Best Salt Lamp Reviews UK 2023 – Top 7 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

The warm glow of a salt lamp can create a relaxing atmosphere and help lower your stress levels. These lamps use a piece of rock salt, typically from the Himalayas.

Himalayan rock salt is easy to recognise, thanks to its pink or orange hue. Manufacturers carve the rock salt to add a bulb inside, which creates a soft and warm glow when you light up the lamp.

Salt lamps are a nice addition to your home decor. The texture of the crystal adds a rugged and natural look that you can contrast with softer textures like a draped tapestry for the ultimate bohemian or new age look.

Read on for our salt lamp reviews and buying guide on how to choose the best salt lamp!

Best Salt Lamp Reviews – Top 7 Picks

1. Magic Salt Original Himalayan (Editor’s Choice)

Magic Salt Original HimalayanThis salt lamp stands out, thanks to the quality of its wooden base, its natural look, and the soft glow it emits. We think it’s the best salt lamp if you want a product that showcases the natural beauty of rock salt. Additionally, the handcrafted design of this salt lamp gives it a unique look while preserving the beautiful shape of rock salt.


The lamp features a gorgeous wooden base with a polished finish. The smooth surface of the base creates an interesting contrast with the rugged texture of the rock salt. Besides, the wooden base keeps the lamp stable and allows you to set it up on any surface in your room.

There’s a durable halogen bulb inside the lamp, and you can choose from different sizes and weights. The smallest lamp available weighs 2kg, and the largest one weighs 7kg.

  • Handcrafted item
  • Wooden base
  • Halogen bulb burns bright
  • May not have much info on different sizes

2. The Body Source (Luxury Choice)

The Body SourceThis product is the best salt lamp if you want to adjust the brightness of your new light fixture since it comes with a dimmer switch. We love the natural look of this handcrafted item and think this lamp would make a great gift. Made from high-quality rock salt from Pakistan, this lamp showcases the natural beauty and soft orange hue of the crystal.


The dimmer switch is a noteworthy feature; you can use this switch to control how bright the lamp’s glow is. This feature makes the lamp more versatile since you can turn the brightness down to add a soft night light to your bedroom.

There are three sizes to choose from, ranging from 2kg to 7kg. There is a length 166cm cord, so you should have to worry about extension leads. The lamp also comes fully assembled, and the 15-watt light bulb is already inside the lamp, which makes it an excellent option for a gift.

  • Dimmable switch feature
  • Three sizes to choose from
  • Sturdy wooden base
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Shape may vary

3. Needs&Gifts Original (Best Value)

Needs&Gifts OriginalYou can create a relaxing atmosphere with this Himalayan rock salt lamp. It comes with durable electric fittings and a gorgeous piece of Himalayan rock salt that will illuminate your home with a soft pink or orange glow.


This salt lamp comes with a standard cable, a switch, and a 15-watt bulb. It’s a reasonably small light fixture that weighs 2 or 3kg and measures 17-21 cm in height.

Note that the colour of the lamp can vary. You’ll get a unique item, and the colour of the rock salt can be brighter or darker; it can range from pink to orange in terms of hue.

The lamp comes with a wooden base that uses a simple design. It complements the natural look of the rock salt and will look great in any home.

  • Small rock salt lamp, ideal for a discreet addition to your home decor
  • Quality electric fittings
  • Creates a natural and relaxing atmosphere
  • Wooden base might not look very sophisticated

4. SourceDIY Pink Crystal (Best with Options)

SourceDIY Pink CrystalSourceDIY offers lots of different buying options so you can find the best Himalayan salt lamp for your needs. You can choose between a simple on/off switch or order a lamp with a dimmer feature besides selecting the size you want. This feature allows you to control the brightness of your salt lamp and makes it more versatile.


This high-quality lamp features salt crystals from the Himalayas. We like this lamp because its design emphasises the rough texture of the rock salt.

You can get different colours, ranging from light pink to orange and even deep red. It’s the perfect addition to your home decor if you want to add a touch of warm colour.

The manufacturer uses heat shrinking to laminate this product and make it more durable. They also attach the rock salt to the sturdy wooden base with an invisible screw. It’s a durable design, and you can move or store the lamp easily without worrying about damaging it.

You can also choose from six different sizes. The smallest lamp is a nice accent for your desk at 2 or 3kg, while the largest lamp will become a central point of focus for your home decor at 20 to 25kg. These lamps come with a standard cord and a 15-watt bulb.

  • Durable design and construction
  • More lamp sizes to choose from
  • Comes with an on/off button or dimmable switch
  • Base might look large, especially on the smaller lamps

5. Nyxi Himalayan (Best with Dimmer Switch)

Nyxi HimalayanThis salt lamp features a dark base that looks discreet while enhancing the soft glow of the lamp. The dimmer switch feature is a great addition that lets you control the brightness of this light fixture.


We like this salt lamp because it features a beautiful piece of rock salt with an orange hue. The dark base of the lamp looks very discreet, while its colour creates a contrast with the warm hue of the lamp. It also helps with making the lamp stable.

The 1.5m cable is convenient and gives you enough range to set up the lamp anywhere you want. There are four sizes to choose from, with the smallest size weighing 2-3kg. If you don’t want your salt lamp to look like a small accent, opt for the largest model at 10 to 12kg to set the mood in a larger room.

The dimmer switch is an interesting feature. It’s a dial that gives you precise control over how bright the lamp is. You can turn it down to get a soft glow at night or draw attention to the natural beauty of the crystal.

  • The dark base creates a beautiful contrast
  • Four sizes to choose from
  • Discreet and stable base
  • Dimmable with precise controls
  • Base could look tall on the smallest model

6. Levoit Premium (Best with Wooden Base)

Levoit PremiumThe design of this lamp puts the natural look for the salt crystal forward by using a small wooden base. We like the dimmer feature and soothing effect of this lamp. This salt lamp from Levoit features high-quality rock salt from Pakistan. You’ll get a beautiful piece of rock salt that looks unique.


The lamp is around 27cm high and weighs between two and three kilograms. It comes with a 2m cord for extra convenience, meaning that you don’t have to set up your lamp right next to a power outlet.

The base of the lamp uses rubberwood. It’s a very durable material that won’t shrink or crack, making the lamp very durable. The natural grain of the wood is a nice addition to the design of the lamp.

You can control the lamp with a tap and hold button. You can adjust the brightness of the incandescent bulb depending on the ambience you want to create. You’ll also get two replacement bulbs with this lamp.

  • Showcases the beauty of Himalayan rock salt
  • Tap and hold control to adjust brightness
  • Comes with additional bulbs
  • Includes a 2-metre cord
  • Base features the brand’s logo, which may be unsightly to some

7. LIVIVO Deluxe (Best with LED Flame Effect)

LIVIVO DeluxeWe like the modern design of this salt lamp, and additional features like the different LED modes make it an interesting gift. It’s a beautiful handcrafted item that mixes the traditional look of Himalayan rock salt with modern features like LED flame effects. The modern design of this lamp makes it a great addition to your home decor.


You’ll find a built-in touch sensor built in the wooden base that you can use to turn the lamp on and off or select one of the different modes. It’s a unique feature that enables you to completely hide the power cable and still have access to the touch control.

The lamp comes with a USB power cable. There is an adapter for plugging it into a regular outlet, but you can also power your lamp through a USB outlet.

The LED lights are durable and will help reduce your power consumption. You can switch between four different modes, including a full brightness mode, a dimmed mode, and two flame effects. The flame effects have different speeds and help create a relaxing atmosphere by making the light dance on the walls.

The lamp weighs between five and six kilograms, and it comes in a beautiful box that makes a great gift.

  • LED light with four modes
  • Includes flickering flame effects
  • Built-in touch sensor
  • USB power cable
  • May not have any size options

What to Look For in a Salt Lamp

Here are some of the most important features to consider when shopping for the best salt lamp for your home.


decorative lighting made with Himalayan rock saltIt’s important to consider how and when you will use your rock salt lamp. Aside from being an excellent addition to your home decor, it is also great for ambience lighting since these lamps create a warm glow. In this case, you should also consider features like dimmer switches to make your salt lamp more versatile and use it as a night light.

Besides producing a soft and relaxing glow, your Himalayan salt lamp could have some health benefits. There isn’t enough research to confirm it, but salt lamps could improve air quality. It’s also possible that salt lamps could help with mood and sleep quality.

Size and Weight

Rock salt is a type of sedimentary rock that forms when saltwater evaporates. Himalayan rock salt has a unique pink or orange colour due to additional minerals.

On average, rock salt weighs around 36kg per cubic foot. It’s not a heavy material, but keep in mind that the larger model will require a sturdy surface. If you want a lamp that you plan on setting up on a small shelf or glass coffee table, it’s best to choose a smaller model.

Design and Quality

base and electric fittings of lampNo two salt lamps are the same. Manufacturers use blocks of rock salt to carve these lamps, and each product has a unique shape. Colour can also vary from pink to orange. Salt lamps are a great option if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind item.

The lamps we reviewed above come from manufacturers that select pieces of rock salt with an aesthetic shape. Always look at a few pictures before ordering a salt lamp to get a feel for the pieces the manufacturer selects.

You’ll find three main elements in a salt lamp, including the rock salt itself, the electric fittings, and the base. The electric fittings, including the bulb assembly, power cord, and control, should be durable. It should be easy to remove the rock salt element to replace the bulb.

A quality salt lamp should have a sturdy base that keeps the lamp stable. It’s fine to opt for a lamp with a discreet base, but some colours and material can enhance the look of the salt crystal.


A Himalayan salt lamp is a fun and relaxing addition to your home decor with its soft glow and warm pink or orange hue. The natural look for the rock salt will stand out and create a feel of ruggedness. It’s a great addition to hippie, bohemian, or natural decors.

We believe the Magic Salt Original Himalayan would make the best salt lamp for most homeowners because it comes in different sizes and does an amazing job of showcasing the beauty of rock salt. The polished wooden base is a gorgeous addition, and the halogen bulb will make the lamp shine bright.

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