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Are Electric Showers Easy to Install?

Are Electric Showers Easy to Install

Wondering whether electric showers easy to install? Have you ever faced a problem wherein a person in your house flushes the toilet, and suddenly your water becomes hot while taking a shower? There is a perfect solution to that. Electric showers overcome this problem by using electricity to heat the cold water. They work in […]

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Are Metal Detectors Safe for Pacemakers?


One of the main issues that create a concern to various pacemakers is the use of metal detectors. A metal detector works by sending electric impulses to the heart. The purpose of this exercise is to obtain a steady, measured heartbeat. The question of whether metal detectors are safe for pacemakers is one that has […]

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Do Toasters Have Radiation?

Do toasters have radiation

Toasters have been humanity’s faithful servants for time immemorial. It has toasted countless slices of bread day after day, without complaining. But we have become so caught up in health hazards that we begin to question everything. It not necessarily a bad thing; it is quite the opposite. It means that we can think. Do […]

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Can Electric Toothbrushes Cause Gum Recession?

can electric toothbrushes cause gum recession

Gum recession is a condition that causes the gum to sink slightly below the tooth, exposing the root that it was once protecting. As a result, the root may become painful and unsightly. Recently, there has been increased concern over whether electric toothbrushes can cause gum recession. Today, we are going to dive deeper into […]

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Can a Microwave Affect WIFI?

Can a microwave affect WIFI

You are working on your laptop when you suddenly see the WiFi signal dropping to zero. Nothing changed, except that your partner switched on the microwave. Wait – can a microwave affect WiFi? Let us take a look. Frozen Wi-Fi Connectivity? The Microwave Oven Is At Fault! In the out of the ordinary world that […]

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Are Toasters a Fire Hazard?

are toasters a fire hazard

If toasters could think and talk, they’d be up in arms about now, complaining about your IQ quotient and the reason behind choking a ready-to-go popcorn satchel in one of the sleeves; just to see what happens. If you need to know whether your toaster is capable of burning your house or workplace down, you […]

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Are Microwaves Ionising?

Are microwaves ionising

People who use microwaves frequently might all have the same question: are microwaves ionising? The answer is that microwaves will release low levels of electromagnetic radiation when they’re in use. Concerns about microwave radiation have been ongoing almost ever since microwaves were introduced. It’s important to remember that radiation is everywhere. It takes particular levels […]

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Why Do Induction Hobs Need Special Pans?

Why Do Induction Hobs Need Special Pans

Ever wondered why induction hobs need special pans to work? It’s one of those little everyday things we take for granted, isn’t it? Microwaves need special bowls, you shouldn’t put glass utensils in the freezer, and you have to use those iron/stainless steel type of pans for an induction hob. Well, let’s answer the question […]

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How Do You Clean Steam Your Iron?

How Do You Clean Steam Your Iron

Steam irons are a popular choice for starching your shirts or removing the wrinkles from linen and curtains. Although not used as much today, they are still used to perform numerous important household tasks. Keeping the steam iron in great working order requires regular cleaning. While it does not have to be done all the […]

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2 Does a Steam Iron Kill Bacteria?

Steam ironing is the latest, safest and gentlest innovation that provides the best finish for laundry items. It is used to release wrinkles and give fabrics a natural finish. The common risks such as burning and unintended creasing that come about with ironing are reduced when you use a steam iron. The most important aspect […]

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