Are Vacuum Cleaners Recyclable?

Last Updated On August 23rd, 2019

Are you aware that more than 1 million electronics are disposed of in the UK every year? One of these is vacuum cleaners. However, there is a solution that will benefit you a lot.

When your vacuum breaks, it does not mean that you must buy a new one. There are ways of recycling it. We understand that vacuum cleaners are used in our homes daily and therefore they have become a necessity. The breaking down of a vacuum cleaner means dirty and dusty floors, carpet, sofas, and mattresses. Vacuums are reputable in breaking or not operating as well as what your seller says.

What to Do When Your Vacuum Cleaner Breaks Down

When your vacuum breaks the first thing you should check are the belts on the rollers. These belts wear out after sometimes causing the vacuum cleaner not to pick up dirt. You can contact or visit the place where you purchased your vacuum cleaner for a new belt. For older models, the best place to look for the belt is online.

In an event where you replaced the vacuum cleaning belt but still not functioning, you can take it to a vacuum cleaner repair shop. Most repair shops have been kicked out of business due to the increase in disposable products but vacuum cleaners are a hot business and therefore finding a repair shop is possible. Sewing machine repair shops can also assist you to repair your vacuum machine.

However, if you feel that all is lost, there are also other options. For example, you can give it to someone who can reuse it. Moreover, there are companies that buy repair and recycle vacuum cleaners selecting those that are in good shape and sending the non-reusable back to the recycling company. You can also decide to break down it into pieces. Put aside the pieces that can be recycled aside e.g. the aluminium parts, which are very useful. Any recycling company near you might recycle these metals.

Additionally, the plastics can be recycled to make plant pots, outdoor furniture, and dashboards for cars.

Do not just dispose of your vacuum cleaner; it is proven that 90% of any electronic material is reusable.

Reasons to recycle a vacuum cleaner

Recycling items are the best, safest and most responsible way of disposing of faulty items. The following are some reasons of vacuum cleaner recycling:

  • 90% of the material used in any electronic item can be reused
  • More than 160 million electronics (including vacuum cleaners) are purchased every year while only a third of these items complete their lifecycle.
  • To save the environment
  • To conserve the natural resources
  • To sustain the environment
  • Recycling your vacuum cleaner is cheaper than replacing it

We would advise you not to rush into replacing your vacuum cleaner immediately if it breaks down. Try to repair it instead of disposing of it. If you can do it yourself, examine the damaged parts and purchase them for replacement. However, taking your vacuum cleaner to the repair experts would be a better idea.

An indestructible vacuum cleaner has not been discovered yet, however, the there are new and improved models in the market. These newer models have better quality, enhanced air filtering and they use less energy. Fortunately, some vacuum cleaner companies accept your old models so they can recycle the metals, plastics, and rubbers of your older vacuum.

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  1. I wish I’d known this sooner… I just threw out my old vacuum not too long ago. It was so ratty and old that I figured no one would want it, but I never even thought about recycling it. When I think of recycling I tend to think of paper and cans… not something like a vacuum cleaner 😛

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