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Best Sleeping Bag in the UK 2020

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Ohuhu Waterproof

ohuhu waterproof

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Professional 300 Mummy

professional 300 mummy

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Premium 200 Warm Envelope

premium 200 warm envelope

Looking for the best sleeping bag UK companies can offer?

Every good adventurer needs the right equipment. For some, it’s the perfect set of hiking boots, for others, it’s a reliable coat and a durable tent. Since every exploration begins and ends with a good night’s rest, it’s safe to say a decent sleeping bag is high on the list, too.

The ultimate sleeping bag isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. For some, the right option will be something that’s perfect for cold weather, while others will need an option for all season.

Finding the right sleeping bag is a must before you head out on your adventures, but with so many options to choose from, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re getting everything right.

Since we know how tough it can be to find the best sleeping bag in the UK, we’ve done some of the hard work for you. We’ve checked out a few of the greatest choices on the market to keep you warm wherever your next journey might take you.

Best Sleeping Bag Reviews – Top 10 Picks

It is suitable for all kinds of camping trips such as observing wildlife in their natural habitat. What’s more, it can withstand extreme weather conditions down to -10 degrees Celsius.


The drawstring mummy hood covers your entire face and head to keep you warm wherever you are, which is great when you’re concerned about extreme weather. There’s also an internal pouch where you can store valuables like your mobile phones, and your wallet.

We were particularly fond of this sleeping bag for it’s comfortable, durable, and lightweight appearance. Although the fill power is excellent for winter camping trips, it’s worth noting that this sleeping bag will work well in summer too. There’s even a compression bag included, so it’s easy to take your purchase with you wherever you go.

Unfortunately, the zip on this sleeping bag is very difficult to open and close, with a stiff performance overall, and is considered quite difficult to put away after use.


  • One of the best sleeping uk options
  • Durable and reliable design
  • Comfort temperature covers hot and cold seasons
  • Drawstring hood for your face and head
  • Compresion bag


  • Zip is very stiff and difficult to move
  • Difficult to pack back into bag
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If you want the best sleeping bags for camping with your other half, why not look into an option that’s suitable for both of you? The Ohuhu waterproof sleeping bag comes with everything you need for extra warmth, comfort, and support. Additionally, its high-quality materials like water-resistant linings and internal cotton allow for an amazing sleeping experience.


The practical design of this all-season sleeping bag is brilliant for couples who want to stay warm and comfortable. What’s more, it can protect you from mosquitos, flies, and other insects. This product features two individual sleeping bags that zip together so you can stay close. You can also separate the bags for independent use whenever necessary. The zippers on both sides allow for an easy excess.

The temperature ratings for these double bags are pretty good, which range from around 0 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it’s not recommended that you use this option for sleeping in sub-zero temperatures. If you’re looking for excellent high quality materials and a good comfort rating, this is a fantastic sleeping bag for you.

The biggest downside of this sleeping bag is that the heat doesn’t hold very well. The thickness of the bag isn’t as great as you might expect.


  • Warm and comfortable design
  • Practical design with individual sleeping bags
  • Temperature rating with multiple seasons
  • Good for sleeping close with loved ones
  • Handy zip on both sides


  • Heat doesn't hold very well
  • Material is a little thin in places
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A high quality sleeping bag with a good warmth to weight ratio will be perfect for you. If you’re looking for a sleeping bag that’s compact and lightweight for your camping trip, the Premium 200 Warm Envelope could be exactly what you need. This fantastic sleeping bag is great for keeping you warm on your adventure.


Ideal for summer travelling, this high-performance sleeping bag is both compact and lightweight. The 170T outer shell and the water-resistant carry bag is perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities, including backpacking and camping.

The ultra-comfortable design intends to offer additional space for people to have as much room as they need to move around during sleep. The design is lightweight enough to take wherever you go, but still warm enough to keep you feeling safe and sound when you’re sleeping in winter.

There’s even a money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind. The lightweight sleeping bag is very durable and easy to clean – but it’s not the best for very low temperatures. This isn’t going to be one of the top sleeping bags for camping in colder spaces.


  • Excellent water-resistant outer shall and bag
  • Extra space for people to move around
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Lightweight for travel


  • Not ideal for low temperatures
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The Viking Nation Trek sleeping bag is a brilliant solution for cold weather, and perhaps the best winter sleeping bag UK companies can offer. Designed in Sweden, this premium-quality sleeping bag gives you a down-style sleep for a compact pack size.


If you’re looking for a perfect night’s sleep, this premium-quality sleeping bag comes with a durable filling and a drawstring hood design that keeps you warm all night long. Created for not only three seasons, but also extreme weather sleeping, this mountain equipment with excellent insulation will ensure you get the most comfortable night of sleep.

The anti-snag zipper tag is particularly useful on this high insulation sleeping bag;  you don’t have to worry about the zipper getting caught or snagged when trying to keep warm. Additionally, the included compression bag is completely waterproof and has a built-in hood to keep it dry no matter what.

Though this synthetic sleeping bag is warm, the design is great for giving you extra breathable comfort. After all, you don’t want to feel like you’re covered in sweat! Unfortunately, one slight problem with this sleeping bag is that it’s not very wide at the top, so it may make you feel a little compressed.


  • Premium quality filling
  • Extreme weather sleeping bag
  • Reliable insulation
  • Anti-snag zipper experience
  • Anti-snag zipper experience
  • Breathable fabric


  • Too narrow at the top (tapered fit)
  • Not ideal for some people in search of natural materials
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The best sleeping bags come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, the top choice for you will be the best synthetic sleeping bag, which is both affordable and easy to clean. Other times, you might find that you want something more natural to keep you feeling warm. The Hyke Byke sleeping bag could be just the thing.


Perhaps the best hiking sleeping bag on the market today, the Hyke Byke saves weight and space on your pack size, with a higher warmth to weight ratio thanks to premium natural materials. You’ll stay extra warm without the need for any synthetic insulation, thanks to the goose and down feather interior.

Delivering long-lasting durability from an ultralight and water-repellent ripstop nylon fabric, this is the best down sleeping bag you may be able to find and is great for people in all walks of life. If you’re looking for the best 4-season sleeping bag, and you’re not willing to compromise on quality, this could be the perfect product for you.

The Hyke and Byke brand for outdoor accessories also has a range of sleeping bags to offer for people of all sizes and ages. Unfortunately, according to some reviews, compressing the bags after use is very difficult, which makes them harder to store.


  • Natural goose down so there's no synthetic sleeping comfort
  • High quality materials throughout
  • Long-lasting durability with anti-snag zipper
  • Large footbox and shoulders
  • Excellent 4-seasons performance


  • Very difficult to compress and store
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An alternative to the mummy shape fill power of the standard sleeping bag, this envelope style bag comes with spacious room throughout to help you move your legs and feet easily. With an adjustable half-circle hood, the bag is great for holding your body and keeping you warm throughout the night.


Both durable and lightweight, this product features 100% polyester material, which means that it’s more affordable and a little easier to clean. The synthetic fill of these 3-season sleeping bags doesn’t feel cheap, however. You can still expect excellent insulation from the ground, and waterproofing too.

The 2-way zipper design on the sides of the sleeping bag makes it extra convenient for you to get in and out of your bag. The zipper on one side of the bag can also connect with another sleeping bag so that you can sleep close to a loved one. On top of that, this product comes with a reliable lifetime guarantee for peace of mind.

Great for all kinds of outdoor adventures, you’ll love the way that you feel when you’re snuggled up in these sleeping bags. Remember to use your email address to setup your lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, the zipper doesn’t work brilliantly on this sleeping bag, and it’s not the best for use during winter.


  • Durable and lightweight design
  • 100% polyester material
  • Affordable and easy to clean
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee


  • Not the best zipper
  • Not ideal for winter issue
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Sometimes the best compact sleeping bag is the one that can give you the comfort you need in a very specific situation. The Hyke Byke backpacking sleeping bags are excellent for hiking and exploring the trails. According to the manufacturer, these products are proven in their ability to offer comfort and support around the world.


Like most of the sleeping bags from Hyke Byke, these backpacking products come with incredible fill power, while allowing you to save weight and space. The pack size is small enough that it feels extra portable. On the other hand, you don’t have to compromise on comfort with excellent top loft performance. The material will keep you warm up to -5 degrees.

The long-lasting durability of these sleeping bags make them appealing to people who spend a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors. The snag-free Velcro, large footbox, and wide shoulder area means that you can enjoy plenty of flexibility and movement when you’re settling down for a good night’s sleep. There are even a selection of size options to choose from.

Providing long-lasting durability from ultra-light water repellent nylon fabric – these sleeping bags are great for people of all shapes and sizes. What’s more, you get excellent customer support from the Hyke Byke brand, too. Unfortunately, you may not be able to rely on this product for the most harsh weather conditions, as it struggles with extreme cold.


  • Excellent fill power with a compact size
  • Great warmth during colder weather
  • Snag-free Velcro design
  • Large footbox and shoulders
  • Long-lasting durability


  • Not the best for extreme cold
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Most of the sleeping bags reviews we see online talk about the best 3 season sleeping bag UK companies can offer, and the benefits of having a bag that can handle the lowest temperatures. However, it is possible to find true all season sleeping bags too. With a reliable low °C limit and an amazing design, the Highlander echo has it all.


The Highlander echo sleeping bags are the ultimate sleeping bag solution for people who need to defend themselves against lower temperatures. With a better weight to warmth ratio, the comfort in these sleeping bags is incredible. You can even enjoy up to 400 GSM of QFX hollowfiber.

Designed to support a better night’s sleep, this high insulation sleeping bag features everything you need for comfort, no matter your weight. The comfort temperature level is around minus 7 degrees, with a lower limit of -14 degrees. However, the features of this high insulation sleeping bag mean that you can protect yourself against extreme temperatures of up to minus 33 degrees.

Packed with sensational features, like a 3D neck, zip baffle, and shoulder, the Echo 400 is well tailored to suit people who need full season sleeping bags without taking up a lot of space. The 2-way, anti-snag zip prevents the ripstop outer shell getting caught when you’re getting in and out of your sleeping bag.

Great for extreme expeditions throughout the year, this sleeping bag is definitely much warmer than most sleeping bags. However, the zip does seem to be a little problematic at times, as its very stiff. What’s more, the pack size is a little chunky.


  • Excellent for all kinds of seasons
  • Compression straps for packing
  • Supports extremely low temperatures
  • Tons of extra comfort features
  • Good quality materials


  • Quite chunky in size and shape
  • Zip has a few usability issues
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A good set of sleeping bags needs to be compact and easy to transport. Ideal for keeping you warm on cold nights, this Milestone camping insulation sleeping bag is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space for their pack size, but still need to ensure that they’re comfortable and cozy during long, cold nights.


This is only a 2 season sleeping bag, which means that it falls a little short of other three season sleeping mat and bag combos. However, it performs very well during the late spring and early autumn months. You can usually make the most of this bag on relatively temperate trips, when you don’t expect the cold to drop below – 5 degrees.

For comfort, the Milestone sleeping bag comes with an excellent weight to warmth ratio for winter months. At the same time, it minimizes weight by using the envelope style design rather than the mummy sleeping bag format. Mummy bags can be quite warm, but they’re not as roomy as the envelope option when you want to shift your weight around.

Milestone’s envelope high insulation sleeping bag makes camping easy by ensuring that you can simply grab a sleeping bag and be ready to go. The biggest downside of this product is that you can’t really rely on it for colder weather. The material is quite thin, despite a good level of insulation. Additionally, you might find that it rips somewhat easily.


  • Convenient lightweight sleeping bag for 2 seasons
  • Can support comfort in temperatures of up to - 5 degrees
  • Reasonable weight to warmth ratio
  • Low weight design for extra compact transport
  • Envelope design


  • Thin material isn't the most comfortable
  • Could rip after regular use
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When it comes to finding the best budget sleeping bag for your needs, it’s often a good idea to start with synthetic products. Although synthetic items can still offer a decent weight to warmth ratio for better comfort and insulation, they’re often more affordable than natural products. According to the sleeping bag reviews we read, this KeenFlex option is one of the best on the market right now.


Sleeping in comfort is crucial wherever you go, this Keenflex sleeping bag will ensure that you get the comfort you need. In fact, you can use your email address to sign up for a satisfaction guarantee after purchase. With your email address, you can also find out whether you can get an immediate return if there’s anything wrong with your new purchase.

Both compact and lightweight, this heavy sleeping bag gives you all the warmth you need, without compromising on weight. After all, if you’re going on a long hiking or camping trip, you don’t want to be carrying too much extra weight on your bag. Another factor that’s worth noting is that this sleeping back is wonderfully designed.

The all weather and all weight design is suitable for the harshest of environments, with waterproof performance, and excellent ergonomic performance. The breathable and durable fabric protects you in all weather conditions. Available in a range of colours, this is a handy compact sleeping bag, but it might be much too small for some larger people.

If you have wide shoulders, or a larger back, you’re going to feel a bit uncomfortable with this product.


  • Compact and portable design
  • All-weather performance with durable waterproof fabric
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Range of colours available


  • Not suitable for larger people with wide shoulders
  • A little small and thin in some places
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Choosing the Right Sleeping Bag

Finding the best sleeping bag uk, complete with the ideal weight to warmth ratio isn’t always easy. Offering a high level of insulation and a great level of support against cold spots, an all-weather camping sleeping bag is an ideal accessory for adventurous people.

However, before you can make your choice on which sleeping bag to get, you need to make a few crucial decisions. For instance, there are many different materials that you can use to create the insulation and warmth of a standard sleeping bag.

One of the first decisions that you may need to make when you’re looking for the right product is whether you want something that’s made with synthetic or organic materials. If you want natural materials for your sleeping bag, then you might need to expect to get the right information before purchasing it. However, you will be able to increase the comfort limit on your camping gear with the right design.

Where to Buy Sleeping Bags

a freezing man in the northpoleThese days, you can buy great weight to warmth ratio sleeping bags from a wide variety of different places. One option is to visit a local outdoor and camping store in your region. A much easier choice is to simply begin searching for the right sleeping bags online. There are plenty of websites that can offer a brilliant high insulation sleeping bag to suit your needs.

Shopping online has a number of benefits when it comes to shopping for sleeping bags. You can find that shopping online gives you a wider selection of sleeping bag materials and designs to choose from.

Although you do have the issue of not being able to “try” the sleeping bag before you buy it, reviews on weight, warmth and insulation should help to guide you. Plus, most sleeping bag companies will allow you to return your purchase if you’re not happy.

What to Look For in Your Sleeping Bag

Not sure what to look for in the perfect outdoor sleeping accessory? It can be difficult to get started if you’re a beginner. Start by considering the amount of warmth you need for your sleeping bag. If camping out or hiking during all seasons of the year, then you’re going to need something with a higher warmth to weight ratio. Other points to look at include:


a couple lying down on the side of the lake

Your sleeping bag needs to have a relatively low weight so you can take it with you wherever you go. However, this low weight shouldn’t detract from the warmth, heat retention, or water-resistance of your sleeping bag.


You can start narrowing down your options by choosing whether you prefer the mummy or envelope-style design.

Finding the Right Sleeping Bag

The best sleeping bag UK companies has to offer will differ depending on who you ask. A good all rounder sleeping bag won’t cause problems with excessive weight, but it will give you plenty of comfort and warmth.

Our favourite sleeping bag right now is the Professional 300 Mummy – a durable and reliable sleeping bag with a strong rating and a powerful ability to protect you from temperatures ranging all the way to minus 10 degrees Celcius. The drawstring hood covers your entire head and face to keep you warm wherever you go. It’s also an excellent lightweight sleeping bag, too!

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