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Best Step Ladder in the UK 2020

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WolfWise 4-Step


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Home Vida 4-Step Heavy Duty

Home Vida 4-Step Heavy Duty

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Home Vida 3-Step

Home Vida 3-Step

How many times have you tried to reach something, or do something in your house or garden, and thought, “I wish I had a step ladder!”. Step ladders are a highly useful piece of equipment and the perfect product to keep in your garden shed, garage or outhouse – you never know when you may need them!

In this guide, we look at the best step ladder in the UK and give you ten fantastic products to choose from. Step ladders can be used for numerous tasks – decorating, changing light fixtures, DIY projects, and more. Sometimes, you may simply need a ladder to reach somewhere that you can’t safely climb.

Whatever the purpose, owning a step ladder is a great idea – you can store them away out of sight but they are always there if you need them. To help choose the right step ladder, we have listed ten different products including compact, heavy-duty, and good value choices for your benefit.

Best Step Ladder Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Our top choice of best step ladder UK is the Home Vida 4-Step Ladder. This ladder is incredibly durable and has a solid steel frame. If you need a ladder for various tasks around the house or garden, this is a brilliant option.


These ladders feature four durable steps that all have a non-slip surface. Also, it features a durable steel frame and offers excellent stability so you can feel safe and secure when using it.

The ladders also fold easily in a safe manner and lie relatively flat to help storage whether that be in the back of your car for transport or in your garage at home. For cleaning, you can also simply wipe this step ladder with a dry cloth to clean away any dirt and grime.

The overall dimensions of these ladders are 127x47x90cm, and they have a load capacity of 150kg. Although there is no tool tray, the top platform is wide and you can comfortably place paint tins and tools on it.

This may be our top ladder but it can have a few issues. Firstly, the steps are heavy to carry due to the durable steel frame. This is not a major issue, but just take care when lifting them. Also, some customers have received scratched and damaged goods. Whilst this won’t compromise the safety, if you are unsatisfied – contact the customer support team.


  • 4 steps with anti-slip tread
  • Frame made from durable steel
  • Simple cleaning via a dry cloth wipe
  • Wide steps for additional safety
  • Simple folding mechanism for easy storage


  • Durable steel frame makes it heavy to carry
  • Some customers have reported scratched and damaged steps
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If you want to buy a pair of step ladders that will last for years, the WolfWise 4-Step Stool Ladder is a brilliant luxury option. When purchasing this model, you gain a solid ladder that has a durable platform step and an excellent maximum load capacity of 150kg.


The WolfWise ladders are made from stainless steel and thus are generally resistant to damage and wear. Also, the frame, legs, and steps have a great design with security mechanisms that make folding easy.

When folded, the ladders also have a thin profile that makes them convenient to store. On the top, the platform is also wider and can comfortably accommodate tools as you need.

The overall dimensions of these ladders are 17.3×27.6×55.7 inches and they have a load capacity of 150kg. Also, for additional protection, the various surfaces have wear-resistant coatings.

These WolfWise step ladders make a great choice but the steps could be wider as, when compared to some other ladders on our list, the steps are much narrower. Also, some customers have reported receiving the ladders with missing parts – if this happens, don’t use them and contact the manufacturer immediately.


  • Made from durable but lightweight stainless steel
  • 4 steps with anti-slip / anti-scratch treads
  • Simple setup and folding for quick usage
  • The frame and steps feature wear-resistant coatings
  • The ladder base features rubber stabilizing feet


  • The width of the steps could be greater
  • Some customers have reported incomplete products
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If you don’t need a larger step platform ladder, the Home Vida 3 Step Ladder makes a great alternative. This smaller pair of ladders are perfect for home use and household tasks. Due to its smaller size, it is also easy to store and could be packed away in a cupboard or shed.


These smaller step ladders have solid steel construction and a durable frame. The three steps are wide and feature an anti-slip textured surface. Each leg also has anti-slip feet so that the ladders are stable on the ground.

We also like the folding mechanism of these steps – for the easiest operation, we recommend folding them flat on the ground. Due to the width of the steps, you can also easily carry and store tools and paint on them without risk of them falling off.

The overall dimensions of these steps are 103x46x68cm and they have a load capacity of 150kg.

Due to the durability of the steel frame, for their small size, this compact step ladder is still heavy to carry. Take care when moving it around your workspace! Also, the load-bearing capacity states 150kg, but some customers have questioned the validity of this and state that the ladders can sometimes feel unstable.


  • Can be cleaned easily using a dry cloth
  • 3 steps with anti-slip treads
  • Wide steps for greater stability
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Simple folding mechanism for easy setup


  • Relatively heavy to carry
  • The load-bearing capacity is questionable
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If you are not confident when using ladders and want some additional safety, the Home Vida 4 Step Ladder with handrail is a brilliant option. This pair of ladders could be ideal for decorating or DIY as you can hold onto the handrail with one hand, whilst carrying tools or paint on the other hand. These ladders also have a durable design and solid legs.


Each step of these ladders has an excellent non-slip surface which means you can climb the steps comfortably. Also, the wide steps with grip are perfect for placing items on.

The handrail extends from between the second and third steps, up to the mid-section of the frame above the top step. This provides excellent stability, and the handrail is made from the same durable steel as the main ladder frame.

Each leg also has a rubber anti-slip cover, and the folding mechanism is easy to operate. The overall size of these ladders is 160x54x83cm. You can also clean the ladders easily using a dry cloth.

These Home Vida step ladders are a good choice but they do have a couple of potential issues. The steel frame is durable and thus the ladders are relatively heavy to carry and move. Also, some customers have reported receiving damaged goods with scratches and dents – if this happens to you, contact the customer support immediately.


  • Supporting handrail both sides for extra safety
  • Wide steps for additional safety
  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • Rubber anti-slip feet to secure to the floor
  • Easy to fold and store


  • Relatively heavy to carry and lift
  • Some customers have reported missing or damaged goods
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This aluminium step ladder is one of the best options for outdoor usage. The simple aluminium frame and durable design are perfect for outdoor DIY and decorating, or tending to trees, plants, and flowers around your garden. You can also purchase different versions of this ladder between 4 to 8 steps.


The Xinn step ladders have a simple, traditional design with durable aluminium steps that have anti-slip grooves. Also, the top platform is much wider and ideal for placing any items you may need for the job at hand.

At the centre of the steps, there is also an additional bracing joint that prevents the ladders from bowing or folding. Each foot has an anti-slip cover, and when folded, the ladders have a thin profile for easy storage.

In terms of size, the overall dimensions are 47x108x170cm (open), and 45x11x180cm (folded).

These Xinn Aluminum step ladders are a good choice, but the steps could be wider. Compared to some other ladders, the steps are narrow however we don’t think you will feel unsafe using them. Also, these ladders are quite noisy to use due to their metal frame and fixings – some people could find this disconcerting.


  • Large step ladders with a great reach
  • Made from robust but lightweight aluminium
  • 150kg load-bearing capacity
  • Tested and certified to EN131 standards
  • Non-slip rubber feet for additional security


  • The steps could be wider
  • The ladders are creaky and make noise when in use
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The Draak Step Ladder is a solid choice that is great for outdoor usage or decorating. It has a simple design and is made from aluminium. It is also a great safety step ladder due to its various non-slip surfaces and features. If you want an inexpensive pair of ladders for outdoor use, these are a great option.


The Draak step ladder is one of the best step ladders due to its simple but durable design. It has three steps and a top platform. The steps and platform all have grooves and safe anti-slip design.

Also, the top platform is much wider and is great for storing items on. Each leg has nonslip rubber feet which prevent the ladders from sliding when on the ground and extended.

The overall dimensions of these ladders are 78x43x140cm, and they have a maximum load capacity of 150kg.

These Draak step ladders are a brilliant buy but they do have a couple of minor issues. Firstly, the bottom step is quite close to the ground and some people may find it difficult to step on. Also, the steps are not as wide as some other models in this list – being wider by just a few centimetres could drastically improve your footing.


  • Tested and certified to BS EN131 Part 1-3
  • Nonslip step design for additional safety
  • Decent reach with well-spaced steps
  • Made from sturdy and lightweight aluminium
  • Simple folding and locking mechanism


  • The bottom steps are awkwardly positioned
  • The steps could be wider
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The Songmics step ladder is a tall product that offers an excellent reach due to its tall frame and six steps. It is a great multi-purpose option and could be used for gardening, DIY, or decorating.


The top of these ladders features a plastic tool tray. This tool tray is well-designed and features slots for tools like a hammer and screwdriver. It also has ample space to place other objects like a tape measure and screws.

The steps are relatively wide and provide a great footing as each step features an anti-slip design. The top platform is much wider and could be used to store additional items that won’t fit in the tool tray.

As one of the best step ladders, this product has a load capacity of 150kg, and each step is 12cm wide.

These 6-step ladders are quite tall and thus you need a dedicated space to store them. Ensure you have measured the storage space and that you have somewhere to put them. Also, take care when carrying and positioning these ladders as they are heavy.


  • Tall ladders with an excellent reach and height
  • Made from robust aluminium for durability
  • A load-bearing capacity of up to 150kg
  • Wide steps to provide a firm footing
  • Simple open/close mechanism


  • The larger size could make storage difficult
  • Due to the larger size, they can be difficult to carry
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The VonHaus Steel Step Ladder is a durable option that is perfect for indoor use. It has a top platform step and a host of useful features including rubber feet and non-slip steps.


The four legs of these ladders have anti-slip feet with rubber caps. This firstly provides stability on the ground, but it also prevents the metal frame from scratching and damaging your floor.

The steps are also wide and feel durable when standing on them and each step also has a special anti-slip surface. The top platform isn’t much wider than the other steps, but you can still store objects on it.

When folded, these ladders have a thickness of just 4.5cm which means they have a great thin profile. Also, the overall dimensions are 139x91x46.5cm when extended.

This step ladder with a platform is a solid option, but it is relatively heavy due to its steel frame. As a result, ensure you know how to carry the ladders properly, and that you have space to store them. Also, be careful when closing the ladders as the safety lock can make them difficult to fold.


  • Sturdy steel structure built for stability
  • Each step features an anti-slip surface for added safety
  • When folded-out, there is a safety latch to prevent folding
  • Each foot has an anti-slip rubber cap
  • Wide steps for a great footing


  • Relatively heavy to carry due to the heavy-duty steel frame
  • The safety lock can make the ladders difficult to fold for storage
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This specialist pair of ladders are perfect for electrical DIY and general electrical work. This is because it is made from non-conductive material up to 30,000 volts. For small businesses and contractors, this is one of the best pairs of ladders available.


These ladders are made from fibreglass and have a durable frame with a great height and reach. They have also been fully tested to EN131, and their non-conductive ability has also been independently tested.

The feet are strengthened and made from a robust material. They also have a deep design and grooves to help prevent slips and falls. You can purchase these ladders in various sizes including 4 treads, 5 treads, and even 10 treads.

The top platform also features a tool tray that has slots for items like a screwdriver or drill for easy access to anything you may need while you work.

This collapsible step ladder is a great option but it is bulky and heavy to carry. It is much larger than most ladders and therefore you may find it difficult to store. If you want a pair of ladders like this, ensure you have sufficient space to store them.


  • Tested and certified to BS EN131 standards
  • A solid load-bearing capacity of 150kg
  • Made from a non-conductive material
  • Strong and stable frame and design
  • Tall reach with 8 steps


  • Difficult to carry and store due to the larger size
  • The fifth tread may not be safe to use
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If you need a tall pair of ladders with excellent safety features, the Hailo 8040-707 XXL step ladder is a perfect choice. These durable ladders have seven steps with non-slip surfaces and rubber feet. For outdoor use or painting ceilings, these ladders are a solid option.


The Hailo 8040-707 XXL Safety Ladder has a simple but effective design. It has a sturdy frame and each step features grooves and anti-slip surfaces to help stability. The four legs also have rubber covers to help stability and prevent damage.

At the top, there is a useful tool tray; it has two slots for tools and a decent-sized storage compartment for placing loose items. It also has a bucket hook so you can comfortably hang paint tins from it.

You can purchase this durable pair of steps in different configurations ranging from 3 steps up to 8 steps.

Although this is a great safety step ladder, it does have a few issues. Firstly, it is an XXL size and you must therefore have space to store it. This also makes it relatively difficult to carry and lift. Meanwhile, some customers have reported receiving damaged goods – if this happens, contact the manufacturer’s customer support immediately.


  • Contains a tool stray above the top platform
  • Has different feet for outdoor or indoor usage
  • Made from durable aluminium
  • Slip-resistant feet for extra stability
  • Excellent reach and height


  • Difficult to store due to the larger size
  • Some customers have reported missing or damaged goods
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How to Choose the Best Step Ladder?

We hope this guide has given you food for thought. As you can see, there is a great range of step ladders to choose from. But how can you choose the best step ladder in the UK for your situation?

There are many considerations to make. Before purchasing one of the best step ladders, consider why you need them. Do you just want a pair to keep in your garage in case you need them? Or do you want step ladders specifically for decorating or DIY?

Understanding why you want a pair will make your choice easier. Also, to help, we have created a small buying guide below listing other important considerations:

Overall Dimensions

The size and weight of the ladders are important for two reasons. Firstly, for storage. You don’t want to purchase a pair of step ladders, only to find out they are too big to effectively store anywhere.

Secondly, they should be tall enough to reach the places you need to reach. This is again why it is important to consider why you want them. How tall must they be? How many steps do you want them to have? Think about how you will use them, and choose step ladders that have an appropriate size.

Compactness and Storage

Building on the above point, where do you intend to store the ladders? Do you have a large unused garage or shed? If so, maybe a compact pair of ladders isn’t important.

Alternatively, maybe you have limited space and need a pair of step ladders that fold up into a small size.

Safety Features

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Safety should also be a major concern. Even if you do not find step ladders tricky to use, you still want a pair that are safe to use. Consider the safety features such as anti-slip treads, anti-slip feet, and the durability of the frame.

Also, how wide are the standing platform steps, and do the ladders have a locking mechanism to prevent them from folding or moving when in use?

Additional Features

Some step ladders also have additional features that make them suitable for DIY or decorating. For example, some step ladders have a tool tray or slots for paint trays and accessories. Consider how you want to use the ladders, and if any features like this would help.


a woman with a toolbox

Finally, consider how easy the ladders are to clean and maintain. What material are they made from? Can you easily wipe them down and clean them? Will the frame be affected if you spill anything on it like paint? Does it have any perishable parts that may need replacing over time?


Having a pair of step ladders is something all homeowners should consider. They are hugely useful, and they can improve your safety and reach in a variety of situations. Anyone of the above ten-step ladders listed above would make an excellent choice and allow you to easily tackle DIY projects, decorating, and more.

However, our top choice and what we consider to be the best step ladder in the UK is the Home Vida 4-Step Heavy Duty. This quality pair of step ladders feature a durable design with a strong frame. Also, anti-slip treads improve your safety and balance when using them.

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