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Best Tyre Inflator in the UK 2020

Luxury Choice

Michelin 9519 Digital

Michelin 9519 digital

Editor's choice

AA 12V Digital

AA 12V Digital

Best Value

Ring RAC610

Ring RAC610

When did you last check your car tyre pressure? Save time waiting at the garage. With the best tyre inflator, you can top up your tyres wherever and whenever you need.

Having the ability to quickly and easily adjust your tyre pressure could save you a lot of money by optimising fuel economy and reducing tyre wear. It could also help keep you and your loved ones safe by improving grip and maximising braking distances.

Find your ideal model right here with our tyre inflator reviews.

Best Tyre Inflator Reviews – Top 10 Picks

The AA 12V Digital is easily our overall favourite and Editor’s Choice for the best car tyre inflator, thanks to its ease of use and reliable performance.


Ideal for any car, it also comes with two air hose adaptors for your inflatable accessories, even for bicycle tyres. It’s powered by a 12V socket and has a 3-metre power cable for extra reach. Complete with an air hose length of 52cm, it is long enough to reach all four wheels for all average-sized or small to medium cars. You can even use it for larger vehicles with an additional 12V socket in the boot.

This lightweight model is also compact and easy to store. However, coiling back the cables into the provided spaces after use can take a minute or two. The screw-on valve attachment is also a little fiddly, which isn’t helped by the limited instructions. However, thanks to its back-lit LED clear display, this digital tyre inflator is very easy to use.

The preset digital air compressor function with auto shut-off saves time and hassle. Unlike other models, the display also features tyre pressure readings in PSI, BAR and KPA, so no more having to make complicated conversions from one type to another. For dark winter mornings or night time car breakdowns, there’s a handy LED lamp that features a torch, flash and SOS setting for extra convenience and safety.

Given its ease of use, compact size and reliable performance, this model is easily the best tyre inflator air compressor.


  • Maximum pressure: 120 PSI
  • Three-metre cable to 12V in-car cigarette lighter socket
  • Back-lit digital pressure gauge: PSI, BAR & KPA
  • Pre-set pressure with auto shut off
  • Three-mode LED work light
  • Sufficient air hose length


  • Screw-on attachment may be a little fiddly
  • Instructions could be better
  • Putting cords away may take time
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If you are looking for the best digital tyre inflator, make sure you consider our Luxury Choice – the Michelin Preset Digital tyre inflator.


This car tyre inflator plugs into your vehicles 12V socket and delivers a maximum pressure of seven BAR (101.5 PSI). Thanks to its pre-set function, you can enter your desired pressure and it will inflate your tyre on its own. The auto stop feature ensures it will cut out once that pressure is reached.

Accurate to 0.05 BAR, this Michelin air compressor tyre pump is very useful, coming complete with an LED lamp, accessory adaptors, and a USB port for charging your smartphone. The air cords are a generous 60cm in length, and the screw-on tips are of highly durable brass construction.

Thanks to the light-up LED digital display, you can easily check your tyre pressures. However, the user instructions are not very clear and you cannot tell if the unit is switched on or off until you plug it in.

Delivered with a protective storage bag, this high-quality digital tyre inflator is a good choice if you are looking for a premium model complete with a USB port and a lamp.


  • Maximum pressure: 7 BAR (101.5 PSI)
  • Accuracy: 0.05 BAR
  • Pre-set pressure function
  • USB port for electronic device charging
  • LED lamp


  • Instructions may not be very clear
  • May be hard to tell if the power button is on or off
  • Cable storage compartments may be small
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The Ring RAC610 12V tyre inflator is a great model to keep in your car in case you need to inflate a tyre in an emergency.


Designed with one-button control, it is straightforward to use and comes complete with three accessory adaptors. With a respectable maximum pressure of 80 PSI, a 2.9-metre power cable that connects to your car’s 12V outlet, and a 48cm air line, this mini tyre compressor is a highly functional piece of kit.

It also inflates very fast despite its compact size. In less than 5 minutes, this little compressor can inflate a 13-inch tyre to 35PSI, so you can get your car back on the road quickly. The hose and power cable clip onto the inflator body when you’re done.

While this air pump works well for emergencies, if you are looking to regularly check and adjust your tyre pressures at home, you may prefer another model for the following reasons. This tyre inflator features an analogue gauge which can be hard to read accurately, especially as the needle tends to jump about a little. Secondly, it is not programmable so you have to stand over it, watching the pressure rise and physically turn it off when it’s reached the correct amount. Thirdly, it is a noisy car maintenance equipment.

Despite these minor flaws, this device will get your tyres pumped up with no problem and is definitely one of the easy-to-use tyre inflators on the market.


  • Simple one-button control
  • Maximum pressure: 90 PSI
  • 12V power supply
  • Includes three accessory adaptors
  • 2.9m power cord length


  • May not be programmable
  • Some users may dislike the analogue gauge
  • May be quite noisy
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The Ring RAC 635 is our best portable tyre inflator pick, thanks to its pre-set programming and easy to read digital backlit display that gives readings in PSI, BAR and KPA.


With its generous 70cm air line, this model can accommodate most cars with ease. Simply enter your desired pressure and the unit will begin to inflate your tyres, and then shut off when it’s done. On the downside, this tyre inflator tends to skip the last one to two units.

The main drawback to this model is that the power connector to your vehicle’s 12V outlet is not a standard fit. With some vehicles, it seems to fit very tightly, with others it springs out. Also, given the location of the deflation valve, when you’re unscrewing the air line it is much too easy to brush against it. Thus you accidentally deflate your tyre.

With high maximum pressure of 100 PSI and an integrated LED lamp with three settings, this portable tyre inflator is a good choice for keeping in your car for regular maintenance and in the event of any emergencies.


  • Maximum pressure: 100 PSI
  • 70cm air hose
  • LED light with three settings
  • Pre-set pressure with auto-stop
  • Digital back-lit screen with PSI, BAR & KPA readings
  • Includes carry case and three-piece adaptor kit


  • The power connector may not be a standard fit
  • May be difficult to unscrew without hitting the deflation valve
  • May tend to stop inflating just before reaching the desired pressure
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If you are looking for the simplest car tyre inflator, then this model by AstroAI could be just what you need.


As most people struggle to remove the standard screw-on airline connectors, this tyre inflator features both a screw-on and a quick flip connector. Hence, you can choose to use whichever you find the easiest. Also, as you typically lose a bit of air when disconnecting, this unit automatically adds on 0.5-1.5 PSI to compensate for you.

It also features a back-lit LED that displays all four pressure unit readings, so you won’t have to make any conversion calculations. For use in the dark, the integrated LED flashlight makes it easy to locate your tyre valves. Complete with programmable inflation and auto shut-off, this really is the easiest car tyre inflator around to use.

On the downside, there is no bag or case to store the included adapters. Also, this Ring model does heat up after several minutes of operation, although this is fairly common with compressors. Lastly, the air cord is a little short.

All in all, a highly convenient tyre inflator air compressor that is the easiest model to use by far. If you have never used a car tyre inflator before, the AstroAI with its clip-on valve connector and programmable pressure levels makes an excellent choice.


  • Maximum pressure: 100 PSI
  • Programmable inflation
  • Back-lit LED with four pressure unit display
  • Integrated light
  • Includes quick connector, screw connector and accessory valves


  • May not be for those who need a bag included
  • May heat up after a few minutes of use
  • Air cord maybe a little short
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Fully inflate your tyre in just two minutes with the Ring RTC1000 Rapid Preset Digital tyre Inflator, over twice the speed of other models.


The RTC1000 tyre inflator features a large back-lit display that gives readings in KPA, BAR and PSI. The quick-set auto-stop function allows you to set your target pressure and the device does the rest for you, stopping when it’s ready. However, be aware that this tends to lead to an underinflation of around two PSI.

With its handy integrated light, long power and air cords, this tyre inflator is close to perfection, except for its 12V power connector. It only has a contact on one side, making it impossible to get into some cars. At best, it just about fits but can spring back out. Also, the gauge is not very accurate. However, for top-ups and emergencies, it will more than suffice.

The RTC1000 is also easy to store and pack away, thanks to its compact size, retractable cable and storage bag. In short, if this pre-set digital air compressor works with your vehicle power outlet, then it could be the best car tyre inflator for you.


  • Rapid inflation
  • Quick-set auto-stop
  • Large back-lit display
  • Integrated LED light
  • Wind-up cable for easy storage


  • 12V connector could fit better
  • May end up a little under pressure with auto cut-off function
  • The gauge may not be very accurate
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The Ring RAC601 Digital tyre inflator is a good value air compressor that features an easy-to-read backlit digital screen.


Use it to set your target pressure and the compressor will do the rest, cutting out when it reaches its target to prevent over inflation. Complete with an integrated LED light for extra safety and ease of use, this model also comes with a two-piece adaptor set for your inflatable accessories.

There is also a minimum number of controls for extra simplicity. Just as well, as the instructions are not very clear. Unfortunately, this Ring model no longer comes with a storage case, although it won’t take up much space in your boot. However, you may find it a little tedious folding up the hose and power cables to fit in the small storage cavities. And, doing so may cause unnecessary wear and future malfunction as they do get quite bent.

All in all, this is a good all-round model that is fairly user-friendly and has a nice clear back-lit display. It connects easily to your car’s 12V outlet and gets the job done.


  • Maximum pressure: 100 PSI
  • Back-lit digital screen
  • Integrated LED light
  • Auto-stop programmable tyre inflation levels
  • Includes a two-piece adaptor set


  • May not include a storage case
  • Instructions might not be very clear
  • May have to bend cables to store
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The TowerTop 12V Digital tyre inflator features a clear LCD display screen that displays four pressure reading in PSI, BAR, KPA and KG/CM².


Thanks to its pre-set pressure function, you can adjust it to your desired levels and the unit will inflate and switch off on completion. It also has a handy memory feature that remembers the last programmed tyre pressure, reducing inflation time and making it faster and easier to get all four tyres up to the correct pressure levels.

Additionally, it comes with an LED light complete with three modes, so you can use it to warn ongoing traffic if you are in an emergency situation. Under the base, there is a well-designed cord storage area that prevents too many kinks from occurring, as well as a handy area to store the included nozzles and adaptors.

While this 12V digital air compressor is not the most accurate nor the most durable, it is handy and stores neatly in your car boot. Unfortunately, the instructions are very poor and we’d advise you to try it out several times on arrival to familiarise yourself with the product.

However, if you want a digital tyre inflator with a pre-set function and a convenient memory option, it is one of the handy tyre pressure monitoring systems around.


  • Preset pressure with auto shut-off
  • LCD digital display with four pressure units
  • Memory function
  • LED light with three modes
  • Cord and nozzle storage in the base


  • Poor instructions
  • Not very accurate
  • Not the most durable
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The Autder Cordless tyre inflator has a high 140 PSI maximum pressure rating, making it one of the most powerful inflators in our list. You can use it either as a cordless unit, simply charge up the included 2600 mAh battery via USB cable, or run it from your vehicle’s 12V outlet via the power cord.


This compressor features a pressure pre-set function and the LCD screen displays four units of pressure readings. Set your pressure and the inflator will stop once it’s complete. Thanks to the memory function, you won’t have to adjust the required pressure for each tyre.

Complete with a handy work light for inflating your tyres in low lit conditions, this model is fairly easy to use. The main disadvantage is that it heats up very quickly, meaning you may have to wait between tyres. What’s more, the pressure reading isn’t entirely accurate, although it is mostly only a few PSI out.

In short, if you need a tyre inflator with a maximum pressure superior to 100PSI, then this cordless model could be what you need.


  • Maximum pressure: 140 PSI
  • Memory function
  • Use with 12V outlet or charge battery via USB for cordless use
  • Pressure pre-set with four display units
  • LCD screen and LED work light


  • May heat up very quickly
  • May not always be accurate
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Robust, rapid and reasonably quiet, the Ring RAC900 Heavy Duty tyre inflator is one serious piece of kit. If you want a high-powered tyre inflator for home use, it makes a fantastic choice.


Suitable for motorhomes, trailers and 4x4s, it makes a great option for multi-vehicle households and could save you quite a bit of money in fuel consumption over the years. It also comes in a handy carry bag and various valve adaptors, making it easy to transfer from one vehicle to another.

It powers directly from your 12V battery, so you can use it with your leisure batteries, too. It has a 7-metre long airline, making it suitable for longer vehicles. However, the power cord is a little on the short side, hence you won’t be able to get the actual unit near to your rear tyres. This in itself is not an issue, but seeing as the power switch is on the compressor and the pressure gauge is on the valve, you’ll need to go back and forth. What’s more, to get an accurate pressure reading, you’ll have to turn off the power. Otherwise, the needle tends to move around.

All in all, the ring RAC900 is one of the very best tyre inflators around. Whether you’re looking for a durable, fuss-free and rapid way to inflate several vehicles at home, this tyre inflator makes an excellent buy.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Powered directly from your 12V battery
  • 7-metre airline
  • Fast airflow rate
  • Includes valve adaptors and carry bag


  • The power cords may be a little short
  • Power switch on compressor and gauge on the valve, so you may have to go back and forth
  • May need to switch it off to get an accurate reading
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Tyre Inflator Buying Guide

What is the Best Cordless Tyre Inflator?

Cordless tyre inflators are becoming increasingly popular, however, you should still look for a model that offers an additional power source, such as your vehicle’s 12V port or direct connection to your battery. Over time, your batteries could lose charge and you may find yourself stranded.

You should also look for cordless tyre inflators that have a decent runtime, so be sure to check their battery capacity. The higher the number of mAh, the longer the battery will last.

air pressure gauge

How to Choose the Ideal Tyre Inflator

After reading our heavy-duty tyre inflator reviews, here are some key features to look out for when choosing your next compressor.

Pressure Rates and Functions

Always check that the maximum pressure is high enough for your car tyres. Some inflators feature a handy pre-set function, allowing you to simply select your desired pressure and the machine will do the rest.

For even easier usage, look for tyre inflators with a memory function that stores the last pressure you used.

Air and Power Cord Lengths

Most standard car tyre inflators will have power cables that are around three meters long and an airline from 48cm upwards. This is normally adequate for small to medium-sized cars, although you will need to swap it over for each side. If you prefer convenience over cost, have a larger vehicle, or don’t want to have to mess around lining up your valves, go for a model with a longer power cord length.

Gauge or Display

Your tyre inflator will either feature an old-fashioned gauge display or a digital one. Digital air compressors give a clear, easy-to-read format, whereas gauges can be disrupted by the compressor and tend to move about quite a bit when it’s in use.

If you opt for a digital display, look for a unit that is adequately lit for night-time use. Gauges normally feature several different pressure units aligned next to one another. Most digital screens will have an option to change from PSI to BAR. Some also give your pressure in KPA and KG/CM²m. If these are the units you frequently use, make sure you look for a digital gauge that supports that format to avoid having to make the conversion yourself.


Although it’s possible to find a mains tyre inflator, most models run off your vehicle’s 12V power supply. This is extremely convenient and means you don’t have to worry about charging up your tyre inflator. Some units also feature rechargeable batteries, while others can be directly connected to your car battery. Foot pump models are a very basic alternative that is difficult to use.


Most basic models have a lamp to help you locate your valve and inflate your tyre in the dark. Other more sophisticated devices also have flashing and emergency lighting. This can be extremely useful if you have a breakdown (even non-tyre related), helping to warn oncoming traffic.

USB Outlet

If your car does not have a dedicated USB port, it makes sense to go for a tyre inflator that does. When you plug your tyre inflator into your 12V cigarette lighter outlet you will have to unplug your USB convertor. Being able to plug your phone directly into your tyre inflator can help you to stay in contact during a breakdown.


Bicycle tyres, beach toys and footballs, not to mention inflatable mattresses and tents – there are various items that you may need to blow up aside from your tyres. Keep a lookout for tyre inflators with extra adaptors that you can keep in the car, so you can use yours to save your breath, as well as a lot of time.

Carry Bag

Air compressor accessories

A carry bag enables you to neatly put away your tyre inflator and ensure you don’t misplace any cords or adaptors. It also makes it easy to transfer your car accessories from one vehicle to another.


When it comes to searching for the best tyre inflator, there are a huge number of great products to choose from. If you have better things to do than trawl through comparisons of different tyre inflators, we recommend going for the highly popular and reliable AA 12V Digital Tyre Inflator.

Ideal for keeping in your car just in case, this compact model features a back-lit LED digital display which shows the units in PSI, BAR and KPA. Complete with a handy LED lamp with three different settings, it could help you stay safe in the event of a breakdown. Giving you the ability to pre-set your target pressure with the handy auto cut-off function, this inflator is easy to use and has an impressive maximum limit of 120PSI.

All in all, we think the AA 12V Digital Tyre Inflator is the product to beat.

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