating options. For example; one child could lay down while the other sits up. They make double strollers with side-by-side seats, or a seat in the front and back. They also have buggies that have the two seats facing each other. Having so many options allows parents to choose what is best for their family and what would make their children most comfortable.

Why You Need a Double Buggy

If you are still not sure about a double buggy, think about how this would also keep your children safe. Imagine pushing your single buggy through the park with your newborn and toddler. You are all walking together until your toddler suddenly sees the swings that he has been waiting all morning to play on. Instead of waiting and walking with you, he makes a dash for the swings. You want to run after him but you have a stroller with a sleeping newborn. Now you have to do your best to push your stroller through the grass to the swings and keep up with your toddler. If you had a double buggy both kids would be safe and in the stroller until you allowed them to get out.

Your toddler may not be happy about being in the stroller but they would be much safer and you would have more control. Safe children equals a much less stressful life. So maybe now you are thinking, “what about when my toddler out grows that stroller?” Of course this will happen. Your toddler will eventually be a “big kid” and be able to walk beside you instead of being strapped into the stroller. Your newborn would then be your new toddler, and although you will now longer need double the accessories when going out, there will still be plenty of things your toddler will need. Extra clothes, toys, snacks, and first aid kits will still need a place for when you go out. There are also a lot of parents who use that extra seat as storage for shopping bags!As your toddler outgrows their stroller they will also outgrow their clothes. Why not use that empty seat as space for the new things you’ll be buying them.

We all know it is easier to push a stroller than a shopping cart! Taking your double buggy to the mall will guarantee that you will not have to carry your bags! What about when you are not shopping or if you do not think you will need that extra seat for your toddler’s accessories? Then why would I have a double buggy? Watching your newborn grow up is sad and happy all at the same time. They are becoming more independent and are growing and learning everyday. They amaze you more each day but you miss holding and rocking them to sleep. As your baby fever sets in you will be happy that you have an empty buggy seat to fill.

Having a double buggy has its many advantages, there’s more storage space, you can use the extra seat for bags when you are out with only one child, there are also different seating options depending on the type of buggy you buy. Now you can have more control of your toddler, and newborn at the same time. A double buggy will surely make your life easier in the long run.

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