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Best Microscope in the UK 2020

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OMAX 40x-2000x Lab

OMAX 40x-2000x Lab

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AmScope 120x-1200x 52-pcs

AmScope 120x-1200x 52-pcs

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Carson MicroMax Ultra-Portable

Carson MicroMax Ultra-Portable

Choosing the best microscope should be a fun process for those with a scientific mind. It’s a chance to invest in something you genuinely care about, or an opportunity to introduce a child to the wonders of the miniature world. However, with so many options available on the market today, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

From the popular compound microscope to digital microscope products with USB connections, there’s something for virtually every need these days. To find the option that’s right for you, you’ll need to know how to separate the high-quality products from the rest.

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you, by creating a list of our top picks for the leading microscopes on the market today. These products feature a range of benefits for different kinds of customer, so you’re sure to find something that’s right for you.

Best Microscope Reviews – Top 10 Picks

If you’re looking for the perfect introduction to microscope technology, then AmScope has just the product for you. Perfect for the scientist in training, this could be the best microscope for kids on the market, a whole lot of educational experience. This microscope for kids even comes with a host of accessories and a carry case.


This fantastic beginner’s microscope is available with a 52-piece accessory kit, ideal for giving your kids what they need to get involved with science. The magnification range goes all the way from 120x to 1200x, with a forward-facing rotating turret. For extra clarification, you also get a monocular viewing head with LED illumination and a colour filter wheel.

With all of the accessories you need to be included in the kit, kids can conduct their own viewing experiments in no time. There’s also a hard-sided plastic case, so your children can store the microscope safely when it’s not in use.

One slight downside, however, is that the included slides aren’t great. Plastic doesn’t work quite as well as glass.


  • Complete kids microscope kit with 52 accessories
  • Excellent for all of your child’s needs, with 120x to 1200x magnification
  • Carry and storage case included
  • LED light for better clarity
  • Easy to use design for smaller hands


  • Plastic lenses may not be as good as glass
  • May not line up too well
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The perfect investment for someone with a true love of scientific viewing, the OMAX 40x-2000x lab microscope is an excellent piece of high-performance kit. This powerful microscope features some of the best reviews, from people who love its wide field of view, and incredible magnification range. There are also adjustable eyepieces for better focus.


Designed to offer a professional experience, this luxury microscope from OMAX is sure to meet your requirements for a fantastic life science experience. Offering a magnification range between 40x and 2000x, this microscope will give you an incredible view of any slide or specimen. There’s also a 360-degree swivelling head so you can share your images with friends.

The Abbe condenser on this microscope offers an excellent set of high-performance optics with LED light for clarity. Users can adjust the intensity according to their needs, and experiment with the focus of the objective lens. This microscope comes with fine and coaxial coarse knobs on both sides. The full solid metal frame also ensures long-term durability.

One slight issue is that this microscope is a little smaller than some people expected, and it comes with an EU plug so you will need to purchase an adapter to use it in the UK.


  • Excellent range of magnification options
  • High-quality 2000x magnification
  • Quality optics supported through brilliant lenses
  • Support for comfortable long-term viewing
  • LED light intensity adjustment options


  • Maybe a little smaller than it seems on the website
  • Comes with EU plug
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The Carson MicroMax Ultra-portable compound microscope is a fantastic compound microscope for those who want to take their love of science on the move. This ultra-portable LED lighted pocket microscope only weighs around 30g – making it a brilliant gift for enhancing the naked eye. If you’re looking to go beyond a stereo microscope then this is the product for you.


The Carson Micromax might be small in size, but it’s big in performance, with power and zoom controls that support up to 75x magnification. One of the most convenient products on the market, this item comes with easy-to-use focus wheels and a compact LED that’s perfect for increasing clarity.

The rubberized eyepiece allows users to look at a range of insects, images, and specimens with comfort.

Unfortunately, you might find that it’s a little fiddly to get the focus correct at first.


  • Excellent option for those in need of compact microscopes
  • Nothing complicated means that it’s good for beginners
  • 75x magnification in a small model
  • Eyepieces with rubber surround for a comfortable view
  • Highly portable


  • Maybe a little difficult to get the focus right at first
  • May not be easy to use
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The Skybasic Wi-Fi handheld microscope is an excellent portable microscope with illumination and zoom magnification built-in. Powered by Wi-Fi, this digital microscope works seamlessly with any mobile or Android device, as well as Mac and Windows computers. You can even stream live footage up to 33 feet away.


The Skybasic wireless microscope comes with everything you need to perform scientific experiments on the go. There’s access to a free mobile app, and you can take photos on the microscope by pressing just one button. The sensor will automatically send pictures to your phone or connected device.

The biggest benefit of this pocket microscope with handy illumination is its small construction, which means you can take it with you wherever you go. Budding scientists are sure to have fun with the quality images they can unlock with this product.

Unfortunately, you may not get the high levels of magnification advertised in the product description.


  • Excellent portable design
  • Wi-Fi for sending photos straight to your device
  • Easy to use microscope with one button camera action
  • Lighting included helping you get the most out of your samples
  • Works with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android


  • May not offer full 1000x magnification
  • Instructions were not written by a native English speaker
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If you’re looking for a biological microscope on the market, then this could be the product for you. Bresser offers some of the best microscopes around, especially for professional use. The Biolux is no exception, with its quality optics and powerful objective lens. There’s also an adjustable LED with these microscopes to improve illumination.


Make the most of your scientific studies with a powerful microscope from Bresser. These high-performance microscopes come with HD eyepieces and high-quality lenses to ensure that you can get a great view. You can also store image snaps for later using your camera for quick videos and photo snaps that you can send straight to your PC.

This microscope solution comes with accessories included such as a set of eyepieces, various lenses, and a carry case for storing samples, slides, and other equipment. The product also comes with software so you can store information about any insects or biological samples you might be studying.

On the downside, some customers say it doesn’t work too well with Mac computers.


  • Excellent for high power microscopic magnification
  • Multiple HD lenses and accessories included
  • Carry case to protect your microscope
  • Snap professional images with camera function
  • Included software to track each image and video


  • May not work well with Mac products
  • Higher magnifications may be dark
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The powerful GeoSafari by Learning Resources is one of the best microscopes for beginners. Ideal for use with kids, these products from Learning Resources make it easy to pinpoint details on specimens and teach children about the world of science. There’s support for anywhere from 50x to 600x magnification too. You have the power to magnify every sketch and sample on your list.


This GeoSafari microscope is one of the best products on the market for parents and teachers who want to introduce a new world to kids. You can magnify a wide range of items with this product, with magnification levels that go as high as 600x. There’s also the option to slice things and make your own slides if you run out of things to use.

The comprehensive set is great for any child’s needs, with high-quality optics and a robust build. There’s a built-in LED light for illumination and a focusing wheel too. Great for hands-on learning, this product is also battery-powered, so you don’t have to worry about hooking it up to a computer, or regularly recharging it.

However, it can be a little tough to get the head focused just right.


  • LED light included for better focus
  • Great for kids, with a range of accessories included
  • Make your own slides with professional glass
  • Great value
  • Battery powered so you don’t need to recharge


  • Difficult to get the focus right
  • May not produce a top-quality image
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Another excellent choice if you’re on the hunt for the best digital microscope, this product from Pancellent offers a wireless way to perform scientific studies on the move. The Pancellent microscope comes with a 2.0-megapixel sensor included. That means that you can take photos with an inbuilt camera at a range of magnification settings.


The Pancellent digital microscope helps you to collect pictures on the screens of your choice with a 50x to 1000x magnification and camera access. You can take a host of 1000x images with the inbuilt camera and send it directly to your Android or Apple phone using Wi-Fi. You’ll need to power your microscope with the USB charger when not in use.

Unlike old-fashioned compound microscopes with halogen illumination, the Pancellent comes with an LED light so you can look at things in great detail without the power causing your system to heat up. The LED lighting is adjustable to improve viewing clarity when you’re observing your specimen.

There’s a 12 pack of slides included, however, you may find that this item is too difficult to adjust for your needs, making it harder to get the right images.


  • Camera function included for snapping pictures and video
  • Excellent value performance with quality materials
  • USB battery charging for power
  • Connects to your devices using WiFi
  • LED illumination included


  • Difficult to adjust the magnification
  • Picture quality may not be great when zooming in
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If you want a way to have some fun with a list of science experiments on the move, the YINAMA pocket microscope could be the best product for you. This compact model comes with a Wi-Fi connection to connect to your phone or computer. It’s one of the best USB microscope products on the market, with a powerful objective lens and a ton of benefits to explore.


Perfect for giving your kids a closer look at the world around you, the YINAMA pocket microscopes are ideal for life on the go. These microscopes come with all the features you need, including a USB charging cable for power and a high-resolution camera so you can create pages of pictures for the next presentation.

The high resolution on this camera offers an excellent image in any situation, so you never have to rely on a sketch again. For students at any stage, this microscope can even take vivid live video at magnification levels from 100x to 1000x. To add to the value, you also get an LED light included which, according to reviews, is excellent in quality.

One slight issue, however, is that some users find the app included difficult to use, which means that it’s harder to get the right image of your specimen.


  • Excellent for students and professionals at all stages
  • Pocket microscope with high-performance camera included
  • Good for any stage of microscopy with an included light
  • Multiple magnification settings
  • Compact enough to have some scientific fun on the go


  • Can be difficult to use the app
  • HD mode may only work on a mobile app
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One of the most professional microscopes we’ve seen on the market so far, this high-performance microscope from KKMoon is a treat for the budding scientist. A powerful optical microscope with some amazing features, this product comes with a huge range of features. Unlike other leading microscopes, you even get a high-quality camera included to help you snap pictures of subjects 1000x their size.


The microscopes from KKMoon is designed to deliver quality. Check the product page and you’ll find plenty of details about the incredible features, including a 4.3-inch display where you can view every stage of your experiment, and see your slide in amazing detail. There’s also a selection of 8 white light LEDs to help you focus on the slide too.

This high-quality microscope and camera from KKMoon take professional microscopes to the next level, with a 5MP sensor, and TF card support so you can save your photos and videos for use later. There’s even an adjustable height system for hands-free operation.

Unfortunately, these microscopes can be quite difficult to put together.


  • Bigger screen than most microscopes for viewing objective lenses
  • Excellent range of lights help to improve the look of your sample
  • Fantastic sensor included for camera performance
  • Take pictures and save them to TF card
  • One of the more easy-to-use microscopes


  • Can be difficult to set-up
  • Image quality may be poor
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The AmScope microscope is one of the most advanced compound microscope solutions on the market. If you’re looking for an upgrade from your stereo microscope that doesn’t need AA batteries, this could be the product for you. There are six widefield magnification options for some amazing images and a professional 360-degree binocular head.


This high—performance microscope model from AmScope is among the best microscopes on the market. Powered by USB, you can use this powerful microscope with kids, or adults. Like many of the leading high power microscopes here, this product comes with various 100x to 2500x magnification options.

As you can see on the website, there’s also a powerful LED bulb so you can improve your microscopy and access more advanced images, without the need for halogen. Suitable for a list of scientific objectives, this power rich microscope comes with an iris diaphragm too. According to the microscopes description, it also gets its power from USB.

One downside is that this product might not work well with a mac, it also has a pretty confusing instruction manual.


  • One of the best microscopes in terms of professional performance
  • LED illumination for a list of objectives
  • Suitable for students, children and adults
  • Iris diaphragm goes beyond most stereo microscopes
  • Excellent objective lenses


  • Confusing manual
  • May not work well with Mac
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Choosing Your Microscope

a man looking through a lens

Choosing the right microscopes for your needs isn’t easy. Whether it be a stereo microscope, a mechanical stage microscope, or an entirely different kind, it all depends according to your needs. The good news is that if you look at the links above with an objective perspective, you’ll see that there are a lot of great microscopes to choose from.

Try not to focus too heavily on brand names like dino lite, or descriptions that promise tons of power. Focus on finding the features that are most important to you and your students. Remember, when shopping for the ideal microscopes, think about:


There are different kinds available to choose from like compound microscopes with objective lenses, stereo microscopes, mechanical stage microscopes, etc.


Beyond looking at brands like omax, dino lite microscopes, focus on the magnification you can get when you’re studying with your digital or stereo microscopes.


How easy is it to use your microscope? Do you feel comfortable zooming in on a sketch or page? Could a child use the product, or do they need some advanced support?


If you’re looking at digital or illuminated microscopes as part of your list, how do they get the power they need? Will you need endless batteries, or will a USB cable do? Which kind of power is most suitable for you and your students?

Picking a Microscope

Choosing the best microscope for your needs can be tough. There are tons of different kinds of microscopes out there depending on where you look. You can look into stereo microscopes, and compound, digital, and compact.

For power and performance, we recommend the AmScope 52-pcs set, which comes with everything students need to discover the power of science on their own. With up to 1200x magnifications and a built-in LED light, it is quite obvious why this product is one of the best microscopes you can find on the market.

Good luck finding the microscopes that work for you.

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