Are Pushchairs Included In Baggage Allowance?

Last Updated On November 20th, 2018

If you’re going on your next vacation and have to catch a flight, you would need to know how much baggage allowance you have. Every airline service has its own rules regarding baggage allowance, and you would want to know just how much weight you can carry.

Every airline allows a certain amount of luggage that you can carry for free – and if you carry in more weight, you need to pay extra money.

With limited amount of luggage allowed to be carried along with yourself, you would certainly look forward to carry the most essential things with you. If you need a push chair to travel, which you might want f you have small kids with you – you need to ask if it constitutes part of the baggage allowance. A push chair can weight a good bit and can significantly reduce your baggage allowance, if they are not included in it.

Are these chairs included in the baggage allowance?

For most airlines that are commonly used by travelers, the pushchairs for the small babies are included in the baggage allowance, and hence a 10 kg baggage allowance including the pushchair can actually be carried for free, by the parents of the kid.

Some of the items that you would mostly require to carry along with you, if a small baby is with you on the trip, are:

  • A 10 kg baggage allowance
  • A pushchair
  • A car seat
  • A travel cot

You might need one or all of these above four items. In case you need all the four items, one of them might be required for you to make a purchase based on the weight allowance that is allowed in the same booking.

A hand baggage is however not part of the free luggage that airlines allow to carry.

How to avail the pushchair baggage allowance?

The availability of the pushchair baggage allowance has a direct connection with the weight concept that airline companies follow to measure the amount of luggage that they can allow their passengers to carry along with them.

  • Whenever you carry an infant with you, the 10 kg baggage allowance is generally offered as an additional allowance, which includes the pushchairs for the babies.
  • This additional weight including the pushchair can also be carried along separately by you, for which you would not require to pay any additional charges.
  • These are the normal rules which are followed by most airlines.
  • Only if the total luggage weight crosses more than 30-32 kg, can the airline company not allow to carry the same with you, or without the additional charges for the same.
  • You need to note that infants are your kids who are less than 2 years old. Hence the application of the free baggage allowance for carrying the pushchairs is valid for children below 2 years only, and not above.
  • In order to carry the additional 10 kg, you might have to purchase a pre-scheduled luggage bag, particularly if it’s a pre-scheduled flight that you are taking on board.

The process is pretty simple, and for infants below 2 years, the airlines companies have made it a general policy to allow the additional 10 kg baggage allowance, which includes the pushchairs too.

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