Best Walking Stick Reviews UK 2023 – Top 7 Comparison

Last Updated On June 6th, 2022

There are many reasons that someone may need to invest in a walking stick. This mobility aid provides support for the elderly, particularly when an individual is feeling a bit unstable. Walking sticks are also helpful for those who are recovering from injury or surgery.

Whether you need something to help stabilise your balance long-term or give you extra support while recovering from an illness, we are here to help. In this article and buying guide, we’ve got some options that will help you determine what the best walking stick for you will be.

Best Walking Stick Reviews – Top 7 Picks

1. Sueh Design Foldable (Editor’s Choice)

Sueh Design FoldableThe Sueh Design Foldable walking cane is our choice for the best walking stick. For comfort and stability, if you require a walking stick temporarily or on a long-term basis, this cane covers all the bases with variation and quality. There are 11 varied heights that this cane ranges between 29 ½ – 39 inches to suit users of all heights. It also features a fold-in handle that also comes with an LED light for added protection when you are walking later in the evening.


The cane folds into three pieces to allow for a more sturdy construction that will support over 200lbs for stability while walking and as an aid to help you stand up. The self-folding handle on the side allows you to adjust for better manoeuvring while standing or sitting.

The foot of the cane features a silicone base and is slip-proof, adding stability on any surface. What’s more, if your cane drops, you can use your foot to step on the base to pick it up instead of bending down and risk falling over.

  • LED light in the handle
  • A wider base creates more stability and helps you pick it up if it falls
  • Self-folding handle that pivots
  • The base of the stick could loosen

2. Drive Gel Grip Cane (Best Adjustable)

Drive Gel Grip CaneThe Drive Gel Grip Cane adjust anywhere between 33 – 37 inches, allowing users to customise the cane according to their specific needs. The convenient folding feature and comfortable gel handle make this cane our choice for the best adjustable walking stick on our list.


The non-slip foot offers stability on several surfaces, which allows the user peace of mind. It is suitable for up to 115kg and provides great support for anyone recovering from surgery or just needs a little help getting around.

The silicone gel handle not only makes this walking stick uniquely comfortable to hold, but the glow-in-the-dark handle provides a little extra safety for those with limited mobility while walking later at night. Moreover, it is made from anodised aluminium, making it durable for those who need to rely on this cane for support and stability.

  • Great for anyone who needs support standing up or sitting
  • Glow-in-the-dark gel handle provides safety
  • Gel handle is made for comfort
  • May take greater effort to fold down

3. Homecraft Folding (Best Value)

Homecraft FoldingThe Homecraft Folding walking stick was designed with functionality in mind and is widely used by physical and occupational therapists. This folding walking stick is recommended for improving the quality of daily independence.


This easy to collapse cane folds into four sections to a mere 12 x 5 ½ inch size so you can place it in your bag or large coat pocket. It is durable and surprisingly lightweight, and it fits comfortably in your hand. It comes with a strap that goes securely around your wrist so you can let it go when you need both hands.

The durable rubber bottom makes it safe to use on even slippery surfaces, allowing you to walk without worrying about slipping. Aside from the solid support that it provides, this funky cane comes in seven other designs for you to choose from.

This particular walking stick brand is used by care homes and other facilities where patients or residents may need extra help getting around. Durability and functionality make this walking stick a great choice for anyone.

  • Comfortable fit and handy wrist strap
  • Can be easily tucked away in a coat pocket or a bag
  • Stable for up to 115kg
  • Handle might be less comfortable for some when using for great lengths of time
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4. Homecraft Folding Coloured (Best Patterned)

Homecraft Folding ColouredThe Homecraft Folding Coloured walking stick is a sturdy product that countless people use to help get them around during challenging times. The choice of seven different patterns is only one of the great features of this product made by a trusted company.


This patterned cane folds down to four sections of 12 by 5 ½ inches, enabling you to easily store it in your bag pocket or on a shopping cart. The cane is lightweight for easy transport but solid and secure to help support your partial weights.

This walking stick is made of anodised steel and is treated so that the beautiful design you chose will be protected. The cane handle is shaped for comfort so that you can use either hand for your convenience. It has a strap for you to drape over your wrist if you need both hands free. Additionally, it supports weight up to 115kg and has a rubber tip that is made to minimise the risk of slipping.

  • Rust resistant
  • The wooden handle is made for comfort with both hands
  • Seven patterns or colours
  • Laminated handle tends to become chipped or worn

5. Life Healthcare (Best Foldable)

Life HealthcareThis walking stick from Life Healthcare walking is for anyone recovering from an injury, operation, or any other condition that may see you needing a walking stick long-term. The easy folding walking stick is durable and perfect for anyone who needs a little extra support at the ready.


Recovering from any injury is difficult, and having this walking stick compactly tucked away for when you need it most gives you peace of mind. This foldable and compact stick is ready for when you get tired or whenever you need it.

This walking stick is for anyone who needs extra reassurance when they are out and going about their day. The cane can be easily tucked away and placed on top of a shopping cart or even a large purse. It is sturdy and well-made, giving you confidence.

It doesn’t matter if you are using this walking stick indoors or outdoors, on uneven or slippery surfaces; it provides stability and peace of mind wherever you need to go.

  • Good traction on any surface
  • Non-skid foot to keep you safe, even in wet weather
  • The cane can be used indoors and outdoors
  • No added frills might not make this cane as desirable as others

6. Days Adjustable Folding (Best Lightweight)

Days Adjustable FoldingThe Days Adjustable Folding walking stick is designed to help patients balance while on uneven terrains, such as rugged surfaces or roadways. This walking stick relieves some of the weight applied to an injury or weakened parts of the leg.


To ensure the walking stick is the right height for you, place your arm to your side and bend your elbow slightly to measure the distance from the floor up to the fold of your wrist. You can adjust the walking stick to suit your height, between the size of 29 – 33 inches long. The handle features a non-slip tip made of rubber in a T-bar formation for extra safety and support.

The cane can fold by grabbing the two sections, pulling them apart. Hold onto those separated sections and repeat, folding each into the storage area until it conveniently folds down.

The lightweight shaft is constructed from anodising aluminium but is strong enough to support up to 125kg. The adjustable and foldable walking stick is the best folding walking stick on the market.

  • Ergonomic design provides comfort
  • Slip-resistant base to help support the partial weight
  • Keeps your balance on uneven terrains
  • Some may find the self-folding handle a bit tricky to adjust with limited dexterity

7. Vive Offset Cane (Luxury Choice)

Vive Offset CaneFor luxury in a walking stick, Vive Offset Cane is the best choice. The offset can help centre your weight directly over the base of the cane for better support and balance, as well as helping to reduce wrist and hand fatigue. This walking stick also offers peace of mind with a rubber foot that is non-slip for added traction and stability on all surfaces.


Designed to support upward of 250lbs, this walking stick is also adjustable. You can adjust the cane size between 29 – 38 inches to your preference. 

The crafted handle creates a comfortable and secure grip for everyday use. It comes with a wrist strap so you can rest it comfortably if you need to use both hands. This lightweight, corrosion-resistant cane is made with anodised aluminium that is strong and durable.

For added security, the cane comes with two locking features that include a push-button for adjusting the pin with a locking ring to make sure that the cane doesn’t slip down while you are using it. Thus, this added feature allows you to use your cane with confidence.

  • Rubber non-slip foot for added traction
  • Dual locking feature for added safety
  • Cane is offset to provide a more substantial balance
  • It may click loudly

What to Look For in a Walking Stick

You need to look into a few things when in the market for a walking stick that works for you and your specific needs.


elderly holding caneThe design of a cane’s handle can determine how comfortable it will be to use. If it is a rounded handle, it may look nice, but it can be challenging to use for support if you have joint pain or are recovering from surgery. If you are using the cane for balance, then a rounded top might not be much of an issue.

An ergonomic, flatter handle distributes weight more evenly and will provide more comfort, especially if you are using it long-term. While the rounded design may be more appealing, consider the comfort of a straighter handle.


The height of a cane may be the most important thing to look at when making your decision. Choosing the correct length for your stick will provide more safety and comfort, as well as ease of use.

To measure your cane accurately, you should wear the shoes you will walk in while using your mobility aid. Stand up straight, allowing your arms to fall naturally to your side and measure from the crease of your wrist to the floor; this will determine the proper height you need for your cane.

By determining the proper height that your cane should be at, you are ensuring you have more stable support, and it will offer more comfort as you stand or walk.


folding caneThe style or type of cane that you choose will depend on whether you used it once in a while or need it with you at all times. If you are using the stick often, but don’t need to use it constantly, then using a folding cane may be to your advantage, as they are easy to tuck away when they are not in use.

You may also want to opt for a cane that expresses your personality with a unique design or an elegant structure. Functionality is important, but there’s no harm in allowing your unique style to come through in your choice.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Sueh Design Foldable walking cane, our Editor’s Choice. We chose this walking stick because of its stability, versatility, and the added features that it offers to ensure one’s safety. With a comfortable handle equipped with an LED light, sturdy construction, and the ability to fold down for storage, this walking cane has everything one looks for in a walking stick.

The best walking stick for your needs will give you the added balance and security you need while healing from an injury or chronic pain. Determine which is right for you and allow yourself to get back to enjoying daily activities or heal without worry.

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