Our Favorite Fun Socks Reviews UK 2021 – Top 8 Comparison

Socks might be a functional part of any wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them to express your style just like the other pieces of your outfit. From cute designs to funky sayings, a cool pair of socks can showcase your personality. And if you’re ready to up your sock game, these are the fun socks that you’re going to need. 

Benefits Of Fun Socks

Adds a creative element to your style

A pair of fun socks can instantly add a number of creative elements to the clothing you decide to wear. With the right pair, you can use the socks as a way to contribute to your sense of fashion. This can be fun and show off your unique style. 


Socks, in general, are excellent for providing a layer of protection to your feet. When you opt for a high-quality pair, you’ll find that they help to reduce moisture accumulation at your feet, while also reducing the risk of your feet rubbing directly on the sides or lower surface of the shoes. In turn, this helps to prevent problems like blisters from the rubbing motion. 

Wide variety of designs and styles

Fun socks can refer to quite a large variety of options – which means you get to choose from different styles and designs to find something that is truly suitable to your preferences. The market has a large selection of these socks, each providing something unique. By offering you access to such a variation in terms of designs, you can easily find different ways to really enhance the creative elements you add to your outfits. 

Heat retention

During colder times, a pair of socks can also be an ideal option for increasing heat retention at your feet. The amount of heat the socks can effectively retain really depends on the design and materials used, but most socks are able to help keep your feet warm when temperatures start to drop. This makes you feel more comfortable and reduces the effects that low temperatures can have on your feet. 



Different fabrics can be utilized by manufacturers when producing a pair of socks. Some fabrics tend to be softer and provide superior protection compared to others. You should always take a closer look at the materials the manufacturer uses. Make sure the materials are skin-friendly and won’t rub against your skin. The fabrics should also provide you with the benefits that socks are generally expected to feature – such as the ability to reduce moisture retention while still contributing to warmer feet. 


Socks do come in multiple sizes, which is why it is important to consider the fit as well. For this particular point, you’ll need to take your shoe size into account. The majority of manufacturers will provide you with size details that are related to shoe sizes. By knowing your shoe size, it’s easier to find a sock that will give you a good fit. 


Fun designs on socks are common, but each manufacturer takes its own approach to designing these clothing items. Having a good understanding of what you expect from the fun socks before you start looking is a good idea. Consider factors like colors, patterns, and graphics that you prefer the socks to showcase. Once you have these factors in mind, you’ll filter through different pairs of fun socks faster and more efficiently – allowing you to find the socks that feature designs you will enjoy wearing.

1. Bonangel Men’s Fun Dress Socks (Best Variety for Men)

Nesting for Easy Storage

With 10 to 12 pairs of socks in a set, and more than 20 different sets to pick, there’s definitely something for everyone with this pick. These socks fit men’s U.S. shoe sizes from eight to 12. Each pair has a different pattern. We like that these fun socks feature five percent nylon for stretch and added comfort. The bold designs are perfect for jazzing up your outfit and adding a bit of whimsy. These cotton blend socks are machine washable.



2.WeciBor Women’s Funny Casual Combed Cotton Socks Packs
(Best Women’s Crew Socks)

Vibrant Colors and Patterns

Crew socks are great if you dislike socks that slide down under your heels. This eight-pack of socks from WeciBor is funky, whimsical and practical. Choose from 18 different patterned sets — each sock has a different pattern. These machine washable fun socks fit women’s shoe sizes from six to 11. The cotton blend contains five percent spandex for increased comfort. This pick is also perfect for gifting.



3. Cool Future Fun Colorful Socks (Most Economical)

A Smart Eight-Pack of Funky Socks

If you’re shopping on a budget, then looking at the unit price is going to matter. With that in mind, this eight-pack set of patterned socks is a smart choice that will make your wallet happy. You’ll get eight vibrant differently patterned pairs. Note that these are cotton blend socks with a five percent spandex content for added stretch. The socks are made from 200 needle combed cotton for a soft and comfortable hand feel. They’re also breathable and anti-odor.


4. Hot Sox Womens Novelty Occupation Casual Crew Socks (Best Patterns)

A Wide Selection for Everyone

If you like the idea of having options, you’ll like this pick from Hot Sox. They offer an astounding selection of patterns, proving that they have something for everyone with their sock offerings. These socks are true to size. These fun socks are a cotton-polyester blend with two percent spandex. They’re machine washable and are lightweight so that you’ll stay comfortable throughout the day. The socks fit women’s shoe sizes from four to 10.5.



5. Chalier 5 Pairs Womens Funny Socks (Most Adorable)

Cute Socks with Kitty Ears

For people that love a lot of whimsy in their lives, we recommend these adorable kitty socks with ears in the ankle hem. You’ll get a five-pack of vibrant colors, each with a cute kitty face on the ankle and paw prints across the foot. We like that these socks are made from a cotton blend that contains five percent spandex. However, they’re hand-wash only. The socks fit women’s shoe sizes from US six to 11.



6. Luther Pike Seattle Funny Socks for Men (Best for Gifting)

 A Great Two-pack of Socks

Socks are always a smart go-to for gifting. We like the large range of two-pack socks available from Luther Pike Seattle. Whether you want sharks or cow prints, they have something to work with every personality. These fun socks feature a cotton-microfiber blend which translates to a more comfortable wearing experience. These are men’s sock that fit shoe sizes from eight to 13. Choose from over 40 designs.


7. K. Bell Women’s 6 Pack Novelty No Show Low Cut Socks (Best No Show Socks)

Stylish and Comfortable

Not everyone likes crew length socks. But that doesn’t mean that you want to pass up the opportunity to have fun with your footwear. These no show socks still offer plenty of pizazz with a hem that won’t slip. You’ll get a six-pack of fun socks, and your choice of more than 20 designs. Each pair of socks in a set has a different design for more variety. Note that these are made from a synthetic blend and are machine washable.


8. Bisousox Men’s Fun Dress Socks (Best Cotton Blend)

Comfortable with Bold Patterns


Comfort is key when you’re wearing socks as you don’t want a pair that are too hot, slip down, or encourage odors to develop. We like that this sock set from Bisousox has an 80/15/5 content of cotton, nylon, and spandex. You’ll get a 10-pack of fun socks, each pair with a different pattern. And you can choose from more than 20 different style sets — creating plenty of options for everyone. These socks are machine washable.

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