Best Shower Caddy Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On December 26th, 2021

Are you in need of more bathroom space? It’s not easy to find more room for all your shower essentials, especially if you have a large family or roommates. Shower caddies aren’t just for university students, and there are some chic caddy options available to expand your storage space and keep your toiletries in check.

If you’re desperate for more organisation, read on to learn about some of the top shower caddies available. This buyer’s guide features reviews and helpful tips to pick the best shower caddy in the UK!

Best Shower Caddy Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. SONGMICS Adjustable Corner Shelf (Editor’s Choice)

SONGMICS Adjustable Corner Shelf

This four-tier system is one of the best shower caddies available and aims to solve storage problems for households with multiple bathroom essentials. Since it’s not a permanent fixture, this shelving unit even works for more temporary housing, like dorms and apartments.


It features adjustable telescopic shelves which stack on a spring tube for easy assembly and installation of this shower caddy without tools or permanent attachments. It’s easy to set the shelves at ideal heights to accommodate bottles of all shapes and sizes. The bottom tray even features a towel rack with hooks for sponges, loofahs, and more.

The tube is stainless steel sprayed with plastic, and each shelf is PP plastic with drain holes to prevent standing water and avoid rusting and mould. The assembled shower organiser is sturdy, and each tray can hold up to 3kg.

Unfortunately, even the best shower caddy in the UK has some drawbacks. Like other tension pole caddies, if you chip away the powder coating, it could rust. Also, maxing out the tray weight could lead the tension rod design of the caddy to fail over time, especially in more warm or humid climates.

  • Attractive shelving unit for any bathroom
  • Each tray can hold a maximum of 3kg
  • Built-in towel rack with hooks
  • Adjustable pole height and tray arrangement
  • Stainless steel design
  • Caddy may not hold up as well in warmer climates
  • Could prove challenging for more compact bathroom setups given the tray size

2. ShowerGem Bath Shelf (Luxury Choice)

ShowerGem Bath Shelf

When you want a low-profile shower caddy that won’t damage your shower walls, this could be a great option. Though the caddy is sold as one unit, this clear shower caddy features two separate pieces that each have three angled shelves plus a flat lower soap rack with hooks.


Instead of suction cups and tension rods, this shower caddy unit relies on water-proof adhesive that affixes to any bathroom tiles or uPVC panels. The caddy can even be removed without leaving marks behind, and you can place the pieces separately, even in different rooms.

Even better, the angled shelves of this caddy allow water to run down and keep your toiletries at an angle so that you can get the most out of each one. Furthermore, each level of the shower caddy features drainage slots, so you don’t have sitting water.

Though the ShowerGem caddy offers a lot, it doesn’t look as appealing as some other shower caddies; with a very unaesthetic, basic design. The ShowerGem doesn’t hold quite as much as other hanging shower caddies.

  • Made of rust-proof materials
  • Dishwasher safe shower caddy
  • Easy to install without tools or suction cups
  • Each half of the shower caddy can hold up to 2kg, and each shelf holds up to an 800ml bottle
  • Can be configured together or as two separate shelves
  • May not suit your taste
  • Caddy may not hold enough shower products, especially if you buy larger bottles

3. Hawsam No Drill Shelf (Best Value)

Hawsam No Drill Shelf

Hawsam’s simple yet functional design provides you with plenty of storage space in your shower and, thanks to its easy installation method with suction stickers, you won’t damage your shower stall.


This shower caddy may not look like much with its more simplistic design, but it does the job well with an impressive 19kg capacity. You probably don’t have to worry about taller shampoo or body wash bottles because there’s not much that won’t fit on one of these two shelves.

Given the open design, water won’t pool on the shelves of this caddy, but small rails prevent your shampoo bottles from sliding around. Plus, you can hang sponges and washcloths from the two lower hooks.

Hawsam may want to consider some minor upgrades to the caddy frame, namely smoothing out some edges that can be sharp. Also, the adhesive may not last as long and require an update to keep the shelf functional.

  • Simple, functional design
  • Holds up to 19kg
  • Open shelves allow water to drain properly
  • Two hooks to hold additional shower accessories, like sponges
  • Perfect for taller shampoo bottles
  • Some sharp edges could lead to cuts
  • May need to replace the suction stickers occasionally

4. RenFox Corner Shelf (Best Corner Shelving)

RenFox Corner Shelf

This pair of RenFox corner shelves can make attractive and functional additions to bathrooms and other small spaces. While it functions like other shower caddies, these shelves offer a versatile solution, and you can even separate them to fit different areas.


The triangular shape fits well in any corner, but the rounded outer edge creates a smoother look. Despite the surprisingly simplistic design, these shelves include drainage holes and plenty of room for air to circulate around your toiletries to prevent bacteria and mould build-up.

Each pair includes hardware and stickers so that you can choose how you want to install them. You also get two movable hooks on each shelf to accommodate accessories.

Though this corner shower caddy has a lot to offer, some people may not find it functional. Since you only get two shelves, it may not be enough for larger households. You may also have to use both hardware and adhesive to secure the shower caddy in some spaces.

  • Two separate shelves hold just over 9kg each
  • Can be wall-mounted with adhesive or hardware to meet your needs
  • Chic, polished appearance fits in any bathroom corner
  • Two colour choices, silver or black
  • Can be mounted separately or together
  • May need to use hardware and adhesive combo depending on where you put them
  • Could be insufficient storage for larger households

5. YUNKE Stainless Steel Shelves (Best Rust-Proof)

YUNKE Stainless Steel Shelves

Rust can be an issue for shower caddies, but this pair of stainless steel shelves by YUNKE features powder coating and an open design for proper drainage. Though this shower caddy design seems simple, it’s quite savvy with several thoughtful elements.


The rounded edges won’t cut your hands or harm the walls, unlike some of the other best shower caddies you may find. Since YUNKE chose a wire-like design, there’s plenty of room for air to circulate and no place for water to collect. Even the fence-like railing keeps all shampoo bottles in place without interfering with drainage or airflow.

Despite the open design, this rust-proof shower caddy holds quite a bit of weight, and you don’t even have to drill them into the wall. The included hook stickers work with any smooth, non-porous tiles and other surfaces.

Unfortunately, if you don’t attach the shelves properly to your wall, they can fall and damage the floor or your feet. Also, you may have to be strategic with arranging your bottles on this shower caddy and put the largest item in the back corner for balance.

  • Attractive and functional design
  • Each shelf holds up to 5kg
  • Rust-proof finish
  • Four colour choices to match your decor – black, white, pink, or silver
  • Open design allows airflow and reduces the chance of mould
  • Adhesive may not hold up on some surfaces
  • May have to strategically arrange your items for balance

6. ilikable Storage Organiser (Best with Vacuum Suction)


ilikable Storage Organiser

For people who love the simplicity and don’t require a lot of storage in their showers, this ilikable shower caddy could be a solid solution. This suction shower basket is compact but sturdy and has helpful features that give it a unique look.


Utilising a suction-mount system, this basket-style shower caddy can handle up to 8kg. Though the basket walls are tall enough to prevent items from falling all over your shower stall, it has air and drainage slots to prevent build-up.

One of the unique elements is the hook system. Along the front, this basket features a comb-like design where you can hang several items, including razors and loofahs.

Unfortunately, suction cups don’t always hold up, especially on some surfaces. This shower caddy is no exception despite the heavy-duty suction cups provided. It also may not be sufficient storage for more than one or two people.

  • Easy to install using a unique suction system
  • Compact, functional, and versatile design
  • Holds up to 8kg
  • Removable and reusable
  • Unique hook system for stability
  • Suction cups may not work on all surfaces
  • May not provide enough storage space

7. mDesign (Best Over Door Storage)

mDesign Over Door Storage

Moving in a completely different direction, this over-the-door hanging shower caddy by mDesign requires no hardware or adhesives. The multi-level unit includes hooks and open trays for proper drainage.


Choose any door in your bathroom, including a cabinet, for this hanging shower caddy. Using this method means you don’t have to worry about knocking into it in the shower.

Assembly and installation are easy for this shower caddy, and you get two different hook sizes to handle your extras, including razors and scrub brushes. Plus, the open basket design looks appealing and is easy to clean if necessary.

Though this hanging shower caddy fits over a shower door or cabinet, it may not work if you don’t have a suitable one near your tub. Furthermore, it includes suction cups to stabilise the lower half, but they may not work with all surfaces. However, without the extra support, the entire hanging shower caddy could move every time you open and close the door.

  • Fits doors up to 5cm thick
  • No adhesive or hardware to worry about
  • Multiple hooks and two different sized basket-style shelves
  • Rust-proof, minimalistic design
  • Easy to clean
  • May not work if you don’t have a suitable shower door
  • Could move around too much if you don’t add suction cups

8. homeasy Bathroom Organiser (Best Shower Rail)

homeasy Bathroom Organiser

This shower organiser is another unique approach to shower storage. Unlike other shower caddies, this product attaches to your shower head pipe as a simple shelf that can hold a few bottles.


Though it looks complicated, this shower organiser is easy to install around a shower rail to elevate your soap, shampoo, and conditioners. It snaps into place with included hardware, and you get six different options to match standard shower pole sizes.

Using ABS plastic and aluminium, homeasy created a rust-free and durable rack that can hold up to 15kg. A simple aluminium bar prevents your bottles from sliding off, and the black and white base allows proper drainage.

If your shower head doesn’t attach to an external pole, this product won’t work for you. Another drawback is that you don’t get a single hook with this shower organiser.

  • Clean, low-profile design
  • Durable, rust-proof materials
  • Easy to install without tools or adhesives
  • Adjustable to your ideal height
  • Versatile design
  • May not work in every bathroom
  • Could use some hooks for accessories

9. Kazeila Corner Shelf (Best with Smooth Finish)

Kazeila Corner Shelf

Kazeila’s lightweight, polished corner shower basket provides a sleek, low-profile solution. This pair blends nicely with most bathroom decor.


The sleek space aluminium shelves are water-proof, rust-proof, non-fading, and recyclable. Each shelf can manage up to 10kg, and they are extremely difficult to scratch. You also get two hooks with each shelf.

The shelves on this shower caddy are compact enough to fit in most spaces but sturdy enough to store multiple shampoo and body wash bottles for larger households. Since they are separate, you can position them as far apart as needed to accommodate your tallest bottles.

You can choose between a hardware mount and removable adhesive, but the glue may not be strong enough to keep this shower caddy wall mounted. Further, the finish may not be quite as shiny as pictured, which could disappoint some people.

  • Sleek, water-proof, and rust-proof material
  • Versatile corner design
  • Two shelves each hold up to 10kg
  • Multiple installation options
  • Hard-wearing design
  • Included adhesive may not be strong enough
  • Finish may not be as shiny as expected

10. Hoomtaook Corner Shelf (Best Two-Tier)

Hoomtaook Corner Shelf

Rounding out this list is a double-decker corner shower organiser by Hoomatook. It’s available in black or silver and features two shelves attached by two rods for stability.


At first glance, this shower caddy resembles several of the two-tier products on this list. However, unlike similar corner shower caddies, Hoomatook’s design is connected by two rods for additional stability.

The space aluminium features PVC coating to make it water-proof and corrosion-resistant, making it a rust proof shower caddy. This shower caddy is smooth-finished, so you don’t have to worry about damage to you or your wall.

Not all bath products fit on the bottom level of this corner shower caddy. Also, the towel hooks could use an upgrade on this shower caddy because they may be too shallow for some items.

  • Stylish, compact, two-tier design
  • Can be installed on multiple wall surfaces with adhesive or hardware
  • Holds up to 15kg
  • Two colour options, black or silver finish
  • Extra rods for additional stability
  • You may be limited as to what fits on the bottom level
  • Could use more hooks and longer ones

How to Choose the Best Shower Organiser

Choosing the best shower caddy for your household could be more challenging than you realise. You have many shower caddy designs to choose from, especially if you have a unique bathroom space. It may help to take a step back and evaluate your shower caddy needs so that you can eliminate some products immediately.


shampoo bottles on bathroom organiser

When choosing a shower caddy it is important that it has proper drainage so the bottoms of your bottles don’t start to go slimy and mouldy. Your toiletries need to be able to air out and properly drain so as not to accumulate bacteria.

Look for a shower caddy with a more open design so that your bottles can dry.

How Many Products Do You Have?

Start your shower caddy search by determining how many products it needs to hold. If you just need a shampoo holder with a tray for bar soap, that’s different from needing storage space for multiple bottles and accessories.

Will you need hooks to hang your loofahs, razors, or shower cap? How tall is your tallest bottle? If you buy the large shampoo bottles that last you longer then you will need to consider the weight and how much your shower caddy can take – even the best shower caddies have a weight limit!

Take stock of all the products you use, and even those that should be in the showers but don’t currently have a place. Once you know what you need to store, you can decide whether you need a shower caddy with hooks included, one with adjustable shelves, or perhaps the largest one on our list.

Installation Options

As you can see, you have several mounting options for your caddy. If you don’t know what type of caddy would work best, consider the following questions.

  • Do you prefer a hanging shower caddy basket or a wall-mounted shower organiser?
  • Would a corner shower caddy work in your space?
  • Do you own or rent your place? Would a wall-mounted shower organiser work, or do you need a removable caddy?
  • Do you have a removable shower head that would interfere with some caddies?

Once you know the parameters you have to work with, you may sufficiently reduce your shower caddy selection to a reasonable number. If more than one installation option works in your space, then you’re lucky and can choose the style you prefer!

Consider the Materials


wall mounted bathroom organiser with toiletries

Most shower caddies see a lot of moisture and humidity, so it’s essential to consider the materials. If the caddy design promotes sufficient drainage, you may not have to worry about bacteria build-up. That said, your shower can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so you don’t want a shower caddy that makes it worse.

Stainless steel doesn’t rust, making it a durable and popular option. Some plastics and rubber alternatives can be coloured to match your decor, and they can be lightweight. Plus, some plastics used to make shower caddies are dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning.

Final Thoughts on the Best Shower Caddies

Using a shower caddy is a wonderful way to free up space in your bathroom and organise all of your toiletries. Of all the shower caddies on this list, our choice for the best shower caddy in the UK is the SONGMICS Adjustable Corner Shelf.

Not only does this shower caddy fit in almost any shower style, but it also accommodates many products and is the perfect storage solution. The tension-rod style shower caddy is convenient and easy to install, adjust, or remove as needed from your bathroom. Plus, with four tiers, the SONGMICS corner shower caddy can easily hold all of your shower products in one place.

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