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Best Power Bank in the UK 2020

Luxury Choice

Anker PowerCore 26800

Anker PowerCore 26800

Editor's choice

Anker PowerCore 20100

Anker PowerCore 20100

Best Value

Poweradd Pilot X7

Poweradd Pilot X7

Does your phone or tablet start to run out of battery power before you make it home? Do you plan your day around where you can stop and recharge your phone? Or even have to occasionally switch off your mobile to save power for later? Then you need a power bank.

Incredibly compact and brimming with capacity, the best power bank in the UK makes a wise investment for those who can’t afford to miss a few hours of wireless communication. Be it a laptop, a tablet, or your smartphone, the most exceptional power banks are capable of recharging a number of devices for more than once, with a single full charge.

We’ve chosen ten of the most popular power banks, covering a wide range of capacities and speeds, to make shopping for the right model much easier for you. Read through our power bank reviews and extensive buying guide to find your perfect match.

Best Power Bank Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Our Editor’s Choice and overall favourite is the highly popular Anker PowerCore 20100. This high-capacity power bank is rated at 20,000mAh. For reference, that’s enough power to charge an iPhone fully almost seven times.


It features an impressive 4.8Amp output complete with fast-charge technology, so it automatically increases its charging rate to match your device’s. This allows you to simultaneously charge two appliances at their fastest possible charging speed.

This portable charger is also very safe, benefiting from Anker’s MultiProtect Safety System. Hence, both yourself and your sensitive, expensive gadgets are protected from potential power surges, overheating and short circuits. Additionally, it features a fingerprint-resistant matte finish that improves grip, so you’re less likely to drop it with your connected device.

In terms of size, it is fairly compact considering its power capacity, although it’s understandably heavy, weighing 350g. Bear in mind that there is no adaptor included, but you can easily purchase one or use an existing one. If you need to charge devices with a very low input (under 50mA), such as a Bluetooth speaker or a GPS unit, this model is not an ideal option.

All in all, the Anker PowerCore 20100 is by and far one of the best portable power banks. It features high-performance quick-charge technology, as well as excellent safety provisions. And most importantly, it has the power you need to charge your devices multiple times over before needing to rechargeS


  • High capacity 20,000mAh
  • 4.8Amp output with fast charge technology
  • Two USB ports to charge 2 devices simultaneously
  • MultiProtect safety system
  • Fingerprint-resistant matte finish


  • The kit may not include an adaptor
  • May not be compatible with some low input devices
  • Might be fairly heavy
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Go for extra power and a faster recharge time with our battery pack luxury pick, the Anker PowerCore 26800.


Thanks to its outstanding 26,800mAH capacity, this portable power bank could give you a week’s worth of charges before needing to be recharged – depending on your usage. For example, it can fully charge an iPhone 8 almost 10 times over. This makes it the best power bank for travelling, especially as it also benefits from dual input ports for a full unit recharge in just six hours.

However, if you want to achieve this fast recharge rate, you’ll need to purchase two 2A wall adaptors and an extra charging cable, as there is only one provided and no adaptors. Also, bear in mind that this model does not provide pass-through charging, so you are unable to charge your devices via the unit while it is plugged in. In addition, it is fairly heavy, weighing in at almost half a kilo. So while it’s alright in your backpack or suitcase, it’s less suitable for a smaller bag or your pockets.

Thanks to its three fast-charging USB ports, you’ll have your devices fully restored to full power and ready to use in next to no time. Also, as this model features an advanced MultiProtect Safety System, you won’t have to worry about plugging in your sensitive electronic gadgets in dubious locations. Just use your power pack. If you are looking for a superior model for extensive use, the Anker PowerCore 26800 is an unbeatable choice.


  • Large capacity at 26,800mAh
  • Three quick-charging USB cable ports
  • Dual micro USB input for faster recharging
  • MultiProtect Safety System
  • Charge-faster technology


  • Might be heavy
  • May not be for those who need pass-through charging in their power bank devices
  • Wall plug may not be included
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The Poweradd Pilot X7 is our best value power bank choice, combining a reliable performance with a high 20,000mAh battery capacity. For reference, that’s enough to completely charge an iPhone 7 six times over.


This model also has a high-speed 3.4A output, so it will charge your devices more quickly than many other power banks. With its dual USB output ports, you can simultaneously charge two devices, ideal for long days away from home or helping out friends. Thanks to its integral Multi-Protection System, your smartphone and other devices are protected. Should the unit short circuit or overload, it will turn itself off automatically. It also includes a built-in torch and light-up battery level indicator for extra ease of use.

On the downside, this portable charger takes quite a while to fully reload, although you can reduce times down to 10 hours with a 2A charger. Understandably, given its high capacity, it is a fairly heavy model, weighing in at 350g. It’s also not the most durable.

Complete with a generous 20,000mAH capacity, high-speed charging and twin USB outlets, this power bank is makes a good choice.


  • 20,000mAh capacity
  • High-speed 3.4A output
  • Dual USB output ports
  • Multi-Protection System
  • Includes in-built torch and battery indicator


  • May not be very durable
  • Might be fairly heavy
  • May take a long time to charge fully
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Possibly the best USB power bank around, the sleek Charmast 26800mAh USB-C features three output and two input ports, plus one bi-directional port, for extra convenience.


Charge it up via micro USB, USB-C or iOS Lightning – no need to carry around and source extra cables, simply choose the one that’s most convenient for you. Just bear in mind that you can only use one port at a time for charging. However, the bi-directional USB-C port supplies up to 3A so it’s a great way to quickly recharge your power bank or your smartphone.

Thanks to its high 26,800mAh capacity, this modern portable charger can fully charge an iPhone 7 more than seven times. All four outlets can charge your devices simultaneously, ideal if you have a lot of gadgets. As all ports include iSmart Charging technology, your connected device is automatically detected and provided with its required current for safer, faster charging.

Aside from its multi-layer safety protection, this external battery pack also benefits from pass-through charging. Meaning, you can charge up your power bank while charging your devices through it. While this is a fairly heavy model, weighing 430g, it is slimline at just 1.4cm thick. It is not, however, suitable for pocket use as it is quite huge, as you would expect given its large capacity.

With pass-through charging, a bi-directional USB-C port, and a total of three inlets, this incredible power bank has to be one of the most functional, convenient models around and comes highly recommended.


  • 26,800mAh capacity
  • Pass-through charging technology
  • Four outputs/three input ports
  • Multi-layer safety protection
  • Slimline design - 1.4cm thick


  • Might be heavy
  • May not be for those who need multiple input ports for changing
  • Might be very large
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If you are looking for best mobile power bank with a high capacity, then you may want to take a look at this portable charger by EC Technology.


With its generous 22,400mAh power delivery, it can charge up your iPhone 8 around eight times. What’s more, thanks to its Auto IC technology, it auto-detects your device to deliver its fastest charging rate using its high-speed 3.4A output.

Fitted with three USB output ports, you can simultaneously charge up your devices on the go. It also benefits from short circuit and overload protection, as well as LED battery level indicator lights and in-built torch. Bear in mind that this unit does not support pass-through charging. Plus, it can take up to 24 hours to fully recharge itself with a standard phone charger adapter plug. However, this can be reduced if you invest in a 2A adapter.

Unfortunately, the included charging lead is not very good quality, so you may wish to pick up another. Also, this model as a whole does not tend to last that long, so it’s not the most durable. However, if you are looking for a battery pack for immediate use, then this is a good choice that will more than suffice for most users in a pinch.


  • 22,400mAh capacity
  • Three USB output ports
  • Auto IC Technology - faster device charging
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • In-built torch and LED battery indicator lights


  • Provided charging lead might be of poor quality
  • Pass-through charging might not be supported
  • May have a short lifespan
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The Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 provides versatile recharging, thanks to its micro-USB and USB-C charging ports.


You won’t have to remember to pack or go out and buy yet another cable, simply use the one which matches your most-used devices. However, it does take around 10 and a half hours – at best, to fully recharge this unit. Plus, you cannot use both ports at the same time to recharge your power bank more quickly. Also, bear in mind that pass-through charging is not supported.

These negatives aside, there are plenty of great advantages to this model. In particular, its high power capacity. At 20,000mAh you can charge your iPhone XS more than five times over or your iPad mini 5 almost three times. Use the twin USB outlet port to charge two gadgets simultaneously. This power bank is also good for extended periods of use, thanks to its trickle-charging mode. This is, by the way, the best way to recharge low powered accessories. Its PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies mean that this unit delivers an optimised current to your devices, for fast and efficient charging.

What’s more, the PowerCore Essential 20000 is an extremely safe, highly reliable external battery pack – thanks to its comprehensive MultiProtect Safety System. If you need to recharge both low-powered and power-hungry devices on the go, then these high-capacity power banks make an exceptional choice. That is considering its combined trickle-charging mode and high-speed charging capabilities.


  • 20,000mAh capacity
  • Twin USB outlet ports
  • MultiProtect safety system
  • USB-C and micro USB inlet charging ports
  • Trickle-charging mode


  • Using two input ports simultaneously may not be possible
  • May not support pass-through charging
  • May have long recharge time
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Do you need the best lightweight power bank that takes up next to no space? Try out these Astro E1 power banks from Anker.


About the size of a chocolate bar, it has a decent 5,200mAh capacity, so it could fully charge your iPhone 6S twice or most smartphones at least once. Its size and capacity is ideal for keeping it in your pocket or handbag just in case. In addition, as it charges up fully with a standard 1A charger in just five hours, you can charge it up each evening as needed.

On the downside, given its size and capacity, this device understandably only has one outlet port. It is also unsuitable for fully charging power-hungry devices such as tablets. And, if you’re fed up of having an array of cords in your home, then this will add yet another one to the mix with its own micro-USB cable.

Lightweight at just 119g, if size and weight are important to you, you won’t find many other compact power banks that charge as quickly. It also comes with Anker’s  MultiProtect safety feature, so you won’t have to worry about using it with your sensitive electronic devices. All in all, it’s an excellent choice for keeping in your pocket in case of emergencies, so you’ll always have a spare battery charge. Also, it could be considered as the best portable power bank on our list.


  • 5,200mAh capacity
  • Compact pocket size
  • Fast recharge time
  • MultiProtect safety feature
  • Lightweight - 119g


  • May not be suitable for tablets
  • May not be for those who prefer multiple outlets
  • May require a special form of micro USB cable
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This power bank by the world-renowned Duracell brand has a good 10,050mAh capacity – enough to fully power up an iPhone 7 five times over.


It is fairly lightweight at just over 200g, making it a good choice for carrying around with you on a daily basis. It features a handy LED charge indicator so you can check when you need to charge it up and approximately how much battery you have remaining.

Thanks to its 2.4A input and output rates, this Duracell power bank charges up both itself and your devices pretty quickly. It supports pass-through charging, allowing you to charge up your device while the unit itself is plugged in. This makes it handy to use without having to find another plug socket to accommodate your phone, too.

On the downside, it is not USB-C compatible. So you will need to carry an extra USB cable with you if you need to charge it away from home. What’s more, the included charging cable is not of high-quality and you will probably want to replace it.

However, if you are looking for a lightweight power bank that supports pass-through charging and has a good 10,500mAh capacity, this Duracell power bank could be just what you need.


  • 10,500mAh capacity
  • Supports pass-through charging
  • 2.4A input and output rates
  • LED charge indicator
  • Lightweight - 203g


  • May not be USB-C compatible
  • Included USB cable might be of poor quality
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Looking for a high-powered, compact power bank? Take a look at this extremely popular model by Imuto, the Taurus X4. Complete with dual 2.4A USB outlet ports, its 20,000mAH power delivery is enough to charge up your iPhone 6 almost eight times. Plus, the unit itself is only around the size of an iPhone 6 Plus.


Another advantage of this particular model is that it has a digital display, giving you a precise reading of your remaining battery power. It also benefits from a Multi Smart Protection System, keeping your devices safe. It comes with a built-in torch, too.

On the downside, at 410g, this power bank is fairly heavy, although that is to be expected given its large capacity. This particular model does have some durability issues, however, most power banks aren’t going to last for years. What’s more, as technology progresses so rapidly, you’ll want to update yours every so often to ensure optimised and up-to-date performance levels. Lastly, note that this is not a fast-charging model, although at 2.4A it is certainly faster than versions with 1.5A ports.

All in all, this power bank combines a relatively compact size with a high capacity, making it a good choice for most users. If you rely heavily upon your power bank, then this model will provide extra reassurance. With its digital battery display, you will always know exactly how much power you have remaining.


  • 20,000mAh capacity
  • Dual 2.4A USB ports
  • Multi Smart Protection System
  • Compact design
  • Digital remaining power display


  • May have durability issues
  • Might be heavy
  • May not be quick-charging
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If you need a high powered portable charger, then these power banks by Aopawa could be your perfect match. It has an impressive 26,800mAh, capable of charging most smartphones at least six times over, or most tablets around twice.


It is also equipped with two USB outlet ports, so you can charge up to two devices at the same time. However, at 2.1A and 1.0A for each port, bear in mind that this is not a fast-charging device.

For extra safety, this portable charger features an in-built protection system to prevent overheating and short circuits. Hence, you won’t have to worry about using it with your expensive devices. The four LED indicators give you a good idea of your remaining battery capacity, so you’ll know when it’s time for a recharge.

Unfortunately, this model does take a long time to reload fully, however, considering its high capacity and 2.1A input, that is to be expected. So, if you need a quick-charging model, you will probably have to consider other models with lower capacities. Another issue you may find slightly off-putting with this particular unit is that the usage instructions are tiny and very hard to read. While the power bank itself is very easy to use, it is always important to read through the manufacturer’s recommendations before use.

Thanks to its 26,800mAH capacity, universal compatibility and premium A-class battery cells, this power bank is a good choice if you are looking for power chargers that can last a long time between charges, or one that is capable of charging up your smartphone several times over. With its dual ports and in-built safety features, while it is not the fastest, it’s a great value power bank.


  • 26,800mAh capacity
  • Dual USB ports
  • In-built protection system
  • Four LED battery lights
  • Universal compatibility


  • May not be quick-charging
  • Printed instructions might be difficult to read
  • May take a very long time to recharge
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Power Bank Buying Guide

What is a Power Bank?

A power bank is an external, stand-alone battery that you charge up. With a superior capacity to your electronic devices, you use your power bank to save the power that you will later need to recharge your electronic gadgets when you’re away from home. It plugs into the USB port of your computer or your wall socket via an adaptor plug in order to charge up, just like your phone or any other USB battery-powered device.

Power banks come in various capacities and sizes, however, the vast majority are capable of fully recharging your smartphone at least once. Others may have several different ports suitable for recharging multiple devices on the go. You can also purchase high capacity power banks that can also charge up your tablets or even your laptop.

How Do I Choose a Good Power Bank?

Given the huge number of power banks on the market, it can be difficult to pick out the good ones. Here’s what you need to consider when choosing the best portable charger in the UK.

Capacity and Size

cellphones charging

High-capacity portable chargers tend to be larger, heavier and feature more ports. So, if you need a power bank that is capable of charging up your phone multiple times on just one full charge, then you’ll be looking at a 20,000mAH model or over. These types of power bank tend to be fairly bulky and weigh approximately 400-500g.

At the other end of the scale, if portability and low weight are your priorities, then there are compact versions available, weighing around 100g. These power banks can fit in your pocket or handbag without weighing you down. However, the trade-off is that they are typically only powerful enough to fully recharge most phones only once, or possibly twice depending on the model, but hardly ever anything larger like tablets or iPads. They also tend to have only one port. This is understandable as you’re not going to be able to completely charge two devices most of the time.

In between, you have models that go from 10,000mAH up to 20,000mAH at varying levels that include some of the advantages and some of the disadvantages of the above extremes. You’ll find there can be quite a degree of variation between the best power bank with 10000mah and other models with a larger battery capacity. Calculate the average amount of charges that you can live with for your devices and look at what’s available.

In order to choose the best power bank the UK has to offer for your needs, you have to consider your devices and their charging requirements. If it’s just in case of one-off delays and emergencies when you unexpectedly run out of battery, then a 5,000mAH model with good power delivery makes a great choice. If you expect to be travelling or using your phone or tablet extensively, then you’re going to be better off with a 26,800mAH power bank.


Most power banks have designated ports for input and outputs, however, some newer versions also feature bi-directional ports. Your power bank ports not only determine which devices you can charge up, but also via which cable and, importantly, its charging speed.

Most power banks have standard USB-A ports, however, newer models may also feature USB-C ports which offer a quick charge and are increasingly used elsewhere. If your power bank has a USB-C port, make sure that it is both input and output as some are only used for charging the unit itself.

In short, the greater the number of different ports, the more likely it is that you will be able to use your portable charger with your existing cables. It also makes packing for travelling that little bit easier.

When purchasing your new power bank, pay attention not only to the type of port, but also its number of Amps. Higher numbers mean higher speeds, but once again you’ll need to read through the details carefully. Some manufacturers give a total output figure that can easily be read as the figure per port if you’re not paying close attention.

Pass-Through Charging

gadget battery indicators

If you relish convenience or are just short on power sockets, then pass-through charging is definitely a feature to look out for. Basically, what it means is when you plug in your power bank to charge at night, you can simply leave your phone plugged into it and both items will charge up simultaneously.

As simple as it sounds, not all portable chargers provide pass-through charging. If yours doesn’t, you’ll have to plug your phone into a separate socket. While this is hardly a big deal, some people find it much more convenient and it can also help to remind you to stick your power bank on charge, instead of just your phone at the end of a long day.

Battery Indicator

If you rely heavily upon your portable charger to recharge your phone when you’re away from home, then you may look for models that provide a digital readout of your remaining battery levels. Usually given as a percentage, this is a great way of knowing exactly how much power you have left before you’ll need to recharge your power bank.

Most power banks tend to provide an indicator in the form of several LEDs to give you a good idea of approximately how much charge you have remaining. If you aren’t going to be making extensive use of your portable chargers, then this will be more than adequate. If you are, you may prefer to regularly recharge your power bank. Plugging in your phone when it is saying three out of four, could see it drop down to one rather than two after a full charge. That is if that third light was only just on the limit.

Alternatively, you could invest in a high capacity model and be sure to recharge it every few days to ensure that you never run out of battery power, no matter how extensively you use your phone away from home.

Is a 5,000mAh Power Bank Good?

charging a phone while out in the fields

Wondering if you should go for a 5,000mAh power bank? The answer is – it depends. If portability is most important to you and you need a lightweight, compact power bank that you can keep in your pocket or bag, then a 5,000mAH model makes an excellent choice.

However, you should bear in mind that in most cases, a 5,000mAh power bank will only be capable of fully charging up your phone two times at most, or even just once for some models. So, if you will be relying on your power bank for charging up your phone multiple times, then a 5,000mAH power bank just won’t be enough.

On the other hand, if you only need an occasional top-up, then it could be the ideal option for you, rather than having to lug around the best high capacity power bank you can find.

How to Charge a Portable Charger

Most power banks have a dedicated input for charging, although some units may have multiple inputs or ports that can be used for both inputs or outputs, also known as bi-directional ports. If you have just purchased a new portable charger, make sure you read through the manufacturer’s usage instructions.

Your standard portable charger will come with one USB charging cable. You can use it to charge up your power bank via your computer’s USB port or with a wall plug adaptor. Note that many power banks do not have this adapter included, so most people end up using the one provided with their phone charger or other electronic accessories.

Portable chargers generally have very long charging times. If you want to speed up the charging time of your power bank, take a look and see if it can be used with a two Amp wall adapter. These are typically included with more power-hungry devices, such as electronic tablets. If your portable charger is compatible, it will definitely be worth buying one for regular use, as it could cut your external battery charge time in half.

You could also look for a portable charger that has two inlets for charging, although bear in mind that you will then need two wall sockets free. In this case, you may want to look for a model with pass-through charging so you charge your smartphone via your power bank while it is charging.


Still wondering which is the best power pack to go for? If you want to keep in contact while on the go or to keep working while you’re travelling wide and far, then the best option is the Anker PowerCore 20100, our Editor’s Choice.

Thanks to its high 20,000mAH capacity, this power bank has no problem keeping your devices charged for days on end. Featuring high performance and fast-charging system, it’s a great choice for intensive users of technology, enabling you to use your phone as you recharge. You can also charge up to two devices simultaneously at their fastest charging speed. With its LED battery indicators, matte finish and MultiProtect Safety System, this model is considerably the best power bank in the UK.

We hope you were able to find the right match in this power bank review. Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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