Best Shower Curtain Reviews UK 2023 – Top 7 Comparison

Last Updated On December 26th, 2021

Having a high-quality shower curtain is important for a bath shower setup. A shower curtain provides a waterproof barrier between your bath and the rest of your bathroom. It is essential if you don’t want water spraying everywhere when you take a shower! Also, a shower curtain offers privacy for bathrooms with windows. In this guide, we have hand-picked the best shower curtain and six other products for your consideration – enjoy!

Best Shower Curtain Reviews – Top 7 Picks

1. Carttiya 180 x 180cm Transparent (Editor’s Choice)

Carttiya 180 x 180cm TransparentThe Carttiya Shower Curtain is a simple but effective product that offers great privacy. If you want a washable shower curtain that allows light in but still offers sufficient cover and water protection, this is a good option. With a neutral design and colours, this curtain could fit in any style of bathroom.


This product is our pick for the best shower curtain. The design of the curtain looks like pebbles on a beach and has a combination of opaque and translucent sections. Meaning, it offers great privacy but still lets in plenty of light. The neutral colours also mean that they can work with any bathroom decor.

For durability, the curtain is made from 100% EVA. It has no odours, is waterproof, and also has anti-bacterial properties. It is also mildew and mould-resistant. EVA is considered a better alternative to PVC whilst still being softer than plastic. Measuring 180x180cm, this shower curtain should also cover most bath sizes. However, it is available in an array of sizes up to 240x200cm.

  • Semi-transparent for better lighting, but still offers privacy
  • The header is made from reinforced material for better longevity
  • The curtain hooks are made from durable stainless steel
  • You may find the curtain billowing due to its lightweight design

2. Lonior Ocean Polyester (Luxury Choice)

Lonior Ocean PolyesterFor those who want something with a little more character, the Lonior Ocean Shower Curtain is a good choice. This vibrant curtain depicts an underwater scene and would look perfect in a nautical or ocean-themed bathroom. Aside from the colourful design, it also has a good set of features and a durable waterproof fabric.


The breathtaking design of this shower curtain shows the ocean floor at the bottom and the cool turquoise waters above. The print quality is spot on, and it will add a touch of colour and life to your bathroom.

The material is made from 100% polyester fabric that is water-repellent. It also has anti-bacterial properties and should be free of chemical odours. It can be machine washed, including the hooks, and the colour of the printing should not fade. Its connection has 12 reinforced plastic hooks and 12 metal washers to loop the hooks through.

  • Stylish ocean floor scene design
  • Easy to install due to the simple C-hook configuration
  • Can be machine-washed or hand-washed with a damp cloth
  • It could look dark in a bathroom with minimal lighting

3. ANSIO 180 x 180cm Solid White (Best Value)

Ansio 180 x 180cm Solid WhiteThe ANSIO Shower Curtain offers simplicity and functionality. If you want a curtain that offers no fuss and is easy to install, this could be the perfect option. It has everything you would expect from a shower curtain, including material that can be machine washed.


With a simple design, this shower curtain is easy to use and hang. It includes twelve hard-wearing plastic hooks and metal washers that the hooks are looped through. As a result, you can rely on a durable connection and a curtain that is easy to pull across the shower rail.

The standard size is 180x180cm which should be suitable for most shower enclosure sizes. We also like the simple white design – it is not overstated and is neutral. Due to the mould and mildew resistant properties of the EVA material, the white colour should not stain. If you want something a little different, there are four other design options for this shower curtain, too.

  • Made from durable polyester that is machine washable
  • The 12 plastic hooks make it easy to hang, regardless of the rail size
  • Designed to reduce mould and mildew
  • May not have great longevity

4. Funria Waterproof 180 x 200cm (Best Environmentally-Friendly)

Funria Waterproof 180 x 200cmHaving eco-friendly products in your home is important to protect our planet. The Funria Shower Curtain follows this mantra and is made from environmentally-friendly EVA and PE. It also has an elegant two-tone design that allows in a little light but still gives great privacy.


This curtain has an interesting design. The larger section of material is opaque and made from quality EVA with mildew-resistant properties. It gives you privacy, and the neutral grey colour will fit in any bathroom. In the middle section, there is a translucent white strip. It allows light to enter the shower enclosure whilst still maintaining your privacy.

The curtain will connect to your shower rail via 12 reinforced hooks. These hooks are large and should comfortably fit any rail size. Also, the material of the shower curtain is heavier and will help reduce sagging whilst keeping the curtain in place.

  • Part opaque/part translucent to allow light through
  • Combines functionality with a stylish design and pattern
  • Neutral colours to match with multiple bathroom styles
  • Could have a longer overhang in your bath

5. WELTRXE Waterproof EVA (Best Design)

WELTRXE Waterproof EVAThe WELTRXE Bathroom Shower Curtain has a fabulous design that includes magnets to keep the curtain in place. It also has various properties in its material, including resistance to mould and mildew. With its stylish geometric print, this shower curtain is a solid option.


This mould-resistant shower curtain has an attractive and effective design that serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it looks great and has neutral colours for any bathroom. Secondly, some of the geometric shapes are darker and make the curtain part translucent. This gives you ample privacy whilst still letting light through.

The curtain is made from EVA and is both mould and mildew resistant. The manufacturer does advise to wipe the curtain regularly, but you should not experience any staining. For connecting to your shower rail, it has twelve plastic hooks and is relatively effortless to hang. You should also find the curtain easy to pull across the rail, with minimal friction.

  • Made from eco-friendly EVA, which is also odourless
  • It can be used as either a liner or a full shower curtain
  • A fun geometric design that is part translucent
  • You may find the curtain clings if you touch it during a shower

6. OTraki 3D 240 x 200cm (Best Mildew-Resistant)

OTraki 3D 240 x 200cmThe OTraki Shower Curtain has a different design and is much larger. It could serve as a partition as well as a bathroom shower curtain. The thickened material means that it holds its position easily and should not move when showering. It also offers great coverage for larger bathrooms, thanks to its 240x200cm size.


This shower curtain has a larger design and, in most instances, will flow to your bathroom floor. However, due to the heavy-duty EVA material, you should experience no splashing or water seepage. The curtain is also heat-resistant, waterproof, and has anti-mildew properties. We also like that the grommets and hooks are rust-proof. There are 16 hooks and washers in total, and the hooks have multi-layered chrome plating.

For privacy, the curtain has a 3D design that works similarly to typical frosted bathroom windows. The design is stylish but not over-the-top, and it has a simple patterned effect. This will offer great privacy but also work with multiple bathroom designs.

  • The connections are rust-proof for better longevity
  • It has a neutral, decorative 3D design
  • It has a thicker material that holds its position well
  • It may not be the easiest shower curtain to clean

7. EurCross Weighted Waffle Grey (Best Heavy-Duty)

EurCross Weighted Waffle GreyThe EurCross Weighted Waffle Grey Shower Curtain is a good heavy-duty option. If you have a large family where the shower is in constant use, this could be a suitable choice. It has a simple and understated design with neutral colours, suitable for many bathroom types.


This mould-resistant shower curtain is made from eco-friendly polyester. The fabric is durable, water-repellent, and resistant to mildew. We also like that the hem of the shower curtain is weighted – this means that it should stay in place and provide maximum protection from water splashing.

The curtain can also be machine washed, including the plastic hooks. The standard curtain has a simple repeated square pattern and is a subtle light grey shade. It is also available in four colour options and several sizes up to 96” x 72”.

  • Available in multiple sizes and designs
  • It has a weighted hem to help keep the curtain in place
  • The plastic hooks are durable and can fit most shower rails
  • You may find that you have to wash this curtain more than expected

What to Look For in a Shower Curtain?

Choosing a suitable shower curtain can be tricky. You must first look at your bathroom and shower setup. Ideally, you want a curtain that matches the style of your bathroom and can hang comfortably in your bath. Also, consider the following:

Material Resistance

easy to maintain materialFirstly, does the curtain have any resistant properties? In bathroom environments, there is often condensation especially if you have a heater installed. This condition can lead to mould and mildew. As a result, a shower curtain made from anti-mould and anti-mildew material is ideal. It should help prevent those typical yellow stains that build up on shower curtains over time.

Also, waterproofing is vital. The shower curtain can get wet, of course. However, it should not let water through! That’s the whole point of having one! Therefore, the curtain should at least be water-repellent or fully waterproof, if possible.


The size of the curtain is also important. Before buying one, measure your shower area. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the area the curtain must cover. The measurement should include any overhang into the bath below.

The curtain should cover the full length of the shower rail without any gaps. Also, it should be long enough so that part of it hangs into your bath. Too much overhang is not desirable, however. If you have an excess of material draped in your bath, it can stay damp and deteriorate the quality of the curtain.

Rail Attachments

Lastly, how does the shower curtain attach to the rail? Generally, shower curtains use a simple hook and ring mechanism. The curtain has a series of rings through which you attach the hooks. These hooks are then clipped over the shower rail.

We advise measuring the height and depth of the shower rail. You can then make sure that you buy a shower curtain with large enough fixtures to connect to your rail. Typically, the hooks and rings are either metal or plastic. Metal rings and hooks are more durable but can cause more friction when pulling the curtain.

Picking the Right Bath Curtain

Overall, the Carttiya 180 x 180cm Transparent is the best shower curtain for its remarkable design and features. In a bathroom, you want a shower curtain that maintains its quality. This is what this product does – it is made from 100% waterproof EVA that is resistant to mould, odours, bacteria, and mildew. The range of designs and sizes also makes it suitable for any bathroom styles.

Which one is your favourite among these lovely selections? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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