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Best Torque Wrench in the UK 2020

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Pro Bike Tool 1/4 Inch Drive Click Set


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Draper 34570

Draper 34570 Three-Eights Inch Square Drive

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Silverline 633567

Silverline 633567

A torque wrench is a simple but effective device that allows you to apply rotational force. These devices are used to tighten things like bolts and connections. They have a mechanism inside that provides some form of noise feedback when you have tightened the fixture to the correct torque setting.

Also, torque wrenches prevent you from overtightening a connection and potentially breaking or weakening the bond. This is because they generally have pre-calibrated settings that allow you to apply specific rotational force in Newton.

This may sound complicated, but torque wrenches are easy to use and incredibly useful. You can use them for a myriad of projects including bicycle upgrades and repairs, car repairs, and general DIY. In this guide, we look at the best torque wrench in the UK and nine other suitable options. This includes standalone wrenches, and complete sets with multiple head attachments – enjoy!

Best Torque Wrench Reviews – Top 10 Picks

If you want a simple but effective torque wrench tool for car repairs and upgrades, the Draper 34570 3/8″ Square Drive is a top choice. It is incredibly durable and has a clear force scale. You can also use this wrench in either hand.


This simple tool has a torque range of 10-80 Nm and the torque settings are engraved on the handle. It has been tested and calibrated to ensure excellent levels of accuracy.

The wrench also has a decent grip, and the torque setting can easily be adjusted. The overall length of the torque wrench is 280mm for optimum leverage.

A downside of this car torque wrench is that the engraved torque range is difficult to see. It could certainly be clearer and some people may find it difficult to read. Also, there are no additional sockets or attachments.


  • Force scale is shown in both Nm and inch-pound
  • The ratchet head is reversible
  • Pre-calibrated and preset torque values for great precision
  • Textured handle for an increased grip
  • Manufacturer to high-quality standards


  • The torque settings on the handle could be clearer
  • No additional attachments
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One of the best torque wrenches we have on our list is the Pro Bike Tool 1/4 Inch Drive Click TW set. This is a simple tool with 11 different sockets and easy operation. It is also incredibly durable and makes an excellent maintenance kit for bicycles.


This tool offers excellent precision and the torque settings are clearly displayed on the handle. To change the settings simply twist the black section of the handle.

It has been fully tested to ISO 6789-1:2017 and DIN EN ISO 6789-1:2017-07. This means excellent accuracy in the pre-calibrated torque settings. The drive can also be used in both directions and features loud feedback.

This is a great torque wrench, but some customers have reported receiving duplicates of heads and missing others. Also, the socket heads have been known to break.


  • Allows for micro torque adjustments for excellent precision
  • Made from long-lasting high-quality components
  • Comes with multiple heads
  • Stored in a durable and organized case
  • Each tool is pre-calibrated and tested for accuracy


  • Some customers have reported receiving incorrect heads
  • The heads have been known to break
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The best budget torque wrench in the UK is the Silverline 633567. This simple, quality torque wrench is made from chrome vanadium steel and is a great product for car repairs and general workshop usage.


Made from Chrome Vanadium steel, this ratchet is excellent duality and durable. The torque settings are engraved on the handle, and you can change them by twisting the bottom section of the handle.

It features a torque range of 28-210 Nm, and has a 1/2″ ratchet head. It also comes with a 1/2″ to 3/8″ converter which allows you to attach a greater variety of heads and use it for more purposes.

A downside of the Silverline torque wrench is the low-quality case. It is not made from high-quality plastic but it does serve its purpose. Also, the engraved torque markings on the Chrome Vanadium Steel can be difficult to see.


  • Heavy-duty torque wrench with a high torque range
  • Includes a 125mm extension bar and converter
  • Made from chrome vanadium steel
  • Available in two different torque ranges
  • Manufactured to EN ISO 6789


  • The case feels flimsy
  • The torque markings could be clearer
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The Draper 30357 1/2″ Square Drive is a well-made product that is ideal for car and motorbike repairs. It offers robust and heavy-duty usage and comes pre-calibrated to industry standards.


To change the torque setting, there is a micrometre sleeve that you can simply twist. The torque range is also engraved on the barrel of the torque wrench.

It has a torque range of 30-210 Nm and has an overall length of 475mm. When compared to other torque wrench models, this torque wrench is more heavy-duty.

This torque wrench is a great buy but the engraved torque range could be clearer. It is engraved into the metal handle, but the engraving isn’t the deepest. Also, you do not receive any additional sockets or attachments so you will have to purchase those separately.


  • The torque setting can be changed easily via the handle
  • Made from durable steel
  • Supplied pre-calibrated with calibration certificate
  • Torque settings are engraved on the handle
  • Marked range of 30-210 Nm


  • The torque setting engravings could be clearer
  • Does not come with any attachments
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For general repairs and DIY, the Xpassion 40 Piece Ratcheting Socket Wrench set is an excellent buy. It has 40 pieces which means you can use it for virtually any purpose. It also comes with a comprehensive storage case and screwdriver.


This comprehensive set comes with 40 pieces which means it’s one of the most versatile products on our list. The handle and socket are made from drop-forged steel for greater strength and durability.

Also, the products are plated with chrome vanadium for increased resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

This Xpassion wrench set is a great tool if you have a range of projects in mind, however, there are no torque settings or adjustable torque range. This means you are tightening fixings from experience alone.


  • A huge selection of attachments and heads
  • Also includes a screwdriver
  • Made from drop-forged steel for extra durability
  • Comes in a convenient storage case


  • No torque settings for a specific application of force
  • No torque values
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If you want a simple torque wrench for changing tyres or doing bicycle repairs, or changing nuts and bolts, the TACKLIFE 1/2″ Drive Click Torque Wrench is a solid option. It is intuitive and has an extension bar too. It is one of the best torque wrenches due to its ease of use and quality.


This tool comes with the wrench, and an additional 1/2″ drive, a 3/8″ drive, a drive bumper extension bar, and a calibration certificate.

The rachet can be used both ways via a simple switch, and the torque settings are easy to change via a simple twisting mechanism on the handle. Also, the wrench is made from steel that has been sandblasted and chrome coated for extra protection.

The main downside with this ratchet head is that it doesn’t have great audio feedback when used at lower torque settings. This means you must be careful and listen intently to avoid over-tightening.


  • Pre-calibrated to DIN-ISO-6789
  • Professionally manufactured from steel and chrome
  • The ratchet head can be used in both directions
  • Easy to change directional motion using a single switch
  • Includes extension bar and several drives


  • Does not click as loud at the lower torque settings
  • Torque values may not be 100% reliable
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The Park Tool TW-5 is a simple tool that has clear torque range markings and you can quickly change the torque value via a twist mechanism on the handle. For bike repairs and general maintenance, this is one of the best torque wrenches available.


This torque wrench comes with a 1/2″ drive extension bar, and a 3/8″ adaptor and it has a torque range of 3-15 Nm. You can use the wrench either left or right-handed, and the torque value is easily changed via a twist dial at the end of the handle.

The conversion scale and torque settings are clearly displayed, and the handle is shaped in such a way that provides a comfortable grip.

This Park Tool Torque Wrench is a great product for tightening nuts and bolts. It has virtually no flaws, aside from that you only receive the wrench as it does not have any additional sockets or extenders.


  • A simple design with clear torque setting markings
  • The torque settings are easy to change via a twist handle
  • Heads and registers for both left and right-hand usage
  • The ratchet head is made from durable materials
  • Has an ergonomic handle for easy grip and usage


  • Does not include any other heads
  • Some customers have received faulty goods that don't ratchet properly
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For changing nuts and bolts and general repairs, the Haskyy Torque Wrench 1/2″ Drive is a solid product. It comes with several attachments and has an ergonomic design that is both comfortable and usable.


This wrench has a comfortable rubber grip on the handle. Beneath this, is the twist dial to change the torque values. The torque range is marked above the handle and is engraved into the steel.

This product comes with a 1/2″ drive, a 125mm extension bar, and 17mm, 19mm, and 21mm sockets. It also has a torque range of 28-210 Nm.

This Haskyy Torque Wrench is a great product but it has one minor flaw. When using the wrench, the click feedback when you have achieved the torque value could be louder. If you are working in a noisy environment, you could risk missing the notification.


  • Includes several extensions and sockets
  • Can be switched to either left or right-hand operation
  • Ergonomic rubber handle for a comfortable grip
  • Supplied in a simple but organized storage case
  • Made from durable steel


  • The click sound is not the loudest
  • Only has a minimal set of attachments
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The Wera Click Torque A5 Adjustable Torque Wrench has an inventive design and is highly functional. It has a clear torque range and you can quickly change the torque values. This device offers accuracy and simple operation.


This torque wrench comes with a 1/4″ drive extension bar and does not include any additional sockets or heads. It offers a torque range of 5-25 Nm which means it is suitable for smaller nuts and bolts.

It has also been quality tested and is accredited to DIN EN ISO 6789-1:2017-07. The torque can be changed simply by twisting the bottom of the handle, and there is a clear torque gauge halfway up the handle.

The Wera A5 Adjustable torque wrench has one small issue. As with many other torque wrenches, the click notification when you achieve the torque setting could be louder. This is something we have noticed in several models.


  • Has a clear torque dial
  • The torque settings are easy to change
  • Reversible ratchet can be used both ways
  • Robust design made from durable components
  • Ergonomic handle for easy grip


  • The click notification for the torque values could be clearer
  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty bolts and nuts
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The best torque wrench for bikes is the Mohoo Torque Wrench. This comprehensive product is easy to use and has an excellent set of attachments for different purposes. It is durable, and easy to use – perfect for upgrading and repairing bicycles.


This Mohoo product has a torque range of 2-14 Nm and a 1/4 inch square head. It also comes with hexagonal screw sockets at 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. There are also two-star sockets – T25 and T30.

To change the torque settings you simply twist the bottom of the tool handle. You can then look at the setting on the torque screen halfway up the handle. It is also made from wear-resistant steel for added durability.

Although this is a brilliant small torque wrench, some people find that the torque confirmation noise is too quiet, which could prove to be a problem depending on your working environment and what kind of jobs you have planned.


  • Comes with multiple attachments
  • Stored in a durable and stylish case
  • Two-way usage for greater control
  • A clear torque scale and torque indicator on the handle
  • The torque setting is easy to change


  • Some people find the torque confirmation too quiet
  • Some customers have received attachments that don't fit with the wrench
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How to Choose the Best Torque Wrench?

We hope you have found our torque wrench reviews useful. As you can see, you can purchase a myriad of different best torque wrenches and wrench sets. It can sometimes be tricky knowing which is the best option. To help, we have listed four main considerations you should look at before buying the best torque wrench in the UK.

Calibration and Torque Settings

a mechanic with ratchetFirstly, how is the torque wrench calibrated, and how can you change the torque settings? In most cases, torque wrenches have automatic settings that allow you to apply the correct pressure and tightening.

But how can you change the torque settings? Usually, there is a simple twist handle that you can turn to alter the torque setting. Also, is the torque wrench pre-calibrated? Ideally, you should only purchase a pre-calibrated wrench unless you have technical knowledge.

Available Attachments/Heads​

Next, look at what attachments, if any, torque wrenches come with. Some torque wrenches provide the wrench and a simple hexagonal bolt attachment, whereas other torque wrenches provide a whole set of attachments for different fittings. This depends on the purpose and what you will use the torque wrench for.

Quality Specifications

a worker changing a forklift tyreAlthough this isn’t critical, you should also look at the quality specifications of the torque wrench. Has it been calibrated to any specific quality standards? Has it passed any quality certifications? If so, this will provide greater assurance of the reliability of the torque wrench.

Force Range

Finally, you should always look at the force range in Newton that the torque wrench can apply. Torque wrenches do not have unlimited force – they have a pre-set range of force that can be applied. This is important as you can then see what the wrench is suitable for. Ensure that you have a wrench that can apply the correct force for the fixings you need to tighten.


A torque wrench is a handy tool to have, and it can be used for a myriad of purposes – DIY, bike repairs, auto shop projects, and more. Anyone of the above torque wrenches makes an excellent product and a worthwhile purchase.

If you’re still stuck on deciding which one to go for, we recommend our editor’s choice – the Draper 34570. It is a simple yet incredibly durable model, which offers a clear force scale. Suitable for both right and left-hand users it has a torque range of 10-80Nm and the torque settings are engraved on its handle.

The wrench can be easily adjusted, and it has an overall length of 280mm for optimum leverage.

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