Smok Alien 220W Review UK 2021 – How Cool Is This Smoking Hot Mod?

Last Updated On December 28th, 2020

If you’ve been looking for a way to upgrade your vaping experience, then this Smok Alien 220W review could be the perfect way to begin your search. A product designed to give extra control, power, and battery life to individuals who want to get the most out of their vape kits, the Alien has earned attention from customers all over the market.

Smok Alien 220W

smok alienDevices like the Alien mod are intended for people who are committed to getting the most out of their vaping experience. If you’re sick of the standard vape pen experience and you want something that’s tailored to your specific needs, then a dual battery box mod like the Alien is a good place to start your tinkering.

Smok Alien is fantastic at vapour production. Also, it gives you drastically better battery life which is great if you find yourself going on weekend adventures where you don’t have access to an outlet. If you’re a serious vaping fan and you are craving for more control over your experience, then the Smok Alien is one of the most popular vape mods on the market by far. On the other hand, if you don’t like the idea of playing with coils and kitting out your device, then you’re better of steering clear of this box mod.

Inversely, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like playing around with their vaping experience, then you’ll find the Smok Alien and similar devices with two batteries just unnecessary. For some vapers, mods and batteries aren’t always the first thing to think about when it comes to vaping. If you just want something that feels like a regular cigarette, or you are looking for a simple way to manage your nicotine habit, then you’re better off with an e-cigarette.  Additionally, you might not feel the need to have a mod with two batteries like the Alien 220w if you’re really only using you vape a couple of times a day and barely think about it when you do.

Features & Benefits

If you’ve been vaping for a little while, and you’ve noticed that your current e-cig is lacking in power, you might have considered a double battery mod before now. One of the reasons that vaping is so great is that it gives you a chance to get really technical. You can use the mods and alterations on the market to just have fun, or like me, you can experiment to find better ways of overcoming your less healthy habits.

As mentioned above, Smok has been a popular contender in the vape mod space for quite a while now. They’ve released some seriously great mods over the years, including heavy-duty tanks and airflow solutions. It’s easy to see why the Alien mod series has gained popularity so quickly.

Let’s get down to the details of what you can expect from the Smok Alien 220W.

What You Get in the Box

Alien KitThe full Smok Alien 220W kit is delivered in a simple, compact box that highlights the elegance and attention to detail that goes into all Smok products. It’s something you get excited to play with from the moment that it arrives. Within the kit, you’ll find a band, as well as protector screens for your mod to keep it safe during use, a glass tube in case you accidentally break your tank, a USB charger to keep your power up, and plenty of O-rings too.

There is also a user manual included which I highly recommend that you read and understand if you’re a newbie. Even if you have been doing this for a while as I have, it still helps to have some modding guidance to make sure that you don’t void your warranty.

If you want to go beyond the dual coil head option on your vaporizer, you can also check out the optional octuple coil atomiser head in the kit – this is harder to create coils for, but it’s worth it if you want some serious clouds. Beyond that, all you need is to charge the batteries (recommended Efest 18650 batteries are bought separately) to get started and add some e-liquid.

Memory Mode

The Smok Alien comes with a great selection of 22 different memory settings available, so as you begin to play with your preferences and find your favourite settings, you can store some of your favourite set-ups. For instance, if you decide to vape TC with a 450-degree Fahrenheit temperature and a 50-watt ramp, you can set this as your first memory mode, then set a completely different mode for a wattage mode experience. It takes a while to fiddle around and get this sorted, but if you like playing with your e-cig, you won’t mind the opportunity to experiment.

Adjustable Hit Strength

One of the things that make the Alien 220W stand out is how customisable it is. The Alien comes with a “hit strength” feature, which you can set according to your individual needs for a more comprehensive normal, hard, or “soft” hit. The soft and hard settings will vary depending on how you set your wattage mode, too. The major issue with this is how complicated it is to get used to at first. If you’re not used to customising your vape experience, you’re going to be confused at the beginning. Don’t worry though; you’ll pick it up easier than you’d think.

Temperature Control

TC mode screen displayThe Alien 220W also comes with a fully-featured temperature control system, which supports titanium, nickel, and stainless steel coils, along with an adjustable TCR option. This means that the mod supports all the major wire types you can find, and you can alter the performance to suit your preferences easily too.

The Temperature Control mode ensures that you can ramp up the wattage on your Alien according to your needs, and you can lock the initial resistance range according to room temperature, so you maintain a consistent performance every time. It’s a great little feature – and one you’ll wonder how you lived without.

Menu System

The menu you’ll find for customising your Smok preferences on the Alien 220W is the standard style for most Smok mods, so it’ll feel familiar if you’re used to the brand. With three presses of the firing bar, you’ll enter menu mode, which displays a range of options on the screen at the time. You can tap the firing bar again to scroll through, then select your desired option by leaving it on screen for a few moments or holding down the firing bar.

The big and bright OLED display of this vape kit comes with the options to change everything from your wattage to your amps, ohms, volts, puffs, mode, and even the duration of each inhale. It’s a pretty basic system that I managed to pick up quite easily even if I didn’t have any prior experience using Smok devices. Although you could argue that it would have been better if you didn’t have to hold down the firing bar to make any progress.

Flavour Profile

The exceptional flavour profile is something that you can’t help but notice with the Smok Alien kit, thanks to the Smok TFV8 baby tank which we will discuss further later. The clouds are huge, and they’re all filled with flavour. However, you will need to take some time to experiment with your options if you really want to get some great results. This mod offers a ton of flexibility when it comes to power, and there are multiple coils available too. You can even buy specialist coils for the baby beast that enhance the flavour even more.

The Smok Alien kit is a dual-battery mod kit and popular addition to an extensive line-up of high-quality products from the Smok brand. If you want a box mod with all the bells and whistles, then this is one of the most recommended kits to buy – with excellent performance, flexible power output, and more. You can even create enough clouds with this mod to fill an entire room.

Smok Alien 220W with TFV8 Baby Beast Tank

TFV8 baby beastThe tank is always an important part of a good vape kit, but it’s a particularly valuable item to address in this Smok Alien 220W review.

The 220W version comes with the TFV8 baby beast tank, which is one of the most popular ones on the market. The tank looks simple at first glance, with two tin adjustable airflow holes around the bottom for a better inhale. Inside the tank, which holds about 3ml, you’ll also find 5 elongated juice ports for an enhanced flavour profile. It takes seconds to refill the tank with your favourite e-juice or CBD oil, which is great when you don’t want to fiddle around with bottles of liquid on the move.

For those who would prefer to have more liquids, there are other Smok TFV8 tanks available that also fits perfectly with the Alien.

Design & Safety

The compact vape mods provided by Smok are some of the most popular on the market and the Alien is no different because it is both easy to use and lightweight. What’s more, it is ideal if you are in search of variable power and temperature range options as you can use them with virtually any kind of atomizer.

Look & Feel

Sadly, the design is probably one of the most disappointing things about the Smok Alien kit. Sure, it looks great, but the battery door can easily break if you’re not careful – particularly if you put it into and take it out of your pocket regularly. Additionally, the paint starts to chip pretty fast with regular use – which is a shame. Despite the flimsy battery compartment door, it’s worth noting that the Alien still has a pretty good design overall. It feels good in your hand, with a highly ergonomic form, although it doesn’t feel quite as robust as some of the other options on the market. In other words, you wouldn’t feel comfortable dropping it on a hard surface.

Apart from the uncertainty about its durability, there are other aspects of its build quality that is good to note. This kit is crafted to make managing your vaping experience easy. The lateral firing button is great, without any misfires or auto-firing problems to speak of. Additionally, the Smok Alien 220W is slim enough that you can fit it in your pocket and carry it around with ease anytime.

Safety Features

It is important to note that when it comes to safety, the Smok Alien kit excels. It has features that include short-circuit protection, low resistance protection, low battery protection, and even safeguards if you’re trying to fire when you’re on a low e-juice level. In short, much focus on the user’s safety and security was put into making this kit.

Finishing Thoughts

close-up of a red smok alienUltimately, for this Smok Alien 220W kit review,  we can confidently say that it’s incredible and well worth the money. If you’re looking for a double-battery mod that pulls out all the stops, then this is the kit that you want. Not only is the performance genuinely incredible, but you also feel as though you’re really getting a premium vaping experience every time you inhale. The clouds are enormous, and the flavour profile is fantastic too – which is great if, like me, you’re looking for excuses to give up the standard cigarette.

This probably isn’t the first Smok Alien kit review that you’ve read that gives a positive perspective – everyone seems to love this box mod. However, I will say that it’s not perfect in every way. It has a few design flaws – like the loose battery door. Additionally, it’s going to take a lot of work to get used to this mod if you’re a beginner. If you’re looking for something simple, then this probably isn’t the vape kit for you.

However, even in spite of those things, the Alien 220W continues to be one of the most impressive and competitive double-battery vape mods on the market. Because this kit has the TFV8 baby tank included, I would recommend it. It helps to really add to the flavour profile of your vaping experience and give you smoother airflow too.

Are you a Smok Alien user? Tell us what you think in our comments section. We’d love to hear your personal experience with this vape kit.

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