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Best Sander in the UK 2020

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Makita DBO18OZ Cordless Orbit

Makita DBO18OZ Cordless Orbit

Editor's choice

Makita BO3710 240V 1/3-inch Sheet Orbital

Makita BO3710 240V One Third-Inch Sheet Orbital

Best Value

Bosch PEX 220 A Random Orbit

Bosch PEX 220 A Random Orbit

A sander is a great power tool to have in your arsenal. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional carpenter, sanders can be used for a wide variety of woodworking projects and allow you to finish materials with a clean, smooth surface. In this guide, we have found the best sander available in the UK, together with nine other high-quality options.

We look at the main features of each sander, their pros, and cons, and have also created a buying guide so you understand the important features of this type of power tool. We include some of the best sanders we could find from orbital sanders, belt sanders and even a mouse sander. Read on to hear more about our top 10 recommendations.

Best Sander Reviews – Top 10 Picks

The Makita BO3710 is our choice for the best electric sander. If you need a durable and well-built product that can tackle a variety of DIY projects and surfaces, this is an excellent choice. It has a good set of features and is comfortable to use.


This random orbit sander from Makita has a motor capable of 22,000 strokes per minute, or 11,000 OPM. This means it among the most powerful orbital sanders, and can be used for a great array of materials and surfaces.

The dust system faces the rear of these power sanders and is easy to change – it also has a decent carrying capacity.

To change the paper, this orbital sander has a large clamping system that you can operate and change instantly. For operation, there is also a large trigger that can be operated using two fingers.

Although this is our top choice, it does have a few issues. Firstly, the zip on the dust-sealed bag could be difficult to open when it needs changing. Also, although it is dust-sealed, some debris may still escape but it is an effective system overall.


  • Can operate at 11,000 orbits per minute
  • Has a built-in dust collection mechanism
  • Has double insulation for reduced vibration
  • Easy sandpaper installation
  • Simple ignition and operation


  • Some may find the zip on the dust bag difficult to open
  • The dust collection may not be 100% effective
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The Makita DBO18OZ is the best hand sander due to its compact size and lightweight frame. If you don’t want a large and bulky product, this Makita random orbit sander could be the ideal choice. It has a robust shell and is incredibly durable, but it also performs well on most surfaces.


This random orbital sander has three-speed options of 7000, 9500, or 11,000 OPM which provides good versatility. This equates to a standing stroke rate of 14,000, 19,000, or 22,000 per minute.

The compact design means you don’t have to exert much pressure, and your hand should feel minimal pressure from the rounded, textured handle and top grip. It also has a loop system for quick paper changes.

The debris collection bag is located at the rear of this random orbital sander and is easy to clean out and detach. For operation, this orbital sander uses 125mm, 8 hole hook, and loop paper.

This Makita product is one of the best sanders for wood, but it’s not perfect. Firstly, it may not be suitable for sanding larger areas due to its limited motor. Also, some product reviews have stated that the battery life could be better.


  • Has a connectable dust extractor
  • Has both hook and loop paper fastenings
  • Can operate at up to 22,000 strokes per minute
  • Has three variable speed settings
  • Relatively lightweight and compact


  • May not be suitable for sanding large areas
  • The battery charge could be better
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The Bosch PEX 220 is one of the best orbital sander tools available and is our best value choice. It is a compact random orbit sander and has a simple system that allows you to easily change the sanding discs. Also, this random orbit product can be used one-handed and has minimal vibrations during operation.


The Bosch PEX 220 is among the top random orbital sanders and has a comfortable top panel that is easy to grip. It has a textured surface to prevent slips and has rounded edges to reduce central pressure on your hand.

This random orbital sander also has a decent 220W motor which can tackle many different surfaces. The sanding plate is equipped with a Velcro-type fastening so you can easily replace the paper.

To reduce the chance of harm, it also has a low vibration emission value. Additionally, it has a rear dust extraction unit that is easy to unclip and provides an effective removal system. This random orbit sander also has a top stroke rate of 24,000 OPM.

This Bosch product is one of the best orbital sanders for great value, but it may have a couple of drawbacks. For example, it only has a one-speed setting and no variable speed function. Also, applying too much pressure could slow down, and even stop the sanding function.


  • Has a powerful 220W motor
  • Has a soft grip for comfortable usage
  • Has a built-in dust extraction mechanism
  • Vibration is reduced to just ah-3.5m p/second
  • Easy one-hand operation


  • Only has a one-speed setting
  • Exerting too much pressure could cause the sandpaper to slow down
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The BLACK and DECKER KA900E is the best sander for furniture, due to its long sanding belt and rectangular design. Using the long rectangular belt sander, you can easily sand furniture with sharp corners and square angles. It is also comfortable to use due to its rubber over-mould grip and curved handle.


The BLACK and DECKER sander has a strong 350W motor that enables you to quickly sand objects with minimal pressure. It also has a good design that can be used with a single hand.

This BLACK and DECKER product has a variable speed control so you can change the sanding function to suit whatever object or surface you are working on.

For dust extraction, it has a BLACK and DECKER cyclonic action removal process that is attached to a circular canister. This quickly removes dust and ensures you are not breathing-in harmful shavings.

This BLACK and DECKER product is a good choice for furniture, but it could have a few drawbacks. Firstly, the sandpaper belts could break easily under extensive pressure. Also, this sanders belt may often need readjustment and tightening to improve the tension.


  • Powerful 350W motor
  • Has a variety of speed settings for greater control
  • The cyclonic dust canister helps remove dust when using this tool
  • Has a narrow sanding belt which is ideal for sharpening and shaping
  • Can be used comfortably in one hand


  • You may find that the sanding belts break easily
  • The belt may lose tension and need readjusting
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The TACKLIFE 600W is our choice for the best belt sander. It could also be the best sander for wood as they can be used handheld but also fixed to a workbench. This versatile product could be used to sand small pieces of wood when fixed in position, but also to sand furniture and large wooden objects with ease.


This belt sander is a two-handed device – one hand on the top grip, and the other holding the trigger at the back. Regardless, it is still comfortable to operate due to the soft grip materials and rounded edges.

There is also a dust box that can be detached. The belt sander’s sandpaper is clamped in-place using two metal clamps that are easy to unscrew but still provide a stable connection.

Also, this belt sander has two different vacuum attachments so you can attach it directly to your vacuum cleaner for a more efficient dust extraction process. The sanders attachments are 32mm and 35mm.

When using this belt sander, you may find the belt is tricky to align – take time and ensure it is properly fitted. Also, this belt sander may not have the best noise-cancelling features and it could be noisy to use.


  • Can be fixed to a work surface to use as a bench sander
  • Comes with multiple sandpaper belts
  • This tool has a 5 amp motor for excellent power
  • Has a detachable dust collection system
  • You can change the speed to six different settings


  • You may find the belts difficult to align on these belt sanders
  • It may have a loud operation with minimal noise cancellation
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The Bosch PSM 18 is our pick for the best multi sander. It is a solid product and is versatile due to its head system which allows you to attach other Bosch sanding heads. It can therefore be used for a variety of projects like stripping paint, sanding wood, and even cutting with the right attachment.


This sander has a removable head that can be equipped with a huge range of Bosch items for different purposes. This includes a range of sanding heads, together with various cutting heads.

The motor operates at an oscillation of 22,000 p/min and the head has a total sanding area of 104cm squared. It is a cordless random orbital sander and requires an 18V Lithium-ion battery (which is not supplied).

The design is compact and ergonomic. It can be used in a single hand, and the main grip section is covered in a textured material. It also has decent anti-vibration technology to improve comfort for prolonged usage.

This Bosch product is one of the best power tools but it does have a few issues. Firstly, the dust box may not be 100% sealed and you may find a small amount of dust still escapes. Also, you must buy the battery and charger separately which you may find inconvenient.


  • Has a small and lightweight build
  • Can attach other sanding heads for greater versatility
  • The sanding disks are easy to replace
  • Has an ergonomic soft-grip handle
  • The microfilter system box allows dust collection


  • You may find that dust can still leak from the collection box
  • The standard product may not come with a battery or charger
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The Ryobi R18ROS is one of the best orbital sander products available. It has a hook and loop system so you can easily find the sanding discs but is also small and compact. To ensure prolonged usage, it also comes with a three-piece sanding disk pack.


This sander is battery powered and a full battery charge should last for approximately 45 minutes. To monitor battery life, it has a monitor that shows the current power level.

This random orbital sander is incredibly small and can easily be used one-handed. It also has a textured top panel piece that will comfortably fit most hand sizes. The debris bag is at the rear of the sander and is simple to change.

For most light operations like paint removal and fine detail finishing, this is a solid and well-made product.

This random orbit sander is a good product but it does have a few drawbacks. For example, its motor may not stand up for use on tougher projects. Also, it may be quite noisy during operation.


  • Has a compact palm-grip handle for comfortable use
  • The live tool power indicator helps keep track of battery power
  • The battery should last for up to 45 minutes
  • This tool also helps prevent swirl marks
  • Quick hook and loop sandpaper attachment


  • May not be suitable for tougher sanding projects
  • Could be relatively noisy during operation
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The TACKLIFE 350W random orbit sander is a small and compact product and is the best mouse sander on this list. The rubber grip and top handle allow you to easily use this sander and any user would find it simple to operate whether you are a hobbyist or serious DIY expert.


The TACKLIFE 350W has a decent motor capable of 13,000 OPM. This gives enough power for most tasks without having to apply too much pressure. It also has a variable speed dial which allows you to change between six-speed options.

This random orbital sander also has a smooth, rounded handgrip that moulds to the shape of your hand and enables a firm, but comfortable grip. The design of the sanding head also allows you to reach difficult positions and have good control over the sanding process.

The standard kit comes with 12.5-inch discs. Also, each 5-inch disc is long-lasting and highly durable. Finally, this sander features precision engineering and ball-bearing construction to help reduce vibration.

This is one of the best random orbital sanders, but it may not be perfect. For example, some people could find the dust collector difficult to install. Also, this tool could have a relatively noisy operation.


  • Has a powerful 13,000 OPM motor
  • Comes with a good collection of sandpaper
  • The ergonomic design is easy and comfortable to use
  • Precision engineering helps reduce vibrations
  • Can be used for various applications


  • Some people may find the dust box hard to install
  • This may not be the quietest of tools
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The DeWALT DWE6411-GB sander is a solid product and is the best palm sander featured on this list. This sander has one of the best random orbital sander motors at 14,000 RPM, and a hook and loop pattern to allow for quick sanding paper changes.


The DeWALT DWE6411-GB has a motor capable of 14,000 OPM, which helps create a superior finish on your sanded items. The paper change mechanism is also incredibly easy to operate and you can change the paper in seconds.

The top has a textured surface and is made from anti-slip material. This means you can keep a solid grip when using this sander, and do not risk slipping and causing harm.

The various parts are also sealed against dust which helps improve the longevity of the sander. There is also a large collection bag at the back end of the sander which can be quickly changed. Overall, this is a simple sander that any user can comfortably get to grips with.

This DeWALT product is one of the best sanders for wood, but it does have a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, the dust bag is not 100% infallible. You could find that some small dust particles still escape. Also, this sander may not be the best for stripping paint from surfaces.


  • The motor operates at 14,000 OPM
  • Has a hook and loop plate for quick sanding disk changes
  • The textured grip and surface makes it easy to hold
  • Has a high-capacity dust bag
  • The dual-plane counter-balanced design helps minimize vibrations


  • You may find that some dust still escapes the bag
  • May take longer to strip paint from surfaces
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The TACKLIFE detail sander is among the best random orbital sander models available. If you want a simple compact device that takes up minimal space and offers a comfortable operation, this is a fantastic option.


This random orbital sander has a powerful motor capable of 12,000 OPM. Also, it operates at 130W and has a 2mm working pendulum diameter which gives it greater efficiency.

For dust removal, it has zinc-aluminium vacuum fan blades which suck the dust from your work area. This dust is collected into a rear compartment that can easily be emptied.

The design of this random orbital sander is comfortable due to the rounded top handle, and it is lightweight too. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the device, and always wear protective goggles to prevent eye injuries.

This random orbit sander could have a few issues, however. The dust collector, for example, could fall off and may need securing with tape. Additionally, the sanding disks could wear out quickly, particularly on the front edge.


  • Has a small design for one-handed usage
  • Comes with 12 pieces of sandpaper
  • The handheld parts are rounded to minimize pressure
  • Has a powerful motor that runs at 12,000 OPM
  • The zinc-aluminium vacuum fan blades help remove dust


  • You may find that the dust collector falls off
  • The front tips of the sandpaper pads may wear out too fast
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How to Choose the Best Sander

As you can see, a power sander is not an easy thing to choose! There are many different types of sanders available and each one has different design features. To help, we have created a short buying guide so you can choose the right item for your sanding jobs from the electric sander reviews above.

What to Look for When Choosing a Sander?

a man shopping for a sanding machineFirst, it is important to look at the different sander features so you know what to look for. Before you look at these, however, consider what sanding jobs you intend to use the tool for. This will help you understand which sander would be most suitable.

Motor Power

One of the most important sander features is the motor. These products have an AMP motor that will propel the sandpaper at a certain revolution – sometimes shown as orbits per minute, or strokes per minute.

What power motor you require depends on what you intend to use the sander for. If for example, you are just making finishing touches, a palm sander with a less powerful AMP motor could be the best option. Alternatively, if you need to sand large areas with great force, a more powerful random orbit sander would be better.

Ease of Use

Next, you should look at the ease of use and comfort. Some sanders can be used comfortably one-handed, whereas others will require two hands to operate properly.

Also, look at the weight and dimensions of the product. If you intend to use the sander for prolonged periods, you don’t want a heavy item that will put pressure on your arms and shoulders.

Dust Collection

Most power tools can be messy to use, this is true for belt sanders and random orbital sanders. The fine dust and shavings get everywhere! As a result, choosing a sander with a dust collection system or a dust bag is advised.

Some sanders have a built-in extraction system, whereas others can be connected to your vacuum. Either way, a dust collection system is vital to help reduce mess, but also potential damage to your lungs from wood dust.

Anti-Vibration Control

When using a sander, either one-handed or two-handed, you will feel the vibrations. This is unavoidable due to the motor and how the device works.

As a result, you should look at what vibration control mechanisms each sander has. Many high-end models will have vibration reduction features that can help prevent damage to your hands from vibration.

Speed Options

Finally, look at the speed settings. Some sanders have a single-speed operation which provides less control but greater consistency.

Alternatively, many orbital sanders have a variable speed which means you can move the sanding discs at different speeds. This gives you greater control and allows you to fine-tune the standings disks to your exact needs. Generally, variable speed sanders are the better choice.

Orbit vs. Sheet Sander - Which is Better?

To help make your choice, it is important to understand the two main types of hand sanding products – orbital and sheet. If you are a woodworker, you will already know the difference.

Sheet Sander

a sanding machine in actionSheet sanders can also be known as a palm sander, file sander, or finish sander. It is mainly intended for providing those finishing touches to projects you are working on.

A palm sander has rectangular sanding pads. The sanding pad moves in a circular rotation and utilizes a back and forth motion at high-speed settings. The rectangular shape of the sandpaper makes this type of tool ideal for corners, straight lines, and edges.


  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Best for corners, edges, and curves
  • The best option for finishing touches


  • Lower amp motor
  • Not as versatile as Orbital
  • The sandpaper can leave swirl marks

Orbital Sander

an orbital machine sanding a woodOrbit sanders are similar in build and design, however, they have key differences. They are often called random orbital sanders due to the randomized motion of the sanding disks.

The randomized motion helps reduce swirl marks on the surface that sheet sanders often leave. Random orbital sanders usually have a high-speed motor that is more powerful. Also, random orbital sanders often have a dust bag, or an efficient dust control system.


  • A much more powerful AMP motor
  • Usually has a dust control system for minimal mess
  • Often has a variable speed control dial for variable speed settings
  • Offers better operator comfort


  • The rounded sandpaper means you cannot reach corners
  • Takes more care to use due to its aggressive sanding


We hope you have found this guide on the best sander useful. If you are looking for a sander for your woodworking project or DIY venture, you should now have a great idea of the wide variety of sander types available.

A sander is a handy tool to have and a great choice for any workstation or garden shed. Any of the 10 products listed above would make a high-quality option, but our top pick is the Makita BO3710 240V 1/3-inch Sheet Orbital Sander.

This effective sander Makita has developed has an excellent design, a powerful motor, and a brilliant dust collection system. It has a lock-on power button to prevent hand fatigue, and the dust collector will help prevent excessive mess.


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