Best Running Belt Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On December 28th, 2021

Have you ever had problems fitting your keys and phone into your pockets before leaving the house, especially for a run? Then, you’ll understand the need for the best running belt UK stores have to offer. However, finding a product that is stable and doesn’t chafe can be a challenge.

With that in mind, we’re here to help you narrow down your search. We’ve put together the following running belts reviews.

Best Running Belt Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Stashbandz Unisex (Editor’s Choice)

Stashbandz Unisex

The Stashbandz Unisex Running Belt waist band is our Editor’s Choice for its comfort and versatility. It fits men and women and is large enough to carry your keys, wallet, phones, energy gels, small water bottles, and whatever else you might need.


It features four wide pockets that load from the top with a cloth that folds over each one for added security and pickpocket protection, as well as one zip pocket. It’s also considerably wider than many similar running belts, at six inches, with eight-inch wide pockets for holding extra-large cellphones and other accessories.

The Stashbandz Running Belt is a product made out of flexible spandex material, so it’s durable and stays in place during your run. It also absorbs sweat, is water-resistant, and keeps the body cool when in use. Overall, it’s a solid choice given its features and versatility. Plus, it comes in a variety of colours and you can use it to display your race number.

Despite these features, the Stashbandz Running Belt can be a bit of a tight fit for some. While its wide design makes carrying larger items possible, it also can affect its comfort. Some equipment may also not feel secure unless stored in the belt’s single zippered pocket.

  • Large pockets to fit all of your essentials
  • Comfortable fit
  • Flexible unisex waist size
  • Stays in place during strenuous activity
  • Washable spandex waistband
  • May only have one pocket that has a zipper so it may be restrictive
  • Can be a tight fit

2. Flipbelt Classic Premium (Luxury Choice)

Flipbelt Classic Premium

If you’re a runner looking for more of a higher-end feeling product, the Flipbelt Classic Premium Running Belt is an excellent choice. It’s easy to use, fits comfortably, and holds various items, including your keys, running gels, ID, flask, and phones.


This running belt waist pack is a narrow run belt you wear around your waist with pockets built into it for your phone keys. Pockets on the inside and outside of the running bum bag hold various objects, secured by folds that prevent heavier items that might jostle from coming loose during your run.

The Flipbelt Classic is a continuous band that doesn’t require a buckle to secure. It fits snuggling around your midsection, and its cloth design prevents uncomfortable chafing. It’s also nice that it’s machine washable and machine dryable.

The only problem with this running belt is that it can tend to ride up during strenuous activities. Also, it is designed with a single continuous pocket so items may shift during exercise.

  • Comfortable, narrow design
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Made from durable, high-quality materials
  • Plenty of room for a variety of items
  • Has a pocket on the inside and outside of the band
  • It may ride up during your run
  • Items may shift during physical activities

3. MoKo Sports (Best Value)

MoKo Sports

The MoKo Sports Running Belt waist pack is a product designed like a skinny fanny pack. It’s adjustable with a buckle that clips at your back, with two zippers that open and close the narrow pocket pouches inside.


For anyone who runs or enjoys other physical activities, the MoKo Running Belt waist pack is one of the best running belts around.

As for features, it has two zippered pockets, a reflective strip so you’re easier to see while out running, and is built fully adjustable for anyone to wear on their body. All in all, it’s lightweight and easy to use. Plus, it has an extra storage grid so you can organise your stuff, with a separate place for your wallet, phone, flask, keys, and whatever else you need to bring with you, including small water bottles.

The downside to a running belt like this is that it’s not made of flexible material like many of the other running hydration belts on this list. For some, this waist pack may be a little baggy. The buckle on the back can also cause chafing if you use this belt for running.

  • Fully adjustable design for all sizes
  • Features two zippered pockets
  • Has a reflective strip for safety
  • Includes an extra storage grid, including a pocket for a phone
  • Built for multiple uses other than running
  • May be too baggy
  • The back buckle could cause chafing

4. E Tronic Edge Waist Pack (Best For All Phones)

E Tronic Edge Waist Pack

The E Tronic Edge Running Belt is a comfortable option that contours nicely around most waists. It’s one of the best running belts because it’s a lightweight product and a durable running waistband.


One of the great things about the E Tronic Running Belt is that it’s a product designed to carry phones of all sizes, including larger models. It features a secure, zippered pocket and is made out of neoprene material that’s soft, flexible, and sweat-proof, so your headphones and electronics are protected against your body.

This best running belt is adjustable for different sizes and has a narrow buckle in the back. For most, it fits nicely and works well for carrying a few essentials, like some gels or cookies, even water bottles, on the track or while out on a morning jog.

That said, this running belt can get a little uncomfortable if you try to wear it all day or use it as a travelling belt. The buckle in the backrests against your back and can dig into your skin depending on waist sizes and how you wear it.

  • Neoprene products are sweat-proof
  • Adjustable for various sizes and runner-approved
  • Holds smartphones of all sizes
  • Pockets are zippered for security
  • Narrow buckle is sturdy and comfortable
  • The buckle can be uncomfortable depending on how you wear it
  • May not have as much space as it seems

5. Build & Fitness Flip Waist (Best Colour Range)

Build & Fitness Flip Waist

The Build and Fitness Running Belt is a stretchy product designed to fit snugly on your body. It has one continuous tube pocket that enables you to store your essentials kit while out on a run.


One of the significant advantages of this running belt is that it doesn’t have any buckles, fasteners, velcro, or anything like that. Instead, it has a side pocket where you can put your phone, ID, gels, a small flask, cash, credit cards, and a few more things. It also has a key fob where you can put your keys.

The fabric of this belt is made out of stretchy, smooth, and comfortable. It’s also moisture-wicking material, weather-resistant, and comes in a wide variety of different colours. It’s a fitness belt that fits around your waist that’s designed for running, hiking, travel, and other activities.

However, you need to be careful if you decide to order this running belt; the size chart runs more on the small side. You also need to keep in mind that the pocket does not zip or close, so items tend to slip out when you’re bending over.

  • Stretchy and comfortable
  • One continuous pocket for holding various items
  • No buckles or fasteners
  • Made from moisture-wicking and weather-resistant material
  • Includes a key fob
  • Items may fall out if you bend over
  • Waist size chart may run on the small size

6. ESR Adjustable (Best Flexible)

ESR Adjustable

The ESR Running Belt is a compact and convenient way to carry essential equipment. It’s adjustable and has an elastic waistband, making it one of the best running belts.


This running belt is easy to both put on and take off again; it features a velcro strap that can be adjusted as you need to for more comfort and fit. Plus, it’s made out of Lycra material that is a soft and breathable material while still being sweat-resistant, making it ideal for your hydration belt.

This product also features several zippered pockets around your waist, including two expandable side pockets and a headphone hole. As such, it can easily carry your phone, wallet, keys, and more. What’s more, it’s designed to minimise bouncing on your waist even while running.

That said, some may find this running belt to be too bulky and uncomfortable on their waist. It’s also not the right size for some runners, and the zippers may give out over time.

  • A compact and convenient product
  • Fully adjustable velcro design
  • Made of Lycra material that breathes, making it more of a hydration belt
  • Pocket is zippered for storage and to keep items from falling out
  • Designed to minimise bouncing and has a headphone hole for your headphone wire
  • May be too bulky and uncomfortable on the waist
  • Zippers may be somewhat flimsy

7. Eono by Amazon (Best for Travelling)

Eono by Amazon

The Eono Running Waist Pack is one of the best running belts designed like a small fanny pack attached to a belt that straps around your waist. It’s a simple solution for carrying some equipment around and can be used while exercising or travelling.


This running belt has two zippered pouches, each a different size, one large enough to carry a smartphone and the other a bit smaller. So, you won’t be able to carry many things but should still fit plenty of the essentials, including your ID, bank cards, and a small snack.

It’s made of high-quality materials that are durable, breathable, and made to last. The strap is stretchy and is fully adjustable in size. All in all, this running belt is a simple solution that’s ideal for hiking, running, camping, and shopping.

That said, it’s not as comfortable as some of the hydration belts on this list. It’s more of a compact version of a traditional fanny pack case. Also, the elasticated band material of this running belt could slide down from your waist, so you have to be careful what you keep inside while out on a run.

  • Fully adjustable strap
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Features two zippered pockets for storage
  • Holds all of the essentials, including your phone and wallet
  • Great for travelling
  • Elasticated band material could slide down from your waist
  • May not be as comfortable as other designs
No products found.

8. Befekt Gears Waterproof (Best Large Capacity)

Befekt Gears Waterproof

The Befekt Gears Running Belt is excellent for those who like to carry a few critical things around without the hassle of a backpack. It has a large capacity and is an excellent solution if you have several things to carry or a larger smartphone.


One of the great things that makes this one of the best running belts is that it’s fully waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about sweating through it or getting caught in the rain. It’s adjustable and has a flexible elastic strap that goes around your waist.

On the front of this running belt are two zippered pockets, and on the back, there is a mesh pocket the perfect size to hold water bottles, although doing so makes the pack rather bulky. It also has a reflective strip for safety while out on a run and is designed to be wide to fit your hip curve.

However, with a large capacity running waist belt of this size, it can quickly become too bulky and get in the way of your exercise routine. It also tends to move about while you’re running, so it may not be the best choice for dedicated joggers.

  • Fully water-resistant
  • Large storage compartments, including one for water bottles
  • Zippered pocket and a headphone hole
  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • Protects your phone and other equipment from sweat
  • May be too bulky
  • Metal zippers may clink together when you run

9. CrosFace Universal (Best Universal Size)

CrosFace Universal

The CrosFace Universal Running Belt features a flip belt design with a continuous belt of stretchy fabric that rests on your waist. It consists of one large size pocket with fabric that folds over the top to hold your contents in place.


Many runners find that this type of design is the most comfortable for taking out on a jog. It hugs your midsection snugly while providing you with a place to keep your phone, ID, and keys. It’s practical and secure enough to prevent chafing and bouncing.

This hydration belt is stretchy and adjustable, so it works for most people. Plus, it’s narrow and not bulky, so you can put it on and forget about it while you’re out and about. Your items inside are easy to access, and it’s perfect for carrying your phone around and some headphones for listening to music while working out.

For some, you’ll have to be careful as this hydration belt has a relatively tight fit and can restrict your breathing a bit. The other tradeoff is that you’re getting comfort in exchange for security, as heavier equipment can fall out during strenuous activity.

  • Comfortable size and easy to use
  • No zippers or clasps to worry about
  • Securely hugs your midsection
  • Easy access to your equipment
  • Perfect for running with your phone, headphones, and music
  • Heavier items can jostle and fall out
  • May fit quite tight

10. Sport2people Adjustable (Best Fanny Pack Design)

Sport2people Adjustable

The sport2people running belt features a simple adjustable belt with a clasp and two attached pouches. One pouch is large enough to fit your phone, while the other is about the size of your UK bank card.


While this running belt is another in the style of a fanny pack, it’s small enough you can conceal it under your shirt. It’s a convenient way to store your essentials at concerts or other crowded events.

The pockets are expandable and zippered to ensure your things will never fall out. It’s also water-resistant, and the unique shaped zippers keep water out. Overall, it’s a simple and effective solution.

Nevertheless, the sport2people running belt uses a traditional and bulky clasp that can be uncomfortable when worn for a long time. Also, the pockets are not designed to fit larger phones.

  • Fully adjustable belt design
  • Two zippered pockets for storage
  • Water-resistant
  • Attractive design
  • Large enough to fit your phone, UK bank cards, and other things
  • Bulky clasp can cause chafing
  • The pockets may not be large enough for some phones

What to Look For in the Best Running Belt

young man running in the woods

With so many running belts on the market, it’s difficult to find one that’s right for you. On top of that, there are many hydration belts from different brands that seem very similar. However, there may be more differences than you think. What’s more, the best running belts for marathon running may not be the same ones you would choose for your morning jog. You should check out running belt reviews to see what other people like, but there are also some essential factors to consider.

Find the Right Fit for You

One of the most significant challenges you might face when looking for the best running belt in the UK is finding the right fit for you.

With this in mind, it helps to measure your waist and hips to see what kind of running belt will work for you. Flip belt style running belts but may not work for everyone as they have to sit on your hips to stay secure and cannot be adjusted. In general, look for a belt with a pouch positioned low, to the front, and at the widest part of your hips.

Consider Material Types

Another vital thing to consider is what fabric and other materials the running waist belt are made out of. Traditional fabric straps like the ones used on backpacks can be uncomfortable if worn for extended periods. Also, they don’t tend to breathe and can cause chafing.

On the other hand, materials like neoprene are soft and pliable. They’re also lightweight and less bulky. However, you’ll often need to find a balance between comfort and durability depending on if you’re using the belt primarily for running or for its general utility.

Think About How Much Space You Need

For running, it’s nice to have a smartphone and some headphones to play music. You’ll also likely need to bring your keys and other valuables with you. If these are the only things you need, a simple and narrow running belt could be all you need.

However, if you’d like to use your running waist belt for other things, such as for travelling, you may prefer one with a larger pouch. It’s also crucial to consider things like accessibility. Can you change the music on your phone easily with it stored in your belt, or is it a hassle? Also, a headphone port comes in handy when using corded headphones.

Look For Hydration Features

Staying hydrated while out on a run is vital to reduce fatigue and avoid heatstroke. But not all running belts are equipped for carrying water. Of course, for casual runs or your morning jog, taking a bulky water bottle with you may not be practical.

Nonetheless, for longer runs, you’ll need a way to carry your hydration solution with you. The best running hydration belt for you may have holsters for water bottles, or even clips or pouches. When deciding, think about how easy it will be to access your water without spilling it or slowing your run down.


exercise bag with workout essentials

Several of the running belts we’ve featured in this article are simple flip belts without many extras. Simplicity is often the way to go, particularly if you only plan to use your belt for running.

That said if you prefer a more versatile option for use while camping, travelling, and at crowded concerts, don’t shy away from the extras. Often, small details like interior pockets for your ID, headphone ports, and key fobs are handy to have as long as you plan on using them.

How Do I Choose a Running Belt?

Choosing the running waist belt that’s best for you comes down to what you plan to use it for. For instance, if it’s only for running, a simple flip belt might be best, but if you’d like it for other activities, it might be best to look for additional features.

What are you planning to carry on the belt? Is it big enough to carry your phone? Do you need a pocket or clip for a water bottle? How easily do I need to be able to access my stuff? Answering these questions will help you to determine the size and weight of the belt that’s best for you.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the overall best running belt UK stores have to offer is the Stashbandz Unisex Running Belt. It’s perfect for men and women and offers the comfort and versatility you need for any kind of running situation. What’s more, it comes in all sorts of different colours.

The Stashbandz Running Belt ticks all of the boxes. It’s flexible, comfortable, and considerably wider than most flip belts. It easily carries everything you need (including a large phone) while being durable, washable, and sweat-absorbing. It’s a comfortable running waist belt with a lot to offer.

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