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What Type of Metals Can Metal Detectors Detect?

Wondering what type of metals can metal detectors detect? While you may have seen those yesteryear movies detecting every metal that you can imagine, it cannot. Metal Detectors and Its Use When we hear the word “metal detectors”, various things come to our mind. Metal detectors detect the presence of metallic objects with the help […]

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How Do Metal Detectors work

How Do Metal Detectors Work?

Whenever metal detectors are mentioned, people have different views on how they work. Some people associate metal detectors to the search of a lost coin or another compatible metal item. Others have linked metal detectors to the airport security or the search that is conducted during specific events. All the views are varied. Metal detector […]

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Do Induction Hobs Need Special Wiring

Do Induction Hobs Need Special Wiring?

Induction hobs have become very popular as they cook food faster and are more energy-efficient. They are however more expensive to buy because they transfer heat to the pans directly than the cooking surface. This means you can touch the cooking surface without burning your hand. They are also more expensive in that you can […]

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Do Induction Hob Converters Work

Do Induction Hob Converters Work?

There are many rooms which make a home, but none is treasured like the kitchen. It is where all the magic happens and the only place which brings happiness to the table. It gives credence to the saying ‘love goes through the stomach’ and yes, we really can’t do without it. That is why many […]

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Do Electric Showers Work With Combi Boilers

Do Electric Showers Work With Combi Boilers?

Combination boilers, commonly referred as combi boilers, are among the most common brands of new boiler installations. Their popularity comes with the fact that they are compact and are highly efficient. So, do electric showers work with combi boilers? To answer this, you need to understand how the two boilers operate. When using a combination […]

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Can Water Softener Resin Be Cleaned?

A water softening system in a home assists in getting rid of minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium in hard water. If the minerals are left, they could stain the pipes and thus reducing their efficiency. Therefore, having an efficient water system in a home is something very essential. But the question now becomes, […]

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Can Induction Hobs Be Repaired

Can Induction Hobs Be Repaired?

If you are having problems with your induction hob then you will be pleased to know that in most cases it can be repaired. Depending on the nature of the problem it may be something that you are able to do yourself. However, for most major problems it is probably a good idea to hire […]

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Can Electric Showers Electrocute You.

Can Electric Showers Electrocute You?

Many standard UK homes use a lot of money on fuel for providing heat and hot water. Electric showers never run out of the water, which is an advantage for big families. Electric water heaters come in different sizes, models, and colors and are available in different kilowatts meaning they are energy saving as compared […]

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Are Water Softeners Safe to Drink From

Are Water Softeners Safe to Drink From?

You may like water softeners for many reasons. For one, they help you keep your clothes the way you want, and extends their shelf life. However, while you might love water softeners for its ability to deal with hard water, the question you might ask is – are water softeners safe to drink from? According […]

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