Best Rug Reviews UK 2023 – Top 7 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

Whether your house features carpet from one end to the other or authentic hardwood flooring, the best way to bring some warmth and brightness into your home is by adding a rug.

Rugs are easy to transport, roll up, and store for safekeeping. Essentially, rugs are clothes for your floor. The best rug is durable, good-looking, and functional. Shopping for a new rug is a time commitment, as there are many factors to consider. To make the shopping process a bit easier, we have put this guide together with a few recommendations.

The best rugs can take on extensive use through foot traffic and normal wear and tear. Those are just a few factors that went into compiling our top choices.

Best Rug Reviews – Top 7 Picks

1. Viceroy Bedding Shaggy (Editor’s Choice)

Viceroy Bedding ShaggyPicture a shaggy rug pulling together the beauty of your living room and something soft to sink your feet into throughout the day. This shaggy rug can enhance your entire living space and create a great conversation starter all at once.


The shaggy rug from Viceroy Bedding lasts through years of foot traffic. The material is durable and does not shed all over your house. Furthermore, it is easy to clean. This piece is composed of polyester, which means that it is highly resistant to stains. Since it is durable, this rug is an excellent addition to busy homes with heavy foot traffic as it will not break down or appear dingy over time.

In addition to being easy to clean, this rug is also resistant to fungus and bacteria build-up. It is hypoallergenic, easy to care for and maintain. This shaggy statement comes in nine different colours and six sizes. The polyester material is quite thick and soft, as well as pet and child-friendly.

  • It is easy to fluff up upon opening
  • It fits nicely in most room styles
  • The colours are fun and vibrant
  • The rug is a bit on the thin side

2. A2Z Trendy Trellis (Luxury Choice)

A2Z Trendy TrellisTry to visualise a rug that perfectly fits into the daily hustle and bustle of your home life. This rug will complement your living space and match up to your existing home decor. Adding this rug will turn your simple house into a lovely home that you will want to show off.


The Trendy Trellis rug from A2Z offers more comfort than the rest. It is durable and fits nicely to any high traffic area in your home. This particular collection features rugs with a geometric pattern in very neutral colour shades to perfectly align with whatever decor you have.

You can purchase this rug in a variety of five colours and eight sizes. It is made from universal synthetic fibres. The material is heat-set polypropylene which is safe for children, pets, and adults. The soft fibres are resistant to normal wear and tear, which enhances the quality. They are highly durable and repel stains of all kinds, making them a perfect choice for every room.

  • Assembly is easy and straightforward
  • It is low-rising, so it does not prevent doors from being opened
  • It comes packaged neatly and tight
  • It takes a bit of time to flatten out due to tight packaging

3. HEQUN Faux Fur Shaggy (Best Value)

HEQUN Faux Fur ShaggyThis faux fur shaggy rug from HEQUN is the perfect addition to your home. It fits in nicely with any decor and perfect for all seasons. The luxurious appearance gives it the ability to enhance the appearance of any room.


These rugs are made from high-quality faux fur to give a comfortable feeling. They are easy to clean and feature a backing made from soft ivory that resembles suede leather to prevent slipping. The backing is durable and can withstand even the heaviest of foot traffics. Use this rug as an accent piece next to your bed. You can also use it as an area rug in your living room.

You can get this rug in a variety of ten different colours and five sizes. The rug itself is incredibly soft to the touch and is easy to clean in the washing machine.

  • It looks and feels luxurious
  • Grips to the floor very well
  • Vacuum packed for quality assurance
  • It tends to run a bit small
No products found.

4. Green Decore Home Reversible Nirvana (Most Versatile)

Green Decore Home Reversible NirvanaThe Reversible Nirvana Rug from GD Home is perfect for enhancing both the interior or exterior of your home. Adding a rug outdoors allows you to bring the experience of being in your living room to your yard. This versatile rug fits in all areas of your home all year long.


No matter what you use this rug for, it is sure to stand out and enhance your home decor. You can use it by the pool, in the kitchen, or on a deck, and it will always fit in perfectly. The rugs are easy to clean and transport. To clean it, spray it with a hose, and it will look good as new.

These rugs are incredibly durable. They can withstand all weather conditions throughout the year without any additional care or maintenance. This rug is made from recycled plastic and comes in an array of vibrant colours. Based on your needs, you can purchase the rug in quite a few sizes as well.

  • It is completely waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile for indoors or outdoors
  • The edges are kind of stiff

5. Blivener Soft Touch Shaggy (Best for Bedroom)

Blivener Soft Touch ShaggyThe Blivener area rug is so soft that you might just forget that you are on a rug. Lying on this rug is like resting on a cloud, providing you with extreme comfort and softness. Nothing enhances a room more than a luxurious, versatile rug like this one.


These rugs are made of 100% natural polyester, which makes them so soft to the touch. It features a velvety surface, a sponge layer, and a non-slip cloth along the bottom. The rug is lightweight and easy to move throughout your home. The quality of the materials gives this rug functionality and durability, making it great for active households.

The rugs are easy to clean as well. All you have to do is dust the surface to remove dirt. Do not put this rug in the washing machine. Always hand wash to keep it looking new.

Overall, this rug looks beautiful in every room. The softness of the fabric makes it a perfect rug for babies learning to crawl or for curling up by the fire with a book.

  • Extremely soft and fluffy
  • Lightweight material
  • It fits into any room
  • It is not as thick as it looks

6. The Rug House Milan Patchwork (Best Traditional)

The Rug House Milan PatchworkThis Milan Traditional living room rug features an ochre, mustard yellow, and grey patchwork pattern that is sure to bring out the flair of any room. You can make any section in your home more modern by adding this rug as a conversation piece.


The rug has a floral patchwork design that enhances all modern homes. It is made from 100% polypropylene, and the backing is Hessian jute. Those features together make the rug non-shedding and ideal for any area of your house with heavy foot traffic.

Additionally, the materials are stain-resistant and durable. They can handle the areas in your home where people walk the most. The rug does not attract static or allow hairs and fibres to stick to it. Plus, you can choose from eight sizes to ensure that the rug fits perfectly in your space.

  • Anti-static and doesn’t easily collect fibres or hair
  • Sizes are accurate
  • It does not fall apart easily
  • It only comes in one colour

7. Pauwer Hand-Woven Cotton (Best Round)

Pauwer Hand-Woven CottonSimplicity and comfort never go out of style. This round area rug is the perfect addition to your home and enhances any living space. It comes in a variety of patterns, which are modern and simple at the same time.


The Pauwer round area rug is made from natural cotton. Cotton material is absorbent, which will protect your floors from collecting moisture. It also is resistant to stains and is durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic.

What’s more, it is machine or hand-washable, whichever you prefer. You can keep it looking clean with the occasional vacuum as well. This cotton rug is printed in a few different patterns and fitted with fringe tassels on each side. Elegantly designed, this round rug will add an interesting focal point to any room.

  • It is machine washable
  • Moisture-absorbent material
  • Classic design
  • It is not slip-resistant

What to Look For in a Rug

The best rug should be stylish, durable, and safe to use. Depending on your specific needs and concerns, there are a few things that you should consider when purchasing a new area rug.


a pair of feet on a fluffy carpetIt is important to know if you prefer natural fibre or synthetic fibre rugs. Natural fibre rugs typically contain 100% cotton, silk, jute, or wool and pose their benefits. Natural fibre rugs are better for the environment because they are usually grown using organic methods. They are also unique.

Rugs made from synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon, or polypropylene are durable and tend to last longer than natural fibres. They are generally easier to clean, too.


There is virtually no limit to how big or small a rug can be. The size you choose will depend on where in your house you wish to place it. If you put it in the kitchen, hallway, or bathroom, you may want a narrow rug. Other large rooms like living rooms and patios can handle a larger size depending on what you need.

Amount of Foot Traffic

You can use a rug to keep your hardwood floor from sustaining heavy damage. You can also use rugs to keep your feet warm in colder weather. High-pile rugs are perfect for bedrooms and anywhere that you value comfort over durability. Low to medium piles are the ideal ones for areas with heavy foot traffic like hallways and living rooms.

Low pile rugs do not accumulate dirt, and it is much easier to keep them clean. If you put a rug in an area with heavy foot traffic, make sure it is either lined with slip-resistant backing or you have gripper pads.


lovely round floor carpetChoosing a new rug does not have to be so serious. Deciding between the fun aspects of rug shopping makes the experience more exciting. You can choose the colour and pattern that best suits your style and the room it is for.

If you want versatility, consider choosing something neutral with a more subtle pattern. Light, solid rugs in white or ivory may look extremely elegant, but they do not do much to hide stains. If camouflage is your goal, go for a heathered rug. Another option for hiding damages or stains is to consider fluffy or fringey rugs, as they provide more depth.

Brighten Up Your Floor!

Any of the rugs we have mentioned can enhance the comfort and style of your home.
Our favourite is the Viceroy Bedding Shaggy.

This rug is both durable and easy to clean, which is an important factor in shopping for a rug for your living space. Whether you put it in the living room, kitchen, or hallway, your feet will appreciate its fluffy texture. Lastly, it’s both pet and child friendly, which is great for any home.

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