How to Wash a Car with a Pressure Washer

Last Updated On September 8th, 2019

Pressure washing your car helps to retain its lustrous look leaving it looking new in addition to ensuring it is clean. This process saves on time and is not as tiring as when opting to clean your car manually with water and detergent. It is efficient and convenient with the help of water blasting feature. Thanks to the high speeds of water, you will be able to clean out all the dirt and/or grime in no time.

Before you can get started, you will need to collect all your requirements and equipment. This will include:

  • A commercial pressure washer with delivery of at least 1450PSI. You can work with an electric pressure washer, as they are adequate.
  • A nozzle. Use a rotating nozzle that has a tight pattern.
  • Water source
  • A drying cloth (chamois leather cloth)
  • Detergent. However, it is best that you use one that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Once the above are gathered, you will then park your car away from the house walls to avoid damaging the paintjob. Cover any scratches to prevent the probability of the body from rusting.

How to wash your car with the pressure washer

1. Connect the pressure washer to the power source and to the water supply

Get your pressure washer ready and plug it into the power source as well as to the water supply. Once this is in position, you can then switch on your pressure washer from the power source. Before you start using it, ensure that there is a steady flow of water.

2. Rinse the car with clean water

This process aims at removing any loose dirt and dust from your car’s body. Use a high-pressure setting to achieve this objective. Remember to keep some distance of about 20cm between the car and nozzle to prevent damages on your car as a result of the high pressure.

Tip: Rinse in sections rather than trying to spray water all over the car in one go. This promotes consistency. NEVER spray the engine bay and DO NOT concentrate on one area for too long.

3. Apply some detergent

Place the detergent solution in your pressure washer’s chamber and change the nozzle into a low-pressure setting. Spread your detergent putting in mind that you should not allow it to dry. Systematically apply the detergent from the top of the car as you work your way towards the bottom.

The tougher sections such as the wheels, the truck bed, and rocker panels can be cleaned under high pressure. This will get rid of any cake mud, grime, and/or dirt.

Tip: Dilute the detergent to the required levels.

4. Rinse off the detergent

You may choose to either remove the detergent chamber or switch the washer to the lowest setting before starting to rinse the car. Thoroughly rinse your car until all the detergent is eliminated.

Tip: If you have spotting on your car, it is advisable that you consider using non-spotting rinse solutions. This should however be applied to the affected areas only.

5. Dry your car

Using a chamois leather cloth or shammy, dry your car and this will leave a lustrous shine on its body.

The above process will ensure you thoroughly clean your car while at the same time preventing any chances of damaging your car’s paint job as long as you use the process as required. It is fast, easy, and does not require the use of so much energy. It is therefore, convenient and fast.

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