Tips on How to Pump Breast Milk

Last Updated On November 20th, 2018

Feeding your child liquid gold is something that most mothers would want to do. With hectic schedules, it may not be possible to have your little one drink breast milk straight from the source at all times. It should not be something to give you sleepless nights because you can still pump the milk and have your precious one get their daily dose anytime. Below you will uncover some valuable tips on how to pump breast milk.

Get the Right Equipment

You will not yield favorable results using a sub-standard breast pump. Think of it as an investment and only go for the highest quality that you can afford. Read reviews to get advice from other moms who have used the equipment before to make an informed decision. A big industrial size pump is ideal for mothers who are trying to establish their milk or looking to pump for extended periods. There is no need of buying these because they are available for hire in most hospitals. A pumping bra may also be an excellent addition to your arsenal as it facilitates hands-free typing which means that you can pump as you talk on the phone, type, work, or just relax.

Follow a Set Routine

Where possible, it is important to set aside time for pumping that you will be following every single day. Find a suitable read comfortable spot in your house or office where you can sit back and go about your business with minimal distractions.It could be when you are from the shower, in the morning, at lunch hour, or at night. You should be relaxed if you want the milk to flow well. Looking at your baby’s picture can make you calm if you are anxious so that you can enjoy a productive pumping session.

Massage the Breasts

A few minutes of massaging breasts can help to stimulate milk production. Begin at the armpits moving slowly to the rest of the breast. Use the fingertips of different hands to make small circles. Remove the hand slightly before repeating the process. Use the same process that you or your doctor would use to look for lumps. Finish off the massage with a series of long strokes from the chest working your way to the areola. Start with one breast and then work on the other one. It helps milk flow fast so that you do not have to spend hours on the same process.

Breastfeed as you Pump

If the baby is present as you pump, take this to your advantage to pump more milk faster. Put your precious one on one beast and the pump on the other. Your child will trigger milk ejection reflex, allowing you to collect milk from the other breast faster. If you are away and can afford two pumps, double pumping may also give you the desired results. Using two pumps at the same time can yield more milk. It is because prolactin levels are usually higher when pumping simultaneously.

Remember to practice safe and smart storage. No mother wants to spend time pumping only to realize that they have to pour out the milk because of ineffective storage methods. Store around 2 ounces in the storage bag so that you only heat enough for baby at a particular time. You can also use freezer safe plastic zip bags to prevent freezer burn, Do not forget to label storage containers so that you know the milk to take out.

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