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Best Folding Table in the UK 2020

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Lifetime 8-Foot Rectangular

Lifetime 8-Foot Rectangular

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Lifetime 30-Inch Adjustable

Lifetime 30-Inch Adjustable

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Oypla 4 Foot Outdoor

Oypla 4 Foot Outdoor

If you’re looking for the best folding table, you’re probably on the hunt for a helpful piece of furniture that you can use for a variety of tasks. Folding tables are a popular product to have on-hand if you regularly go camping or spend a lot of time outdoors with your recreational vehicle. You might also like having a folding table around if you enjoy eating outside in the summer, or sometimes need extra space to sit and eat meals with friends when they visit.

As one of the most versatile dining table options on the market, your folding table can easily fold in half and slide away into a cupboard or corner when you’re not using it.

The biggest question is, how do you choose a portable folding table that you can trust? Today, we’re going to look at some of the best options on the market to suit your requirements. Let’s get started.


Best Folding Table Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Folding tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are heavy-duty products that fold in half when you need to take them with you on camping adventures, or to local car boot sales. Others are convenient one-person solutions that will save space in your dining room. This Lifetime 30-inch adjustable height folding table is a convenient choice for just one person.



A personal folding table ideal for playing cards, or adding an extra seating location to your room, this product from Lifetime can give you convenience in no time. Earning plenty of 5 stars reviews for its durability and performance, this table comes with a steel frame, but it can easily fold flat for quick storage alongside your vacuum cleaners or mop.

The folding design is convenient and compact, with a powder-coated finish that reduces the risk of damage and corrosion over time. The rubber caps on the legs of this table also ensure that you don’t have to worry about damaging your kitchen dining room floor with your flash furniture. The X-Frame design also adjusts to various heights so you can get the experience that’s most comfortable for you.

This multi-height table with steel legs is ideal for anyone who might need a table on occasion for camping, eating, or a variety of other purposes. Unfortunately, it’s just not big enough for some people. Additionally, you might find that it takes a little while to set this table up and put it away.


  • Multiple height options for comfort
  • Great personal table for just one person
  • Suitable for use outdoors on camping trips
  • Steel legs and frame for extra strength
  • Convenient fold-flat design for storage


  • Takes a while to set up and put away
  • May not be suitable for more than 1 person
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If you need a camp table to take with you on your next camping trip, or a full picnic table, the Lifetime 8-foot rectangle table could be the product for you. Ideal for home garden use, pop-up shops and outdoor meals, this high-performance table is easy to use, and durable. Measuring around 8 foot in length and with 4 adjustable height options, this easy to maintain table will suit a range of customers.


One of the best dining tables and camping table options on the market today, this fantastic one-piece dining surface is great for anyone who needs a lot of extra space fast. Benefits include four adjustable height settings, so you can ensure that your food and other equipment is easy to reach when you use the table. The table legs are made with steel, and you get a full steel frame for extra durability.

Like the other folding tables on this list, this product is excellent for convenient storage, with a high-quality fold-flat mechanism. You can quickly and easily grab this table and use it with the whole family for picnics and group meals. The larger surface area makes it a good choice for those who regularly have visitors.

According to the reviews, this table also comes with caps on the legs to prevent floor damage when you’re using your flash furniture. Unfortunately, you might find the X-frame a little difficult to adjust when you’re on your own.


  • Excellent for crafts, camping or an impromptu coffee table
  • Plenty of space for the whole family
  • Easy storage thanks to legs that fold inwards
  • Lightweight and durable enough for outdoor use
  • Leg caps prevent floor damage


  • Features an X-style frame that may be difficult to set up alone
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Folding tables often need to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Many people use these convenient tables when they need extra seating locations in an office, or when they want somewhere to sit and eat on camping adventures. With various five stars reviews, the Oypla is one of the best four-foot tables for outdoor use.


With a surprisingly large maximum weight capacity of around 20kg, this Oypla folding card table is an excellent choice for quick and easy convenience. According to the selling site, this table comes with two square sections that fold outwards to provide a durable surface. You can then add office chairs to make this into a meeting table, or use it on your next camping trip.

Measuring around four feet long, the official Oypla folding camping table comes with adjustable steel legs that you can move to the height that’s most comfortable for you. This smart home accessory is robust and easy to adjust, with a foldable design that makes it perfect for storage when you don’t have room for a constantly present table and chair setup.

The Oypla comes with excellent weight capacity, and everything about it is designed for excellent long-term use. However, you might find that the legs feel a little flimsy on some terrains.


  • Holds up to 20kg
  • Great for storage thanks to a fold-flat mechanism
  • Excellent design with two square sections
  • Simple to clean with a glossy surface
  • Aluminium adjustable folding table with multiple heights


  • May miss some high density materials in the legs
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If you have done your research then you will know that you can’t return a table that gets marked or scuffed during a camping trip. Fortunately, most of the 10 best folding tables mentioned here come with features that make them convenient to clean and maintain. This Gr8 garden compact table is excellent at resisting stains and dirt.


A great choice for those who want one of the top tables on the market, everything about this compact folding table is easy to clean. You can wipe the slick surface down in no time, and use this table as extra office desk space, or as a place to craft in your spare room. This product is also excellent if you want a convenient table and chair set up for outdoors.

Easy to set up and use, this UK folding table comes with plenty of space for all your plates and other items when you’re camping. This is also one of the more lightweight, large, fold in half tables on the market, weighing in at around 13kg. It’s a nice and solid table ideal for heavy duty needs, You also get a convenient carry handle when you want to use the item outside of your home.

Unfortunately, the surface can sometimes scratch quite easily if you’re not careful. Another possible downside is that this folding table can make a creaky noise when in use.


  • Excellent easy to clean surface
  • Solid performance with little flex inside or outside of the home
  • Suitable for use outdoors on camping trips, or indoors
  • Carry handle included for easy transport outside of the home
  • Excellent reviews for lightweight performance and storage


  • Sometimes has an annoying creak
  • Surface may scratch with regular use
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This Kingfisher table is one of the best folding tables on the market, and one of the top deals we’ve seen so far. A high-performance piece of flash furniture, this table will work well for all kinds of purposes. With a height-adjustable table top, you can use these Kingfisher products as camping tables, or as your desk when you need extra space for remote and irregular workers.


If you’re looking for something that you can get out of the cupboard when visitors come over, this is the folding table for you. With a product like this, you don’t have to worry about paying hefty prices for wooden tables, you can get an attractive design for an excellent price. The 5mm tempered glass top on this table really grabs attention for all the right reasons.

Whether used outdoors or indoors, this folding table may earn a lot of attention for its good looks and ease of use. You can set up this table with no problem in a matter of minutes. The black powder-coated steel frame also ensures that this product can withstand everything the UK weather has to throw at it. This table would even work particularly well as a square patio table for drinks outdoors.

With excellent reviews from hundreds of customers, this is a brilliant piece of gear for anyone’s cupboard. The glass top is easy to clean, but it may be more prone to damage and scratches than some of the other campaign tables on this list. This table is a little smaller than some of the other picnic tables and dining options we’ve seen, so it’s suitable for a single user.


  • Attractive style for a modern office or garden
  • Black powder-coated steel frame for durability
  • Easy to clean according to positive reviews
  • One of the best products for aesthetics thanks to its glass top
  • Ideal if you don’t need 6 foot of dining space


  • Only suitable for one person
  • May be prone to scratches and damage
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If you’re looking for a sensational aluminium camping table, then this could be the best choice for you. Lightweight and durable, this compact camping table is great for taking with you on the move. If you constantly find yourself searching for camping tables with a durable tabletop and a height-adjustable design, then this item has you covered.



This height-adjustable camping table comes with enough space for you to sit and enjoy a meal, or work on a range of projects. One of the best lightweight products on the market, this folding table will fit easily into a car boot or airing cupboard.

You can easily sit two people at these camping tables if you’re looking for a place to enjoy a romantic picnic when you’re outdoors. Unlike wooden picnic tables, this lightweight product is also very easy to maintain and clean, with a wipeable surface.

With this adjustable height table, the legs fold in, but the table surface is one complete square. This means that there are other foldable tables out there that are way more compact. You also need to take into account that this might not be the most attractive table you see. It’s also not the best option if you’re looking for a table surface that folds.


  • Durable and lightweight aluminium design
  • Plenty of space for food and projects
  • One of the best options for size – doesn’t take up too much space in the office
  • Holds plenty of gear easily
  • Easy enough to keep clean with a sleek surface


  • Table itself doesn’t fold (just the legs)
  • Not the best in terms of aesthetics
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Another official Oypla folding table with excellent reviews, this product is excellent if you want something a little larger than the standard square folding table available for just one person. The durable folding design ensures that you can quickly fold the device away and put it in storage when you don’t need it. According to customer reviews, you can also expect a pretty quick delivery from Oypla on this table too.


One of the best options for customers in search of a lightweight camping table with height adjustable legs, this Oypla table can handle all kinds of indoor and outdoor needs. There’s a carry handle included, so you can easily move the folding table around to wherever you need it. With a length of around 6 foot, there’s plenty of room on this table for home meals and outdoor projects.

The high-quality plastic tabletop has an easy-clean design so, no matter how many times you use it, this Oypla catering table will continue to wipe clean and stay in great condition. The powder-coated steel legs also ensure that this is one of the 10 best camping tables for those who want durability and stability.

One factor that you may struggle with when using this folding camping table is that the leg adjustment clips aren’t as durable as they should be. The safety clip feels quite fragile, so you might not feel comfortable placing everything you need on the surface.


  • Good size for outdoor, home and office use
  • More suitable for multiple people
  • Great for foods and crafts thanks to the wipe-clean surface
  • Durable stainless steel legs stay strong after many camping trips
  • Handle included for easy carrying


  • The height-adjustable clips may not be very strong
  • You may not be able to place everything you need on this table safely
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Round tables are still a popular choice in the home, and in the office space. According to the customer reviews we read, this Lifetime round table is a well-built option, with excellent durability and an attractive performance for any commercial environment. A great alternative to the standard 6-foot rectangle folding table or the square folding table, this round commercial table from Lifetime is easy to use, and reliable.


One of the more attractive, decent size folding table options we’ve seen, this high-performance product comes with quick shipping and a great folding design. The round table is a great choice for impromptu meetings when you need to turn an office into a boardroom fast. You could also use this table for crafts and food too.

With plenty of space for all of your gear, this convenient folding table comes with a ready-to-use design, so you can fold it out and get to work immediately, showcasing your latest video presentation or links on your laptop. The carrying handle that comes with this table also makes it a great choice for quick and convenient storage.

Great value and made with highly durable materials, you can quickly and easily fold this table away when not using it in the home and office. The reviews speak for themselves. However, it’s worth noting that the fold in the surface can create a gap where you might lose paperclips or pencils.


  • Convenient round design excellent for office meetings and deals
  • Suitable size for a range of projects, crafts, and even eating food
  • Good choice for those who prefer an alternative to the square folding table
  • Durable and resilient legs can hold a decent amount of weight
  • uitable for use in the home, office, or outdoor


  • There may be a gap where the fold is in the surface
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The Home Vida foldable tables can fall into a range of great categories for those searching for durable and reliable furniture. This 4-foot table features high-performance steel components and a heavy-duty design that’s sure to stand the test of time. Suitable for your various needs, this product is one of the more maintenance-friendly tables on the market.


The Home Vida four foot table is one of the best folding tables we have found. Suitable for when you want to eat food safely outside or to watch video clips with friends in the office, the Home Vida table can do it all. The steel components will ensure that this table stands the test of time.

One of the best finds for those in search of a new tabletop, this folding table could even be a convenient part-time desk for remote employees who visit the office. If you decide to use this table more often outside, then you can clean it quickly and easily using nothing but a damp cloth.

Aside from an effortless folding mechanism, this table also comes with a carrying handle so you can easily transport your purchase wherever you go. No matter whether you’re using your new folding tables for parties or office equipment, you’re sure to get excellent results. The plastic top might not be the most attractive option for some people.

One possible downside is that this folding table is also relatively easy to mark or damage because the plastic surface isn’t as strong as it could be.


  • Excellent for all categories of folding table needs
  • Suitable for use in a new office or as home furniture
  • Convenient design folds flat in a matter of minutes
  • Transport handle included for portability
  • Wipe food and other marks away in seconds


  • May not have the most attractive design
  • Would benefit from more durable plastic
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Great for part-time editors and people who like to work from home, the Harbour Housewares workstation is more suitable for office projects and home life than camping. With plenty of space for your projects, this folding table is ideal for use in university halls, as well as in any living room or bedroom. You can easily fold the table down and reassemble it at any moment.


The Harbour housewares workstation is one of the best choices if you don’t need a huge 6-foot folding table. Offering excellent performance with some of the best materials on the market, this product is great for writing, studying or gaming. You won’t take up too much room in your office and, when you’re done, you can simply fold your table away.

Unlike some of the other folding tables available, the Harbour Housewares workstation doesn’t just perform well – it looks amazing too. If you’re looking for a more attractive piece of temporary furniture, then this could be it, thanks to it’s wooden effect top and durable table legs. One slight issue with this product is that you may need to drill extra holes as you build.

Another possible issue is that the table can sometimes creak after regular use. If you’re sensitive to this kind of sound, be wary.


  • One of the best table options for style
  • Convenient folding table with durable legs and surface
  • One of the best deals for office use and study
  • Wooden finish for a unique look
  • Convenient size doesn’t take up much floor space


  • Can be quite difficult to put together
  • Can squeak and creak at times
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How to Choose a Folding Table

Choosing the best folding table isn’t always simple. You’ll need to think carefully about the kind of features you need, what size your table should be, and even where you’re going to be using it. The best table for your new office could be entirely different from the best table for camping in the great outdoors. Here are some of the factors you might consider when you’re browsing through the links above.

Height Options

Some folding tables come with a single fixed height, others allow you to adjust the height so you have more room over your legs, or so you can do more with the table you choose. Adjustable height options are often very appealing if you’re going to be using your table for working on various projects where you need to be closer to the surface of the table.

tent and other essentials at camping site


beautiful view with outdoor furniture

Another point you might want to consider when buying the best folding table, is what kind of material might be best for you. Some people will choose resin tables that are designed for durability and outdoor performance. Others will want plastic tables that are easy to clean. Plastic and resin are lightweight and portable, but they do often come with steel for reinforcement too. You might see these kinds of tables used in camping situations.

If you want something different from resin or plastic, you might consider going for laminate, or an aluminum camping table. Laminate options come with more design options, while aluminium is good for heavy-duty performance.


Size matters, whether you’re shopping for dressing tables, coffee tables, sun loungers, or folding tables. So think about what size you need your folding table to be. Will the best options for your needs be something you can use for a remote worker when they come in search of temporary desk space? If so, you’ll need enough room for a computer or laptop, but not too much extra room for the whole family.

If you’re shopping for the best table to take with you on a camping trip, on the other hand, then you’ll need something a lot larger. Remember to check the product specifications for more information on the exact size of your new table

Choosing a Folding Table

Choosing the best folding table for your needs can be tough. The good news is that there are plenty of resilient options to choose from. Many of the top adjustable folding tables are also durable enough for outdoor use, with a steel frame that withstands all weather conditions, and a compact design that’s great for the car boot.

Our favourite option is the Lifetime 30-inch Adjustable folding table, which offers a space for a single person who needs a sturdy place for eating or working on a project. This table can fold down quickly and store away in your cupboard or car when you’re not using it.

Good luck in finding the best table for your needs.

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