Best Safety Razor Reviews UK 2023 – Top 7 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

Using a razor to shave that doesn’t cause any irritation is something most people are looking for. It can be frustrating when you’re looking for that clean, smooth shave but end up with any red bumps or other signs of irritation.

If you’re using a conventional razor, switching to a safety razor may help you avoid any irritation you’re experiencing. However, with so many options on the market today, it can be challenging to choose a safety razor that’s the right fit for you.

Before you throw away your old razor and get the best safety razor, check out some of our top picks.

Best Safety Razor Reviews – Top 7 Picks

1. Wilkinson Sword Double Edge (Editor’s Choice)

Wilkinson Sword Double Edge

This double edge safety razor is a product that exudes elegance with its chrome razor and stainless steel handle. Don’t be fooled by this razor’s elegant design; it is still a high-performing razor that will give you that barbershop shave from the comfort of your own home.


Wilkinson Sword has been a staple in the razor community since 1772. This razor comes with a 47 mm blade that is very easy to use. It’s great for a full shave as well as trimming in between full shaves.

When you get this product, you’ll receive five blades to replace each blade when it becomes dull. Replacing the blades is easy. All you have to do is twist the bottom of the handle, which will open the doors. You’ll then place the blades inside carefully before turning the bottom of the handle back so it’s tight.

There is a butterfly locking mechanism in place to keep users safe. This way, the blade cannot come out without repeating the process above. Also, be sure to use a shaving cream of other lubrication because there are no lubricating strips on the blades.

  • Barbershop shave
  • Trusted brand
  • Butterfly locking mechanism
  • When shaving you may need a shaving cream

2. Edwin Jagger Kelvin Chrome Plated Double Edge (Best for Newbies)

Edwin Jagger Kelvin Chrome Plated Double Edge

These razors are handcrafted in Sheffield, England. This family-owned and operated company strives to create razors that are not only stylish but effective. They use a combination of traditional and contemporary shaving materials and techniques to design the perfect safety razor for customers.


Their Kelvin chrome double edge razor is a rather luxurious razor that provides you with a comfortable shave every time. In addition, the perfect balance between the handle and razor makes this an excellent choice for beginning and advanced double edge wet shavers.

If you’re looking for a razor that offers more than a one size fits all option, this may be the razor for you. There are three options to choose from depending on your preference. The height and width of the razor stay constant with a height of 25 mm and a width of 41 mm.

The handle is where you see more options. You can choose the three handle length sizes from 83 mm, 95 mm, and 100 mm. Regardless of the length you choose, each comes with a knurled pattern for an improved grip.

When it’s time to replace your dull blade, this razor is compatible with all Edwin Jagger double edge blades.

  • Knurled handle pattern
  • Variety of handle length options
  • Double edge razor
  • Might not include extra blades

3. Bambaw Double Edge (Best Bamboo)

Bambaw Double Edge

Bambaw’s double edge safety razor is one of the more unique options out there. While many products focus on stainless steel handles, this product has a bamboo handle. In addition to using environmentally friendly bamboo, they take other steps to make the entire product ecologically friendly.


Manufacturers designed this product to decrease the amount of irritation that you experience when shaving. In addition, it’s known to help reduce the risk of ingrown hairs, which can be unpleasant.

To increase the durability of this product, manufacturers utilised bamboo for the razor’s handle and stainless steel for the blade head. Therefore, it should last you a lifetime.

The handle size on this product is 115 mm, and the bamboo makes it difficult for it to slip when you’re using it. This non-slip handle can help prevent accidental cuts when shaving. Another safety mechanism in place is the closed comb head.

To be more environmentally conscious, each razor ships to you without any plastic. Instead, the box is made of cardboard and contains zero plastic wrappings on the razor. You’ll even receive a shaving manual with it so you can safely use this razor regardless of skill level.

  • Non-slip bamboo handle
  • Shaving manual
  • Zero plastic wrappings
  • The handle may not be the correct size for everyone

4. Earnest James Longshanks Extra Long (Luxury Choice)

Earnest James Longshanks Extra Long

Longshanks razors are by the well-known Earnest James in Sheffield, England. Their extra-long double edge safety razor is one of their more superior products that give you a shave similar to the close shave your grandfather had and is one of the best double edge razor blades you can find.


This product comes equipped with an improved handle grip to avoid slipping when shaving. As well as the enhanced grip, these handles are extra long, which makes them easier to use, especially for those with larger hands.

This razor was designed with chrome and stainless steel to give a classic look. Besides looking incredibly sleek, the materials used help the product avoid corrosion and scratches.

Males and females can use the same razors, but many companies only market their products to males. This specific razor advertises that it’s not only fantastic for men but women too. This razor contains zero plastic which allows the product to be more durable as well as sustainable.

  • Advertised for women and men
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • May rust if not correctly taken care of

5. Kanzy Manual Single Blade (Best Value)

Kanzy Manual Single Blade

This safety razor is a metal, reusable razor that comes with the perfect case to store your razor correctly.


This product has a micro comb that should give you a closer and more smooth shave when wet shaving. The handle’s curved design gives your razor a beautiful look so you can feel like you’re shaving with the nicest looking razor there is.

A feature that this razor comes with is that it’s not just in one finish. You can go with Kanzy’s classic and most popular silver-coloured metal or their butterfly rose gold. Both finishes have the same features.

The handle on this product is 95 mm making it an excellent choice for any hand size. While you can use this razor on any body hair, the design makes it almost perfect for trimming a beard and sideburns.

The case that this razor comes makes it incredibly easy to travel with and keeps the razor in top condition for longer. In addition, there is a mirror fixed inside the case that adds to the beauty of this product.

  • Fixed mirror inside the case
  • Two colour finishes
  • Curved handle design
  • May only include directions for shaving beards

6. Bambaw Rose Gold (Best for Women)

Bambaw Rose Gold MetalThe Bamabaw safety razor is a top-quality choice designed specifically for women. It makes a great pick if you are looking for an all-metal safety razor with a good amount of weight to help secure your grip on the handle.


The Bambaw Women’s safety razor is available in either rose gold or silver solid metal design. It features a double-edged razor with a closed comb and a long, thin handle. The handle has stylish looking indents to increase grip, even when the razor is wet and soapy.

This safety razor was specifically designed to reduce the overall waste created by shaving. Aside from being reusable, it also comes with a link for a paperless user manual containing a wide variety of pro tips for care, recycling the razor’s parts, how to get the closest shave, and more. It also comes with a 5-year warranty to back craftsmanship.

We chose this safety razor for our best-of list due to all of the traits we listed above but be aware, no additional razor blades come included with your purchase. In addition, the threading used to screw in the handle may strip and prove to be less durable over time.

  • Comes in rose gold or silver stainless steel
  • Easy to grip long handle
  • Designed for women
  • 5-year extended warranty
  • Extensive paperless user manual
  • May have to buy additional blades separately
  • Threading may prove to be less durable over time

7. Jungle Culture Double Edge (Best Eco-Friendly)

Jungle Culture Double Edge

Jungle Culture is an established British company that offers the best eco-friendly double edge razor on the market. Using a safety razor is automatically more environmentally friendly than regularly using plastic razors, but this company takes it to the next level.


Their unisex razors come in three pastel colours, including a light blue, pale pink, or mint, perfect for every shaver. This company makes their razors with a durable chrome that is much more sustainable than plastic razors. The ergonomic handle makes this razor easy to use even when your hands are wet.

It’s not just the razor itself that is sustainable. The packaging of your new double edge razor comes in matches the colour you chose, and it never shipped with any plastic. You’ll also receive a hessian travel bag with it so you can safely travel with this razor.

A small percentage of all sales from these razors go toward the restoration and preservation of our planet.

  • Hessian travel bag
  • Percentage of sales go towards saving the environment
  • Unique colours
  • Controlling the razor might be tricky

What to Look For in a Safety Razor

young man shaving his beard in front of mirror

With several razors available nowadays, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before you make your investment.


One of the first things you’ll want to consider before getting a new razor is the material. Most of the razors we’ve reviewed are all entirely or in some parts made of stainless steel or chrome.

If you’re looking for a classic appearance, sticking with a fully stainless steel razor may be the best for you. On the other hand, if you’re searching for something a little more sustainable, a bamboo handle is the way to go.


The handle and blade size are other things you’ll want to consider. If you have larger hands, finding one with a larger handle size might be a good option for you. For women or men with smaller hands, having a smaller handle can allow for more control.

Things Included as Standard

man shaving his beard

Some products come with additional razor blades when you get the razor. If that’s something important to you, you’ll want to find a razor that includes extra blades.

Other razors come with cases or travel bags. If you are more interested in those additional products, you’ll want to look into products that offer those.

The Verdict

While you can’t go wrong with any of the choices on this list, the winner for the best safety razor has to be the Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Razor.

Wilkinson Sword is a long-lasting and trusted brand that has been giving its customers one of the best shaves of their life. Every time you shave with a sharp blade, you’ll get a shave as if you went to a professional and have one of the safest razors available. If you don’t believe us, believe the countless, fantastic safety razor reviews this product received.

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