Best Staple Gun Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

When choosing a staple gun, there’s more to think about than whether you need an electric staple gun or a heavy-duty alternative. To make the best purchase, you need to think carefully about the unique requirements of your project, what kind of staples you’re going to be using, and more.

Making the right decision now is how you can increase your chances of getting the job done right the first time around. Whether it’s hanging holiday decorations, installing wall mouldings, or just laying carpet, the right product for the job requires careful consideration.

That’s why we’re taking some of the weight off your shoulders by compiling this list to find the best staple gun UK stores have to offer right now.

Best Staple Gun Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Stanley TRE550Z (Editor’s Choice)

Stanley TRE550Z

Coming in as our top pick for the ultimate heavy-duty staple gun, the Stanley TRE550Z combines ease of use with reliability and durable performance. This product is sure to appeal to you if you’re looking for a heavy-duty stapler to accompany your nail gun and other essential products for a DIY kit. There are even different power options for different materials.


Designed to deliver excellent results for plenty of jobs around the house, the Stanley staple gun will make any project easier. This durable device will make sure that you can get into tight spots, thanks to its flush nose design. For better handling, there’s a contoured grip for comfort, and you get an anti-jam mechanism to save time fiddling with your supplies.

A low brad nailer indicator window shows you when you need to reload your tools in between sections of upholstery, DIY projects, or carpeting.

One slight issue is that you do have to press very hard on the back of the machine for it to work. It also takes a while to get this gun lined up correctly.

  • Heavy duty stapler for plenty of home projects
  • Ergonomic grip makes it more comfortable to use
  • Flush nose design makes light work of corners
  • Staple window to show when to reload
  • Anti-jam mechanism included
  • May require a lot of pressure
  • Can take a lot of time to line up

2. Tacwise Z1-53 (Best with Removal Kit)

Tacwise Z1-53

The perfect set for anyone who wants a staple gun and a staple remover in one. This heavy-duty staple gun fires 4-8mm staples, making it excellent for those who want an upholstery staple gun, or something for smaller projects. Designed for semi-pro applications, this could be the product for you if you’re searching for a solution to support hobby crafting.


Simple and easy to use, this Tacwise stapler gun will make sure you can tackle any project with ease. There’s no rechargeable battery or plug to worry about because the device is fully manual. There’s also a belt hook so you can keep it handy while you work. A staple viewing window ensures you can check how many staples you have left.

The impact resistant metal body will protect against long-term use, while the lock-down handle earns this product excellent reviews for house safety. There’s also a linear power cover to reduce discomfort upon firing.

You may find this product less than ideal if you have bigger projects to work on, however, and the staples included can be hard to find elsewhere.

  • Convenient manual staple gun without batteries
  • Heavy duty structure
  • Suitable for upholstery and hobby crafting
  • Staple remover and extra staples included
  • Viewing window helps to keep track of staples capacity
  • Staple size may be difficult to find elsewhere
  • May not be ideal for some bigger projects

3. TOOLZILLA Heavy Duty (Best Value)


If you’re looking for a cordless tacker or a simple solution for your upholstery projects, TOOLZILLA could have the ideal product for you. Earning some of the best staple gun reviews we could find, the TOOLZILLA product is handy and convenient – one of the top products to have in your tool kit. It makes all kinds of housework easier in no time.


This convenient staple gun comes with an adjustable driving force system, and a visual refill window so you can see when you’re running out of staples. The kit comes with everything you need to use, including 200 brad nails, 200 cable staples, and 200 standard staples. There’s even a hassle-free warranty that lasts a lifetime for extra peace of mind.

With an all steel construction, this is one of the more durable manual staple guns out there. It’s ready for use with more than just your average cable and crown staples, plus there’s quick jam release tech built-in.

One downfall is that it may be difficult to squeeze the trigger. You may also find that you need something stronger for bigger jobs.

  • Excellent for use as a cable tacker or with crown staples
  • Comes with a range of 4-14mm staples, 10-12mm staples and more
  • Plenty of adjustable driving force power
  • Refill window to show you how many staples you have left
  • Safety lock included
  • May not be suitable for some bigger jobs
  • Might be difficult to squeeze the trigger at first

4. Stanley STA0TR250 (Best Heavy Duty)

Stanley STA0TR250

If you’re looking to use a staple gun for more challenging projects, then Stanley is one of the most reliable brands on the market. This heavy-duty Stanley STA0TR250 staple gun will help out with a variety of tasks in short order, offering a pinch point free design for added safety, and an excellent high-grip push handle.


This staple nail gun from Stanley is a top pick for anyone who has more challenging tasks at hand. The heavy-duty design means that you can rest assured your stapler gun will work for a long period of time. These guns are also equipped with a simple design that makes it easy to insert your staples and brad nails in between tasks.

You can adjust between high and low pressure, depending on the material you’re working with. The stapler will accept 10mm-14mm staples, and 12mm to 15mm brads. It’s great for upholstery work, fencing, cable laying and more.

One slight problem is that it is a little heavy for some. You might also find that the lever is slow to re-engage.

  • A powerful heavy-duty staple gun with plenty of power
  • Lock down handle for easy storage
  • Padded push handle for tough jobs
  • Adjustable pressure performance for brad nails and staples
  • Aluminium cast housing
  • Lever may be a bit slow to re-engage
  • Can be too heavy

5. NEU MASTER N6013 (Best for Upholstery)


Making improvements at home shouldn’t be tough. That’s why NEU MASTER created this easy to use stapler for all kinds of projects and DIY jobs. Ready to handle a wide range of projects with brad nails and staples, this manual staple gun offers plenty of power for those working with wood, upholstery, and even cable tacker demands.


With a durable design for long-term performance, the NEU MASTER earns excellent product reviews from people who need an extra tool around the house. This safe and simple product comes with a switch that prevents firing which is ideal when you need the staple gun to be secure around children. There’s also an adjustable power knob for when you staple hard or soft materials.

A 2-in-1 product, the NEU MASTER works with both brad nails and staples, so you can get more done with the same accessory. There’s also a convenient reloading system, with a quick-release magazine.

If you’re looking for the top upholstery staple gun, this could be the product for you, but it can let you down with larger staples. The nails may also not go all the way in with this product.

  • Durable and long-lasting design
  • Safety switch to prevent accidents with staples
  • 2-in-1 stapler gun and nail gun
  • Easy to use design with quick release magazine
  • Convenient power-adjustable settings
  • May not support all of the larger staples
  • Might not push nails all the way in

6. Tacwise 181ELS (Luxury Choice)

Tacwise 181ELS

If you’re looking for an upgrade from your manual staple guns and cable tacker products, the Tacwise 191ELS is the device for you. One of the top electric staple guns on the market, this staple and nail gun will tackle a variety of jobs around the house and save you plenty of time on your outdoor projects too.


Promising excellent performance with brad nails and staples, this electric staple gun takes the hard work out of manual stapling projects, so you don’t need to use as much manpower. Comfortable to use, this staple gun comes with an all-metal magazine for maximum durability. There’s enough space for up to 100 nails at a time.

Lightweight, fast, and professional, this device is designed to provide you with the tools you need to transform your home in no time.

Unfortunately, the end of the nail gun can sometimes leave marks on some materials. You might also find it hard to get this gun into tight spaces.

  • 100 nail capacity for extensive projects
  • Maximum durability with metal components
  • Electric staple gun requires less effort from you
  • Lightweight and efficient to use on any project
  • Compatible with both brad nails and staples
  • Can be difficult to use in tight corners
  • May leave marks on some materials

7. Bosch Cordless Tacker (Best Battery-Powered)

Bosch Cordless Tacker

If you’re looking for a battery-powered staple gun that takes some of the stress off your shoulders, the Bosch Cordless cable tacker could be the ideal choice. This product gives you full control of the streak release for your staples with a simple two-stage push and release system built into the gun. There’s also a soft grip for better comfort.


Ideal for people in search of an electric staple gun that doesn’t require plug-in power, this wireless staple gun from Bosch supports life on the move. The two-stage push and release system give you more control over your projects, while the battery status indicator ensures that you don’t run out of power in the middle of a job.

The electric staple guns from Bosch can take either 8mm staples or 10mm staples, though they’re not compatible with anything larger. One of the best staple guns for replenishing strips, you can easily tack up to 400 staples with the lithium ion battery in no time.

This electric nail gun with a rechargeable battery can be very useful, but it’s often hard to source staples.

  • Lithium ion battery for cordless use
  • Battery powered stapler with support for up to 400 staples
  • Battery status indicator included
  • Two-stage push and release system
  • One of the easier to use electric staple guns
  • Can be difficult to source the right staples
  • May only support up to 10mm staples

8. NEU MASTER NTC0070 (Best USB Rechargeable)


If you like the idea of electric staple guns that reduce the amount of work you put into your DIY projects, NEU MASTER could have the perfect product for you. The NTC0070 electric staple gun is an easy-to-use product with advanced technology to support a more stable shooting experience. You can even recharge your gun with a USB cable.


Equipped to up to 1/2” size of staples, the NEU MASTER is a heavy-duty staple gun that’s ready to handle a range of jobs. There’s no need for a compressor or wire to start using this staple gun, and even a basic review shows that these tools are also lightweight and easy to use. This means for sites that require a lot of work, you can carry your gun anywhere.

There are three safety switch settings to choose from with this electric staple gun, so you can protect yourself and your loved ones. You also get the benefit of a USB fast charger for regular reuse.

This product earns some of the best electric staple gun reviews around, but it seems to work better with softer materials. Additionally, the safety trigger is quite stiff.

  • Portable electric staple gun works well with other tools
  • Advanced technology for stable shooting
  • Easy to find the right size of staples to use
  • Multiple safety settings for peace of mind
  • USB charger for quick recharging
  • May work better with softer materials
  • Safety trigger can be hard to activate

9. Stanley Tools ZSTA-0-70-868 (Best 6-in-1)

Stanley Tools ZSTA-0-70-868

Why settle for just a standard staple gun, when you can have a staple nail gun that offers up to 6 features in one. Among the best staple guns on the market, the Stanley Tools ZSTA-0-70-868 is suitable for a wide range of staples including cable staples, brad nailer pins and more. The tacker loads from the bottom, so you can set your tools up quickly too.


A versatile product for those with a lot of DIY projects, the 6-in-1 stapler from Stanley can support all kinds of staples, nail, and pins. There’s a low angle handle for comfortable and convenient use in any environment, and a built-in wire guide and nail gate to ensure that you get the most accurate results every time.

Whether you’re looking for the best staple gun for upholstery UK companies can offer or you need something that’s ready to tackle your brad nailer tasks, this could be the product for you.

One slight issue is that safety can be difficult to put on and take off. You may find that some components feel a little delicate in areas too.

  • One of the most versatile staple guns
  • Staple nail gun works with a range of staples and nail sizes
  • Gun loads from the bottom for ease of use
  • Excellent built-in wire guide included
  • Good capacity for regular use
  • Some of the plastic components may be of low quality
  • Safety lock can be difficult to use

10. Tacwise 1564 (Best Compact)

Tacwise 1564

Electric staple guns don’t have to be heavy and difficult to use. This electric staple gun from Tacwise is compact, cordless and convenient, making it one of the best staple guns for all kinds of home and DIY projects. Unlike other staple guns, it even comes with an LED light to help you find exactly where you want to shoot your staples.


Ready to handle a range of tasks, the Tacwise staple gun comes with a safety contact nose and two firing modes to choose from. This stapler is fully rechargeable, with a battery that you can power through a handy USB cable. The gun also comes with a bottom loading system for your staples, and a simple way to switch between staples and nails.

Compatible with a variety of staple sizes, all the way up to 10mm staples and 10mm nails, this high capacity electric stapler will handle a variety of jobs. There’s even a set of staples included with your purchase so you can jump into action faster.

Unfortunately, you might discover that this electric staple gun is a lot smaller than you might expect – making it less perfect for big jobs. You could also end up not getting the USB cable in the packet.

  • Works with a variety of staple and nail sizes
  • Good capacity
  • USB rechargeable electric staple gun
  • Switch between staples and nails easily
  • LED light to help guide your stapler
  • May be quite a bit smaller compared to other options
  • The staple gun may not always come with the charging cord

How to Choose the Best Staple Gun

construction materials on table

When you’re on the hunt for the ideal staple gun, there are a lot of different points to consider, from whether you want a manual or air staple gun, to whether you need a rechargeable battery or a wire-powered device. Staple guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different needs. As you review the options available today, it’s important to ensure you’re considering the right factors. Here a few things to keep in mind:

Staple Options

The best staple gun UK stores have to offer will be one that can hold the kinds of staples and nails that you need for your current projects as well as any projects you may have in the future. Start by figuring out what kind of staple sizes you’re going to use most frequently. You might need to look for more heavy duty staple guns if you’re going to be dealing with big projects that require you to work with a lot of tough materials.

If you’re not sure what the right gauge size is for you, it might be a good idea to look for a product that can offer a wide range of options, so you can switch back and forth for different projects. Check your options online before you start shopping.

Electric or Manual

A staple gun can work in a variety of different ways. If you have a pneumatic air staple gun, then it will use pressurized air to send nails and staples into the projects that you’re working on. Other electric staple guns work by using either battery power or outlet energy to drive the nail or staple forward when you press the trigger.

Manual guns are often the hardest to use because they rely on your body strength and the pressure that you can exert.

Comfort and Ease Of Use

The ideal product is one that you can use regularly without a lot of discomforts. If you’re going to be working on a big project, then you don’t want to end up with blisters and aching wrists by the time you’re done. A good staple gun should come with a padded or ergonomic handle that makes it easy to grip and use.

You might want a light or laser that helps you to find where you should be placing your staples or a guide that’s built into the machine. Alternatively, you could look for guns that come with windows that allow you to track how many staples you have left, and battery meters to show you your power levels. The more convenient your purchase is to use, the better.

Getting the Right Staple Gun

upholstered furniture getting repaired

There’s no perfect choice for the best staple gun UK consumers can buy. It all depends on what you want to get out of your stapling project. There are a lot of different versatile products out there to review, but our favourite has to be the Stanley TRE550Z. This reliable and powerful staple gun can handle all kinds of jobs, making it a great part of your DIY kit.

There’s a comfortable contoured grip to help you handle the gun better, and this staple gun also comes with an indicator window to show you when you’re running out of nails and staples. There’s even an anti-jam mechanism for convenience too.

Good luck choosing the staple gun that works best for you.

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