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Best Suitcase in the UK 2020

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Samsonite S'Cure Spinner

Samsonite S'cure Spinner

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American Tourister Bon Air Spinner

American Tourister Bon Air Spinner

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Aerolite Super Lightweight

Aerolite large super lightweight hard shell

Are you looking for the best suitcase UK companies have to offer? You’re in the right place.

Having the right luggage for your next adventure makes life a lot simpler. A great suitcase gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your belongings are going to remain safe in the luggage hold. A suitcase with a good design makes it easy to separate your items into different compartments based on your unique needs.

At the same time, if you choose a suitcase made from the right materials, you might find that it’s more lightweight and convenient to move too. Unfortunately, choosing the ideal suitcase isn’t always easy. Whether you’re shopping for business trips or family vacations there are a lot of points to consider.

How do you make sure that your suitcase is secure enough to keep your items safe, without going against TSA standards? What can you do to make your suitcase stand out, without spending too much on customization? On top of that, how do you know whether it’s best to go for four wheels, two wheels, or something else entirely?

If searching for the right suitcase leaves you feeling unpacked, we’ve got you covered. To help you find the perfect one for you, we’ll be listing our top 10 suitcases, each with its own set of pros and cons to consider.

Let’s get started.

Best Suitcase Reviews – Top 10 Picks

The American Tourister Bon Air Spinner is a high-quality suitcase, perfect for holidays and last-minute trips. This high-performance suitcase comes in a range of colours and sizes so that you can find the best combination for your family. There’s also a fixed 3-digit lock designed according to TSA standards, so you know you have plenty of security.


This extra-strong polypropylene suitcase comes from one of the best-known suitcase companies in the market. American Tourister has a fantastic reputation for its durability and stunning designs, and the Bon Air is no exception. This spinner suitcase comes with a set of 4 wheels, which are multi-directional and silent. You can spin your suitcase in 360 degrees with absolutely no problem.

Great for manoeuvrability around the baggage carousel, this attractive travel companion comes with an adjustable multi-stage locking handle to suit any traveller. The top carry handle also provides a brilliantly firm grip, for a comfortable lifting experience. The Tourister also features a zippered divider interior pad with two mesh pockets to store liquids.

The bottom half of the suitcase has ribbons to secure your items as well as a zipped pocket to prevent wrinkling. One slight downside of this product is that the surface can easily scratch and take on damage when thrown into the cargo hold. That might mean that your attractive suitcase doesn’t look great for long.


  • 3-digit TSA lock
  • Full 360-degree silent, spinning wheels
  • Hard shell to protect your interior belongings
  • One of the more reliable suitcases available
  • Lightweight and attractive (in a range of colours)


  • Easily takes on damage thanks to a hard surface
  • A little smaller than expected
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If you’re happy to pay a little extra for quality, then Samsonite could have you covered. This is one of the best suitcases for travel of any kind, offering exceptional stability and strength, along with an attractive appearance. This large suitcase is particularly good for those taking longer trips.


Available in a number of colours to help you spot your luggage from a distance, this Samsonite suitcase comes with brilliant spinner wheels so you can twist your suitcase anywhere you like. The spinner wheels turn in a full circle, so you never have to worry about getting stuck when you’re rushing through airport security.

Made in Europe, this high-performance product is one of the best travel luggage options on the market, with three-point locking for extra security, smooth-rolling double wheels, and a dual tube handle for extra stability. There’s also a zippered divider pad inside to help you organise your luggage.

The S’Cure from Samsonite succeeds in developing a durable, strong, and lightweight option for people who need reliable travel bags to suit their needs. The revolutionary Flowlite material allows the company to create thin suitcase moulds without compromising on strength.

One possible downside is that the suitcase can often take on marks very quickly. The zip-up compartment inside of the case can also jam easily too.


  • Spinner wheels for better movement
  • Made in Europe with high-quality materials
  • Three-point TSA locks
  • Smooth-rolling double wheels
  • Interior segments and divider pad


  • Interior zippered section jams and breaks easily
  • Exterior material marks easily
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It’s often difficult to find good quality suitcases that are both brimming with handy features and are durable. Fortunately, Aerolite offers a very good option when it comes to shopping for the best budget suitcase. If you’re looking for a suitcase for cheap, this could be the perfect product for you. Lightweight and reliable, Aerolite’s suitcases are ideal for any trip.


With four colours to choose from, you can find the Aerolite suitcase that suits your personality and your family. The 4 spinner wheels included with this suitcase ensures that you can move with full 360-degree versatility. That makes this some of the best wheeled luggage around for those who often get stuck in tight spots.

If you want a suitcase that doesn’t compromise on quality, Aerolite Super Lightweight can give you great value for money. The secure design promises protection for your luggage that’s ideal for any personal or business trip. There’s also plenty of storage space. You can transport as many necessities with this case as possible, with very little inconvenience.

Inside the case, you’ll find dividers and zippers for separating your belongings (including dirty shoes). What’s more, you even get a five-year warranty with this product, which is rare. One slight problem is that the wheels are a little loose, which mean they can go missing. Additionally, certain parts of the case feel flimsier than others.


  • 360-degree spinning wheels
  • Hard case to protect your luggage
  • Zippered storage space inside for organization
  • Excellent 5-year warranty
  • Helpful telescopic handle


  • Some parts of the case aren't as durable
  • Wheels can sometimes come loose
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The best suitcase for you might not be something that you keep in the hold – but a suitcase that you can take with you on the plane itself. As one of the best lightweight suitcase options we’ve seen, the Aerolite Cabin luggage ensures that you can keep all of your most important items close at hand. This product is approved for many of the top airlines throughout the UK.


Not only is the Aerolite one of the more reliable small suitcase options around, but it’s ideal for people looking for suitcases for cheap or in a modest price range. The simple and lightweight design makes it easy to travel with all the items you need. There’s even a set of spinning wheels that give you complete 360-degree manoeuvrability.

Because your belongings deserve proper protection, the Aerolite cabin option comes with a combination lock with 3 digits. This approved TSA lock is great for added security – but it can also bypass the requirements of the airline security measures too. Inside, you’ll find plenty of storage space for all of your needs, as well as separation compartments for added organisation.

This hard shell cabin bag is great for people who prefer to keep essential items close by. It could also be a good choice for smaller, weekend trips. One slight downside is that it can get a little challenging to manoeuvre when there’s more weight in it. Additionally, the colours you see on the website aren’t true to life.


  • Excellent for lightweight cabin luggage
  • Hard shell for extra protection
  • Combi lock for peace of mind with 3 number approval
  • Telescopic durable handle
  • 360-degree turning wheels


  • Colours listed aren't true to life
  • Harder to manoeuvre when filled
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Another brilliant choice from the Samsonite brand. This is the best large suitcase around for a number of reasons. According to the suitcase reviews we read, this suitcase is easy to manage when you’re in a hurry, thanks to its convenient wheel system. It also comes with a lightweight and robust structure, so you can pack more, and keep your items protected.


Made in Europe, like all of Samsonite products, the Termo Young is a reliable suitcase with a set of multi-directional wheels to help you move freely. The hard shell is perfect for protecting against damage, while the unique material ensures that you don’t add any extra unnecessary weight to your suitcases. There’s even a selection of amazing colours to choose from.

The three point combination lock adheres to TSA standards, so that you know you’re going to have an easier time getting through the airport. The Termo Young collection also offers optimum recessed components so that your luggage doesn’t take up too much extra space, and features a clip-in system to replace the common, and often difficult to secure, zippers. The comfortable double push handle makes it easy to wheel your suitcase in style.

Everything from the telescopic handle to the shell is great quality on this device, but the case can be a little difficult to manoeuvre. Additionally, there’s no top centre handle, so it’s off-set when you need to lift the case.


  • Extra durable hard shell
  • Lightweight and compact with spinner wheels
  • Combination lock according to TSA standard
  • Excellent protection
  • Clips to secure bag shut for extra sturdiness


  • Difficult to manoeuvre
  • No top handle for extra control
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Even the best hard case suitcase isn’t much good if it weighs a ton. The heavier your suitcase, the less you’ll be able to put in it safely. Fortunately, the attractive Soundbox suitcase from American Tourister can solve this problem. This durable and expandable case makes it easy to find the space you need for all of your belongings.


Far more reliable than your standard duffel bag, this high-performance suitcase comes with a set of durable wheels that spin all the way around so that you can move in any direction. There’s also an expandable handle so you can drag your suitcase behind you easily when you’re rushing through the airport.

The TSA lock included is a combi lock with three digits for better peace of mind and security. All the while, while this suitcase is packed full of features for security and durability, it still manages to be wonderfully lightweight. The product even won the Red Dot product design award in 2017.

Available in a collection of bright and attractive colours, the American Tourister Soundbox is a great choice for anyone who wants to travel light. It even comes with a 3-year guarantee. However, this device can become quite difficult to move when filled.


  • Lightweight and durable hard shell design
  • Available in a range of standout colours
  • Combi lock designed for TSA approval
  • Award winning design innovation
  • 3-year guarantee included


  • Becomes harder to move when fully filled
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If you’re searching for the best 4 wheel suitcase around, then Samsonite could have just the thing for you. This soft sided suitcase is brilliant for when you need some extra space for a longer trip. The expandable design of the soft sided luggage means that you can carry more without having to worry about accidentally breaking your bag.


Like many of the top suitcases on the market today, this product comes with a TSA approved combination lock, so you can keep all of your belongings safe and secure. However, unlike many of the hard shell suitcases out there, this soft sided product ensures that you can expand your luggage to suit your needs.

Aside from giving you excellent versatility, this luggage also comes with a full set of four spinner wheels, so you can turn your bag 360 degrees around. You also benefit from a sophisticated design that looks great in any environment.

The base boost suitcase is characterised by values like protection, quality, and lightweight performance. Unfortunately, the lack of a hard side means that there’s less protection. Additionally, the handle can feel a little flimsy.


  • Expandable soft sided suitcase
  • Double set of wheels that spin all the way around
  • TSA lock approved for extra peace of mind
  • Excellent front pocket for extra storage
  • Range of colour options


  • Not the most durable carry handles
  • No extra protection offered by soft sides
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Often, when you’re searching for the best luggage, the biggest decision you need to make will be between a hard shell and a soft sided bag. Hard shell options like the COOLIFE trolley do offer an extra dose of protection for your luggage, but they can also be more prone to scrapes. Here’s one of the most secure hard sided suitcases on the market.


This COOLIFE luggage comes in a range of colours to suit every style and offers plenty of room for all the items you might need to take on your next vacation. There’s a two-year warranty on the product, so you can rest assured that you’ll have protection if anything goes wrong.

Like most of the leading products on the market, this luggage comes with a set of spinner wheels, so you can ensure that you have complete freedom to move with your luggage in any direction. Additionally, these suitcases have their own side handles, so you can carry them any way you choose.

The aluminium telescopic handle combined with the extremely hard outer shell means that you have all the peace of mind you need from a bag that can stand the test of time. There’s an interior zipped pocket for your laundry bag and packing straps to help you organise your clothes. One slight downside is that the outside of the bag can easily get scratched.


  • Excellent alternative to a soft-sided suitcase
  • TSA lock included for peace of mind
  • Wheels that turn in any direction
  • Luggage packing straps and organisational elements
  • Great aluminium handle


  • Inner zips open easily
  • The outside of the luggage gets scraped easily
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Designed to give you the compatible luggage you need from airlines all the way from Delta to British Airways. The Aerolite luggage ticks all the right boxes for a safe flight, so you don’t have to worry about a problem at the airport. This luxurious luggage takes the strain away from travel with a reliable design and brilliant multi-directional wheels.


One of the best suitcases that we’ve seen for versatility and performance, this hard shell suitcase is a great choice for people who live their life on the move. You get a full range of movement to suit your needs, and because your luggage is worth extra protection, you also get durable ABS plastic throughout to keep your items safe.

Providing an ideal storage space for all of your needs, this state-of-the-art suitcase is brilliant for families and business trips alike. You also get a TSA lock included to keep your items safe when you’re on the move. Inside, you’ll find packing straps to hold your clothing in place and mesh pockets too.

Although there’s no lifetime guarantee with this luggage, you do get a 5-year warranty, which is a lot more than you can expect from most brands. One possible downside is that the suitcases don’t always share the same sizes as you see on the listings.


  • Excellent capacity for lots of luggage
  • Packing straps and mesh pockets included
  • Hard outer design for extra protection
  • TSA approved locking mechanism
  • 5-year warranty


  • Sizing isn’t always true to life
  • Colours look a little different than listing
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Convenient and lightweight, these soft sided suitcases from Eastpak are a great choice for any holiday maker. Everything you need comes included with these reliable suitcases, including two zip fastening pockets, and a set of packing straps that ensure all of your belongings can stay safely in the same place.


These suitcases from Eastpak are an excellent choice if you want to get the most out of your luggage, and you don’t want a hard-style suitcase. The spacious compartment ensures that you have plenty of space for your belongings, and the compression packing straps allow for better volume control too.

Inside, you’ll find a laptop sleeve for your computer, and mesh pockets to keep your laundry separate. The 100% polyester design is reliable and durable – great for heavy use. What’s more, the zip-down front panel makes accessing your suitcase incredibly easy.

Along with a fantastic all-round design, this luggage also comes with a combo lock that’s already approved by the TSA, so you can make sure that you’re ready for any trip with excellent peace of mind. One possible issue is that it can be difficult to keep your clothing organised when you’re on the move with this suitcase.


  • Brilliant durable design
  • Excellent for anyone who likes soft suitcases
  • Laptop sleeve and interior pockets included
  • Combination locking for peace of mind
  • Easy opening


  • Difficult for organizing clothes
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Which is the Best Suitcase to Buy?

Buying the ideal suitcase means considering your own personal needs and requirements for luggage. Remember, there are a lot of different luggage set options out there. Some come with wheel spinner technology so you can move in any direction. Other options have hard shell cases to protect and offer impact resistance in any environment.

When you’re searching for your ideal suitcases, you’ll need to think about a number of factors. Here are just some of the elements that you may want to consider:

Size and Capacity

Are you looking for a simple set of travel gear that you can carry with you onto the airplane? Or do you need something for your family holidays that will store all the items you need for your crew? Maybe you just want the best medium-sized suitcase. Think about the size dimensions you need and consider the rules and expectations of the airlines you’ll be flying with carefully.

Hard or Soft Materials?

man running with luggage in hand

While all kinds of travel suitcase will come with durability for peace of mind, there’s a big difference between having a soft or hard case. Your harder case will give you more peace of mind for protection against impact. However, a fabric case is often more expandable, so you can fit more into it.

Convenient Features

Aside from plenty of protection from your luggage brand, you’ll also need to consider convenient features that might make your life easier. For instance, is there an extra pocket for dirty shoes so you can keep your clothes clean? Some of the best cases come with things like cross ribbons and zip pocket sections to keep all your belongings properly organised.

Extra Protection

Speaking of protection, you might need to think beyond things like suitcase padlocks that are approved by the TSA for peace of mind. If you’re choosing a soft case, consider looking into whether the lining of those products are water repellent, so you can protect your belongings in case of a storm. Don’t assume that any brand with a good reputation will automatically be TSA ready.


Although you might not be too worried about how your suitcase looks at first, choosing something that stands out is one of the best ways to make sure you don’t spend hours standing around at the luggage carousel. Look for something that’s going to make it easier for you to spot your suitcases wherever they are. The best luggage UK companies have to offer is always easy to spot.

bag on conveyor belt

Remember, before you buy any suitcase, or start packing for your vacation, it’s important to double check the rules and restrictions of the airlines that you’re travelling with. Some companies will have different requirements to consider when assessing the kind of products that you can take on your flight. Even the best suitcase in the UK is no good if you can’t take it on your flight.

Finding Your Ideal Suitcase

Choosing the best suitcase UK companies have to offer means considering all of your needs carefully. Everything from the size and capacity of your ideal suitcase, to the style and design you’re looking for will play a part in your decision making abilities.

The good news for today’s customers is that there are plenty of options available. You can find a suitcase in virtually any size or style these days. Our favourite option overall has to be the American Tourister Bon Air Spinner suitcase. This amazing high-performance suitcase comes with a TSA approved lock and an extra strong design for better protection.

This luggage is ideal for people who are constantly living life on the move, thanks to its multi-direction wheels which make it easy to manoeuvre. There’s also an adjustable multi-stage handle too!

Good luck finding the right suitcase for your next trip!

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