Best Thermometer Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On December 30th, 2021

The best thermometer the UK consumers can get their hands on is often a valuable tool.

An easy-to-use thermometer ensures that you can get a good reading. Since you’ll know what’s going on with your health, you’ll be able to give better information to the professionals, too.

Of course, as people become more health-conscious, the number of high-tech thermometers continues to increase. Now it’s tougher than ever to find the one that’s right for you. That’s why we created this list to get you on the right track.

Best Thermometer Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. LPOW No Touch (Editor’s Choice)

LPOW No TouchGet the accurate reading you need without worrying about fingers getting in the way. The LPOW No Touch thermometer is one of the best options for accurate and easy readings of your body temperature. You can measure temperature indoors or outdoors with this infrared sensor in seconds.


The LPOW No Touch thermometer delivers results in as little as one second. It also ensures that you don’t have to put the device directly in contact with the person to get a good reading. This thermometer has two modes. Using the first mode, you can check the temperature of your child or partner. Just keep the product up to 5cm away from the forehead of the person you want to monitor. With the second mode, you’ll be able to check the temperature of surfaces.

Also, the big LCD display will give you an accurate insight into whether you have a fever in no time. There are even backlight indicators to help you see the results faster.

On the other hand, you may have to use this device a few times before you get an accurate reading. However, and the readings can sometimes be inconsistent.

  • A no-touch thermometer that is easy to use
  • Use on an adult or child’s forehead, or to test a surface
  • Its infrared sensor delivers readings in one second
  • With a large display for easy reading
  • Backlight alert helps with readings
  • It can take a few tries to get the accuracy right
  • The ratings may sometimes be inconsistent

2. Braun Thermoscan 7 (Luxury Choice)

The Braun Thermoscan 7 digital thermometer is the leading luxury solution recommended by up to 8 out of 10 medical professionals. This convenient thermometer comes with age precision technology that you can adjust depending on the child’s age. This ensures that you can easily get accurate readings.


With a pre-warmed flexible tip, the Braun Thermoscan 7 digital thermometer delivers less discomfort for kids. It’s even equipped with an ExacTemp positioning system that helps you to check whether it’s correctly placed in the ear.

The device comes with disposable covers to help keep your thermometer hygienic. There’s also an LCD screen nightlight, convenient to use when it’s dark. The Braun Thermoscan 7 is one of the most reliable digital thermometers on the market that’s perfect for your child if you prefer checking via the ear.

Bear in mind, however, that this device doesn’t offer forehead readings. Lastly, it can’t be used without the cover caps, which some children may not like.

  • Age precision technology for accurate readings
  • LCD display to help you easily check the temperature
  • Pre-warmed flexible tip for added comfort
  • Cover caps included for hygienic testing
  • ExacTemp positioning system improves reading accuracy
  • It may not work without the caps on the flexible tip
  • It may not be suitable for those who don’t like ear readings

3. Femometer Digital High Precision (Best Value)

Convenient and straightforward, this digital thermometer promises a fast and accurate reading for parents with fussy children. One of the best thermometers on the market, this device can deliver results within 20 seconds. Plus, there’s a warning beep to let you know when the thermometer is overheating.


With a beep function to let you know when the thermometer is finished measuring, this Femometer device is a convenient solution that anyone can use. The screen indicator will show you not just the temperature of your baby but whether a fever is high or low, too.

When it’s turned on, the display shows the temperature from when it was last used, so it’s easier to track your child’s health. You can take temperatures with this thermometer in a range of ways, including orally, rectally, and under the armpit.

Unfortunately, this device is not suitable for infrared or ear readings. It also seems to struggle with accuracy from time to time.

  • Helpful memory to track temperatures over time
  • Simple-to-use design with fast readings
  • The convenient display shows if the temperature is high or low
  • Suitable for a range of reading options
  • Works with batteries
  • It may not be suitable for infrared or ear readings
  • Can struggle with accuracy at times

4. IDOIT Infrared (Best Digital)

IDOIT InfraredThe IDOIT digital thermometer is one of the best forehead thermometer options around. It is a simple solution for adults and children who want a fast way of taking temperatures. This device comes with two-mode options to choose from. First, you can read the temperature of people. Secondly, you can check the temperature of rooms or surfaces.


Great for reducing the time it takes to check a temperature, this no-contact thermometer boasts of having advanced technology. The fast and accurate readings come from a highly sensitive and smart infrared sensor that delivers readings on a digital display. You can also use this device when you’d like to check bath water or milk temperature.

The thermometer also has 99 memory recall options, so you can track the progress of a fever. It has three backlight colours, making it easier to see if there’s a problem.

Unfortunately, the batteries on this device can run out quite quickly. Also, according to some infrared thermometer reviews, it can be difficult to calibrate when you first use it.

  • A simple-to-use no-contact forehead thermometer
  • Check body temperature or room temperature fast
  • Use the colours on the digital display for instant alerts
  • Suitable for all ages
  • 99 memory recall options
  • The batteries can run out quickly when used often
  • Some people may struggle to calibrate the infrared at first

5. Braun IRT3030 (Professional Choice)

Braun IRT3030The Braun IRT3030 Thermoscan 3 is a high-speed and convenient ear thermometer for your whole family. Reliable and easy-to-use, this thermometer provides the most accurate readings – thanks to its infrared technology. You can get precise data in as little as one second.


This ear thermometer from Braun delivers clinical accuracy. The audio fever indicator lets you know with beeps if someone in your home has a high temperature. There’s also an LCD display, so you can easily check the temperature details.

The Braun IRT3030 has fantastic usability and is suitable for a newborn baby, child, or adult. Reliable and hygienic, it has disposable lens filters to reduce cross-contamination in your home.

However, it can take a while to calibrate the thermometer according to your needs. Additionally, using the caps can be a bit fiddly for some people.

  • One of the best ear thermometer options
  • Infrared technology for quick one-second readings
  • Precise measurements are easy to read on the screen
  • Beeps tell you when a fever is too high
  • Design helps you make quick decisions about health
  • It can take a while to calibrate
  • Using the caps can feel a little fiddly

6. IDOIT No-Contact (Best with Mute Function)

The IDOIT digital device works with children, adults, and babies alike. It is a four-in-one digital solution for measuring your family’s temperature. The infrared feature means that you can use the thermometer to check body temperature with no touch required. It can also be used as an ear or forehead thermometer, as well as to check the temperature of a bath or bottle.


This convenient thermometer has it all. It is ideal if you want a no-contact home temperature measurement solution. What’s more, the smart design works in a variety of settings.

With this device, you can get instant beep alerts when someone in your home has a fever. It also has a mute mode, quite handy if you’re checking the temperature of a sleeping patient. Additionally, there’s a memory mode for tracking your top temperatures.

However, it may take a while to set up. Some people might also find the beep alerts to be quite loud.

  • Fast, accurate reading of body or surface temperature
  • Suitable for measuring temperatures for various reasons
  • Smart infrared design works on the ear or forehead
  • Ready to be used by people of all ages
  • Colour and beep modes help with readings
  • Sound can be quite loud
  • It may take a little while to set up

7. Femometer Digital (Basic Option)

The Femometer multi-functional thermometer is a convenient way to get accurate readings with clinically high precision. If the no-touch thermometers aren’t working for your family, or you have other reasons to opt for an oral thermometer, this could be the perfect product for you. It’s one of the ideal solutions for oral, armpit, and rectal readings.


Suitable for people of all ages, this Femometer thermometer comes with an overheating warning that lets you know when you’ve used the device for too long. The display will show you your reading instantly, and you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit readings, too.

The device features error messages when your measurement is inaccurate. It even comes with a memory recall function so you can track temperatures over time.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get a reading with this device if you haven’t used it before. This thermometer also drains the battery quite quickly.

  • Memory for tracking multiple temperatures
  • An easy alternative to a forehead thermometer
  • One of the leading thermometers for underarm and oral readings
  • Thermometers are suitable for adults and children
  • Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • It can be difficult for beginners who haven’t used similar thermometers before
  • Drains battery quite quickly in some cases

8. KKmier Non-Contact (Best with Data Memory)

If you’re hunting for the best thermometers for no contact temperature measurement, then KKmier could have the right tool for you. This thermometer measures temperature using some of the best infrared technology, so there’s no need to touch anything. The device can measure the heat of your temporal artery or forehead and instantly indicate if you have a fever.


Suitable for a baby, adult, or child, this thermometer is an excellent tool to have around the home when you need to keep track of temperatures. You can even use the device to read the temperature of a surface, check the heat of a bath or warmth of baby milk that you’ve previously heated. There’s also a colour-coded alert system in place to help you get your reading.

If you’re looking for the best thermometer for kids and adults, it also automatically stores data for long-term tracking.

Bear in mind that although it is speedy, this item can be a little unreliable when you’re first calibrating it. The right distance for no-touch temperature may also need some getting used to.

  • Suitable for a baby, adult or child
  • Smart surface reading mode
  • Easy to use at home or outside
  • Measures temporal artery and forehead heat
  • No contact required
  • It can be a little unreliable at first
  • Hard to find the right distance to check the temperature for some

9. Femometer No Touch (All-Around Option)

Promising accurate readings instantly, the thermometers from Femometer offer a no-touch way to track temperature. One of the best thermometers on the market for quick and easy readings, this device provides an effective forehead measurement that works for your baby or child. It works well on adults, too. The technology is even great for measuring surfaces around the home.


Whether you need to measure someone’s temperature through the temporal artery or you’re looking for the best thermometer for an accurate surface read, Femometer has you covered. This two-in-one thermometer can take an object’s or a person’s temperature. It also has a three-colour display that helps you read the results quickly.

There’s just one button to press to get started. It also has an alert in place to let you know when someone has a fever, making this an excellent digital thermometer for all ages.

Be aware that you may need to take your time in getting the distance between the device and the surface right. You might also find that it takes a while to calibrate for other users.

  • Quick and simple two-mode temperature solution
  • Hassle-free temperature measurement on the forehead
  • Suitable for adults, baby, and children
  • Three colours indicate a fever instantly
  • One of the best thermometers for no contact
  • It can take a while to calibrate in your home
  • It might be tricky to get the distance for the reading right

10. DISEN Forehead Touchless (Best Infrared)

If you’re looking for the best infrared thermometer that you can trust, this could be the product for you. The DISEN system uses infrared technology to check temperatures without the need for any contact. Adults and children can use this for taking their temperature without fear of cross-contamination.


An excellent family thermometer for taking fast readings, this device is a good way to reduce cross-contamination when you’re checking on your health. The simple display ensures that you can see what’s going on with your temperature. There’s a memory function to make it easier for you to track your temperatures, too.

With a 12-month satisfaction guarantee, this is one of the best no-touch thermometer choices around. You can also take surface or bath temperature with this device.

On the other hand, this product can be a little inconsistent when reading the family’s temperature. What’s more, the batteries can run down fast.

  • User-friendly display
  • Suitable for baby, children or grown-ups
  • Good no contact solution
  • Mode for surfaces or body temperature
  • Memory feature for tracking a fever
  • The batteries can run down quite fast
  • Can have some problems with accuracy

Choosing the Best Thermometers for Your Needs

temperature check via ear

Just like shopping for a blood pressure monitor, finding the best thermometer in the UK can be a struggle, particularly when there are so many advanced options to choose from these days. You’ll need to think about the best thermometers for the person whose temperature you’re taking and whether they’d prefer an ear thermometer or something that requires no contact.

It’s even worth considering how smart you want the thermometer to be, as many of the top-rated options now have intelligent systems built-in. Here are some factors you might need to weigh up when making your choice.

Temperature Measurement

How does your thermometer check the temperature of the person in question? The most accurate thermometer might be one that goes in the ear or touches the body. However, no-contact thermometers are gaining more popularity, too. Think about which solution is going to make your family member the most comfortable. A child or baby may prefer a no contact option.

If you’re getting a thermometer that measures temperature orally or through the ear, make sure that hygienic caps are included for later use. Also, some of the top smart thermometers on the market can make it easier to protect against Covid 19 with no-touch infrared measurements.

Display Modes

Your thermometer should make it quick and easy to see someone’s body temperature or an available surface. The best digital thermometer for adults in the UK might include a full temperature reading, as well as colours that show whether a temperature requires immediate attention or not. Fever alerts can be very useful, as can different notifications that you adjust based on the age of your child.


temperature check on the foreheadIt’s worth checking to see whether there are other features that can help you to gather information, such as a beeping system that lets you know when you’ve measured a person’s temperature for long enough. There are also some devices that come with memory storage solutions that allow you to track the progress of an ailment over time. Other thermometers today even come with bonus features like the option to adjust your readings based on a child’s age.

Some of the best thermometers don’t just measure body temperature; they can check the heat of a surface or bath, too. Make sure to find a thermometer that is both easy to use and intelligent enough to help you make quick decisions about a loved one’s health.

Picking Your Thermometer

The best thermometer UK customers can hope for will always be one that’s simple, effective, and accurate. In our review of the top thermometers above, we found the LPOW No-Touch thermometers to be the most effective. These measuring devices make it easy to read the temperature of your partner or child fast, and you can even check the heat of certain surfaces, too.

As one of the best thermometer choices around, this thermometer makes sure that you can make fast decisions about the safety of your loved ones.

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