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Best Hand Blender in the UK 2020

Luxury Choice

Braun MultiQuick 9

Braun MultiQuick 9

Editor's choice

Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario

Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario

Best Value

Russell Hobbs Food Collection

Russell Hobbs Food Collection

Hand blenders make a great addition to any kitchen. They are less bulky than a traditional blender or stand mixer and you aren’t confined to a specific container when it comes to blending and whisking your ingredients. However, not all hand blenders are designed the same, and there are a wide variety of settings and attachments to consider when looking for a new hand blender.

That’s why we compiled this list to help you find the best hand blender in the UK. We researched and sifted through a myriad of fantastic options and testimonials to bring you this list of the top 10 UK hand blenders. Let’s get started!

Best Hand Blender Reviews – Top 10 Picks

The Braun MutiQuick 5 is our number one Editor’s Choice in these hand blender reviews because it is simple to use, easy to clean, and gets the job done quickly.


This blender and mixer is a great choice for anyone who wants to make sauces, soups, and smoothies – thanks to its powerful 750-watt motor. It comes with a 650ml beaker included, has a stainless steel wand and blades, plus a cord long enough that it shouldn’t interfere with your kitchen mobility. The MultiQuick 5’s attachments are dishwasher safe and a whisk attachment can also be purchased through Braun for added versatility.

This hand blender features a speed wheel on the top for its 21-speed settings. The settings are easy to change with your thumb and there’s an additional turbo mode button, too. Braun’s patented Powerbell technology helps the blades on this hand mixer to blend more efficiently by actively drawing the food into the blade cavity. Additionally, the device is equipped with a good-sized splash guard. The German-engineered motor is durable, reliable, and comes with a one-year warranty.

However, it’s worth noting that you may not be able to rest this hand blender on the bottom of the mixing pan or beaker, forcing you to guess its approximate depth. It also overheats with extended use and the slower speed settings often go unused. In fact, some consumers report only using the turbo mode to achieve the desired blending results.


  • Powerful 750-watt motor
  • Simple cleaning required
  • 21-speed settings
  • Stainless steel wand and blades
  • One year warranty


  • May not rest on the bottom of the mixing container
  • May tend to overheat
  • Slower speeds may not be useful
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The MutiQuick 9 model is our top luxury choice because of its high versatility. Its 3-in-1 hand mixer design allows it to function as a blender, a food processor, and a crusher.


The MultiQuick 9 features a powerful 1000-watt motor and comes with a five-piece accessory set. The kit includes a whisk attachment, a blending beaker for mixing smoothies, and a food processor container. There’s a shred and slice attachment that can be used for chopping, and a potato masher, too. Whether you are making mayonnaise, cookies, soups, smoothies, or sauces, the MultiQuick 9 has you covered. All of the detachable components are dishwasher safe, minus the lid of the food processing accessory.

Aside from versatility, one of our favourite things about the MultiQuick 9 is its Active Blade technology that allows the blades to move up and down while blending. This maximises the blending coverage and helps to produce a smoother finished product. This Braun hand blender has an alloy steel wand and blades for added durability. It is also backed by a two-year warranty.

The MultiQuick 9 is not compatible with other Braun hand blender attachments and the seller’s customer service leaves something to be desired. Also, while the motor is powerful, the plastic accessories may have trouble keeping up and are not as durable as the steel components.


  • High versatility
  • Active Blade technology
  • 2-year warranty
  • Alloy steel wand and blades
  • Powerful 1000-watt motor


  • Customer service may not be the best
  • May not be for those who don't prefer plastic accessories
  • May not be compatible with other Braun series attachments
  • Food processor lid may not be dishwasher safe
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The Russell Hobbs Food Collection 22241 hand blender is our top choice for best value. This handheld blender makes food prep easy and simple without all the extra bells and whistles some hand blenders incorporate into the design.


The Food Collection jug blender features a 200-watt motor with two variable speeds and a pulse function. We recommend this two-speed hand blender for light blendings like with soup or sauce. It is comfortable to hold and doesn’t make an excessive amount of noise.

Plus, the Russell Hobbs Food Collection blenders hand off the hard work and make cooking easier with their stainless steel blades and the detachable wand for cleaning. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the electrical cord complicating things. This hand blender is backed by a three-year warranty, too.

Criticisms for this handheld blender include a lower-powered motor that isn’t ideal for mixing dense food materials. Also, the plastic wand can be tricky to attach and detach from the main blender body. This wand is not the easiest to clean, too, due to crevices and a tight space behind the blades. But if you soak it in a glass of warm water before cleaning, you shouldn’t have any issues.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Not as loud as other models
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Detachable wand
  • 2-speed settings and a pulse mode


  • May not be for those who don't want a plastic wand
  • May have a lower power
  • May not be the easiest to clean
  • Wand attachment and detachment could be tricky
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The MultiQuick 7 is our top choice for the best all-in-one hand stick blender. This metal hand blender has enhanced functionality, thanks to the four additional attachments included.


The MultiQuick 7 has a 750-watt German-engineered motor that’s backed by a one-year warranty. It comes with a stainless steel whisk, a 1.25-litre blender jug, a 350ml chopper container, and a 600ml plastic beaker. It features a stainless steel wand shaft with Braun’s Powerbell technology around the rotating blades. The Powerbell surrounds the blades and sucks food materials inward for a more even and consistent blending experience while also functioning as a splash guard.

The speed button on the MultiQuick 7 hand blender features Smart Speed technology based on the pressure you apply to the button. More pressure equals greater speed. This stick blender also has a soft control grip handle which makes it easier to use the Smart Speed technology. Plus, it is dishwasher safe except for the blender lid.

The MultiQuick 7 requires special care when using in tandem with a nonstick coated pan because of its stainless steel wand construction that can scratch delicate surfaces easily. However, this may not be a deal-breaker considering the additional durability it provides. The power button also requires a lot of constant pressure when using at high speeds.


  • Versatile functionality
  • Smart Speed technology
  • Stainless steel wand and whisk
  • High powered
  • Powerbell splash guard design


  • Blender lid may be hand wash only
  • Power button may require constant and firm pressure
  • May not be ideal to use with nonstick pan coating
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The Kenwood Triblade System is considered as the best hand blender for baby food in this rundown. It is strong and powerful, easily blending food into an appropriate texture smooth enough for a baby. Of course, it also excels in adult foods like smoothies, sauces, and soups.


Kenwood is a trusted name when it comes to kitchen appliances so you can expect quality and durability from this hand blender. This easy-to-use device is backed by a one-year warranty, too. The Triblade hand blender features a newly improved ergonomic handle to make mixing easier and more comfortable.

The Kenwood Triblade has an 800-watt motor with one speed setting and pulse or turbo function. It comes with a 0.75-litre beaker and a potato masher attachment included. The beaker features calibrated measurements and specifically placed ribs in the design’s structure. The ribs help push food onto the blades and improve chopping and blending functionality overall. The mashing attachment is dishwasher safe for easier kitchen cleanup.

The Kenwood Triblade System is easily stained with dark coloured foods due to the plastic wand attachments and is not the easiest to clean. We also wish it had more than the one high-powered speed setting so it would be better equipped for smaller, thinner blending. However, we really like its power and you may not even need to activate the turbo button.


  • Masher attachment included
  • Calibrated beaker with enhanced design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 800-watt motor
  • Trusted Kenwood brand


  • Plastic wands may easily stain
  • May be difficult to clean
  • May not be for those who need multiple speed settings
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The Russell Hobbs Desire is a versatile 3-in-1 hand blender set that is excellent for chopping, whisking, and blending all types of food, from mayonnaise to soup.


Each Russell Hobbs Desire hand blender comes with a whisk, a 500ml chopping bowl, and a 700ml beaker that is perfect for smoothies. It has a 500-watt motor and stainless steel metal shafts on the wand and whisk attachments. All of the Desire’s attachments can go in the dishwasher, making cleanup easy and fast.

The Desire hand blender features two speed settings and a pulse function for fine-tuned speed control. Russell Hobbs also incorporated an extra-large splash guard that balloons around the rotating blades to prevent unnecessary messes. Also, it comes with a two-year warranty which can be increased to three years if you register your new kitchen tool online.

However, the larger splash guard on this hand blender makes it tricky to blend extra small amounts of food unless you put the ingredients in a small cup. You should also expect lower durability with the whisk and the plastic locking mechanism on the Desire hand blender.


  • Three-year warranty
  • 3-in-1 design
  • Mini chopper for vegetables
  • Easy to wash
  • Effective extra-large splash guard


  • Plastic locking mechanism
  • The whisk may easily break
  • May not be ideal for smaller amounts of food
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The MultiQuick 3 model is a great choice for anyone seeking a more compact hand blender with enhanced functionality and versatility.


Similar to the other Braun appliances on our list, the MultiQuick 3 has a German-engineered motor. Plus, it has 700 watts of power behind its two speeds and comes with a whisk, a plastic beaker, and a 350ml chopper attachment. The plastic wand makes it less likely to damage fragile nonstick coatings on pots or pans and it comes with a two-year warranty.

Braun also includes their patented Powerbell Plus technology in the MultiQuick 3 which enhances the splash guard and increases blade efficiency by incorporating an extra milling blade into the internal structure. It has an easy-to-grip handle and the accessories can be washed in the dishwasher.

Unfortunately, there are some reports of the chopper lid on this device retaining liquid or food particles after use. Also, the chopper bowl itself is a bit small, and the shaft on this hand blender may not last long since it is constructed out of plastic.


  • Powerbell splash guard
  • 2-year warranty
  • Blend, chop, and whisk attachments
  • 700 watts of power
  • More compact design with two speeds


  • Chopping bowl may be smaller
  • Plastic wand shaft may be less durable
  • Chopper lid may not be the easiest to clean
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Slaouwo makes our best-of list with their ergonomically designed hand blender that comes with all the attachments you need to blend, whisk, and chop a wide range of ingredients.


These hand blenders feature an 800-watt motor and come with four attachments: the blender leg, a 500ml chopper, a 600ml plastic beaker, and a metal whisk. The wand is made of stainless steel and has an ergonomic design with a nonslip handle. Six different speed settings and a turbo mode provide a way to customise the blended mixture you produce and to accommodate different types of recipes. If you need any new ideas, the Slaouwo also comes with a small cookbook.

To further enhance blending and mincing capabilities, this hand blender has four blades instead of the usual two, allowing you to have your way with almost any food ingredients. The Slaouwo can even grind nuts into a relatively fine powder-like consistency. All of the accessories can be cleaned in the dishwasher minus the chopper cover and whisk gear. Plus, these products come with a seemingly standard one year warranty.

Be aware, this hand blender has a narrow splash guard so you will want to make sure you keep it immersed while turned on to prevent messes. Also, the construction needs more improvement, as compared to the others on our best-of list.


  • Easy to use and assemble
  • 800 watts of power
  • 6 speeds with a turbo button
  • Four blades
  • Whisk, beaker, and chopper attachments included


  • Splash guard may be narrow
  • Chopper cover and whisk gear may be hand-washed only
  • May be less durable
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The Tefal Optichef Quartzite made it to the ninth spot because of its long-lasting durability and extra sharp blades which make blending quick and easy.


The Optichef Quartzite features 20 speed settings on the dial control located on the top for easy adjustment while in use. It also has a turbo function for an additional power boost, although you may not need it because it already comes equipped with an 800-watt motor. The stainless steel wand has a bell-shaped splash guard with ample flow. The set also comes with an 800ml beaker, a metal whisk, and a 500ml mini chopper – all can be tossed in a dishwasher.

The Optichef handheld blender offers a 2-year warranty and an assurance from Tefal stating that this hand blender will be repairable for 10 years. It also features a nonslip grip on the handle.

Drawbacks of the Tefal Optichef include the chopper only having one blade, making it difficult to chop food into a fine consistency, as well as it having a shorter power cord which limits mobility. Additionally, it is a bit noisy compared to some of the other hand blender models.


  • Bell-shaped splash guard
  • 800 watts
  • 20 speeds with turbo
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Extra sharp blades


  • May have a shorter power cord
  • Maybe a bit noisy
  • The chopper may only have one blade
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The bamix Deluxe hand blender is an excellent option for anyone prioritising quality craftsmanship, durability, and size. It boasts a compact size for easy storage and comes with additional attachments.


The bamix device is Swiss-made and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Actually, some people report using their bamix hand blender for 50 years. Each Deluxe hand blender features two variable speed settings, heavy-duty blades, and a chromium-plated shaft covered in a grease repellant coating. A food processor attachment and a non-traditional whisk in the form of a blade is included with each hand blender purchase. It also has an AC motor with lots of torque – 180 watts and 17,000 RPM to be exact.

This model is the only hand blender on our list that is available in multiple colours. You can choose between white, black, red, or metallic red for the tool housing. The bamix blenders are also super quiet and feature a double insulated motor housing so it can be submerged all the way up to the top of the attachments.

However, the bamix Deluxe is not recommended for large quantities of heavy foods, like dense soups, due to the lower wattage of the motor. It is also hand wash only, but the nonstick coating still makes cleaning easy.


  • Swiss made
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Food processing function
  • Quiet
  • Grease repellant coating


  • May have low wattage
  • May not be dishwasher friendly
  • May not be recommended for denser soups
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Hand Blender Buying Guide

Now that you have read through our product reviews, let’s take a look at why we chose the models on our list and what traits to look for when pickings the best option for your home kitchen and food preparation requirements.

Why Use a Stick Blender?

a woman making an smoothie

Hand blenders – also known as jug blenders, stick blenders, or immersion blenders, are useful for a range of kitchen tasks like mashing, pureeing, and of course, blending. Using a hand blender eliminates the need for an additional container to blend things in. Instead, you can blend in any bowl or large cup as you please. There’s no need to transfer the ingredients from container to container. This also helps reduce the risk of spills or more splattering while cooking which, when hot – like with soups in slow cookers, can be dangerous.

Hand blenders can also replace a range of kitchen appliances like food processors and traditional blenders. Their compact size is great for saving space and many hand blenders can even fit inside a standard kitchen drawer. They are also easy to maintain or clean.

What Kind of Food Do You Plan on Blending?

What you plan on mixing with your new stick blender can help determine what the best choice for you could be. The best hand blender for soup may not always be the ideal one for making baby food or crushing ice.

If you plan on making foods in small amounts, like sauces or mayonnaise, you will want to look for a hand blender with a smaller splash guard around the blade. A deep blade guard can make it difficult to get an even consistency if it can’t reach all of the ingredients in the bottom of a container.

Most brands will give you a good idea of what their hand blenders can be used for in the provided product specifications. If not, then have a good look in the customer reviews to learn of other user’s experience.

What to Look For in a Hand Blender for Your Home

The following factors must be taken into account when searching for the best food blenders for your needs. Which of these will you prioritise for your own kitchen hand blender?

Wattage and Power

making a banana smoothie

The amount of power supplied by a hand blender helps set a base expectation for what it can accomplish. The more power a hand blender has, the more it can blend without becoming sluggish or overheating.

Simple tasks can usually be accomplished with a stick blender that has 200 watts or more. However, a more powerful hand blender is definitely worth the investment, in our opinion. This is because they usually perform faster, better, can break through the densest ingredients, and last longer before breaking down.

When it comes to buying the best hand blender in the UK, it is essential to check if they have a UK plug for attaching to the mains. All of the blender options on our best-of list come with a UK plug standard.

Speed Settings

Hand-held blenders come with a wide range of speed settings. Some stick blenders have only one speed, some have many more, and others even offer a pulse or turbo setting for a customised blending experience.

Basic hand blender models with only one speed setting are good for blending thinner ingredients like protein powder into water or juice. But you may want more settings if you plan on mixing thick, dense recipes like chunky soups or smoothies. Some of the choices on our best-of list have as many as 21 speed settings. In our opinion, the best blenders have, at least, two speed settings and a turbo mode. How many settings do you think the right one for you will have?

Design Materials

When it comes to the material used to construct a hand blender, they generally fall into two categories: metal (which is almost always stainless steel) and plastic.

Some people prefer a plastic wand and splash or blade guard because they don’t have to worry about scratching fragile nonstick coatings on their pots and pans. While others prefer a stainless steel wand or leg and splash guard because they tend to last longer. It also provides more durability with the locking mechanism.

We think the best hand blenders are made with stainless steel but we included both plastic and metal blender options on our list so you can make the choice for yourself.

Attachments and Accessories

food mixing accessories

Whether or not a hand blender comes with additional accessories or attachments can be a determining factor for many people, especially if you are trying to save space by purchasing a versatile kitchen product.

Many of the products on our list come with a range of attachments that make mashing, chopping, and food processing easier and faster. Would you prioritise purchasing a hand blender with additional attachments or would a simple model suit your needs better?

Are Hand-held Blenders Easy to Clean?

When it comes to cooking in your home kitchen, having simple-to-clean appliances can make a huge difference. It can also determine how often you use a kitchen gadget. The easier it is to clean, the more we will most likely use it. Fortunately, these food blenders are one of the things in your kitchen that can be super easy to clean. Most of the best hand blenders can simply be rinsed off and wiped down for proper cleaning.

Many of the best hand blenders also have dishwasher compatible accessories, making them even more straightforward to care for. However, some do not share the same qualities, so double check before tossing any parts in the dishwasher. A handy trick is giving your blender a blast in a small pot of soapy water to rinse it of any stubborn food bits before wiping it down.


With all of this newly acquired information, you should be ready to choose the best hand blender in the UK for your home. We gave you quite a few options but our favourite hand blender is still the Braun MultiQuick 5.

Here’s a quick reminder of why:

The MultiQuick 5 is user-friendly, durable, saves you time while cooking, is easy to clean, features a stainless steel wand and blades, comes with a 600ml beaker, and has 21 speeds with a turbo boost option. Also, it includes Braun’s patented Powerbell splash guard and has a powerful 750-watt motor that easily blends all types of foods, even dense soups. Lastly, the product offers a one-year warranty.

Here’s the thing though, just because we love the MultiQuick 5 model doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice for your home kitchen. Regardless of which hand blender traits you prioritise, we think one of the models on our list will more than accommodate your cooking needs.

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