The Best Citronella Candles Reviews UK 2021 – Top 8 Comparison

Everyone loves to spend time outside, until the mosquitos decide to join your party. If the idea of slathering yourself in bug repellent is less than ideal, consider investing in a few strategically placed citronella candles. This low-profile solution creates a scent that keeps mosquitos and other bugs at bay, and doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals on your skin. Whether you have a small balcony or patio or a large backyard, these are the candles you need.

Benefits Of Citronella Candles

Helps with insects

When looking at citronella candles, one of the major benefits associated with the scent they give off is the ability to assist in repelling insects. Citronella candles and related products with this plant extract have long been used as a way of reducing disturbances caused by insects. The candles may provide an efficient solution for repelling different insects, such as black flies and mosquitoes. Some people also find that the citronella scent helps to repel ticks and fleas. 

Helps with sleep

The scent of citronella oil, an ingredient used in the production of these candles, holds more benefits than just helping to repel insects. Many people find that burning a citronella candle in their bedroom helps them sleep faster and better at night. This is because the scent has been shown to possess stress-relieving properties. By inhaling the scent from the candle, you may feel more calm and relaxed. By inducing such a mindset, you find yourself falling asleep in less time. 

Helps with stress

While the use of a citronella candle is great for nighttime, you can also experience the stress-relieving benefits during the day. By burning the candle in the living room, you can create a relaxing atmosphere that sets everyone’s minds at peace. This can also be a useful strategy for people who frequently experience mental fatigue. 



Not all candles are made in the same way. While the citronella candles may have similarities in terms of scent, it is important to take note of other ingredients that are used to produce these products. Always take a look at the entire ingredient list. You should make sure the candle is made from ingredients that are safe – since you will be inhaling the scents produced by the candle. 


There are different types of wicks that can be used when making a candle. Some wicks tend to burn for longer, while others may start to become problematic once they reach the upper surface of the candle. Look for candles that contain wicks that provide a longer burn time. This way, you’ll get more out of the candle. The design will also result in a stronger, more intense fragrance. 

Shape and size

Some of these candles come in very small and basic shape options, while others may provide unique and interesting factors in the design. Take a closer look at the options that are available. You should also consider what you personally prefer. Some people have a preference for specific sizes or shapes. If this is the case, look for citronella candles that match the specifications you have in mind. While considering these factors, look at the design too – such as the color or any additional factors added to contribute to the aesthetics of the candle. 

1. Repel Insect Repellent Citronella Candle
(Most Economical)

Affordable and Burns for 40 Hours

With a burn time of 40 hours, this is a smart economical solution for anyone who’s patio or front porch is unbearable thanks to uninvited bugs. This pick is made with real citronella oil and repels both mosquitos and other bugs. You’ll like that this citronella candle is 20 ounces, and comes in a sturdy container with a handle for easy portability. It also features a triple wick for better coverage. It can be used alone or with other citronella candles.



2.Cutter Citronella Candle Copper 20-ounce (Best Triple Wick)

More Coverage for Outdoors

This 20-ounce pick is also designed to burn for 40 hours, making it a smart choice for people that spend extended periods outside. You’ll get three wicks as well for enhanced coverage. This citronella candle is made with real citronella oil which is effective at repelling both mosquitos and other flying insects. We like the wider base which aids in preventing tipping and the handle for added portability.



3. Off! Citronella Scented Candle (Best Two Pack)

Providing More Coverage

A single citronella candle is nice, but if you’re trying to create a blanketed space that’s free from flying pests, you’re most likely going to need more than one candle. This smart two-pack from Off! is the perfect solution. Each container holds 16 ounces of citronella candle scent and promises to burn for up to 25 hours. The simple design makes it ideal for any backyard decor. However, note that it doesn’t contain true citronella oil.



4. Tiki Brand 17 oz. BiteFighter Galvanized Citronella Wax Candle Metal Bucket (Best Minimalist Style)

Burns Up to 35 Hours

If you like a minimalist decor, you’ll love these galvanized candle buckets. Each bucket holds 17 ounces of citronella wax candles. You’ll get up to 35 hours of burn time per candle. We like that this citronella candle comes with a lid so that your candle is kept clean between uses. It contains real citronella oil to help repel mosquitos. Note that this candle only has one wick.





5. Tobeape Citronella Candles 3 x 80 Hours Long Lasting 3 Wicks Scented Candles
(Most Decorative)

Stylish and Long Lasting

For people that prefer for their candles to be more stylish, they’ll like this three-pack of three-wick citronella candles. The containers feature a cute floral print which can blend in with virtually any backyard decor. Each citronella candle measures 14.5 ounces and can burn for up to 80 hours. So in total you can get up to 240 hours of burn time if you’re using all of them simultaneously. These candles contain real citronella oil.



6. Sonsien Citronella Candles 18.3 oz 100 Hours
(Longest Lasting)

Stylish and Effective
Rustic decor fans will love this cute wheelbarrow style citronella candle. The large container holds 18.3 ounces of real citronella candle for a total burn time of 100 hours. You’ll also get two wicks for enhanced coverage. You’ll like that this citronella candle is made from soy wax for a natural effect. Best of all, once you’ve finished burning the candle, you can use the container as an accent piece for decor elsewhere in your home.



7. LucaSng Citronella Candles OUtdoor 2oz 8 Pack (Best Bulk Buy)

Great for Backyard Parties

If you’re throwing a get together, you’re going to need more than one candle. We like this eight-pack of citronella candles because you can create a larger coverage area. Each candle has a 10-hour burn time. We like that these citronella candles are made with soy wax and feature real citronella oil. You’ll also get a 100% cotton wick. And their small two-ounce size makes them perfect as table decorations throughout your yard.



8. XVDZS Outdoor Citronella Natural Soy Candles Set of 12 Scented (Best Natural Ingredients)

Natural Wax and Fiber

For people that despise the excess smoke and soot that synthetic wax can create, you’ll love that this citronella candle pick is made from natural soy wax. You’ll get a total of 12 candles made with real citronella oil. These citronella candles each have a weight of 2.3 ounces and burn for up to 15 hours each. These candles are perfect for single use or for events where you want to create a pleasant environment.

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