Are Slow Cooker Meals Healthy?

Last Updated On April 24th, 2019

Cooking any meal can be quite a task. Dinner seems especially hard at times. This may be because you need to prepare food for the whole family.

It can be a challenge to make a meal that is healthy and one that everyone will enjoy. Everyone wants to feed their families healthy dinners but doesn’t want to serve something no one will eat. To make the hassle of it all a bit easier consider having your slow cooker do most of the work.

What is a Slow Cooker?

Slow cooker meals are awesome. It’s easy and it can be ready by the time you get home from work. Slow cookers are probably safer than a cooktop and they also help to conserve energy. They don’t heat up your kitchen as much as an oven would which makes them useable year round, even during summer. The flavours also meld together so well after cooking a while and the meat is so tender and savoury.

Are Slow Cooker Meals Healthy?

Of course! There are many healthy slow cooker recipes to choose from.
Cooking meat in a slow cooker is much healthier than frying it in oil or cooking it on a skillet. You won’t consume as much butter and grease by cooking it in a slow cooker.

Try barbecue pulled pork or chicken. The meat will shred up easily after cooking on low for 6 hours. Eat it as a sandwich on a wheat roll. Go easy on the barbecue sauce though. Too much of that wouldn’t be very healthy.

Veggies can be cooked in a slow cooker too. They will be nice and soft after cooking for several hours. You could even make side dishes such as mashed potatoes or cooked carrots to go with the main dish.

Soups are also an easy go-to meal. Beef stew, chilli, potato soup or chicken noodle soup are all fresh healthy meals depending on what you add or don’t add. Did you know that you can use a slow cooker to make one? Throw in many chopped veggies and herbs to add flavour and nutrition. If you have kids, they may not even realize they are eating veggies this way. Parenting win!

Slow cooker meals aren’t just for dinners. You can make a breakfast meal as well. Oatmeal, hash brown casserole or banana bread are just a few of many that you could try. These are great foods to start off your day too.

So, slow cooker meals can be healthy depending on what you’re cooking. Yes, it’s a healthier way to prepare food but what you are cooking is important too.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Toss in some meat and a couple of different kinds of vegetables. Slow cookers can hold a lot of food. So if you’re cooking for a crowd or if you have a large family there’s no problem. Just be sure it has plenty of time to cook.

After you toss in the food, add some seasoning and herbs of your choice and let it cook all day! So simple and you’ll still have a healthy home-cooked meal to feed yourself and your family.

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