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Best Wildlife Camera in the UK 2020

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SecaCam HomeVista Infrared Outdoor

SecaCam HomeVista Infrared Outdoor

Editor's choice

Victure IP66 Trail

Victure IP66 Trail

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Victure Waterproof Camouflage

Victure Waterproof Camouflage

Have you ever wondered what your local wildlife is up to in your garden when you’re not around? If so, getting yourself the best wildlife camera in the UK will solve the mystery!

Perfect for nature lovers, these smart little cameras are easy to use and great for capturing wildlife activity outside your home day and night. Whether you’re curious about your local critters or want to monitor the behaviour of a regular furry visitor, outdoor cameras offer a simple and effective way to spy on your garden guests.

Ready to unleash your inner wildlife photographer but not sure where to start? Check out our top 10 garden wildlife camera reviews below to find the best model for you!

Best Wildlife Camera Reviews – Top 10 Picks

If you’re a dedicated trail photography enthusiast, you will like the Victure IP66 – our top pick for the best infrared wildlife camera on the market. With its waterproof, dust-proof and robust housing, this camouflage camera trap is inconspicuous and can easily withstand the elements while collecting great photos and footage.


Boasting photo and video capabilities, this 12MP, 1080P HD wildlife camera features built-in motion detection to capture crisp images of activity day and night. The ultra-fast trigger speed and 90-degree thermal sensor activate the camera in just 0.5 seconds so you’ll never miss your garden visitors.

Once darkness falls, this camera utilises an automatic infrared (IR) filter and 24 low-glow, infrared LED black lights to illuminate its surroundings, without disturbing timid wildlife. Whether you have foxes, badgers, or the neighbours’ cat entering your property while you sleep – this camera will capture them all with stunning detail, even as far as 10 metres away.

Offering a choice of several recording modes, the Victure IP66 if perfect for the keen wildlife photographer. Interval recording enables you to extend battery life, while the time-lapse mode is ideal for capturing snapshots of activity over longer periods. Furthermore, once the batteries begin to run low, an audible alarm will notify you that it’s time to replace them.

This camera requires a 32GB memory card to store footage (not included), but thanks to its beautiful 2.4” LCD you can opt to view your photos and videos directly on the device itself. Should you want to enjoy them on a bigger screen, simply remove the card and insert it into your computer.

Overall, it’s clear to see why we think this is the best wildlife camera UK customers can buy, but there are a few drawbacks to be aware of. Prior to the IR kicking in, image quality can become grainy at dusk and fast-moving subjects may result in blurred results.

Furthermore, motion detection is very sensitive and prone to false triggers. To prevent this, we recommend pointing the camera away from foliage that often catches the wind.


  • 12MP camera for photos and 1080P HD video quality
  • Ultra-fast motion sensor trigger
  • Low-glow IR night vision won’t disturb wildlife
  • Interval recording/Time Lapse mode
  • Built-in 2.4” LCD screen


  • Image quality can be grainy during dusk
  • Easily triggered in windy conditions
  • Images may have motion blur if the subject moves rapidly
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Are you looking for a high-end wildlife camera to add to your stash of binoculars and other outdoor gear? We recommend the SecaCam HomeVista, a great choice for wildlife photography enthusiasts.


Boasting an incredibly fast infrared motion detection with a trigger time of just 0.4 seconds, this camera will ensure you never miss a shot. Its wide 100-degree field of view captures movement within a large area, so you have a much better chance of recording interesting activity without any fisheye distortion.

The SecaCam HomeVista offers the choice of crisp still image capture at 5, 8, or 12MP and HD video quality recordings, both day and night. The motion detection is incredibly sensitive, so you may experience false triggers, but we think this is worth it for an increased chance of getting great footage. The camouflage exterior blends seamlessly into its surroundings, while the no-glow, black LED flash is invisible to timid, nocturnal visitors.

Fully-waterproof and coming complete with the required batteries and 8GB memory card, this camera is good to go, right out of the box. When setting it up for the first time, some users complained that the menu wasn’t as intuitive as they would’ve liked, but it will get easier with practice. It’s worth mentioning that the on/off switch is located inside the unit. So you’ll have to take off the back to access it.

Overall, we think this camera is a fantastic choice for amateur wildlife enthusiasts looking to capture great footage of hedgehogs, squirrels, and other wildlife.


  • Fast trigger time of 0.4 seconds
  • Captures crisp, high-quality images
  • Wide field of view ensures you don’t miss activity
  • Highly-sensitive motion detection, day and night
  • Comes complete with batteries and 8GB memory card


  • Menu is a little difficult to navigate
  • Prone to false activation
  • On/Off switch isn’t easily accessible
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If you’re a wildlife-lover seeking the best budget trail camera, we recommend checking out this model by Victure.


Offering a high trigger speed of 0.5 seconds, a fully automatic IR filter and 26 invisible black LEDs, the Victure Wildlife Camera makes a great choice for professional and beginners alike. Still image resolution is impressive at 12MP, although fast-moving creatures may result in blurred results. In terms of picture quality, this trail camera boasts 1080P at 15 fps – plenty of crisp footage of your unwitting subjects both day and night.

The camouflage casing blends well into the environment, so as not to disturb any furry visitors. And as it’s waterproof, dust-proof and resistant to knocks, you can be sure that this camera trap will last through all weathers. When it’s time to view your footage, the large 2.4” LCD display screen enables you to check what you’ve recorded directly on the unit, without having to open it up to remove your memory card.

We also like that this model offers a choice of recording modes for budding photographers who like to experiment. Interval recording allows you to conserve battery life, while time-lapse mode and timer mode give you the freedom to compress long durations or set a specific time range for the camera to run. If the batteries run low, an audible alarm notifies you that it’s time to change them.

For a budget camera for outdoor use, we think this model makes an excellent pick. However, it does have a few drawbacks. The instructions are quite poor and the night vision mode only illuminates the centre of the image; so you may miss activity at the edge of the field of view.


  • Waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant
  • Fast trigger speed of 0.5 seconds
  • Large 2.4” LCD screen
  • Captures high-quality stills and clips
  • Multiple modes to choose from


  • Night vision only illuminates the centre of the image
  • Movement results in blurred pictures
  • Instructions are poorly written
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If you’re curious about the wildlife activity in your garden, then the SecaCam Raptor Wildlife Camera could be the best trail camera for your needs. This camera has an infrared motion sensor, 0.4-second trigger and a generous 100-degree field of view, to give you the best chance of monitoring local wildlife that has been visiting your garden shed.


Best for shooting still images as well as high-quality footages, the SeaCam Raptor trail camera records in full colour during the day and crisp black and white tones at night time. However, it’s worth noting that some customer reviews have mentioned that still images are a little grainy in bright sunlight and the colour saturation is rather high. That said, these issues can always be rectified with a simple image editor if required.

If you’re hoping to observe timid garden wildlife, you can be sure that this trail camera won’t spook your visitors. Its IR LEDs are invisible to curious creatures and the unit makes no sound during operation. Furthermore, all footage includes a timestamp, complete with the current temperature and moon phase, so you can keep records of behaviour during the seasons and lunar cycles.

Ready to go right of the box, this wildlife video camera is great for beginners and experienced users alike. It offers several different shooting modes to experiment with and includes AA batteries and an SD card. The waterproof camo housing will withstand tough weather conditions and low temperatures, too, so you can capture amazing images all year round. Just bear in mind that you’ll need to open the housing to switch it on and off.


  • Fast trigger time of 0.4 seconds
  • Captures high-quality images and video
  • Infrared sensor and night vision
  • Wide field of view
  • Footage includes a timestamp, temperature, and moon phase


  • Daytime images can be grainy in strong sunlight
  • Must be opened to switch on/off
  • Daytime colour saturation is unnaturally high
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Offering a super-fast shutter speed of under 0.2 seconds, this trail camera by APEMAN is an excellent choice to capture fast-moving animal visitors frequenting your gazebo, shed, patio, or garden.


Image quality is exceptional at 20MP, while the quality of the clips taken is crisp and clear at up to 1080P HD/30fps. Night vision doesn’t disappoint, either. This APEMAN trail camera uses 40 infrared, low-light LEDs for excellent footage after dark – although, some users felt that these LEDs were too bright for nervous animals.

While the camera quality is fantastic, the 55-degree field of view may be too narrow for monitoring large areas. That said, this camera offers a huge choice of settings suitable for more experienced photographers who like to adjust parameters to meet their needs. Higher settings will decrease battery life faster, but we think it’s worth it for awesome footage.

Perfect for all seasons, this trail camera has a fully waterproof, 60mm thick casing that can easily withstand extremes of temperature between -20℃ and 40℃. So, if you’re a keen photographer planning to monitor local wildlife all year round, this model makes an excellent choice.


  • Excellent image and video resolution
  • Super-fast shutter speed of 0.2 seconds
  • Crisp night vision
  • Wide choice of settings
  • Perfect for all-season use


  • IR lights may be too bright for timid animals
  • Field of view is quite narrow
  • Consumes batteries fast at high settings
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With a super wide-angle lens of 120-degrees, the Campark is easily one of the best trail cameras if you want to capture footage over a broad area.


Offering 14MP still image and 1080P HD video capabilities, this wildlife trail camera records interesting animal behaviour both day and night, so you won’t miss a thing. The trigger speed is impressive at 0.3 seconds, while the sensor range extends as far as 20m from the camera location. Infrared night vision is supported by 42 black LEDs, that have a minimum light output so as not to deter wildlife.

Easy to operate, durable and fully waterproof, this camera works best for those who want to get started as soon as they open the box. However, as with all wildlife cameras, there are a few drawbacks to keep in mind. Image quality is generally great, but some customer reviews have complained of colour fringing at the edges of still images, as well as white flicker during nocturnal shoots. The timestamp data can also be unpredictable and therefore, unreliable.

That said, this model does come with a 12-month warranty and is still a fantastic option for any wildlife enthusiast.


  • 120-degree field of view
  • 14MP photos and 1080P HD video resolution
  • Fast, 0.3-second trigger speed
  • Sensor range of 20m
  • Waterproof and durable


  • Timestamp data can be unreliable
  • Some night videos suffer from white flicker
  • Images may have colour fringing at edges
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Another excellent choice for wildlife cameras is this trap camera by Victure.


One of the best wildlife trail cameras we’ve seen so far, this Victure camera offers high resolution at 1080P HD, high-quality images at 20MP and an efficient daylight sensor – you can be sure this camera will capture any mysterious animal activity in your garden 24 hours a day. The no-glow, night LEDs enhance sensor visibility during the night without disturbing wildlife, but this model is prone to false triggers in windy conditions.

Waterproof and durable all year round, this camera also offers plenty of shooting modes to keep keen photographers happy. Continuous shooting, time-lapse, and interval modes are available at your fingertips, while the useful time-stamp function helps you to keep a record of activity.

On the downside, customer reviews revealed that some users have found that daytime footages have an unusually warm colour tint and the user manual is quite poor.


  • 20MP images and 1080P HD video
  • Smart daylight sensor
  • No-glow night vision LEDs
  • Wide choice of shooting modes
  • Waterproof and durable


  • Susceptible to false triggers in windy conditions
  • Daytime footages may have an orange tint
  • Poor set up instructions
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Featuring solid construction and simple controls, this 20MP wildlife camera by APEMAN is one of the best options for the beginner wildlife photographer.


Capable of taking high-quality 20MP photos and 1080P HD clips, you can be sure your footage will be sharp and enjoyable to watch with this trail camera. However, the trigger speed varies between 0.3 and 0.6 seconds, which means you may experience some occasional blur for fast-moving subjects.

Like other wildlife cameras we have reviewed for the UK market, this model also boasts no-glow IR LEDs to prevent spooking of wildlife. Night time shots are very bright but can become washed out if your subject gets too close to the camera. If you’d prefer to check your footage before removing the card, the 2” LCD display screen makes this quick and easy.

All in all, this wildlife trail camera is a good, inexpensive option for budding wildlife watchers. The field of view is quite narrow and it does have some drawbacks, but we think these are minor issues considering the price.


  • Takes 20MP images and 1080p HD video
  • Simple to use
  • No-glow IR LEDs won’t scare away wildlife
  • Well-lit night shots
  • 2” LCD display


  • Narrow field of view
  • IR light can wash out close-ups
  • Occasional trigger delays
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Yet another one of APEMAN’s trail cameras, this model offers 1080P HD video but has a slightly lower photo resolution of 16MP. Ideal if you’re more interested in video footage, the APEMAN has highly-effective daylight sensors that respond to the ambient light for clean, sharp imagery every time.


The 0.4-second trigger speed is fast enough to capture fast-moving creatures that cross its thermal sensor, while its IR LEDs illuminate night shots without disturbing garden wildlife. You can even adjust the spacing of the infrared sensor, should you want to focus your attention on a particular area of your garden. For convenience, your footage is timestamped and can be viewed via the colour LCD screen.

Like all good wildlife trail cameras, this model is waterproof, dustproof and minimizes condensation on the lens during changes in temperature. This model tends to eat through batteries quickly, but you do have the option to hook it up to an external power supply for continuous recording.


  • 1080P HD video resolution and 16MP photo quality
  • 0.4-second trigger captures fast-moving subjects
  • Daylight sensors ensure sharp footage
  • Colour LCD screen
  • Choice of AA batteries or external power supply


  • Batteries do not last long
  • Very sensitive motion detection
  • Instructions confusing per customer reviews
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Last, but certainly not least, is this mini wildlife trail camera by Campark. Perfect for hiding away in identified wildlife spots, this small camera packs many features into its compact housing.


Offering a generous 120-degree field of view and a 0.5-second trigger speed, this trail camera gives you the best chance of recording interesting footage of your local critters. Infrared LEDs illuminate the dark for great night vision up to 20m away, without deterring nervous animals from coming near. The 12MP camera captures high-quality images, while the 1080P HD video resolution is crisp and a pleasure to watch.

Easy to set up and use, the Campark Mini Wildlife Camera only requires AA batteries and an SD card (not included) to get started. Thanks to the built-in 2” LCD screen, you can view your footage directly on the device, without having to remove the memory card.

Rated as IP56 waterproof and resistant to dust, this little trail cam will resist wet weather without suffering any damage. However, some customer reviews have mentioned that it struggles to perform in very low temperatures. The batteries also drain rather quickly, so you may find yourself having to replace them often.

Overall, we like this mini wildlife camera and think that it’s one of the best choices for wildlife fans interested in wildlife photography.


  • Mini camera is easy to hide away out of sight
  • 120-degree field of view
  • 12MP photos and 1080P HD video quality
  • Built-in 2” LCD screen
  • IP56 waterproof


  • Struggles in low temperatures
  • Batteries drain quickly
  • Power switch feels flimsy
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What to Look for When Buying a Wildlife Camera?

If you’ve read our garden wildlife camera reviews but are still unsure which model to go for, check out our guide below.

Quality of Images and Video

high quality photo of squirrel

When purchasing wildlife cameras in the UK, it’s not surprising that image and video quality is one of the most important features to consider.

Photo image quality in trail cameras is most commonly measured in megapixels (MP). The higher the MP, the better the image quality, or ‘resolution’. Most will offer between 12 and 20MP quality, with cheaper wildlife trail cameras often sitting at the lower end of this scale.

It’s worth bearing in mind that 12MP cameras will still provide great quality images – the key difference lies in how that quality is maintained should you wish to print your images at a large size.

Lower resolution photos will lose their sharpness when magnified, resulting in blurred images that lack detail. For this reason, it’s better to go for cameras that offer 20MP if you plan to print and frame your images.

With regard to video, we recommend opting for trail cameras that offer high-definition capabilities. All of the cameras we have reviewed are capable of recording clips at 1080P HD quality, for sharp, detailed footage that will look great on bigger screens like a 32-inch TV.

Range and Trigger Speed

surveillance trap with infrared and motion sensor

If you want to ensure that your trail cameras capture the best footage of your garden visitors, you need to pay attention to these features!

Trail cameras work by using sensors, usually infrared thermal sensors, to detect movement and trigger recording or photo capture. The cameras’ range describes its field of view – the area that the sensors can monitor from the cameras’ location.

If you have a large garden or plan to set up your gear in a wooded area, it’s best to choose trail cameras that have a generous field of view. Some of the models that we have reviewed offer wide-view ranges of 120-degrees, which is perfect for monitoring large spaces and increasing the chances that you’ll capture activity.
Having a large field of view is great, but it won’t mean much if your gadget has a slow trigger speed. Once the sensors are activated, if the trigger is too slow, your camera will miss the action. Therefore, the faster the trigger time, the better.

Our pick for the best wildlife camera in the UK has a rapid trigger speed of just 0.5 seconds, but more expensive models can offer speeds of 0.2 seconds or less.

Viewing Options

All the best wildlife trail cameras will require the use of an SD card to record your footage, but some models also have a built-in LCD screen display for easy viewing.

Opting for a model with a display will allow you to check your recordings before deciding whether it’s worthwhile removing the memory card and looking at your footage on a larger screen. This can be useful if your wildlife trail camera has been falsely triggered and recorded leaves waving in the wind, for example.

However, an LCD screen can vastly decrease battery life, so you may find your batteries run out in just a few weeks, rather than a couple of months. Also, models with built-in displays are often bulkier, which can make them more noticeable and difficult to install.

Batteries and Power

battery-powered trail cam

Most wildlife trail cameras will require batteries, but some models can be used with an external power source.

The best option for you depends on your wildlife trail photography needs. If you’re planning to record continuously, then a trail camera that can be powered externally is a better option.

On the other hand, if you’re happy to capture photos and videos only when the sensor is triggered, then battery-powered trail cameras will do just fine. Some wildlife cameras feature a handy alarm that lets you know when the batteries need to be changed.


We think all of our garden wildlife camera reviews are excellent options. However, if you’re still unsure which model to go for, we recommend choosing the Victure IP66, our Editor’s pick for the best wildlife camera in the UK.

We love that this camera features high-quality photo and video capabilities, impressive motion detection and a fast 0.5-second trigger speed to ensure you capture all the action. Its 90-degree field of view allows you to monitor a large area, while the low-glow IR black LEDs illuminate the darkness without upsetting nervous visitors.

With a range of settings to experiment with and a beautiful, built-in 2.4” LCD screen to view your footage – we’re sure you’ll agree that the Victure IP66 Wildlife Trail Camera is the one to beat.

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