Hi, I’m Bradley and welcome to my site!

Best Spy UK is a project I started last year. I aim to provide honest to goodness reviews on the hottest home and garden products. I’ll even throw in reviews on personal care products and gadgets used for hobbies along the way. My goal is to turn my site into the #1 place for reviews and buying guides for homeowners.

A Little Something About Myself

The first job I ever had was as a sales assistant at the local home centre in my hometown. When I moved away for college, I landed myself a job at another home centre. Needless to say, I’ve been working around home appliances for almost half of my life. I’ve helped numerous homeowners pick out the perfect product for their home and also seen a handful of them come back to exchange previous purchases because it just wasn’t suitable for their needs.

I thought I knew everything until it was my turn to start shopping for things for my own home. While I did have an advantage over other homeowners, it didn’t make things easy because of there were so many brands and models to choose from. I remember that the first thing I ever bought was a toaster. Easy enough, right? Think again! It took me 2 whole hours to decide which model to purchase then pick out a colour which would match my kitchen!

After that first purchase, I thought I would make things easier for myself by looking up reviews online. I was very surprised to learn that there just weren’t enough websites offering honest feedback on home and garden appliances. You’d think that in this day and age the internet would be overflowing with product reviews because it’s easier to share all sorts of information. But that wasn’t the case!

This gave me the idea of putting up BestSpy.co.uk.

What Can You Expect from Best Spy UK?

As I mentioned earlier, my end goal is to make my website the go-to resource centre for all things related to home and garden appliances. But I don’t want to limit myself to just that. I also plan on sharing reviews of personal care gadgets and other types of devices I use myself.

Here you’ll find buying guides for the most common items homeowners buy for their homes as well as reviews on the best-selling products in the market. Aside from these, I will also share some tip and tricks on how to maintain and use them properly.

Please feel free to browse around my site and read through the reviews I’ve already done. I can guarantee that all of my reviews are based on my personal experience with each product and how they rate according to my standards.

If you have any questions on a certain product or simply just want to say hello, shoot me a message! I’m always up for meeting new people.

Until then, I hope you enjoy reading my posts and make sure to come back again to see any new posts!