Best Potty Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On July 6th, 2022

When the time comes to potty train your toddler, having the right tools can make a world of difference. Potty training chairs allow you to ease your children into using an adult toilet. Since they are still too small to sit on a full-sized toilet without a step stool, these will provide an accessible solution for them and an easier transition.

Some potties come with lots of bells and whistles, and others have a basic yet highly effective design. This can make finding the best potty difficult if you don’t know what to look for specifically. We created this article to present an excellent variety of options available and to help you find the right one for your little one.

Best Potty Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. BabyBjorn Deep (Editor’s Choice)

Baby Bjorn

Baby Bjorn is a popular baby product brand known for superior quality so it’s no surprise their potty chair was chosen for our best potties list.


The Baby Bjorn potty training chair features an easy-to-clean removable bowl with a raised splash guard portion on the front. It has a wide, tall backrest that wraps around to create armrests on either side as well. The design provides your little one with plenty of legroom on either side making this a great choice for toddlers.

This product can also be used as a travel potty and has a wide base with a rubber rim that creates a sturdy structure and prevents your little one from sliding while mounting or dismounting the toilet. It comes in seven different two-tone colour options and is made with recyclable BPA-free plastic.

Keep in mind that the higher seats on Baby Bjorn potties are not ideal for smaller toddlers. Also, the bowl may be less secure and wobble a bit.

  • Top-quality materials
  • 7 colour options
  • Sturdy base
  • Lots of room for legs
  • Easy to clean
  • Higher seat may not be great for a smaller toddler
  • Bowl may be less secure

2. Pourty Easy Pour Penguin (Best Value)

Pourty Easy Pour Penguin

The Pourty Easy Pour Penguin potty chair is a highly portable potty that is also easy to clean. It promotes great value as well as high functionality.


The Pourty potty is made entirely from durable plastic featuring a large channel design that allows you to pour waste out of the back without having to remove any parts. A handle in the front lower portion further aids in the pouring process. This design is both easy to use and leak-proof which many parents find convenient.

The Pourty Easy Pour Penguin also has a wide base to create a more stable chair for your toddlers and a raised front splash guard to help prevent accidents that are particularly prevalent with boys. When toilet training is complete, the Pourty potty can be recycled.

However, you should be aware that the Pourty Easy Pour Penguin potty does have a shallower base that could pose a problem for larger toddlers. It also lacks a cover and an anti-skid bottom so it may slide on a slick floor.

  • Wide base is more stable
  • Easy pour rear duct
  • Front handle
  • Raised splash guard
  • Recyclable
  • Shallower base may not be ideal for all toddlers
  • May slide on slick floors

3. Kindsgut Whale (Luxury Choice)

Kindsgut Whale

The Kindsgut Whale chair is our top choice for the best potty for potty training. This product has a super fun and elaborate whale design that looks more like a toy in your house than an extra toilet.


The Kindsgut Whale potty has comfortable seat for both boys and girls covered by a removable lid with two cutouts that look like blowholes. This potty also features a backrest that resembles the whale’s tail which makes the potty seat more comfortable to use and serves as a handle, making it a more portable potty overall.

The Kindsgut potty chair has a removable insert bowl for easy cleaning and is made with sustainable materials so you can be confident in your purchase. Wide fins and a non-slip rubber strip on the base help establish a sturdy and reliable structure for your little one.

Full disclosure, reports indicate that the white bowl may discolour or stain over time and the fins on the base have slightly sharper edges which could prove to be a bit scratchy.

  • Fun whale design
  • Removable lid and bowl
  • Backrest doubles as a handle
  • Nonslip base
  • Sustainable materials
  • Bowl may discolour
  • Sharper edges on fins may be scratchy

4. Summer Infant My Size (Most Realistic-Looking)

Summer Infant My Size

The Summer Infant My Size Potty chair looks just like a regular adult toilet but in a miniature size. The realistic design aims to make your toddler feel like they are using a big toilet and helps foster healthy bathroom habits during the potty training process.


To enhance the realistic toilet experience, the Summer Infant My size potty has a lever that creates a flushing sound. This helps to build confidence in your toddlers and can also be seen as a fun reward to encourage its use. This toilet training chair even features a built-in wipe container or toilet roll holder built into the raised back which eliminates the need to keep toilet paper handy.

The Summer Infant potty has a flip-up seat with a built-in, slightly raised splash guard and an additional clip-on splash guard for added protection against accidents. Simply raise the seat to remove the bowl below for an easy cleaning process. This product is available in either white or pink and comes with the two AAA batteries required to activate the flushing sound.

The realistic design of this potty training chair makes it bulkier and less portable which could make your job as a parent a little tricker. Also, the clip-on splash guard detaches easily and may create more of a mess with some little boys.

  • Built-in wipe compartment
  • Realistic flush noise and design
  • Removable bowl
  • Two colour options
  • Bulky design may make it less portable
  • Splash guard may detach easily

5. Fisher-Price Ducky (Ergonomic Choice)

Fisher-Price Ducky

The Fisher-Price Ducky potty chair features an elongated style with a fun Duck smiley face to captivate the interest of your child. Fisher-Price is a reputable brand with nearly 90 years of experience making products that encourage childhood development.


The Fisher-Price Ducky comes in a bright yellow colour to compliment the duck theme and features a removable bowl with a raised front rim and an enhanced ergonomic shape. This design increases the toilet seat’s comfort level overall and also gives your child plenty of legroom on both sides.

A low backrest adds rear support and handles beneath the seat on either side provide your child with a place to grip for added stability. The Ducky toilet training potty also features a handle on the back for an easier carry.

The Ducky training potty has a shorter backrest that may make it less comfortable for your child to use for extended periods of time, does not have a toilet seat cover, and the shallower bowl may not be great for a larger toddler.

  • Lots of legroom
  • Fun duck design
  • Ergonomic removable bowl
  • 3 handles
  • Reputable Fisher-Price brand
  • Shorter backrest may be less comfortable
  • Smaller waste bowl may not be ideal

6. Glenmore Baby Training Seat (Best with Cushion)

Glenmore Baby Training Seat

The Glenmore potty training chair has a fun submarine design that aims to spark interest in your little ones and get them excited for toilet training, making for an easier transition.


The Glenmore Baby Training Seat features a large comfortable seat padded with a waterproof PU cushion. The toilet seat cover also serves as a tall backrest that helps promote proper posture while in use. A large leak-proof removable bowl with a raised splash guard front helps contain messes. If you prefer a quicker cleaning process, the bowl is also capable of holding disposable bags.

This potty training tool is made using environmentally friendly materials and has four sturdy feet with non-slip pads supporting the structure for a stable user experience. It also has handles on both sides for carrying and comes in pink, white, or green.

The trainer seat on this chair is a bit higher off of the ground making it less accessible for smaller toddlers and the handles are too low for your toddler to hold while sitting on the chair.

  • Large removable bowl
  • Fun submarine design
  • Soft padded seat
  • Tall backrest doubles as a cover
  • Luxury quality
  • Taller seat may not be ideal for smaller toddlers
  • Handles may be less accessible

7. Onedone Urinal (Best Portable)

Onedone Urinal

The Onedone Urinal travel potty has a highly portable design that can be used anywhere and easily hangs from a stroller or even fits in your purse or a small bag.


The Onedone Urinal travel potty features a bright yellow and blue fun design that looks like an elephant with a smiley face. It is shaped like a large cup with a screw-on lid. The elephant’s nose is the urinal entry point and it has a flip-up cap that clicks in place when not in use. Beneath the screw off lid lies a funnel valve that prevents backflow and creates a good seal to prevent leakage when full.

Adorning the top of this travel potty is a wrist or hang lanyard for increased portability. The Onedone Urinal toilet is also made from environmentally friendly materials.

Of course, the urinal design of this portable potty may be good for boys, but it is not designed for girl anatomy and can not be used for solid waste. Lastly, you may find it tricky to remove the funnel.

  • Highly portable
  • Ultra-compact size
  • Carry lanyard included
  • Backflow and leakage prevention
  • Fun elephant design
  • May not be suitable for solid waster
  • May be only for boys
  • Funnel extraction may be tricky

8. Strata Deluxe Little Star (Best with Removable Pot)

Strata Deluxe Little Star

The Strata Deluxe Little Star potty chair has a basic design with a decorative silver star and a darker coloured bowl that resists showing stains.


The Strata Deluxe Little Star toilet has a silver removable bowl featuring a built-in raised front to act as a splash guard and prevent potential messes. The design includes a medium height backrest with a pronounced ergonomic shape for added comfort. The backrest spans around the top to function as armrests as well.

The Little Star toilet features a rubber seal on the base for a sturdy and safe structure that resists wobbling or tipping over easily. It also has a cutout on the front of the base that serves as a handle making it easier to carry.

Be aware, these potties have a smaller bowl and a narrower seat. This means it may not be the best option for a bigger toddler or larger solid waste.

  • Easy to clean
  • Tall backrest
  • Sturdy design
  • Nonslip base
  • Decorative silver star
  • Bowl may be too small
  • Narrower seat may not be ideal for a bigger toddler

9. Glenmore Cow (Best with Handles)

Glenmore Cow

If you are looking for sturdy, reliable handles on a toilet training chair the Glenmore Cow is our top pick. Its large handles aim to help make your toddler feel more secure while sitting on the toilet seat and also make it easier for them to get on and off.


The Glenmore Cow toilet features an extra-large backrest with a cow face that folds down to act as a seat cover. The oversized side handles also function as armrests and have an easy-grip shape. It also has an additional cutout handle in front for added versatility.

A pull-out waste compartment lies beneath the seats on Glenmore Cow potties giving you a larger waste compartment than typical. They also have anti-skid pads on the base, are constructed using eco-friendly materials, and come in blue or pink colours.

Unfortunately, the removable insert tray doesn’t pull out as smoothly as we would like and it isn’t the easiest to clean. This product also lacks the inclusion of a splash guard.

  • Sturdy anti-slip base
  • Fun cow design
  • Oversized handles
  • Extra-large backrest doubles as a cover
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Tray extraction could be smoother
  • May not be as easy to clean
  • There may be no splash guard which may cause accidents

10. Luvdbaby (Colourful Choice)

Luvdbaby PT1

The Luvdbaby PT1 potty chair made its way onto our best travel potty list thanks to its funky style that comes in bright colours and is also easy to clean.


The Luvdbaby potty chair features a removable bowl with a raised rim splash guard in the front and an anti-spill cover that helps you contain the waste while transporting it to the toilet. A rounded concave backrest adds to the funky style of this potty while also helping your toddler stay upright and comfortable during use.

Luvdbaby potties come in either pink with green accents or blue with pink accents. They feature anti-skid rubber on the bottom of their four nub feet for added stability as well as a handle on the back for easier portability without having to touch the seats directly.

It is possible for Luvdbaby potties to wobble when they are not placed on a completely level surface in your house or when the feet aren’t securely attached. Also, the lightweight materials used for construction result in a slightly flimsier finished product.

  • Funky style
  • Fun bright colours
  • Quality nonslip feet
  • Anti-spill cover
  • Easy to clean
  • Materials may be flimsier
  • May feel less stable on uneven surfaces

A Buyer’s Guide to Buying a Potty Chair

That’s all for our potty reviews. Now let’s address any lingering questions you may have like, what should I look for when buying a potty, or, do I want a potty chair or a potty seat?

What to Look for in the Best Potties

Design Fun Factor

baby boy on training seat

One of the most important things to look for when choosing the best potty chair for your kid is the fun factor incorporated into the design. After all, you are trying to spark your kid’s interest and make them excited about using their new potty training tool, right? The truth is, many kids will resist using a potty if they don’t think it is fun. That’s why we included lots of options with fun animals and bright colour patterns for our best potties list.

Comfort Level

You also want to make sure your kid is comfortable while using their new potty. To ensure this, look for larger seats with lots of legroom and possibly even some padding. All of the potties on our list boast having a comfortable seat.

Cleaning Ease

Once you complete potty training, cleaning up your child’s waste will become a rare occasion. But, before this happens we think you should at least make this messy part of raising a kid as easy as possible, especially when it comes to a potty training chair.

Some products have a removable bowl that allows you to transport waste to the toilet without having to carry the entire chair. While others focus on a compact size that you won’t mind carrying. Others will have easy-pour spouts. All of the potties on our list are fairly easy to maintain and clean, however, some more than others.


Potty training doesn’t stop when you leave the house, although some parents choose to stay at home as much as possible while their kids are learning this new life skill. This means that choosing a potty chair that is also portable can pose a large benefit that may make life a bit easier in the realm of mobility.


Are you planning on having more than one kid? If so, you may want to choose a potty with higher durability and fewer moving parts. Considering how rough kids can be while playing, we made sure that all of the travel potties on our list are durable enough to survive potty training one or more children.

When Do I Start Potty Training My Toddler?

When it comes to potty training, all children and parents are different. This means there is no set time in life to start potty training. Instead, most parents take cues from their children that help alert them to when they are actually ready.

Signs your kid is ready to start potty training:

  • They express interest in others using the potty or begin mimicking potty related behaviours
  • Their diaper remains dryer for longer, indicating more control over the muscles needed to control the release of waste
  • They start telling you they need to use the potty or have just gone in their nappy
  • They become noticeably uncomfortable in a diaper
  • They start hiding while using their nappies

Furthermore, don’t expect potty training to finish up quickly once you start. Remember to be patient and supportive of your little one throughout the journey.

Do I Want a Potty Seat or a Potty Chair?

mom toilet training her son

There are two main types of toilet training potty tools – a potty chair, and a potty trainer seat or toilet training seats.

A potty chair is just that, a self-contained chair. Most potty chairs have a removable insert that catches waste. Potty chairs are ideal for a child under the age of three.

A potty trainer seat rests on top of a regular toilet eliminating the need to manually dump waste. However, you will most likely need a step stool if you choose to go this route and many kids feel nervous when mounted on such a high seat which can make potty training stressful. Of course, the best potty seat will have handles that help ease this fear. Most parents use a potty trainer seat with a child over the age of three.


You have come to the end of our article and you can rest assured we chose award-winning, quality options for our best potty list that will help you transition your little ones from using nappies to a big toilet for grown-ups.

Could our number one Editor’s Choice be the best option for you? The BabyBjorn Deep potty is suitable for most toddlers. With a high backrest and armrests, your child will have a comfortable potty training. Cleaning the entire seat is likewise easy, thanks to the removable insert bowl and splash guard. We also like that it is free from harmful materials and that the rubber strips on its base make it a reliable and sturdy structure to sit on.

With all of this in mind, which one of our best potty chairs will you choose?

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