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Best Tool Box in the UK 2020

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Keter 17203037 Wheeled Job

Keter 17203037 Wheeled Job

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Mobile Work Centre

STANLEY Mobile Work Centre

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VonHaus Utility Storage Organiser

VonHaus Utility Storage Organiser

A tool box is a simple but versatile storage that can be used for various purposes. Firstly, it can be used for general DIY – no home would be complete without a toolbox packed full of tools and equipment that you will never use! Secondly, the best tool box in the UK makes a great item for storing work tools and equipment.

For tradespeople, construction workers, and technicians, a reliable and durable tool box is a must-have. It can help you keep your work organised, and ensure that you always have the required tools to tackle any job.

Finally, tool boxes can be used for hobbies like fishing, crafts, and modelling. If you need a tool box, then look no further than this list. We have gathered 10 of the ingenious tool boxes available in the UK for your benefit. We have included a variety of designs and styles to suit multiple purposes.

Best Tool Box Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Our choice for the best tool box the UK stores have to offer is the STANLEY Mobile Work Centre. This is a flexible and versatile storage solution that many tradespeople could benefit from using. It has a great combination of storage options and can split into two separate units. If you need a tool box that is not only mobile, but also offers excellent organisation and ample space, this is the best tool chest available.


The STANLEY Mobile Work Centre has two separate compartments. Both units provide ample space, and, at the bottom of the top unit, there is a revolving storage tray. This is brilliant for storing DIY equipment. The bottom tray also has a large removable tray that has several dividers – this could be used to store more tools and small objects. It also gives you greater flexibility for your work and makes it easy to find what you need.

For transportation, this STANLEY unit has a large pull handle and two durable wheels that have been road-tested. You can therefore pull this box easily without placing unnecessary strain on your body. Its overall dimension is 62 x 47 x 26.5cm.

Although it is our choice for the best tool box, this STANLEY model does have a few potential issues. For example, the walls of the main bin can flex and bend when loaded to the brim. Also, some customers have received damaged or broken items upon delivery.


  • Separates into two units
  • Rolling box with a large storage capacity
  • Removable tote tray for tools and accessories
  • 88lbs load capacity for heavy tools
  • Heavy-duty road tested wheels


  • The material of the bins could potentially flex
  • Some customers have reported broken products
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If you want a large tool chest made from durable materials that will last for years, the Keter Wheeled Job Box is a top choice. Any DIY enthusiast will appreciate the cantilevered shelves and the large main storage unit. The durable handle and wheels also make this an excellent portable option. Made from waterproof materials, this Keter mobile tool box is ideal for outdoor usage such as in construction sites or in your garden.


The Keter Wheeled Job Box has a large main storage compartment that could be used to store drills and other heavy-duty tools. On top of this, there are two cantilevered shelves that easily pull outwards for quick access to the main compartment.

Each shelf has multiple dividers that allow you to organise tools and equipment. The dividers can also be fully removed and adjusted to suit your needs. The shelves both have a secure cover, too.

For transportation, this luxury tool box has a large robust carrying handle and two wheels on the opposite side. This means you can easily pull the tool box in a safe position and quickly wheel it around worksites. Aside from being easy to transport, this box is also dust-resistant which is quite beneficial in protecting your tools.

This Keter mobile tool box is a tough contender but it is not perfect. Firstly, there is no simple solution or locking mechanism for attaching a padlock to the lid. Secondly, some customers have reported issues with the clasps and lid upon receiving the item.


  • One large main compartment and two shelves
  • Both shelves have adjustable dividers
  • Has metal latches to keep the lids secure
  • Made from waterproof and dustproof materials
  • Durable and sturdy metal handle for easy carrying


  • The lids may not accommodate a padlock for extra security
  • Some customers have reported manufacturing defects
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If you don’t require a huge storage capacity and want a simple but effective tool box for fishing tackle, DIY equipment, or even hobby supplies, the VonHaus Utility tool box is a brilliant choice. Hobbyists could utilise the four drawers to store paints, glue, and brushes, for example. It is an excellent small tool box with a multitude of storage options.


This utility box features a top storage compartment and four individual drawers that can be fully pulled out. The top compartment is secured by a plastic clasp and contains a sturdy plastic handle. Each drawer has ample storage and also comes equipped with various dividers which make it perfect for storing small DIY objects like nails and screws, or fishing tackle. Also, you have great versatility as each drawer can be pulled out and used separately.

With an overall size of 27.7 x 17.5 x 25.6cm, this box is relatively portable. It could make the perfect carry storage unit for fishing trips, or sit on your workbench for hobby projects. This is definitely one of the best tool boxes for home-usage.

One of the drawbacks of this VonHaus Utility box is that it has minimal storage. It can’t be used to store big tools or drills, and it may not be suitable for work usage. Also, some of the parts are not made from durable materials.


  • Top storage compartment and four individual shelves
  • Each shelf has dividers that can be adjusted
  • Solid design with a firm plastic clasp for the main lid
  • Relatively lightweight and easy to carry with a soft grip handle
  • Two-year warranty


  • Could have minimal storage capacity for some people
  • May not be made from the most durable materials
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This durable and waterproof tool box is ideal for predominantly outdoor usage. If you regularly work outdoors against the elements, this tool box will ensure your equipment remains safe and dry. Hence, you can easily take care of your tools. It also has a large storage capacity for all your tools and equipment. This STANLEY model could be the ideal choice for construction workers, electricians, or exterior decorators who require a robust and durable tool chest that will last for many years.


The STANLEY FatMax tool chest has a simple no-fuss design with a large main storage compartment. There are no dividers in the main storage unit, but it has plenty of space for power tools and other large equipment. Its removable storage tray is half the length of the tool box and has four separate storage spaces. Also, there is a dip in the top of the handle that allows you to place small items.

The lid and casing are made from durable materials and this is complemented by the heavy-duty metal clasps. This STANLEY tool box is also made from waterproof materials, so you can keep your equipment dry even when exposed on site. Its overall dimension is 71 x 30.8 x 28.5cm.

A drawback of this STANLEY tool box is that it doesn’t have many organising options. If you want to keep your tools and accessories separate, this may not be the best choice. Also, the metal clasps are durable, but as a result, they can be difficult to open and close. Extra force may be required.


  • Removable tote tray for greater flexibility and storage
  • Made from durable waterproof materials
  • Ample storage space in the main unit
  • Durable metal latches to secure the lid
  • Integrated V-groove on the lid
  • Easy to transport tool bag


  • May not have had the best organising options
  • Some customers have reported issues with the metal clasps
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A dedicated technician tool box is an ideal item if you have a toolset that you use on a daily basis. This is recommended for technicians and electricians who need to keep their equipment organised and easy to access. It is also a highly portable box that you can equip with a separate carry handle.


The lid of this tool chest has a plastic red casing, and the right-hand side has four separate toolbars. Three of the toolbars have individual slots and holders for screwdrivers, whilst the fourth has an open holder that can accommodate a range of tools.

In the main compartment, on the right-hand side, there is an open area that contains four dividers. These dividers can be moved, repositioned, and even removed. This gives more flexibility for your storage and allows you to configure it to suit your needs.

On the left, there is a separate removable toolbox that has a secure cover and four individual storage bays. This can be handy for smaller items like nails, screws, and other DIY essentials. We also like that this toolbox has an optional carry strap. This means that you can comfortably carry the tool box over one shoulder.

This is an excellent product for technicians, but some customers have received damaged items. For example, some have had damage clasps or scratches on the exterior. Also, this tool bag is not meant to be overloaded and it does not have a huge carrying capacity.


  • Integrated toolbar to quickly access and organise tools
  • Contains a separate integrated tool box with 4 compartments
  • Various adjustable dividers for flexibility
  • Heavy-duty metal buckles to secure the top
  • Can have an optional strap to help with carrying


  • Some customers may have received damaged products
  • Could have a limited weight carrying capacity
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The STANLEY 24-inch Tote is a simple but effective storage unit and could be suitable for hobby supplies, fishing tackle, or general DIY tools. You can use the top storage compartment for individual items like nails and screws, whilst the bottom section can be utilised for tools. It is a durable product that is robust and will last for years. Also, this STANLEY model has excellent security with metal clasps and a large carrying handle for easy transportation.


The STANLEY 24-inch portable organiser has a simple but effective design and the top storage tray is completely removable. This could be used as a separate tool box entirely and makes an excellent storage for fishing tackle and modelling supplies. It’s also the ideal box for nails, screws, and other DIY items.

The main storage compartment is completely open and provides sufficient container for medium-sized tools and equipment. It may not, however, be suitable for larger power tools like drills.

We also like the metal latches that are made from anti-rust material. For carrying, this STANLEY product also has a decent handle that is sturdy and makes the tool box easy to move.

A drawback of this STANLEY tote is that the bottom section has a limited storage capacity. You can fit tools and accessories in it, but don’t expect to be able to place large items, too. Also, the bottom tote has no dividers. Therefore it can be difficult to organise your tools properly.


  • Detachable top section with storage units
  • A simple one-touch mechanism to detach the top unit
  • Anti-rust metal latches for greater security
  • A sturdy metal carrying grip handle
  • Removable dividers in the top storage unit


  • The bottom tote unit may not have the largest capacity
  • The bottom box may not have dividers
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For construction workers and DIY specialists, the storage capacity of the DEWALT TSTAK Deep tool box is invaluable. Using this heavy-duty tool chest, you can easily store large tools like drills, hammers, and wrenches. It is built for worksite usage and is made from durable materials. Perfect for those working on building sites on a daily basis, you can be sure this tool box has the capacity to fit all your essentials.


This large heavy-duty tool chest offers ample storage and can be combined with other DEWALT TSTAK items. For example, you can purchase a TSTAK container that fits inside this large tool chest and provides multiple storage units. It is meant to be a stackable and changeable tool box.

The main unit has a 23L capacity which is perfect for storing power tools and large equipment like saws. There is also a small removable storage tray that covers the entire length of the chest. This has a range of different storage bays that is ideal for smaller items.

The overall dimension of this DEWALT box is 33.1 x 44 x 30.15cm, and it weighs approximately 2kg. There are also two plastic loopholes that can be used to fit a strap through the case if you wish to carry it over your shoulder.

A drawback of this large tool chest is the lack of dividers in the main storage compartment. This spacious compartment is essentially one big unit and it can make it difficult to organise your equipment. Also, some people may find the carry handle too small in comparison to the overall size of the tool box.


  • Can be used in conjunction with other TSTAK units
  • Large 23-litre storage capacity
  • Removable top storage tray
  • The strong soft-grip handle can lift up to 30kg
  • Durable metal clasps for the top cover


  • May have minimal organisation options for the main compartment
  • Some may find the carry handle small
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Working outdoors on a daily basis can be difficult. This is why a robust and heavy-duty container like the STANLEY 195620 Galvanised Metal toolbox is such a useful item. It is an incredibly durable box and can be used as a mobile station. If you are working on a construction site – with dust, debris, and even concrete mess, this heavy-duty toolbox will help greatly. You can easily carry it around the site and keep your tools protected from the harsh working environment.


The STANLEY 195620 Metal toolbox has a simple design with one main storage compartment. This compartment does not have any dividers, but it is long enough to fit a variety of tools including large hammers and saws. It is also incredibly durable and the interior storage compartment will withstand much wear and tear.

There is a small removable storage tray which is approximately half the length of the overall tool chest. This has four separate dividers and there is also a groove in the handle that you can use to place small items on.

To keep your tools secure, there are two large metal clasps that are made from rust-resistant materials. It is also important to note that the removable storage tray is made from rust-resistant material, too. This means you can comfortably remove it and use the tool tray outside on worksites.

This STANLEY metal toolbox is a great choice for worksites, but it doesn’t offer a good organisation. The main storage unit is an open space and has no dividers except the removable storage stray. This means that your equipment will be grouped together in one bunch. Also, the durable metal clasps can be tricky to open and sometimes too rigid.


  • Made from robust galvanised materials
  • Contains a half-length removable tote tray
  • Robust and durable for worksites
  • Sturdy main soft grip carry handle
  • The lid has a V-groove for woodwork and cutting


  • May have limited organising options in the main storage unit
  • The metal clasps could sometimes be difficult to open
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If you want a traditional metal cantilever tool box, the Laser 3487 7-Tray chest is a brilliant buy. This is the type of metal cantilever tool box you see on TV and is the perfect item to sit in your garage or workshop at home. It also makes a great tool chest for car shops and small business workshops. It offers a superb combination of ample storage, seven separate trays, an easy opening mechanism, and a durable metal shell.


This tool box has a traditional design and you can open both sides of the lid independently. The cantilevered mechanism means that all the trays are staggered and you can easily access the equipment within. The central storage compartment is also accessible even though the drawers overhang slightly.

It is made completely from durable metal including the hinges and handles. We also like the large padlock hole which means you can lock the two lids together for security. The metal is also painted in a bright red finish which provides extra protection and makes the tool box look terrific. If you are feeling a little nostalgic and want a durable, metal tool box, this Laser model is a perfect choice.

One of the drawbacks of this Laser Tool Box Tray is the incredible noise that can be created by the all-metal construction banging against tools and other metal objects. Also, although this tool box has seven compartments, it would be nice to have more dividers so you can separate your equipment easier.


  • 7 cantilever trays for excellent storage
  • Made from durable metal with strong handles
  • Has a large padlock hole in the centre for extra security
  • Aesthetic design
  • Simple opening mechanism for easy access


  • This tool box could be incredibly noisy
  • There is only one divider in one of the 7 trays
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If you regularly use WORX tools, this WA0071 Carry Case Organiser is the perfect complementary tool storage solution. It is meant to be used with WORX tools and has special dividers so you can easily fit your equipment and keep them tidy.


The WORX WA0071 Carry Case Tool Organiser has an overall dimension of 29 x 15 x 44cm. As a result, it is not one of the largest toolboxes available on this list. However, it is relatively deep and can still accommodate a decent range of tools and equipment.

The main storage compartment is divided into two sections. The right-hand section has plastic dividers for storing accessories and small items. On the left, there is an open compartment for the main tool storage. It also has various inserts to secure official WORX tools.

We like the versatility these toolboxes provide, and they can also be stacked. Although the materials aren’t the most durable, this tool box is still robust and is great for home DIY usage or indoor construction work.

Since this tool box has dedicated dividers that are meant to fit WORX tools, it can be difficult to use with non-WORX equipment. Also, this tool box only has plastic lid clasps which can be a little flimsy.


  • Has a removable drawer divider to separate your tools
  • Large main storage area for tools
  • The outer shell is made from durable materials
  • Large carrying handle for easy transportation


  • May be best suited for use with WORX tools
  • May not have the most durable lid clasps
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Tool Box Buying Guide

We hope you have found this list in search of the best tool box in the UK useful. As you can see there is a huge variety of styles and designs to choose from for tool bags. It can sometimes be difficult to know which product is suitable for your work, home, or hobby. To help, we have created a short buying guide and useful info that will help narrow your choices.

What to Look for When Choosing a Toolbox

As you can see, it is important to look at the manufacturer of the toolbox as some have special features or may create a specific type of tool box. That is not the only thing to check out for, however. To demonstrate, we have listed a host of other considerations that you should make when choosing a suitable toolbox for your needs.

Large Storage Compartments

organiser storage

Firstly, you should look at the main storage compartments the tool box has. Most toolboxes will have at least one large, open storage compartment. This is usually where you would store your power tools, hand tools, and larger equipment like wire reels, hammers, and saws.

Obviously, your requirement for this depends on what you want to use the tool box for. For example, if you want a tool box for hobby supplies, a large storage compartment may not be as important.

If you do have large hand tools, we would advise measuring them first, so that you know exactly what size of compartments you need from your tool box.

Small Storage Compartments and Organisation

Once you have considered the larger storage units, what about small compartments? Also, does the tool box have any organisational features? Many tool chests, for example, feature removable storage trays. These can be used for storing smaller tools or lose items like nails.

Alternatively, many toolboxes feature storage drawers that have multiple plastic dividers. These can usually be moved or removed so that you can tailor the drawers to your needs.

Consider what organisation you would like. Also, look at what smaller items you want to store in the toolbox. For instance, with fishing tackle, you may require lots of individual compartments to store different types of bait. If small storage isn’t an issue, you may opt for a simple tool box that only has a large main storage compartment.

Suitability for Outdoor Usage

Next, look at where and when you will most likely use the storage unit. Do you regularly work outdoors on a construction site, for example? Or do you intend to only use the toolbox inside at your workstation?

If you will use the toolbox outdoors on site, it must be made from weather-resistant materials and have a great build quality. This includes the exterior shell, the lid, the latches, and any removable storage trays. It should also be easy to move and to transport.

You do not want to invest money in an expensive toolbox, only to find that it leaks water, or that your expensive tools become rusted and damaged even when stored inside the box. Most outdoor toolboxes will specifically state that they have water-resistant materials in the product description or it is water-resistant to a standard like IPX7. The best tool boxes, however, should be waterproof as well as dustproof.


a man holding an equipment storage

You should also look at how easy the toolbox is to carry and transport. Firstly, if you use the box for work, can it easily fit in your car or work van? If not, a large tool chest may not be suitable.

Secondly, can you easily carry the toolbox or is it easy to move? For example, you may work on large construction sites that have multiple access areas or working stations. You would, therefore, want a toolbox that you can carry with minimal effort. Perhaps a toolbox with wheels would not be suitable for an uneven and muddy construction site.

Alternatively, if you mainly work indoors, but in large buildings, for example, a toolbox with portable wheels could be a perfect choice. Look at how you will use the product, and what portability features would be ideal so that you can find something that is easy to transport.

Security Features

Finally, does the storage bin toolbox have any security features? It is a harsh reality that in most instances, criminals would simply steal your whole toolbox and smash it open at their convenience.

However, having a heavy-duty toolbox with safety features is still a great idea and a fantastic deterrent. The best tool boxes have simple features like secure and durable metal clasps for the lid. Also, there should ideally be a padlock loophole that enables you to securely lock the cover as an extra safeguard.

Are Certain Manufacturers Better Than Others?

There is a wide range of different toolbox manufacturers. It can therefore be difficult to know which manufacturers are the best. Are some companies better than others? Do some companies produce a certain type of toolbox?

STANLEY, for example, is known for creating toolboxes that are highly portable. This is either because of features like wheels and a suitcase-style handle, or a large and durable carry handle. The STANLEY Mobile Work Centre, for example, has two large road-tested wheels, and a carry handle so that you can simply pull the toolbox along the floor.

Alternatively, Keter could be considered to produce better toolboxes for mechanics and technicians. Products like the Keter Technicians Toolbox, for example, have specialised slots specifically for tools.


Don’t struggle to keep your tool collection or hobby equipment organised! There is no need for the extra hassle when you could purchase one of these top toolboxes instead and fix all of your storage issues.

Our top choice for the best tool box in the UK, however, is the STANLEY Mobile Work Centre. This is a heavy-duty product that can serve a number of purposes. The dual-storage units can either be used at work or at home. Also, it has ample storage space for larger tools, whilst the carousel tray is perfect for storing small items.

This tool box is also highly portable and if you travel frequently or have to move around worksites, the STANLEY Mobile Work Centre can simply be pulled along behind you.

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