The Best Switch Pro Controller Reviews UK 2021 – Top 8 Comparison

The saying goes that you need the right tools for the job, and this is just as true if that job includes gaming. Specifically, every gaming console — even mobile-friendly ones have controllers designed to make playing games and navigating interfaces on their platform easier. With Nintendo Switch, you can pick controllers that are made by the brand or third-party resellers. Check out our top picks for the best Switch Pro controllers. 

Benefits of Switch Pro Controllers

Better grip

A majority of Switch Pro controllers on the market focuses on providing an improvement in your grip, particularly when compared to the regular set of JoyCons that accompany the gaming console. By enhancing your grip, playing games on the console becomes more comfortable. A better grip also allows you to have more control and reach certain buttons more effectively. 


Rumble function

While the JoyCons do provide some level of vibration, this is generally very limited. Many players enjoy a stronger rumble function, which is another feature that a Switch Pro controller is able to offer. The rumble functionality creates a more immersive experience when playing certain games, which adds to the interactive features that players expect from their gaming sessions. 


Amiibo support

Switch Pro controllers are generally made with built-in NFC functionality. This technology is crucial for players who use Amiibo figurines when they are playing. By adding the NFC function inside the controller, it means you’ll be able to easily scan your Amiibo while playing a game – without the need to take the Switch out of its dock first. 


Great for larger hands

People with large hands sometimes find it difficult to play with the set of JoyCons that come with the Switch. This is particularly due to the smaller size and the unique shape of the setup. With a Switch Pro controller, you get a larger structure that is easier to hold onto while you are enjoying your games. 



There are several types of Switch Pro controllers available. Among these, two primary connectivity options exist – wired and wireless. You do need to consider what your personal preferences are. Some people prefer a controller that does not come with cords, as this gives you greater freedom in terms of where you can sit down and play. Compare the pros and cons of each option to help you determine what the most appropriate option would be in your case. 



Another factor to consider is the size of the controller. If kids are going to use the controller, then it should not be too big. This can make it harder for the kid to access some of the buttons that are part of the controller. For adults, however, larger controllers may be the preference. 



Take a look at the design and layout of the controller too. These controllers do come in a few different shape options, with certain products focusing on helping you get a greater grip when playing on the Switch. Ideally, you want a controller that will feel ergonomical in your hands – as this gives you enhanced comfort to enjoy games without worrying about sore hands or the inability to reach certain buttons at just the right moment. 

1. Nintendo Switch – Pro Controller(Top Pick)


The Official Controller

You can’t go wrong when you purchase accessories from your console maker. So, it stands to reason that picking an official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is going to ensure that you have smooth game play with no glitches. This Switch Pro controller supports HD rumble, motion control and has additional features also found in the Joy-Con controllers. You’ll also get built-in amiibo functionality. Note it’s only compatible with the Nintendo Switch. 


2. Zexrow Switch Controller WIreless Switch pro Controller(Most Economical)


Full Functionality at a Modest Price

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a good controller. The Zexrow controller features a colorful design and still supports key features like gyro axis and dual vibration modes. This wireless Switch Pro controller supports up to eight hours of play time between charges and can be fully recharged within two hours. It’s Bluetooth compatible to within 10 meters of the console. 


3. Switch Pro Controller Wireless Controller(Best Battey Life)


Play Wireless Up to 18 Hours

If you’re the type who plays games for extended periods, you’ll appreciate that this controller pick will give you up to 18 hours of playtime between full charges. Better still, you can recharge it with the included USB-C cable. We like that this Switch Pro controller also supports gyro axis double impact plus dual motor vibration support. However it doesn’t have NFC support or feature the wake up function. 


4. YCCTeam Wireless Switch Controller(Most Low Profile)


Stylish Yet Understated

If you don’t like the super bright controllers that call attention, you’ll love this understated pick from YCCTeam which features a tonal burn out design of stars and swirls on the grips. The all black design is very sleek. More importantly, this Switch Pro controller supports Amibo, wake up mode, gyro axis, and turbo vibration. You’ll get up to 10 hours of playtime between charging and with just two and a half hours you’re fully charged. 


5. Palpow Wireless Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite(Simple Design)


A Sleek Black Controller

Sometimes simple is better. This controller which is giving XBox vibes is a simple option which is great for someone who doesn’t care about design but still wants a solid product. You’ll get Bluetooth support up to 32 feet. Additionally, this Switch Pro controller supports adjustable turbo, dual shock, gyro axis and features dual motors for three vibration levels. The controller can be used wireless for up to 10 hours and requires two to three hours to charge.  


6. PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch(Best White Controller)


An Eye-catching Exterior

Not everyone wants an all-black controller, which is why this stylish white controller with a black backing and red accents is a great alternative. It’s also one of the few that’s officially licensed by Nintendo. You’ll like that this Switch Pro controller allows you to program the four paddles and has a swappable magnetic faceplate. You’ll still get Bluetooth support, and a rubberized grip for added comfort. 


7. DMH Switch Pro Controller(Best After Market Pick)


Supports Wake-up Mode

This colorful choice is a fun gray controller paired with blue and red buttons and joysticks to mimic the Nintendo Switch. You’ll like that it supports NFC and motion control while supporting wake-up mode. This Switch Pro controller has multi-speed turbo mode, built-in Amiibo functionality, and a six-axis gyro motion control combined with adjustable dual-shock rumble. You’ll get up to 10 hours of runtime and three hours to charge. 


8. Binbok Switch Controller(Best Light Up Controller)


A See-through Controller with LEDs

Everything old is new thanks to this controller which is channeling vintage 90s-era see through tech. You’ll get a clear controller with built-in LEDs that can toggle between eight colors for an enlightening gaming experience. This Switch Pro controller is another wireless option with up to eight hours of playtime and just two hours to fully charge. You’ll still get turbo and dual motor functions, adjustable vibrations, and a six-axis gyro sensor. 

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