Do Sofa Beds Need Special Sheets?

Last Updated On October 15th, 2019

You’ve your own sofa bed, and you do fine without a special sheet for it. Why do you need one, you ask? After all, you’re only going to sleep on your sofa bed at times, right? Well, turns out, sofa beds require just as much attention as regular beds, if not more.

Do sofa beds need special sheets?

Sofa beds are great when you have uninvited guests drop in at your home to spend the night. They are convenient and can be used for relaxing as well.

You can use sofa beds to sleep just like your normal bed but that does not turn it into an ideal sleeping place. Sofa beds are not meant to replace your normal bed for various reasons.

Because of this cause, the bedding is also different than normal beds. Some models just roll out and use the material of the sofa to provide for a mattress. Some do provide extra mattress which is different than traditional beds.

Among other things, the normal bed sheets that you use for your bed will not be suitable for your sofa bed. They can get uncomfortable and ruin your guest’s sleep.

Let’s get into a bit of details and find out-

Do you need Special Sheets for Sofa Beds?

The answer is yes, and let us tell you why!

Sofa Beds are different in Size

Some sofa beds do come in size of conventional beds, but that is not the case with most of them. The may be smaller and narrower than your normal bed.

The regular sheets that you use for your bed will not fit the sofa bed perfectly. It may pile up on the surface while you are sleeping or might slip off and fall down.

Special sheets for sofa beds are produced according to the specifications of the sofa bed which make them fit perfectly.

Sofa bed sheets stay in place without moving and give you a peaceful night’s sleep.

Different Style of Mattress

The mattress that comes with your sofa bed will not be the same size as the mattress of your bed. They are much thinner than regular bed mattresses and vary approximately from 4 to 5 inches in depth.

It is quite natural the regular bed sheet is not going to be of the perfect fit for your sofa bed mattress. That is why you need to invest in special sheets specifically designed to be used with sofa beds.

The special sheets can also be used with mattress toppers that are available for sofa beds.

Many sofa beds just flatten out to transform into a mattress. The special sheets make sure that the surface is protected from wear and tear and is not damaged.

Don’t you want it to be comfortable?

It is quite clear that you are not meant to use regular bed sheets for your sofa beds. Apart from fitting issues, it will also not make you comfortable, which is most crucial when you sleep.

Why toss and turn and lose your sleep when you can get special sheets for your sofa bed?

Many furniture shops offer the special bed sheets as a complimentary gift to their new customers and you can also check out for such offers. If that is not the case, then you can hunt for special linen stores which stock bed sheets for sofa beds.

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