Best Yoga Block Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On September 21st, 2022

If you’ve been searching for the best yoga block to support your poses, you’re in the right place.

Though yoga blocks aren’t mandatory for a good yoga session, you may find that these bonus props are fantastic for supporting your body’s alignment and helping with complex stances.

If you’ve been looking into yoga blocks that might improve your balance, stability, or yoga outcomes, we’re here to help. These are some of the top yoga blocks we’ve found on the market so far.

Best Yoga Block Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. IUGA Set of 2 (Editor’s Choice)

IUGA Set of 2The IUGA yoga block set of 2 high-density bricks come with everything you need to boost the best yoga routines. Aside from a set of yoga blocks, you also get an extra-long strap perfect for improving your alignment. The lightweight design even means you can take your yoga block with you on the move.


The yoga blocks from IUGA can support you in improving your flexibility with deeper yoga poses. This handy prop encourages better alignment and balance when you’re getting used to complicated movements. The eco-friendly design means you don’t have to worry about harming the planet, and the non-slip edges are great for any yoga studio.

A great way to get more from your yoga sessions, these durable blocks are convenient, easy to clean, and made with a high-performance EVA foam for long-term performance.

One slight downside is that the strap might be  a little too short for taller people.

  • High-density foam
  • Non-slip surface to protect you’re your yoga posture
  • Two blocks and a strap included for beginner yogis
  • Lightweight enough to carry on the move
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Strap might be too short for taller users
  • Blocks may be too small

2. H&S High Density (Best Non Slip)

H&S High DensityIf you’re looking for the best yoga block for beginners to improve the shape and stability of your favourite yoga pose, H&S has you covered. Offering one of the best foam yoga block sets on the market, this company uses fantastic EVA foam material to make your blocks as reliable and durable as possible.


Eco-friendly and easy to use, these yoga blocks could be the top item for your next yoga studio visit. The bricks come with a non-slip surface so you can enjoy more traction when moving between poses. You can also rest assured that the foam material is entirely free of anything toxic. The kit even comes with a highly portable weight so you can take them with you wherever you go.

The H&S yoga blocks combine high-quality foam with bright colours that ensure you can stand out in front of your yoga instructor. You’ll be able to elongate and advance each pose, getting the most out of every stretch. Though these blocks are lightweight, they’re large enough to allow for good grip.

Unfortunately, the blocks are individually wrapped in a lot of plastic.

  • Great for making the most out of your yoga poses
  • Non-slip design helps you grip the edges of your blocks
  • Bright colours so you can stand out
  • High-density foam will stand the test of time
  • Good lightweight design to take to yoga class
  • May not be thick enough for some kinds of yoga practice
  • May come wrapped in a lot of excess plastic

3. Exerz 2pcs Gym Bricks (Best Small)

Exerz 2pcs Gym BricksIdeally, the best yoga block needs to be something that’s strong enough to hold your weight during tough positions, but lightweight enough to take with you to classes. Fortunately, the Exerz 2 pc gym block set could have you covered. Some of the best yoga blocks on the market for transportation, these products will ensure that any yogi can always be prepared.


The Exerz foam blocks use EVA foam to ensure the best yoga positions as you practice your movements. Each high-performance foam prop will improve your stability, helping you to perform deeper, more balanced poses as you learn more about yoga. The kit includes two blocks, with a sturdy finish that can hold all kinds of body weight.

With a range of colour options to choose from, you can choose the one that best suits your style. What’s more, Exerz has created one of the few foam or cork blocks resistant to odour, even when you’re sweating heavily.

Unfortunately, it is slightly easier for this block to become dented.

  • Great for any pose or fitness level
  • Helps beginners to improve the shape of their pose
  • High-density foam ensures long-term durability
  • Anti-slip surface for more stability and support during practice
  • Great selection of colours to choose from
  • May be more likely to dent than cork blocks
  • These yoga blocks might seem a little small

4. Base Set (Best Value)

Base SetThe Base Yoga blocks are the best yoga blocks for anyone who wants to upgrade their yoga experience, but with the best value. The blocks made from EVA foam offer a high-density way to enhance each crow pose and sun salutation. You can even choose the foam block you want in a range of colours.


These foam yoga blocks from Base Yoga are simple but effective. There’s a small discount if you buy both of your blocks at once, but you can also buy a single option if you need a replacement for an old foam yoga block. The high-density foam measures around 22 x 15 x 7cm, giving you plenty of space for gripping when you’re twisting your body into each pose.

Aside from being durable, these attractive yoga blocks from Base Yoga also come with a sleek surface so you can feel more confident while you work. Though lightweight, the blocks are perfect for holding any bodyweight.

You may think that these blocks are a little small for some, however.

  • Range of colours to stand out in your yoga studio
  • Available in a set of two, or can be bought individually
  • High-density foam
  • Lightweight enough for portability
  • Easily holds you steady with a sleek surface
  • May be too small
  • Foam can absorb smells faster than other material

5. Volcano Cork Non-Slip (Luxury Choice)

Volcano Cork Non-SlipIf you are looking for a complete set, you should strongly consider the Volcano Cork Yoga Block. It comes with two yoga blocks and a strap as well to help you reach difficult poses and maximise your stretching and strength training.


The natural cork material used to construct these yoga blocks is Eco cork that is environmentally sustainable. It is both odour-resistant and moisture-proof. This is a great perk, considering how hot and sweaty many yoga sessions can be. The blocks themselves feature rounded corners for your comfort and also resist tipping over.

One of the best parts about these yoga blocks is that they can withstand machine washing on a gentle cycle. Although, with all of the natural moisture and odour protection, you may not need to wash them very often. The strap that comes included with these yoga blocks is made from a highly durable cotton weave and features the all-important D-rings on the end so you can loop it for added versatility.

These yoga blocks are top quality so that we couldn’t find many cons for them. Just be aware that they may need to air out upon arrival. Plus, these blocks are a bit heavy, and we have reason to believe that the cork may not be sourced in Europe, as stated in the description.

  • Yoga strap also included
  • Anti-slip
  • Natural cork
  • Odour resistant
  • Moisture-proof
  • May need to be aired out upon arrival
  • May be a bit heavier than other yoga blocks
  • The cork may not be sourced from Europe

6. Jim’s Store 2pcs (Best Colour Option)

Jim’s Store 2pcsWhether you want to stand out at your yoga class, or just have some fun while you practice, these Jim’s Store yoga practice blocks could be perfect for you. Some of the best yoga blocks around, these products come in a range of colours so you can find something to suit you.


If you’re keen to discover the benefits of yoga blocks yourself, Jim’s store 2-piece set will give you everything you need as a budding yogi. You’ll get a set of two brightly coloured foam blocks, as well as a coordinating strap to help with your stretching. These yoga blocks are made from EVA foam, ensuring high-density and excellent stability.

If you’re keen to get your hands on the best yoga blocks for expanding your stretches and supporting difficult poses, this could be the package for you. The yoga prop from Jim’s Store is reliable, lightweight, and comfortable to grip as you move between poses.

Unfortunately, these foam yoga blocks may not be as stable as some alternative options. The blocks can also seem a little high for some.

  • Some of the best yoga blocks available in various colours
  • Strap included for better poses and flexibility
  • High-density EVA foam withstands a range of body weights
  • Solid structure and soft surface
  • Lightweight foam material is easy to transport
  • May be too small in size for beginners
  • The blocks can shift under your weight slightly

7. JBM Lightweight (Scratch Proof Option)

JBM LightweightMake sure you’re ready to get more out of any yoga experience with these JBM yoga blocks and corresponding straps. The foam blocks from JBM rank among the best yoga block solutions out there for improving stretches and stability. You even get a strap with your purchase to help you improve your balance and position on each block.


Each yoga block from JBM features the highest quality foam to ensure your purchase can withstand practice after practice. As some of the best yoga blocks we could find, this product will support your body as you move between positions, with non-stick, and scratch-proof foam.

Both safe and clean, the foam is easier to wipe clean than some cork yoga block alternatives. The odour free yoga block comes in the perfect size to keep you comfortable as you work through each pose, but they’re also lightweight enough to take with you to classes.

However, you might not like the way the surface of the block peeled over time.

  • One of the more attractive yoga block options for beginners
  • Easy to clean thanks to the sleek foam surface
  • Good shape and sizes for any budding yogi
  • Durable quality continues to support you for years
  • Convenient 2 pack with strap included
  • Block surface may peel away over time
  • May be too easy to dent and damage the edges of the block
No products found.

8. Kuyou 2pcs Cork (Best Lightweight)

Kuyou 2pcs CorkIf you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly option for the best yoga practice, the Kuyou cork two-block pack could be perfect for you. As one of the best yoga block options around for the Yogi who cares about the planet, this product comes from a natural high-density cork oak tree. You can even recycle your yoga block when you’re done with it.


The natural cork block from Kuyou is a perfect choice for those who want eco-friendly stability. A cork yoga block can sometimes offer more stability than foam blocks, but it’s up to you to decide which are the best yoga block materials for your needs. The unique design of each block from Kuyou helps to protect your body as you practice each pose.

This sturdy prop will help you stretch your body to its full potential and achieve the best yoga results too. The cork design also makes the block more lightweight for each transportation.

Unfortunately, its curved edges can be slippery.

  • Excellent natural cork material for durability
  • Good size for beginners and pros
  • One pack of two blocks for better value
  • Anti-slip sturdy surface with a comfortable shape
  • One yoga strap included
  • Curved edges can be slippery
  • Individually wrapped which may be a problem for eco-warriors

9. REEHUT Moisture-Proof (Best with Beveled Edges)

REEHUT Moisture-ProofAnother great example of a yoga block designed to stand the test of time. The REEHUT yoga block comes in a pack of one or two depending on your needs. The eco-friendly block design also helps to protect the planet.


This eco-friendly yoga block from REEHUT is made with a high-quality foam material to protect your balance as you work on your poses. The lightweight and high-density design make this one of the best block options for life on the go. The small size also means you can throw the block in a bag when you’re on the move.

This product will help you to improve your stretches and elongate your pose or posture.

However, there is some feedback that the size isn’t ideal.

  • Block available in a pack of one or two
  • Good quality eco-friendly design to protect the planet
  • Stability with non-slip finish
  • Non-toxic and resistant to sweat
  • Beveled edges for a better grip
  • May be a little too small
  • May be one of the less attractive yoga block options

10. APPLE RHINO Premium (Best Set)

APPLE RHINO PremiumDelivered in a pack of two to help save you some extra cash, the Apple Rhino yoga block is designed for long-term durability and excellent performance. You get two high-density yoga block devices in the kit, as well as a strap with a metal D-ring to help with your strength and balance.


Everything you need for better yoga in one pack, this yoga block kit from APPLE RHINO includes a set of two yoga blocks, as well as a cotton strap for balance. Durable and lightweight, each yoga block will help a beginner to get the most out of their exercises and follow their teacher’s instructions.

The organic and eco-friendly design of the yoga block is great for eco-friendly consumers, and this product even comes with a bonus eBook to help you figure out how to use the block to your advantage.

One downside is that the size is a little off for some.

  • Two block pack with a strap and eBook included
  • Odourless and non-toxic
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Convenient for a range of poses
  • Look and feel high in quality
  • May be too thin
  • You may not be really thrilled with the book

What Is the Best Type of Yoga Block?

young woman working out

Finding the best yoga blocks can feel like a challenge at times. First, you need to decide what kind of material is best for the yoga block you need. Next, you need to consider things like sizes, and how you plan on using your blocks to enhance your positions. There’s no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to choosing the right yoga block.

Some people believe that a cork yoga block gives them more stability than foam when they’re dealing with complex poses that require them to place a lot of pressure on their hands. However, the cork block could also be a little more uncomfortable if you’re using your yoga block for head and neck support. Foam yoga blocks are generally more common.

If you go for foam, you can get your yoga block in virtually any shape or size, plus you’ll often have the choice of a range of colours. Ideally, your best option is to check out the functionality of both kinds of a yoga block to see which you feel most comfortable with.

Do You Need One or Two Yoga Blocks?

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Most of the time, it’s best to have two yoga blocks, so you can make the most of both of your hands when you’re working on your yoga poses. However, there are certain yoga block options that will allow you to enhance your skills with just a single brick. If you’re looking to enhance your everyday yoga practise, then you’ll probably benefit from a yoga block kit that also comes with a strap and other features to help you on your journey.

If you’re working on a specific pose, and you know that only one block will be necessary, you can consider buying one block at a time. If you do buy a single yoga block and decide that you need another, it’s usually quite easy to get your hands on a second block.

Remember, if you end up buying a second yoga block later, you will need to ensure that you’re choosing a block in the right size.

Choosing Your Yoga Block

A yoga teacher for a beginner group will often recommend using yoga blocks for practice. These tools can extend your reach, support the head, back and hips, and even help you to better understand alignment.

Our favourite product from this list, and what we consider to be the best yoga block, is the IUGA set of 2 yoga blocks. This kit includes two high-density bricks and a strap for improving your flexibility.

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